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As a reminder: Nothing will change in the aftermath of this week’s mass shooting in Florida   Leave a comment

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There have been dozens of high-profile mass shootings since Bill Clinton was in office starting with Columbine. 3 presidents later–Bush 43, Obama and now Trump–nothing has been done. CNN’s wasting their time getting victims and victims’ families to scream at 45 on the air. We know and they know that unless the policy makers are directly effected, nothing will be done. As I have said many times before on this blog in just the last two years, the Gun Debate was settled after Sandy Hook 6 years ago. When two classrooms full of first and second graders being slaughtered became bearable as far as Congress was concerned, that ended the debate for good. We also lost our moral credability as far as the rest of the world is concerned as well.

As someone who worked in three public schools in Boston over a 10-year period, I vehemently oppose any proposals or measures to put guns, armed personnel and metal detectors in public schools. “They will be an effective deterrent” people will say. No, it won’t: One thing all the school shootings had in common is the shooter was a member of the school community. Given that, they would find a way to either get a firearm past the security checkpoints or still inflict damage through other means such as the Florida Shooter. He pulled a fire alarm to force people outside so metal detectors wouldn’t have stopped him.

“Then let’s arm school staff or put armed security guards in schools”, you might say to that? Hell no absolutely not. That’s why the rest of the world laughs at us. For some reason, too many people in this country feel that violence and the threat of violence is always the only logical answer to violence. All we’re gonna do is create an arms race with whoever is serious about doing harm. That and we’re talking about SCHOOLS, which are supposed to be institutions of learning for students and educators. When armed personnel and metal detectors are introduced, that prettymuch defeats the purpose of going to school. You don’t go to school to be searched and looked at as a possible threat. Those kinds of security measures send the message schools are not safe. Acts of violence like this don’t happen anywhere near enough to warrant a nationwide policy of armed personnel and/or metal detectors.

I’ll resist the urge to digress this time but I do want to add my voice to those who have cautioned against linking, profiling and stereotyping persons with psychological conditions or mental disorders and acts of violence. The media plays a large part to blame for that when they reveal a mass shooter’s background. The simple truth is those with mental disorders and psychological conditions are more likely to want to harm themselves than others. In fact, even those with a history of violence have too many things around them to prevent them from carring out mass murder, let alone a murder on that note. I just wanted to make sure to say this.

Before I forget: The picture at the top is the routine in the U.S. after every mass shooting. The only people who don’t forget are of course, those directly impacted by a mass shooting. The cycle needs to be broken. 100% of these mass shootings were 100% preventable. That’s a fact.

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