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Ok so my desktop computer just died (UPDATED)   Leave a comment

Update 3/19/2020:


Thanks to a kind neighbor, I now have the use of a laptop PC at home for at least few weeks. Just in time, since I have a LOT of stuff to cover on my Politics and News blog in particular. If one thing being proposed in Washington happens, I’ll have the money to buy a new computer in a few weeks!


My original message which I typed from my iPad is below:



I’m emotionally devastated.

Due to this sudden loss of my only remaining working computer, new posts to ALL of my blogs will be on hold indefinitely. I have no income right now and I have no idea when I will be able to get a new computer.

In 2014, I decided to have a 2-computer policy: Have both a desktop and a laptop at the same time. When my laptop stopped working in 2018, I still had my desktop PC. It was a toaster of a machine even back then and started showing the signs it wouldn’t last more than another year.

…Talk about a new reality.

The silver lining for me is my data loss will be minimal. I took the hard drives out of my laptops planning to get an Enclosure for them at a later time. I also have an external hard drive and though I haven’t backed anything up to it in about 2 years, most of what I bought for my computer I can easily download again from iTunes, Amazon Music, the Blizzard App and Steam.

I typed this from my iPad using the Bluetooth keyboard I bought for it for those who are wondering. When the opportunity to get a new computer comes again–hopefully sooner than later–I will probably buy a desktop first and then a laptop.

Speaking of. Washington is working on getting a financial relief check of at least $1,000 USD to everyone in the U.S. within 2 weeks so if it happens, I will use the money from that to buy a new desktop as well as a desk and office chair which I’ve also needed. My desk and chair I’ve had since I moved to Hyde Park from Dorchester 7 years ago. Both are falling apart as well.

If anyone wants to help toward these things, feel free to let me know.




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