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Unsurprisingly, the Celtics playoff run ended last night when they lost to the Atlanta Hawks in Boston. The Hawks will lose to the Cleveland Cavs, who they face in the next round. LOL. In a way, they were spared this. As noted on the team’s official website, the Celtics losing Avery Bradley early was probably what cost them the series. If he didn’t get hurt, the Celtics probably would have won the series in 5 games and would have pushed the Cavs to a 7-game series. Atlanta? I’ll be surprised if they’re not swept out of the playoffs.

At the end of the day, making it to the second round was the most anyone could have expected. Now the focus shifts to the NBA Draft.


The Celtics’ All-Star will represent the team at the NBA Draft, which will be April 17. Danny Ainge is expected to pull the trigger on the draft picks he’s been saving from the Brooklyn Nets. The Celtics also have the third pick in the first round (From Brooklyn) plus the cap space to sign up to two of the high-profile free agents the rest of the NBA wishes they had. It’s like I said in my previous post: The Celtics could easily sign Kevin Durant if he doesn’t resign with Oklahoma City. They could also sign LaMar DeRozan, who won’t be returning to the Raptors next year.

The Clippers falling apart in Game 5 vs. Portland has suddenly opened the door to the possability of Chris Paul, Paul Pierce, Jeff Green or DeAndre Jordan requesting to be traded. Blake Griffin and Chris Paul were both injured in their Game 5 loss to the Blazers and are not expected to return for the rest of the playoffs, which for the Clippers will likely be tonight. LOL.

CP3 and The Truth are the two most likely to leave the Clippers: The team’s decision to wait for Griffin after he was injured and missed most of the season is the likely reason for CP3 looking to leave. He badly sprained his wrist in the team’s game 5 loss but should be fine by next season. Paul Pierce made it known he wants to close out his NBA career wih the Celtics. The Clippers only got him for the playoffs (hence his limited minutes during the season) so…yeah. He’s definitely got a few more years left in him, two or three max. If the Clippers decide to trade either of them, the Celtics are the obvious choice given Ainge and Doc Rivers are former team mates.

The Celtics also have alot of pieces they can move. I.T., Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder and Marcus Smart will all definitely be back next year. The way Smart exploded in Game 4 to close out the game…they definitely want him back next year.Same with Jared Sullinger and Evan Turner. Everyone else is expendable in the offseason as far as I’m concerned.


Take a look at this page. Note now many 2nd round picks the Celtics have. They also have 3 1st Round Picks. Here are the top 30 prosects who’ve already declared. The Draft itself with be on June 23 just so folks know. In total, the Celtics get 8 picks–3 in the first round, 5 in the 2nd–and all of the 2nd round picks are from other teams because of trades. For example, the pick from Phoenix is from the deal that brought Isaiah Thomas to the Celtics. Boston is guaranteed to get one of the top picks and is just ahead of the Lakers and 76ers (Boston is in the 3rd slot due to its pick from the Brooklyn Nets, which would have been 3rd otherwise).

So, the Celtics will hopefully get their biggest draft pick signed since Paul Pierce. Once the draft is done, then the REAL fun begins.


Speculation: Could the Boston Celtics have a repeat of the 2007-08 season next year?   Leave a comment


Unless you’re not an NBA fan, it’s unlikely you haven’t heard the Boton Celtics is the team everyone will be watching once the playoffs are done.

Why? Because they have the resources to get ANY Free Agent they want is why. The Celtics almost made a deal before the trade deadline that would have brought Dwight Howard to Boston from the Houston Rocket but decided not to. Danny Ainge decided against the deal because what they would have given up in exchange–2 Draft Picks for 1 All Star Center with baggage–wouldn’t have been a good trade long-term.

…Speaking of, the Celtics President has been collecting ALOT of “Sorry for doubting you!” from alot of sports analysts all season and mainly because of the unrestricted draft picks from the Nets he refused to give up. With the NCAA superstars who’ve already declared their NBA career goals, the Celtics could get not one but TWO of the top 3 first round draft picks. In short, Ainge is looking to avoid a repeat of the 1999 NBA draft: That was the year  Tim Duncan signed with the San Antonio Spurs, who the Celtics passed over. We know what happened 10 months later: The Spurs won their first NBA Title, much to the chagrin of Celtics fans.

The Celtics as they are now will likely make it to the second round of the playoffs. They’re tied for 3rd with Atlanta, who they actually play tonight. If the Celtics win tonight (locking in the 3rd place spot) and the playoffs started tomorrow, they’d play Charlotte in the first round. Otherwise they’d play Miami (locking in 4th place).

In the second round, they’ll likely play Miami (if the Celtics are in 3rd, meaning Atlanta is eliminated in the 1st round as usual) or Atlanta (if the Celtics are in 4th, meaning Miami makes an early exit). If the Celtics play Atlanta in Round 2, they’ll make it to the East Finals but lose to Cleveland–let’s be honest, it’s doubtful Cleveland won’t make it at least that far–which only has LeBron James who realized early in the season he needs help to bring a Championship to Akron.

If the Celtics do the impossible and get past Cleveland–they’ve already proven they can beat the Cavs on their home floor this season–they will definitely lose to Golden State in the NBA Finals. It would make a hell of a story though given the Celtics ended the Warriors’ perfect home record a few days ago. I’m being brutally honest with my lowered expectations for my team in the postseason: They’ll make it to the 2nd round but the odds are against them from that point on especially if it’s Miami. Not impossible but unlikely they’ll be able to beat Miami in the 2nd Round. They’ll beat whoever they play in the first round though. If it’s Atlanta like I’m hoping, they’ll make it to the East Finals though.

Once the offseason begins, you can be sure no punches will be pulled in a bid to get a player or two to support Isaiah Thomas. Here are a few players I have been looking at in particular:


  • Kevin Durant: I doubt he will forget the March 16 game he played at the TD Garden. Every time he had the ball, the home crowd chanted “COME TO BOSTON!” All things considered, if he’s looking for a playoff-ready team that has already proven it can contend with both Cleveland AND Golden State (split wins and losses this season) then the Celtics are the logical choice. The Celtics play both ends of the floor well and are looking for an all-star to complement Isaiah Thomas. KD is looking for a playoff-ready team that wouldn’t have alot of competition in the postseason. Need I say more?
  • Al Horford: The Celtics are guaranteed to play Atlanta in the first or second round if my overview above remains true. He’s not expected to have his contract renewed with the Hawks and there are a number of teams eyeing him already. The Celtics would have an easier time getting him to commit if they win their series with the Hawks.
  • DeMar DeRozan: For those who don’t know, he’s the Raptors Superstar that’s kept Canada’s NBA Team relevant since Vince Carter left (reminder: The Grizzles moved to Memphis from Vancouver about 10 years back). He’s the 2nd-best All Star in the east behind Lebron James and according to many sources, he is not expected to resign with Toronto next year. He’ll open up the floor on both ends, tearing teams that don’t have someone to match his pace to shreds.


Of all the big names, these are the only 3 I can see the Celtics making a serious offer for and getting at least one if they’re smart. Horford’s the most likely to sign with what the Celtics can offer. Ainge could probably get DeRozan or Durant but that would mean giving up 2 or 3 players to make it happen. Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart, Kelly Olynik and Avery Bradley are the most likely names to come up to get 2 out of 3 of the named all star Free Agents. Any of them can help a team in the postseason so…yeah.

…Of course D-Wade and LBJ are also Free Agents during the off season but both are expected to resign with their respective teams. D-Wade will likely follow KG’s example and become an owner when he retires. LBJ is deadset on bringing a title to Cleveland…unless someone makes him an offer he couldn’t refuse. I don’t see Celtics Green in his future on that note😄


The Celtics haven’t been to the NBA Finals since 2009 when they lost to the Lakers, who they beat for their 17th banner the year before. I go back to the title of this blog post: Could 2016-17 be the repeat of 2008? it’s a very real possability, more so if Boston can get both Horford and Durant or DeRozan in the off season. No one’s beating around the bush about the fact the Celtics can get whoever they want unchallenged. Everyone’s probably just waiting for the Celtics to take their pick since it’s doubtful any team could possibly match anything the Celtics offer for anyone.

Last summer, it was theoretical. Now, the Celtics can realistically sign whoever they want😄



I’m getting close to 10 unfinished blog drafts   Leave a comment

On this blog alone that is. It comes with having 6 blogs. The oldest I started around this time last year believe it or not. Right now the total count is at 8 and it will likely grow in the weeks to come. Mostly because the posts I’m making on this blog have been getting longer and longer.

For those seeing this blog for the first time, here are the topics this blog post mostly covers:

  • Politics: Honestly I’ve decided to scale down talking about this as much as I’m done with the dogma being fed to the masses by Corporate Media: I’m voting for Bernie Sanders and there is nothing any of the paid opinions can say or do to make me do otherwise even if he doesn’t get the Democratic nomination. Later this year, I’ll lay out in detail why I will not vote for Hillary Clinton even if she succeeds in buying the nomination, which is exactly what’s she’s doing. Among other things.
  • Anime Boston: While I have separate blogs for Anime and Video Games, I recap the weekend on this blog. That said, my recap of AB2016 is one of the unfinished blog posts I’m working on. By the way, Anime is a medium and not a genre. Same for Manga, which is a Japanese publication like a book or magazine. Anime is Japanese for Animation.
  • Stuff I’m Doing: I haven’t really touched on this lately because I have alot of things going on right now, some of which I’ve touched on in past blog posts already. Once things have stabilized a bit–hopefully by this time next year–I will have most posts of this nature.
  • Random Fun Stuff: This is something I have been trying to do more of especially in light of the things I’m dealing with in my personal life. I mean across ALL my blogs but this one especially.
  • Movie and TV Reviews: If I see a movie or TV series I really like, I will post a review of it here. Not enough to warrant a blog for it. I don’t enough care about the personal lives of actors to do that anyway. I do care enough to financially support them by legally buying their work, though.

…That’s about it.

Everything else that comes to mind, one of my other blogs mostly covers. That said, I encourage you to subscribe to all of my blogs ^_^


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I just finished watching the Pilot and the third episode. All I can say is it’s a shame none of the networks tried to match Netflix’s offer. Folks should have paid attention when the Full House sequel was announced in 2014. This series secured Netflix as a powerhouse provider for original content as promised.

For those who loved the original series, the sequel  goes above and beyond. As was announced, everyone except Michelle returns for the new series set 20 years later. Danny Tanner explains her absence when Stephanie asks, referencing her running a Fashion Empire in New York. Before I continue, the show is called Fuller House for two reasons: The obvious reboot and the fact DJ’s name is DJ Tanner-Fuller. Her husband died, leaving her to raise her three sons with help from Stephanie and longtime friend Kimmy Gibler, who both move in to the old Tanner Family home.

The new series does continue the tradition set by the original: Tommy Fuller is played by twins Fox and Dashiel Messitt. As everyone knows, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen took turns playing Michelle. That said, the big news announced today is there will be a Season 2. Awesome! This leaves the question of if Michelle Tanner will make an appearance. The Olsens declined appearing in Season 1 (though there have been references and recounts of the Tanner daughters’ antics when they were kids) though there is the possability Michelle could appear in Season 2.

To me, Fuller House is a reminder of the need for the citcom genre to make a comeback. The values that are taught are needed now more than ever. It’s easy to get caught up in the toxic values being spread on today’s TV networks. Fuller House is a great reminder of what quality family TV programming used to look like. I was originally planning to end my Netflix subscription in April but if more sitcoms come–complete with the canned studio audience reactions–I’ll probably extend it through the rest of the year ^_^


Here’s my Short-Term and Long-Term Employment Plans   Leave a comment

As I said on Facebook a short time ago, at this point it’s fair to say I’m having a messy breakup with my current employer. My Medical Leave of Absence is still “pending” and I haven’t reported to work since the week before the holiday break.

So, I am (STILL) looking for new employment elsewhere. My family is convinced beyond reasonable doubt I “don’t get it”,  I “should suck it up” and of course, I “have no idea how good I’ve got it”.  Yet none of them want to be bothered viewing things from MY point of view. Whew.

Moving on, at this point I will want to share what it was I confirmed over the first four months of the 2015-16 School Year. I’ve often reflected on the last 10 years working for the school district in Boston–and yes I am going out of my way to not name it specifically for the sake of context–both over time and since the last time I was in a classroom.

While I appreciate all 4 administrators at the 3 schools I worked at willing to give me so many chances to “get it right”, when the truth is painfully clear then it’s time to put emotional attachments aside. I saw an unwillingness with this 2 out of 4 times. I mean in regards to me. Of the other two times where impartiality was shown, I was prettymuch thrown under the bus with one and looked at as nothing but a number with the other. With the two cases of partiality, I felt there was a conflict of interest due to a family connection with one and with the other, the school culture is very…different compared to most schools.

I came to accept a very hard truth over the last four months that Id been in denial about for the previous 10 years. While it is true that I am patient with children and have little trouble connecting with them, one thing that I always struggled with all 10.4 years was classroom management. I’ve undertaken 3 months worth of coursework total and nothing I did changed that fact. It wasn’t due to a lack of understanding on my part or misunderstanding on the part of the students I worked with. The last 4 months were the exclaimation point on why I was right to not even consider ever making being an educator my long-term career choice. I’ll speak more to this in a separate blog but again, I was given confirmation I should not be working in a classroom. Not just one with moderate to severe needs but in general. This was made crystal clear to me.

…My leave of absence ends in early March but I will submit resignation notice before then.

That said, I have two employment plans: One for now, the other once I have the trade skills I’ll need for it.  See, the mistake I made going into my current job position was not having an exit plan when I started. This time, I’m going to make sure I do both at the same time:




…One of these companies will be my next employer in Mid-April if things go as planned.

It may come as a surprise given my comments toward GameStop in the last few years. Even if it is used as a factor in my potential employment, I stand by them. That said, I am applying for a part-time position in both companies. There are open positions at the local stores I have in mind but in the interests of slightly boosting my odds, I’m not specifying which ones I’m apply for a positon at.

Of all the places to work retail, these two feel the mosts comfortable to me as they both cater to niche demographics. They also have a limited number of locations since they both only cater to niche demographics. I also feel that I will be able to better develop skills and relearn skills I didn’t used much working in classrooms.

I plan to do this for at least 3 years, hopefully 5. If the opportunity for a promotion arises, of course I’ll take it. While I’m working part-time, I will finish my Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts and get started on my Bachelor’s Degree.

This bring me to my long-term career. Long-term as I wouldn’t mind doing it past the age of retirement. LOL. Factoring my health issues and other variables I need to be mindful of, I’m going to pursue a career in Law. Specifically Mediation, Litigation and Consultation. There was something about the courses I took at Mass Bay Community College that piqued my interest in learning more in that area. While my primary focus wil be mediation, I plan to get my Master’s Degree in Family Law. This includes marriage, adoption and divorce.

Just like there are doctors that specialize in different things, there are attorneys that specialize in different things. This is something that I gave alot of thought during my 5-month hiatus last year. Yes, I’m aware I will need more than 3 years to get a Master’s Degree in Law. The plan is to finish my Associate’s in one year and get my Bachelor’s degree in two. By then, I should be in a good position to work on my Master’s Degree. Oh and no I don’t plan on going to Harvard either. Too many things about that school I don’t like. I’m leaning toward Northeastern University and Boston College after I finish my Associate’s Degree.

Of course, I have a bit of time to decide for sure. Things must be done in a certain order!

Again, I don’t huge aspirations. The idea is to play an advisory role at the most. I’ll likely get courtroom experience along the way and if it comes down to it, I have no problem with that at all. This process will likely take 5 to 8 years but that’s totally ok with me.

The current Powerball Lottery Payout has now passed $1 Billion   Leave a comment


You’re not imagining things. The next drawing will be this Wednesday. The payout is $1.3 Billion. If a winner isn’t decided then, it will rise to $1.5 Billion. As a reminder, you only win the payout if you get all five numbers plus the Powerball Number correct. Anyone who’s been wayching the news knows ALL of the following is more likely to happen compared to winning the lottery in general:

  • Getting struck by lightning twice or more in the same day.
  • Getting drafted by the NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL and etc.
  • Winnning a Reality TV Show.
  • Getting hit by a meteor.
  • Time Travel being invented.
  • Pigs flying.
  • The world coming to an end.
  • World Peace.

Those are a few examples and all are obsenely unlikely but compared winning The BIG ONE, they’re prettymuch guaranteed to happen.


As someone who looks at the lottery as a means of waving instant wealth in the faces of those who know they will never see that kind of money in theirs or their childrens’ lifetimes, I view it as a cruel form of financial abuse on the American Public. More so given about 20% of those who play the lottery know where the money collected for the payouts come from.

Where DOES the money for the payouts come from, you wonder? You should and I’ll tell you:


Every parking fine, every lottery ticket purchased, everything you’ve EVER paid back to your city/town, county or state. ALL of that money is used for the payout in these lottery payouts. Didn’t you ever wonder why the bigger the payout, the less likely multiple people will win? THIS is why. It’s the biggest little-told “secret” and it’s a damned good hustle: Get people to focus on the possability of winning the payout and not think about where the money cames from in the first place. You can be sure if the source of the payout was widely know, at least half the people who play would stop altogether. Not most but I’m sure at least half.

One of the few things both social media and the National Media seem to have agreed on lately is the Lottery Commission should change how they do the Powerball Jackpot. Folks from both camps have said if no one wins this time, everyone who bought a ticket and got a certain number of the numbers correct should just get $250,000 to $1,000,000. One of the few times Mass Media and Common Sense are on the same page.

Shocking, yes?

I actually agree with this. The fact that 1 person will potentially instantly join the $1 Billion Club (Actual payout will be about $850 after taxes) simply by correctly guessing 6 numbers is a slap in the face to everyone else who played and makes the hypothetical single winner the most hated person in America for a month or two. There have only been a handful of instances in which the Mega Millions/Powerball payout was split between multiple people and most of them expressed the desire to have their identities kept anonymous for obvious reasons.

Think about it:

You suddenly win the lottery. “Long lost relatives” you didn’t know existed and everyone else suddenly want to see you. Then there’s the con artists, charatible foundations, investment firms, the IRS, people with sob stories and so on. The media rarely touches on this but most who win big quickly find out having more money they they’ll ever need in their or their grandkids’ lifetimes isn’t as nice as they thought it’d be. You have to deal with family wanting their cut, friends and so-called friends wanting a piece and everything else I just listed calling, texting, emailing and knocking on your door looking for a cut of YOUR money.


The smart ones actually give away most of it as quckly as possible simply for tax reasons–more so if they take the lump sum. That said, ALWAYS take the lump sum if your lottery payout is over $25,000 (In most states if I remember right). It’s taxable after that amount and you donate to a non-profit of this amount or more, you get a deductiion.

Don’t just take the lump sum for tax reasons: Historically, most of the winners are of or past the age of retirement. If you fall into this category and you take the annual payout, the payouts stop the day you die. A woman tried to sue her state to get the rest of her winnings made a lump sum and lost so…yeah. ALWAYS take the lump sum. The tax burden will be higher, yes but you will only have to worry about it for that tax year. Once you take care of it, you’re set for life.

All this said, if you find yourself the winner of the Powerball Jackpot, do 3 things before you do ANYTHING else.

  1.  Accept the fact your life will never be the same again.
  2. Get an attorney if you don’t already have one.
  3. Surround yourself with people you trust for the first year.

The first one is the most important believe it or not. Folks casually say they don’t expect their lives to change too much. Like it or not, it WILL. The second one, most don’t think about until they get in trouble. It’s a good idea to get one early on who can advise you on certain legal matters a Financial Planner can’t. The third one is pretty obvious. Of course, you’ll already know who really cares about you compared to who really just cares about your money real quick!

…I will not be participating in the Powerball Jackpot. I actually don’t play the lottery in general anyway. Scratch ticket every now and then but NEVER the lottery. At least with a scratch ticket, I know I will get something back even when I don’t win anything. With the lottery, it’s worse than all or nothing.

In a followup blog post, I will share what I’d do if I suddenly found myself with a few hundred miliion dollars. Just to get it out the way =D

Aurabolt’s Folly: The Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Games   Leave a comment



…I considered posting this on both my Anime and Game Blogs but I decided to post it on this one instead as a cautionary tale. Given this year marks the 20th Anniversary of the release of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, it feels fitting.



To start, Trading Cards have been around for some time though until about 30 years ago, they were strictly Sports Cards. Then Magic the Gathering came along. It wrote the book on how to make a successful trading card game. They are to the Trading Card Game industry what Everquest is to MMORPGs. Like World of Warcraft, only the Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Games were able to emulate the success of the original. They were both introduced at the right time: When Anime and Video Games were becoming mainstream in North America.

Pokemon Red and Blue came to the U.S. in 1995. The Pokemon Trading Card Game (henceforth “Pokemon TCG” for short) was released the following year. What was originally intended to be just a means of marketing the Pokemon brand in the U.S. quickly become the biggest schoolyard sensation in America for almost a decade.

THIS is the original rare card kids spent hundreds on card packs to find:


Those lucky enough get one were revered as heroes to their friends and had a virtually unstoppable deck. It wasn’t until I played the Game Boy Color Pokemon TCG game in 2001 I fully understood WHY the elusive Stage 2 Card was so sought after: Its Pokemon Power (see above). As long as you didn’t run out of Energy Cards, Charizard was unstoppable. No one other Pokemon Card except the equally rare Chansey (120 HP) could take one attack from it and live. This has long since become widely accepted but to keep the game balanced, Wizards of the Coast (The manufacturer for the card game from 1995 to about 2002) intentionally did not make a large amount of Charizard Cards to encourage people to keep buying card packs hoping to get one.

…I consider myself lucky I was late to get in on the TCG bandwagon. I was in high school at the time and was more a collector than someone who was competatively playing against others. The rare cards I was looking for were promo cards that came with video games and movies. At my peak, I had close to 800 Pokemon Cards. This goes without saying but the reason the first Pokemon movie still stands and the highest-grossing Pokemon movie ever is because of the promo Mew card given to moviegoers with every ticket purchase. It made the news a month after the movie’s release: Folks would buy a ticket just for the card but skip the movie. Said extra cards would then be resold. I saw alot on eBay.

There was little kids wouldn’t do to get their hands on rare cards. Myself included. This is the first time I’m sharing this publicly but I stole 30 cards from a friend at a summer camp when I was 16 and yes, I got away with it. Not saying I’m proud of myself as I realized after I’d done it that I was taking the TCG way too seriously.

As for how I did it without ever getting found out, I did it like a professional: While everyone was swimming, I went in the locker room and took the cards out the kids’ binders (we were around the same age but I was the oldest). To deflect suspicion since I knew everyone would’ve (rightly) assumed it was me, I took my rarest cards out of my own binder and hid them. Naturally, the kids I ripped off assumed mine were stolen, too. Of course, I never brought any of my cards back to camp after that!

I’ll give Nintendo credit where it’s due: The Pokemon TCG was a damned good hustle. I spent somewhere between $200 to $300 on Pokemon cards from when I started in 1998 to about 2003. I retired for good in 2004 and gave away all of my Pokemon Cards to a student at a school where I worked in 2007. Best decison ever. Looking back now, I knew I was in too deep when I decided to steal cards from others. Never again.



…This brings me to the TCG giant of the last decade, Yu-Gi-Oh!

Holy crap. I’ll be real with you: I was hooked from day one. I’ll give Konami and Upper Deck credit where its due: They took the forumula the Pokemon TCG had been using and all but perfected it. The Anime starring Yugi Motou and his alter ego Pharaoh Atem (whose true name wasn’t actually revealed until the original  series’ finale) was used to sell the cards unlike Pokemon.

The cards featured in every episode of the Anime? You could actually get them yourself. Not only that, they worked exactly as shown in the Anime–minus the special effects, of course–and they were nowhere near as rare.


Seto Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon anf Yugi Motou’s Dark Magician. They are the most iconic cards even today yet Konami took the high road with both cards: They were rare in on TV show but in reality, they were obscenely common. One huge difference structure decks for the Pokemon and Yugioh TCGs have is while you only got one holofoil card in Pokemon, with Yugioh you got 3.

The iconic Yugi and Kaiba decks were upgraded a few years later to include powerful cards Yugi and Kaiba gained in the Anime. Even though the Anime series and the card game are not as big as they once were, no cards are more synonymous with Yugioh than these 5:




…Exodia the Forbidden One. Like the Holo Chatizard card, Konami and Upper Deck intentionally made The Exodia set in limited quantities for the sake of game balance. Given you automatically win simply by having all 5 cards in your hand, it only makes sense. LOL.

Moving on, unlike the Pokemon TCG I got into the Yugioh TCG specifically for dueling. Unlike with Pokemon, I got early and spent alot early. I’ll be straight with you: I spent $1200 on Yugioh Cards from 2002 2009. It stands as the most money I’ve ever spent on one hobby. World of Warcraft came close at $950 including expansions, paid services and other premium content such as mounts and pets. The difference is with Yugioh it was in a small amount of time but with WoW, it’s been nearly a decade in comparison.

At one time, I owned close to 500 Yugioh cards. The difference is almost all of them were used to make 4o to 60-card decks for dueling. I had a different deck for different themes. The funny thing is after I graduated from high school, it actually became harder for me to simply find people to duel against. My younger brother played off and on at the time. Sometimes when I picked him up from school, we’d walk to the library and play against folks there. And I was good. I did alot of trash talking and had the skills to back it up. Never did tournaments since they never came to Boston but after about 3 years, duels against me were quick when they ended in my favor.

I think it was around mid-2007 when I decided to quit the Yugioh TCG cold turkey. By then, I’d spent close to $500 on Yugioh cards off eBay alone so…yeah. By the way yes, I did own all 3 of the Egyptian God Cards too. Any card I wanted, I bought off eBay. Most I ever spent? $105 to buy the Exodia cards.

Looking back at how much of my monthly budget I was spending on both TCGs that I probably should have spent on other things was why I decided to quit cold turkey. Well, that and the value we collectors had placed on the  Trading Cards. Like fools, the majority of us truly believed the longer we held on to the cards, the more they’d be worth later. In reality, it was the exact opposite. We should have sold the cards when they were still considered valuable. The longer we held on to them, the less valuable they became. A fitting irony!

During my last semester at a community college, one of my classmates appraised the 100 or so remaining Yugioh Cards I showed him at the time to be worth a bit under $1000. I sold them at Anime Boston in 2010 and only got $10 for all of them. I honestly didn’t care as it was fitting and what I deserved given I’d been motivated by greed. It was a hard lesson but an important one I learned: Trading Card Games are a massive time and money pit and if you’re not careful, you might not be able to get out on your own.

The only TCG worth dealing with is Magic The Gathering but as I said already, I’m done with Trading Card Games period. Before folks ask no, I don’t have any more Yugioh or Pokemon Cards. I gave them all away years ago. The interesting thing is it also effected my viewpoint on physical video games, too. I used to buy and sell video games alot during the last decade. After I quit TCGs, I now only buy video games for keeps. I figure if I’m going to spend money on a hobby, it should be on something I know I’ll enjoy for years to come.



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