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GOP Presidental Candidate Dr. Ben Carson.


I had a feeling this would happen sooner or later. Sometime last week, The North American Division of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church launched a new website titled Who Are Seventh-Day Adventists? The new website was created in response to mounting criticism and attacks against GOP Presidental Candidate Dr. Ben Carson, who is a Seventh-Day Adventist. The attacks are specifically aimed at his Adventist beliefs. Before I continue, I want to point out the SDA Church does not officially support Dr. Carson and has been taking steps to distance itself from him since he decided to run for president earlier this year.

I’ve been hearing the arguements from thousands of American Adventists on Facebook for the last few weeks who both support and condone Dr. Carson’s candidacy:

  • Those who are for him running are actually using the dangerous rhetoric staple in the Republican Party of mixing religion and politics: They say his running is God’s will and all Adventists should support him in the election. Some have even called for the SDA Church to officially endorse his candidacy.
  • Those who are against him running point to the negative attention his candidacy has brought to the SDA Church. Some non-Adventist Christians consider the SDA Church a cult due to its observence of Saturday as the Sabbath instead of Sunday. Dr. Carson was criticized by pundits, athiests and Darwinists alike after he said a few weeks ago he believes the world was made in 6 literal days as outlined in the Bible. In addition, many Americans have not forgotten about what happened in Waco, Texas 20 years ago.

For those who don’t know or remember, ex-Adventist David Kuresh and his followers tried to start a holy war in a standoff with law enforcement. He believed he was a prophet whose role was to declare the end of the world. He felt the time had come for people to begin arming themselves for the battle between good and evil. His extremist views got him excommunucated from the church. When his religious background went public, his Adventist roots naturally came up. The SDA Church made a public statement to differentiate itself from Kuresh and what he did. The association is the main reference the uninformed have so…yeah.

On the one hand it’s a great opportunity to start dialogue with people about what Adventists believe. On the other hand, the church needs to do a much better job of handing criticism sent its way due to recent world events.

For example: Adventist Pastor Carlton Byrd has been very candid and vocal about his criticism against the American political system and American lifestyle in his sermons in recent years. Some would find it concerning given his sermons are aired on Hope TV, which is the SDA Church’s official satellite channel (Available via DirecTV and free via the App or Online).

There’s being objective and then there’s being offensive. I personally don’t have a problem with the way Pastor Byrd says things. He’s always careful not to go too far and makes clears distinctions when stating his personal opinion. Some would argue his sermons shouldn’t be broadcast and the church should find another black pastor to air instead. I think he’s been doing a great job since becoming the host pastor of Breath of Life 8 years ago.

Moving on, the SDA Church is the only christian denomintion that honors the original Seventh-Day Sabbath, Saturday. All the more motivation for the mounting criticism agaisnt the Church. As I eluded to in a separate post over the summer, there are several other stances the Church has taken other denominations have taken issue with:

  1. The Roman Catholic Church/Pope is the Antichrist/1st Beast: The proverbial smoking gun, this stance is based entirely on historical evidence and documentation from within the RCC. During its last days the old Roman Empire tried to unite its empire by declaring Sunday the new Sabbath. It was a political move since at the time Christianity was the new state religion. At the same time, they wanted to satisfy those who observed Sunday for older beliefs and Paganism. Thus, this is where many paganistic beliefs around the state of the dead began to creep into the Early Church. The SDA Church has been closely watching Pope Francis’ movements and pubic statements. His recent call for “Christians everywhere to come together” and American Protestants reaching out to him are two areas of concern for the Church. As a reminder, The Pope is not only the leader of the RCC but he is also a Head of State. This means he can meet with world leaders and yes, Roman Catholics worldwide are his citizens.
  2. Ellen G. White: Officially, Ellen White is viewed as a prophet though in recent years the Church has been clearly moving away from that rhetoric in light of the subject of female ordaination. Ellen White was a Protestant Christian who lived during the late 1800s and is one the SDA Church’s founders. She wrote over a hundred books over the course of her life, most notably The Great Controversy (recently renamed The Great Hope). Ellen White’s writings are actually the second-most translated literary works after the Bible. She passed the strict guidelines in the Bible for determining if someone is one of God’s prophets. Her prophetic writings are based on visions she had throughout her life. ALL of them have come true, too: One of her most notable prophecies was predicting the events of 9/11/2001–almost 70 years before the Twin Towers were even built. Her health-based writings are viewed today as having been written 100 years ahead of their time: She wrote about the dangers of eating processed food, meat and dairy products at a time these were becoming a staple diet in the United States.
  3. United States becoming a Theocracy/2nd Beast: The signs for this one are pretty obvious but…yeah. All one has to do is watch Fox News. Extremists have hijacked congress and chances are good the next POTUS will be someone with extreme religious views.

Anyway, the endgame for all true Seventh-Day Sabbath keepers Jewish, Christian and otherwise will be the nationwide and eventual worldwide imposition of The Sunday Law. Signs of this already exist though not in the way many might think: Birthdays, special events, classes and workshops being scheduled on Friday night and Saturday are examples of this. Most are expecting The Sunday Law itself and meanwhile they are being tested by friends, employers and other entities that schedule events on the Sabbath on a weekly basis.

That said, I will take a moment to address the fact I have made blog posts on the Sabbath Day. One of the convenient things about WordPress is you can controll WHEN a post will appear. I have gotten into the habit of writing a post in advance and scheduling them to be posted later. All the ones that appear in your feed on a Saturday where scheduled to appear then.

As for Dr. Carson, I hope he doesn’t make it to the primary. Then again the GOP’s milking him just like Donald Trump. He doesn’t even care about the fact his reputation has been irreparably destroyed because of his candidacy >.>;

The Mainstream Media’s no longer credible thanks to Social Media   Leave a comment

That’s the conclusion I came to after the last few years. Last week’s Democratic Debate was another nail in the coffin. CNN’s not even trying to hide the fact that they’re backing Hillary Clinton anymore. It really is shameful when you literally have these media outlets literally telling people to ignore the truth and listen to them.

It reminds me of the motives of Persona 4’s true villain, Izanami: She created the Midnight Channel to provide the means for mankind to see what they wanted to see and in the way they wanted to see it. The fog in the TV World is used to distort the truth and reality so that only what a person wants is ever present. A false reality, in other words.

The Shadow versions of the characters in Persona 4 were the physical manifestations of thir true selves: The selves they don’t want others to know exists. To face your Shadow means to face that aspects of yourself that you are but don’t want to admit is a part of who you are as a person. When you overcome your Shadow, you accept the undesirable aspects of yourself, which then becomes a Persona that you can use to help you.

In the example I just used, CNN/Fox News/MSNBC are Fog. The billionaires who own them are Izanami and their programming is The Midnight Channel. Thanks to Social Media–The Persona in this case–we have the power to expose the lies, false pretenses and distortions perpetuated by Corporate Media.

It is why I made this blog in particular my first blog on WordPress. Contrary to what the Journalism Industry may want you to think, you don’t need to be a professional journalist to be a journalist. All you need is a medium through which to share knowledge. Of course, this isn’t the first time I’m referenced Persona 4 in this blog. It probably won’t be the last, either =D

Moving on, the national media is guilty of twisting the truth on more than a few things. Too many to list here, in fact. Here’s a few to get you thinking:

  • Most recently, CNN’s pundits said Hillary Clinton won last week’s debate. Everyone else not only said Bernie Sanders did but overewhelmingly provided the data to prove it.
  • Fox News’ Bill O’Rielley announced in August that he is making it his personal mission to destroy Black Lives Matters. Why? Because they’ve been educating the public on why watching their network is bad for their health.
  • Within hours of the hospital bombing in Afghanistan, everyone blamed it on terrorists. FAIR was the first to blow the whistle on that fiction: Not only did the U.S. know it was there but they also knew it was a hospital. Within a few days of the truth being spread all over Social Media, President Obama called the President of Doctors Without Boarders to apologize for the bombing.
  • During the conflict in Gaza City last year, the media said Palestinian Terrorists were attacking civillians. CNN got it right for once and did a story on Israeli soldiers being ordered to kill Palestinian civillians. Why? Because Israel’s Prime Minister said “all Palestinians are fair game” even if they have Israeli citizenship.
  • Disgraced Clerk Kim Davis was portrayed by Fox News as the posterchild of their tagline “Religion Under Attack in America”. She gained notariety for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples despite the Supreme Court decision earlier this year. Then the Hacktivist group Anonymous released information about her five divorces. The Westboro Baptist Church recently announced they will protest outside her job.
  • This has been said to death since 2007 but The “War on Terroism” in the middle east is not America’s Longest War. The honor goes to The Korean War (1952-Present), which technically never ended. If you want to talk wars that ended, then the title goes to the Vietnam War (1958-1975).
  • I mentioned this alot two years back then but during the Boston Marathon Bombing’s investigation, it was called Boston’s 9/11 by Fox News. The problem with that is on 9/11, both of the planes that hit the World Trade Center departed from Boston’s Logan Airport. Whoops!
  • Speaking of the Boston Marathon Bombing: The same day of the bombing, there were two shootings in  Boston and 4 people were killed. The media ignored both despite the possability they could have been connected to the bombing investigation.


Look, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. The problem with the media is its’ supposed to be impartial regardless of who’s paying them. They have all these political experts come on just to give the illiusion of impartiality when in fact, it’s always folks who will serve THEIR interests. They’ve shown time and time again an unwillingness to go after their own in the name of truth and honesty. They don’t even bother doing editorial corrections like they used to anymore.

This is why I say in no uncertain terms the media can no longer be trusted to tell the truth. If you take what they say ar face value, you’re a fool. I don’t mean everything across the board: I mean things that really matter. We already congressmen are owned by companies and billionaires.

So is the national media.

Social Media can’t be bought or bribed. Sure, millionaires may own the websites but you can’t put a price on the unfiltered truth.

I see now why so many celebrities go out of their way to keep the media at arms-length. They do more harm than good in the end.

The Problems with American Politics and why the National News Media can’t get enough of it   Leave a comment

I’ll give you the short version first and then go into a much longer, more detailed explaination.

First, the short version:

  1. Except for Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and a few others, NONE of the people elected to represent America in Washington has the people in mind. They ran their campaigns with lies and empty promises to get where they are.
  2. Almost all politicians run with one or two policies in mind. When forced to deal with something outside their focus, that’s when things get complicated. Unfortunately for us.
  3. The National News Media–or as I’ve started calling them in the last year, Government Media–and I mean CNN, MSNBC and Fox News control the audience. NO ONE can run for Congress or President and expect to win without being “approved” by one or all three news outlets. That’s just the way it is.
  4. MSNBC is backed by the Left (Democratic Party), Fox News is backed by the Right (Republican Party) and CNN, which likes to say it’s politically neutral is clearly Leftist.
  5. Speaking of Fox News: It’s a WELL-KNOWN FACT the news outlet LIES on everything and not just politics. Everything they say should be taken with a grain of salt as chances are good what they say is both biased and untrue. If you believe what they say at face value, you’re a fool.
  6. On that note: Anyone who takes ANYTHING reported on the news as fact is also a fool. Those who follow me on Facebook knows I fact-check every big story CNN covers for inaccuracies. They prettymuch demanded it with their company tagline “Keeping them honest”. Well, I’m keeping CNN honest when they run with their biased and forceful interviewing tactics. I actually started doing it during their coverage of the manhunt in Boston after the Matathon Bombings two years ago.

Before I get into the long version, I do want to reiterate what I’ve said to folks in person about looking into pursing a career in journalism. I feel there’s been too much focus on national news over the last 20 years and as a consequence, local news coverage has fallen by the wayside. This is especially true with the American Media when it comes to covering Politics, Acts of Violence/War/Mass Shootings and more recently, The New Civil Rights movement. As I said in a recent blog post, Fox News has declared war against Black Lives Matter so…yeah. The National Media in general is as corrupt as Politicians and more shameless than GOP Presidential Candidates. Everything they do is for the sole purpose of sensationalism for the sake of ratings and sponsors.

…This brings me to FAIR, which stands for Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. Click the picture to go to their website. This nonprofit company has been fighting the good fight against the media’s biased reporting since 1986. The national media has proven it can’t be trusted to tell the uncensored truth so I will fact-check with FAIR on every story. FAIR actually calls out biased reporting as they happen and actually names and shames the offending media outlet. They also correct the faulty reporting at the same time.

In a recent article for example, the media’s push to make Presidential Candidare Bernie Sanders go away has been ramping up. They’re all using every trick they can think of to turn the public against him. Another example is the bombing of that hospital in Afghanistan. First, they blamed it on Russia and the Taliban. Later in the same day, they said the U.S. was investigating the incident. Finally, they said the U.S. was being blamed for it. All in the same day.

Care to guess which one was actually true? Yep, the last one. President Obama called Doctors Without Boarders to personally apologize, in fact. Based on the info released by the non-profit group, there was simply no way it was an accident or The Pentagon did not know where it was. Alligations enemy combatants were firing at U.S. Allies from the hospital were also proven false. This was a deliberate attack on a civillian hospital and as usual, the U.S. Media got caught trying to help cover something up.

For far too long, the the national media has been allowed to run free and unregulated. FAIR is the only organization that is actually “Keeping Them Honest”–take THAT,  CNN!–and they’re only barely staying relevant. My time off from work for 5 months this year opened my eyes to the deliberate misinformation and half-truths CNN pushes out every day. The funny thing is my Critical Thinking professor said as much about the network 6 years ago. I didn’t believe him until this past summer. It’s a shame when every major American news outlet needs to be fact-checked every day. This is what FAIR does.

I have been talking about the media needing to be held accountable for biased reporting for two years now. I was thrilled when I found out there actually are people who have been doing this for decades so…yeah. The national media is the only entity that is allowed to get away with biased, dishonest reporting.

That needs to change.


The Collapse of The Republican Party   Leave a comment

Let’s be honest: The GOP lost the little credability it had after the 2000 election with the 2008 Election. One thing the media should be talking about and isn’t is the mass exodus of now former Republican voters going Independent and Democrat. The party’s extremist views on prettymuch everything is driving even longtime supporters out of the party.

People are FED UP with the same disproven rhetoric from the GOP: They want leaders who share their core values but they also want leaders who won’t shut down the government because of political ideologies. They want leaders who won’t waste taxpayer dollars on foolishness but they also want leaders who will invest money in the basic things needed in America like infrastructure. They want leaders who are willing to defend America’s allies abroad but not leaders willing to waste money and American lives to satisfy the special interests of a handful of people.

Take a good look at this list. Every single one of the Republicans on the list–including Donald Trump–is being backed by lobbyists, the rich, hate groups, armed millitia groups or a combination of all of them. NONE of them have American interests in mind and ALL of them, like George W. Bush before them is running a campaign of lies, falsehoods and empty promises.

Democratic favorite Hillary Clinton isn’t much better having said that. The REAL reason she and most of the GOP candidates are even running is because they were pressured by the media. They never would have given it a second thought if Fox News/CNN/MSNBC didn’t invite them on the air just to ask them “Are you prepared to say you’re running for POTUS?”, “How about running for President” and of course, “Your name has come up as a possible presidential candidate.”

Let’s be honest: Except for Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden–who isn’t officially running (yet!)–NO ONE on the above list is qualified for the job. The 2nd GOP debate last month reaffirmed that: The only people in the room were their own brainwashed supporters. The Republican Party, once beloved by conservatives is beyond redemption at this point: They allowed the Tea Party free reign after the 2008 election and paid for it when the more moderate Republicans were replaced with extremists who were instrumental in shutting down the government–a fact they are not only proud of but actually threatened to do again last month.

The reason this time is they wanted to defund Planned Parenthood after conservative reporters created a fake video alleging to show Planned Parenthood employees discussing selling aborted fetuses for money. This is right up there with a similar video by the same group they released online last year showing an aborted second trimester fetus still in its amnotic sac allegedly shot at an American abortion clinic. The graphic video, which shows the aborted fetus kicking for a few seconds was actually ahot in an illegal abortion clinic in Latin America. As the saying goes, people are more likely to believe a little lie over a big one. It’s one thing to be against abortion but it’s another to intentionally twist the truth to deceive people and that is what is going on.

There is a reason all the special interests, lobbyists, Wall Street AND the NRA fear Bernie Sanders: He can’t be bought, he makes sense and he actually cares. He’s the no-nonsense Independent Senator from Vermont so many have been talking about all year. Don’t let his age and race fool you. He is honest and unlike Hillary, he isn’t surrounded by controversy. He also isn’t afraid to speak his mind or stand up to both Repiblicans AND Democrats. Yes he is running for the Democratic nomination but his campaign is grassroots and he is taking money from no political groups. All the money is from donors–myself included.

That said, I want to repeat something I have been saying to my coworkers for the last four weeks now: The next President we get will be the President we deserve, not the one we need. Due to the media’s influence, I have a pretty good idea of who the final candidates for both parties will be. Like I said before, most of the GOP Candidates will be out by next summer.

I predict a 2016 GOP President/Vice Preident combo to be something like this: Cruz/Christie, Paul/Kaisich or Rubio/Bush. Those are the six most likely to to get the Presidential or Vice Presidential nomination. Notice neither Trump or Carson are listed. The way things are going for him right now, Trump will be forced to withdraw but will give one of the listed pairings (any combination of them, actually) his blessing. Carson’s political inexperience is obvious. He’ll come up with a cover story to withdraw from the election.

One thing the media and I agree on is the benefit to having all these billionaires running. It shows the rest of the world how broken the American political system truly is. The saying “Anyone can be president” is a lie. The world was reminded of America’s racism problem when  Obama became president so…yeah. Let’s be honest: All these millitant groups we’re suddenly hearing about were quiet until Obama became preaident.

On the Democratic side, it will be Biden/Clinton or Sanders/O’Malley. I can see Hillary willing to step aside should Biden get in the race. Biden has a real shot at winning the needed votes unlike her. I don’t see Sanders picking Biden or Clinton as VP though he probably wouldn’t mind Clinton if needed. Only time will tell of course.

I’ll end with this: The Media’s role in the circus we call American politics should NOT be underestimated, overlooked or ignored. I’ll speak more to this in a separate blog this coming weekend but the National Media’s sensationalism plays a huge role in manipulating those who don’t do their own research on the candidates. Fox News is the most notorious offender but CNN and MSNBC aren’t exactly innocent either.

Eight Days into the new School Year and already close to burnout   Leave a comment

…I consider myself fortunate I communicated to several colleagues my professional aspirations are outside education. As the saying goes, with age comes wisdom. As I said at the beginning of the summer, my return to the classroom was reluctant and a last-minut decision. I never said why until now. The feeling I’m now having is what I wanted to avoid in the first place. I shouldn’t have come back to working in a classroom so soon given how the previous school year ended for me. I should have taken this school year off at the very least.

I actually had one other option but the red tape involved wasn’t something I was willing to accept. No, it wasn’t City Year though now that I think of it, I did say to several folks 10 years ago that I would return in ten years. Unfortunately for me, I don’t meet the qualifications for any of the current open positions. This other final option I won’t name…let’s just say I would use it only in the event I was no longer able to work due to illness. As it happens, a new heart condition I learned about over the summer would be a sufficient precondition for this other final option.

The last time I used it, ironically I was burned out after barely finishing high school and doing data entry for six weeks in 2002. Alot of the things that went on with me from November 2002 to July 2003…well, let’s just say I was very close to doing something reckless before I started the application process with City Year in August 2003.

Getting back to my main point, I’m glad I was up front with my new school about my time there being only for this school year. I had no long-term plans when I applied for the position so…yeah. Unlike 10 years ago when I first started working as a Paraprofessional, I have the advantage of knowing what to expect this time. That said, I will approach this year the same as last year and see how far I can go. The problems I ran into last year aren’t present this year so for me, it’s simply a question of endurance. I’d be lying to myself if I know for sure I’ll make it to June despite what I told someone last week. It’s just a question of endurance and being honest, the fact that I have doubts this early on is a clear sign I shouldn’t have come back so soon.

It’s not a matter of if I can do the work or not. If I didn’t think I couldn’t do it at all, I wouldn’t have reapplied four weeks ago. My problem is I knew I didn’t want to come back and that’s why I feel the way I do now. If I had to put it in words, right now I’m just going through the motions at work. My thinking is do what’s expected of me at work until I find an opportunity to move on.

The silver lining is I got what I needed this past week. I know I can do the job where it counts the most: Support students in the classroom. Class transitions outside the classroom is still an area of concern for me and it’s what I will focus on for the rest of the month. I can’t afford to be identified as “unreliable” in this regard especially at the beginnning of the school year so…yeah. It’s not every day you get to do something for the first time three times in a row!

Anywho, I won’t talk about my employment status again unless there is a significant change. I am mindful some of my former colleagues do read my blog. This is why I am purposeful and intentional with the way I craft posts of this nature. I try to leave no room for speculation while at the same time I avoid intentionally saying things that would be detrimental to me professionally. That said, I have no problem owning up to the things I say on my blogs if asked.


Black Lives Matter under attack; support building to get it classified as a Hate Group   Leave a comment



It’s been two weeks since the 1-year anniversary of the incident that sparked the creation of the movement–the death of African American teenager Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri at the hands of a white police officer–and the anti-black power movement has been ramping things up. It’s no conincidence the sudden interest in destroying the grassroots movement comes weeks after leaders of BLM met with Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Now that BLM wants to become more politically active, they’re viewed as a threat to White Power in America.

Notice I used the phrase “White Power” and not White People. I don’t know a single white person who disagrees with what BLM is about young and old. The racist establishments feel threatened so they’re simply reacting accordingly. Donald Trump suddenly pledging alliegiance to the Republican Party is more than just a political move: He did the GOP’s dirty work this summer and pulled all the white racists out of hiding and got them to pledge their votes to the Republican Party. THAT was why the GOP kept him at a distance up to now. When the RNC chairman said in July he wasn’t worried about Trump running as a third party candidate (which he still could if he wanted to), THIS is what he meant. They know they can’t control him so they figure at least they can use him. LOL.

Speaking of Fox News, Bill O’Reilly said the other day he’s making it his personal mission to destroy BLM. This comes a week after a BLM activist jokingly said online there is a petition to get Fox News classified as a hate group. The truth is there actually IS such a petition and I have signed it. Of course, Fox News took issue with that and reacted accordingly: Any police-involved shooting is now considered BLM’s fault even if the suspect is white or the suspect is an unarmed black person shot by the police.

As of this picture I randomly found, I now officially support BLM.

I refused to support the group/movement if they did not speak out against the African American Community’s OTHER Elephant in the room: Black on Black crimes. Black people kill more black people than they do any other ethnicity. White people have no need to worry about being randomly shot in their own homes. Black people do and 90% of the time, the shooter is black. So all this time and energy being poured into making it sound like BLM is telling people to kill white people is just playing on emotions without a shred of proof or evidence.

That said, it’s also true that for a long time in this country, black lives don’t matter in this country. The focus right now is on police brutality but I am almost certain education will be next. You can’t tackle unemployment without first going to education. And I am ready for it.

Now let me explain something to people who do not get WHY BLM considers the phrase “All Lives Matter” offensive: It’s because it’s simply not true and hasn’t been for decades and centuries. “All Lives Matter”, huh? Take a look at the refugee crisis in Europe: The western world is saying to the Syrian and Iraqi refugees coming in droves “Go away, we don’t want you. It’s your fault for being born there.” Americans did and continues to say the same thing to Latin American immigrants going on 40 years now under the guises “They took our jobs!” and “They’re criminals anyway!”

Before I change the topic, I will say if you believe the government has too much power in certain regards, you should feel obligated to support BLM. If you don’t want anyone to have to wonder if they will die if they are spotted by police, you should support BLM. If you don’t know “what the big deal is”, educate yourself.

This is a bit off-topic but it’s been 70 years since World War II ended. World War III is not too far off. In fact, I predict it will come within the next 5 to 10 years. The conditions for it to happen are already in place. All that’s missing is the catalyst. I also don’t expect America as we know it to survive, either. Folks around the world have NO IDEA how little faith most Americans have in their own government to look out for them when it counts. It’s not like it was back in the day if you know what I mean!

In an age where elections are bought and you can become president without actually being elected (2000 election says hi), America is a shadow of what it once was. Since 9/11, it’s been made painfully clear it might actually be in America’s best interests to split up. The Democrats and the Republicans are deadset on destroying America despite the founders being against a 2-party system in the first place. Unpopular presidents are viewed as evil dictators (Bush 43) or the Anti-Christ (Reagan) while popular ones are encouraged to have family members run for office (Clinton). It’s a broken cycle that needs to be brought to an end.

The question is does the American government have the guts to rewrite the constitution.

The latest Viral Dance Craze has divided the Internet   Leave a comment

I’m of course referring to The Nae Nae:

This one totally went over my head when I first heard about it in February. In fact, I had to ask my Facebook contacts about it the other day. Buzzfeed compiled everything you might wanna know here.

Then NECN featured this local principal doing the Nae Nae on the first day of school:

That said, I just emailed the principal of the Holmes School (where I will be working this school year) and asked her if she would be interested in doing it on Tuesday. If she agrees, I will post the video. Even if she declines, I plan to do it myself.

Getting back to the main topic, the song has divided the internet. On one side, you have those who love the song for the dance. On the other side, you have those who hate the song’s repetativeness, simplicity and lack of any substance despite being categorized as “Hip Hop”. That said, it definitely ISN’T music and was never meant to be “enjoyed” alone: All the song does is tell you what to do and nothing more. I rarely say this publicly but those who hate the song are haters or jealous haters who are just mad they never thought of comingup with the cash grab first. LOL.

Speaking of interactive songs, there was another song that came out about 15 years back that is still considered today one of, if not the greatest dance song ever thought of:

Yep, DJ Casper’s Cha Cha Slide. This song’s selling point, like Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae is literally nothing but telling you what to do yet it hasn’t received any of the hate the newer song has. Makes no sense if you ask me.

At present, Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae has clocked in nearly 196 Million hites on You Tube. If you think that’s alot, keep in mind the You Tube King Gangnam Style by Psy has 2,406,842,219 hits (and still counting!), a feat highly unlikely to be topped anytime soon. The question to ask is “Is this You Tube video something I will want to watch every day several times a day?” When you keep that in mind, the answer is obvious =D


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