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PSY’s Gangnam Style: Taking America by Storm   Leave a comment

Update 11/25/2012: This video now has views of any other video on You Tube, shattering the previous record holder by over 11 Million!

Clocking in over 240 MILLION unique hits on You Tube, the song has exploded in popularity worldwide. The reason: The song’s patented Horse Dance. See the below video for the rest what I’ve got to say about the song. For your convenience feel free to use the above video as a reference, etc.

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School in Boston is back in session   Leave a comment

And thus I am back at working weekdays Mon to Fri. My working hours are 8:00AM to 4:00PM (EST). I figure my body will get used to it by the end of the month if not the end of next week. As a result of this, blog updates across the board will be infrequent or mostly on weekends and holidays. The same goes for vBlogs.

As always I make new blogs when I canĀ  and when I’m inspired. For specifics on Anime, Video Games and Fanfiction see my other 3 blogs.

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