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No question Donald Trump won Monday night’s debate   Leave a comment
Since Donald Trump declared he was running for President last June, the media and the Democrats pulled out all the stops to establish he was unfit to be President. The selective editing of video clips, the attack ads from the Clinton campaign, the memes and so on.

…September 26, 2016 comes.

It’s easy to see WHY Clinton’s campaign didn’t want her to debate and SEVERELY limited how much she debated. It clearly showed tonight and nevermind the fact the terrible moderator–NBC’s Lester Holt–couldn’t control the debate. LOL. Both candidates went over on every single point and on most of them, Trump clearly did better. Notice I said most but not all. I’d say over half.

The media was complicit in packaging Hillary Clinton as the “right” candidate. Tonight’s debate raised some serious questions. If I’m an undecided voter, I’m probably thinking Trump as president might not be as bad as I’ve been hearing after all.

And you know what? It might not be.

When asked at the end, Trump took the high road and said he would support his opponent if she won the election and THAT is what you want to hear. Yeah, American Politics are messy but at the end of the day, the American people deserve policy makers who know how to put aside politics ant get things done. We haven’t seen much of that since Bill Clinton was in office. Whoever the next president is needs to be capable of doing that much.
Now, the next two debates will be next month. Clinton managed to bait Trump in the second half of the debate into going off track but she shouldn’t ride on being able to do that in the next two debates. Trump clearly spent ALOT of time preparing for Monday night’s debate and it showed from his strong start. SAVAGE is the word I would use to describe how he did. Even when Clinton baited him in the second half, Trump managed to recover in at least half of those topics.

Trump WILL be better prepared next time. Hillary needs to come up with more than just  “You heard him, folks!” or “You’re wrong!” next time if she wants to convince undecided voters to go with her. The media is going to spin this a certain way but it was clear Trump took the debate much more seriously than Clinton did.

…As a reminder, I am not voting for Hillary Clinton. I am voting third party in November.

Based on what I saw tonight, I honestly would not be bothered with Trump as president simply because we know what will be getting. With Clinton, we have NO CLUE because she changes positions on a dime when it’s convenient to do so. A damned shame Jill Stein and Gary Johnson were not permitted to participate. We truly are being forced to pick between two unpopular candidates.

I delight in the irony.

Why I have been and will continue to talk about Social Issues on this blog   Leave a comment

I want to begin by first making the following things crystal clear:

  1. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I avoid supporting ideologies based on just circumstantial evidence or data.
  2. I am neither a racist or a race baiter.
  3. I research all topics on social issues before I write a post about them.
  4. I am always very clear when stating my opinion and when I am stating facts.

This goes for both my blog posts and videos as well.

…In regards to the second one, it especially makes no sense at all since I have openly expressed an interest to many people of dating women who are not black or West Indian. Not opposed to dating a black or West Indian woman but I personally believe love is color blind. I also believe no one should care what the race of someone’s loved ones are especially when it doesn’t directly or indirectly effect them.

Anyway, I decided to post this not because someone said something to me or anything like that. I’m posting this now because I WANT people to understand something: I can’t keep silent on what is going on in America. I cannot and WILL NOT.

I’m going to use a restaurant as a metaphor to explain my point.

A customer walks into a well known restaurant that is known for its exceptional menu and first class service. The restaurant has the long-held reputation of putting the customer first above all else. This customer is someone who has done business with the restaurant over the year course of his life. The Great Recession did a number of the economy but the restaurant survived while many other independent businesseses fell by the wayside.

The restaurant is also known to have two core philosophies: Prepare food as efficiently as possible and do whatever’s necessary to stay open for business. The customer came at a time the restaurant is deciding on who the next owner may be. One is a former line Chef of the restaurant who has known the original owners for decades and many of the kitchen staff believe she’s the best person for the job. The other is a well known celebrity from the neighborhood who has his own vision.

The current owner has decided to let the two try out for the job and this month’s customers are unwhitting guinea pigs. There were other candidates but they were outbid by the two who remain. At the same time, there are rumors the owner had been talking to two other interested parties for the same position.

Each week, the customer returned to dine at the restaurant. At the end of the month, the owner joins the customer at his usual table to talk to them about his experience. Having known each other over the years, the owner tells the customer he can’t decide which candidate he should choose and has decided to ask them about your experience. There were a few things about each management style the customer liked but there were more things about both management styles that they didn’t like. As the owner looks at the customer with a hopeful expression, they tell him “I can’t decide. You’re asking me to pick the lesser of two evils.”

…Mind you, that’s just in regards to the presidential election. The way the media has such strong influence in our nation’s politics and has for decades, too many Americans don’t know who they are voting for. They know they’re voting for someone but they don’t know WHO. We are at a point in our nation’s history where those with power not only change the rules to their benefit but change the rules at the expense of everyone else. While I do agree those who are born in poverty should work to improve their own situation, they should not be punished for wanting to improve their situation.

This has been the case for many groups of people in America for centuries. Even worse, those in power as well as the media has been pulling out all the stops to not only “keep order” but suppress the truth.

…This is why I blog. I will continue to do so until I am no longer able to.

Kevin Garnett announces his retirement from the NBA   Leave a comment

The 21-year NBA Veteran and All Star announced his retirement a short time ago. Speculation towards KG calling it a career began yesterday when it was revealed the T-Wolves–the NBA Team his began and ended his career with–bought out the rest of his contract with the team. While KG will retire as a beloved member of the team he played his first 12 straight seasons with (1995-2007), he will always been remembered for his legendary performance as the heart and soul of the 2008 NBA Champion Boston Celtics. The Celtics came up short in their rematch against the LA Lakers the following year in the NBA Finals but even after he left Boston a few years later, Celtics fans will never forget all that he did for the team and the city to raise the franchise’s first championship banner in 22 years.
…The timing is very interesting given Paul Pierce announced he would be retiring after the 2016-17 NBA season. Pierce, who played his first 15 seasons with the Celtics (1997-2012) has been the subject of speculation given LA Clippers President and Head Coach Doc Rivers–who himself led the Celtics to their 17th NBA Championship and is a former Celtics player himself–has expressed a desire for The Truth to retire as a member of the Boston Celtics. The obvious assumption is Pierce will sign a 1-day contract but Pierce being shipped back to Boston is a real possability.

The other former member of the New Big 3 Ray “The King of Threes” Allen (Holds all-time NBA record for 3-pointers made) announced over the summer he is looking to return to the NBA this coming season. The Free Agent, who last played for the Miami Heat (winning a ring with the Heat as well as the one he got with the Celtics) has been talking to the Bucks and Celtics–both teams he’s played for in the past. When asked why he is returning after being absent for a few years he replied “This is why I never retired”, which clearly means he has enough gas left in the tank to go at least one more season. The Celtics being the only team that has the money to sign him aside, whichever team takes him will be a contender in the playoffs: He rarely has bad days when he’s behind the line so…yeah.

Since I’m talking about Basketball, I feel the need to comment on Miami Heat star Chris Bosh’s situation. As many NBA fans are aware, Bosh missed most of the last two seasons due to a serious medical issue. It was announced this morning he was not cleared by the team’s medical staff. This is a situation in which the team is legit trying to protect the player. The player is Chris Bosh, who is married and has 5 children. Former team mate and Chicago Bulls player Dwayne Wade released a statement via social media imploring his friend to keep his family in mind regardless of what he decides to do next.

Miami Heat All Star Alonzo Mourning’s career came to an end 14 years ago due to health-related issues. While it wasn’t career-ending, Mourning elected to retire rather than shorten his lifespam. Celtics fans may remember Reggie Lewis, who died suddenly in 1995 from an undiagnosed heart condition. Here we a situation where enough info is known about Bosh’s health to know NO TEAM would be willing to take the chance of allowing him to play for them. They wouldn’t want the responsability and have the support of the Players Association (the NBA Players’ Union), who will certainly advise Bosh to retire.

New York Daily News Journalist Shaun King calls for a Nationwide Economic Boycottt [UPDATE 9/24/2016]   Leave a comment

Update 9/24/2016:

Shaun King has launched a website last night titled Injustice Boycott. The nationwide Boycott is planned to BEGIN on December 5, 2016. As of this posting, 29, 723 people have signed on since the site went live last night. The website explains what the purpose of the Boycott is, when it will begin and about the last one: In 1955, Dr. Martn Luther King led a boycott that lasted 381 days to end bussing discrimination. It worked.

I believe so strongly in what he is trying to do, I’ve decided to reactivate my Facebook Account for 24 hours starting tonight so I can pass along news of the boycott.

My original article is below.
In an article published by Shaun King earlier this afternoon, the journalist called for a nationwide economic boycott in response to the deaths of unarmed black men nationwide and racial injustice. He doesn’t offer specific steps on how it should look or how long but he does explain in detail why it should happen. See his article for specifics on that.

He also makes a very important point that anyone living in or near a major U.S. City should think about: All it will take is one incident for Dallas, St. Louis, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Tulsa, Baltimore, Ferguson and so on to happen in your neck of the woods. Just one. It’s literally been decades since the country been so polarized: The number of people outraged by the deaths worldwide are growing by the day while the racists and biggots dig their heels in deeper. The term is “Perfect Storm”.

Whoever the next president is…good luck. They’ll have their hands full trying (likely in vain) to keep the country from tearing itself apart. The time for sweet words is over. That was tried and met with inaction. Now is the time to turn words into action.

Of course, an Economic Boycott is an effective means of forcing change. We have the proven history to back it up. Now, Shaun King is asking for specific ideas on how exactly a Nationwide Economic Boycott should be organized and carried out. One advantage we have now that didn’t exist in the 50s and 60s is Social Media. Getting the word out will be extremely easy. Keeping that in mind, here is how I think it should be organized:


  1. Identify a group of people who would take point in planning and organizing in each community.
  2. Identify specific companies and entities to boycott in each community.
  3. Get athletes (NFL, NBA, etc.), actors, musicians/rappers, comedians, etc. to help raise awareness.
  4. Encourage Boycott participants to shop locally and encourage them to specifically shop and dine at minority-owned businesses as much as possible during the boycott.
  5. Boycott participants should be challenged to proudly carry an index card or something similar that explains in short that they are participating in a nationwide boycott and why.
  6. Encourage Boycott participants to stay out of trouble with law enforcement and local municipalities: Fines or Bail Money = Money for the system.
  7. Encourage Boycott participants to conduct themselves orderly and politely at all times.
  8. Boycott participants who engage in protests should retire from the streets before sundown.
  9. Boycott participants should document any trouble they may encounter with a picture, audio or video.
  10. Funding should be set aside to cover bail costs for any peaceful protesters who are arrested.

…To explain 7 and 8, they both have the media in mind. They’re only interested in covering chaos. This was made clear during last night’s violence in Charlotte. In this way, protesters gain the trust and support of local leaders and law enforcement in one shot. It also makes it much easier for law enforcement to identify folks who join up with peaceful protesters just to cause trouble. When the authorities know the protesters will be leaving the streets before dark, they don’t have to waste time trying to differentiate peaceful protesters from bad elements.

This also eliminates the need for an official curfew: With everyone knowing when protesters will be leaving their routes, it will make it easier for the streets to be secured by the authorities when they leave. Mind you, this does not include pre-planned times for night time vigils or indoor gathers. It only applies to protests and marches.

I say this well aware the reason protests have been happening after dark is so those who work during the day can participate. That will need to change to force broadcast media to forcus on the reason for the protests and not just looking for ratings boosts.

Anywho, I think this list is a good starting point.  If you’re reading this Shaun King, feel free to make use of it.




Shaun King: The 13th Amendment ensured Slavery could continue   Leave a comment


New York Daily News Columnist Shaun King, who is also a vocal political activist on Social Media posted this article today. King–no relation to Martin Luther King, Jr.–makes the case the 13th Amendment ensured Slavery could continue in other forms. He brings attention to the phrase “except as a punishment”, which he argues opened the door to legalized Slavery, which certainly exists today. I’ve been following King for the last few months and it’s obvious he thoroughly researches everything he publishes. He is also not afraid to do REAL Investigative Journalism.

I’ll put it like this: We are now in Week 2 of nationwide protests by inmates nationwide who are refusing to work. Of course, you wouldn’t know that if you watch CNN, Fox News or MSNBC. It’s “not newsworthy” as far as they care. Who decides what’s newsworthy and what isn’t aside, the protests come during the 45th Anniversary of the Attica Prison Uprising. To bring attention to the protests woulf bring attention to that anniversary. I assume the media is just waiting for news black inmates “brutally attacked” a white corrections officer “trying to defend himself” to decide to start covering it.

The question to be asked, in the case of the 13th Amendment is was it phrased this way on purpose? The fact that the wording was never revised tells me it was, which leads to the next obvious question: Who knew the true reasons behind why the 13th Amendment was phrased the way is and how long did they know? The more you think about it, you come to a horrible realization: This was likely the trump card the KKK, Neo Nazis, other racist groups and even Police Unions have had in their back pocket for 150 years now.

…Honestly, I think Shaun King is on to something. This picture comes to mind:
Compare to a more familiar one you’ve likely seen in a textbook:
The more you take the time to stop, think about it and think about what you know about certain practices in the U.S., the more you realize Slavery never died. It’s just been hiding in plain sight in its various forms. It’s much easier to enslave people when you don’t call it Slavery. The mass incarcerations of African American men in the 1980s and 90s. It took Former President Bill Clinton (#42) 20 years to apologize for his role in promoting mass encarceration and only because his wife will likely become the 45th President of the United States.

King notes in his article folks have tried to call attention to this for GENERATIONS but they were laughed at and called conspiracy theorists. Turns out they were telling the truth. This is easily the biggest conspiracy in U.S. History. What I find most concerning is Line 2 of the 13th Amendment: “Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.” and what it implies. It leaves the door wide open for the U.S. Government to legally strip American citizens of their civil liberties.

I want to say this again: The 13th Amendment ended Slavery as it was known at the time yes but it also allowed it to exist in other forms. A number of corporations and financial institutions conspired with local, state and federal-level governments in the U.S. to re-establish Slavery in its existing forms, most notably Prison Workers.

…Conspiracy fact indeed.

What needs to happen as soon as possible is the 13th Amendment needs to be amended to abolish Slavery of ANY kind or form. The 13th Amendment simply ended the practice of Slavery at the time but left clear instructions on how it was allowed to continue.

Well done, Shaun King. You may very well be killed for this one day but WELL DONE.

This is an inconvenient truth African Americans in particular need to be made aware of. Priority is getting the 13th Amendment reworded but in the meantime, African Americans need to warned to do everything they can to avoid becoming a victim of the Prison Industrial Complex. Once you become one, there is no coming back short of a full pardon from a governor or president.

The double meaning behind Blacks historically getting longer and steeper prison sentances makes alot more sense when you think about it. The whole point is to ensure Blacks are imprisoned for as long and as much as possible. This should also galvanize activists to pressure policy makers to pardon and commune inmates who are incarcerated for minor sentances. When you look at the numbers, things don’t make sense at all.

As the saying goes–and excuse the pun–the longest rope has an end.

By the way this wasn’t the blog I mentioned in my last post that I said to look forward to. I’ve decided to post it tomorrow instead since I be contacting Mr. King within the next 24 hours. The post I will make tomorrow is ironically an explaination of WHY I have been talking about things like this on my blog alot over the last two and a half years now.

The Media keeping count of the National Anthem protests is distracting from WHY they are doing it   Leave a comment

I feel it’s especially important to say this given the pushback and threats high school and college-level athletes doing the same have been getting for doing the same. It’s a game Corporate Media is playing to avoid just saying “They’re just exercising their freedom of speech”. They know why more and more athletes are doing it. They don’t want to talk about it because they feel they met their “quota” for “giving black people space to talk about things that matter to them and why they matter to them”.
You don’t have to agree with or like the methods they are using but if you disagree with WHY they’re doing it, that speaks more to what kind of person YOU really are. In the United States of America, everyone is protected by Free Speech weather you like it or not. Those who take a knee or raise a fist during the national anthem before ANY sporting event is just exercising their right to free speech and more importantly, their right to protest.


Let’s just call it what it is: Some Whites just want Blacks to “know their place”. It’s fine if they want to be athletes, actors, Musicians/Rappers, comedians and maybe a doctor or soldier. Anything other than one of those is considered a threat that must be “corrected”. To the weak attempt at a counter-arguement “At least you finally got a Black President, be happy with that!”, President Obama has gotten more death threats in his first year in office than any other president before him during their entire terms. I’ve talked about the ugly truth of what America’s first African American president a bit in other blog posts so I’ll leave it at that.

The media insisting on being on the wrong side of history should not be overlooked, ignored or mistaken for what it is: Unless black people are being violent or rioting, they could care less. Their overt focus on spending whole days talking about the NY/NJ Suspect (which actually is worth talking about, mind you) and MONTHS on just 1-4 sound bytes from Donald Trump speaks volumes. It speaks to who their intended audience is and just how morally bankrupt they truly are.

TRUE Journalism is covering topics and subjects that are sure to make some uncomfortable. Over and over again, the national media has readily shown an unwillingness to focus on the REAL issues this country faces. We’ve all known the 2016 Presidential Election was nothing but a dog and pony show since the candidates were finalized. The fact that Trump and Clinton are the presidential candidates is an embarrassment. Even worse, they are possibly the two most unliked presidental candidates in U.S. history. Here’s a clue to whoever is voting for either of them: Most of the country doesn’t LIKE the idea of EITHER of them being the next president. This whole election has always been about “picking the lesser of two evils”. That doesn’t make the lesser evil less evil. It’s still evil.

I want to speak now to those who follow my blog and have a blog of their own. I challenge you to reblog this post on your blog and other related posts I have written as a show of support for what I’ve been talking about. Later today, I will write a blog post to explain why I feel so strongly that I have written a number of political blog posts over the course of this year and last year as well.

Look forward to it.



It’s time for America to move on from 9/11/2001   Leave a comment

It’s been 15 years.

For the most part, most Americans are in agreement the country’s knee-jerk reaction was a mistake that put the country in debt, set off illegal government surveilance, the deaths of thousands of servicemen in an illegal war and ultimately led to the formation of ISIS. Before folks go there, remember that Osama bin Laden was found 11 years after 9/11 in Pakistan. All the lives disrupted by the Warmongers in Washington and the butchers who line their pockets was done in the name of HATE. Not just in the Middle East but in the U.S. as well.

The GOP was so sure their was was right, they pulled out all the stops to ensure Bush 43 stayed in the White House for two terms. We as a country happily surrendered our civil liberties in the name of “national security”. Obama gave the order that led to the death of Osama bin Laden in the second half of his first term. Justice had been done though for those who lost loved ones on 9/11 and in the so-called “War on Terrorism”, they will never have true closure. This everyone knows.

With the man who orchestrated the attack dead and gone, as a country it’s time to move on. The only people this day should matter to are those who were directly effected by 9/11, the “War on Terrorism” and their families. We need to take back Patriot Day from the provocative marketing campaign it’s being used for by Warmongers. I keep using the quotes for War on Terrorism because the phrase itself was a veiled effort to promote Xenophobia against Muslims and Islam as a whole. That is a sin that should NEVER be repeated as a country.

I want to stress again: If you, your family or someone you personally know was not directly affected by 9/11 or the wars it sparked then it’s time to move on. ISIS was created because of the Warmongers in the U.S., Europe and Israel who pushed the country into an unwinnable war. Do you know how it feels to find out what you thought your country was fighting for was a just cause was nothing but a lie? Many vets who returned from the middle east readily joined the anti-war movement for this reason.

“Never Forget” indeed. We must never go down this road as a country ever again.

That said, I do believe the U.S. needs to commit military forces to the fight against ISIS. The longer ISIS is allowed free reign, the worse the mass migration crisis will become. The U.S. will be able to bring the conflict to a quick end. At the very least, we owe those displaced and those who’ve been slaughtered that much. That much should be assured regardless of who the next president is.

At the same time, I also believe whoever the next president is should advocate for Kurdistan to become an independent country and establish its own boarders between Iraq, Syria and Turkey. They more the deserve that much recognition for being the first to take the fight to ISIS.

Finally–and I feel this need to be said since Corporate Media lacks the spine to say it–I am VERY concerned with the overt anti-Islamic rhetoric Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not only used to stay in power but to shame the U.S. Government into supporting their Genocide of Palestine since 9/11. Even worse, his counterarguement to those who disagree with his viewpoint on Palestine is to accuse them of being antisemetic or anti-Israel. Worse still is the GOP has bought into the anti-Muslim rhetoric 15 years ago and have since promised Israel will always get free money to fortify what’s become the world’s largest open-air prison: Palestine.

Given Israeli newspapers WILL NOT publish pictures of WOMEN–which IRAN and SYRIA will–it will be more than a little problematic given Hillary Clinton is expected to become the 45th President of the United States. Yes, I know Israel does it because it’s Jewish tradition but that doesn’t mean it should be tolerated if it’s a practice widely disagreed with. Remember that iconic photo of Obama’s cabinet following the hunt for bin Laden in real time a few years back? In Israel, Hillary and another woman who was also present were both photoshopped out of the room. We should not condone this any longer given our so-called enemies have no problem publishing women in their own newspapers.




Multiple popular dating websites confirm what’s been long assumed   Leave a comment

If you are subscribed with a dating website like or, go close your account RIGHT NOW. A former employee of the website Plenty of Fish blasted the done to death formula used by her former employer and almost every other Dating Website out there via Social Media.

The former employee, who shared her story under the condition of anonmity stated:

“Yes, all member account data is money to Dating Websites. Members who buy a subscription can look forward to being contacted by fake accounts set up by the website’s staff directing them to sign up with an affiliate website and repeat the process over and over again until their account is bled dry. Those with free accounts are either pressured to subscribe or just ignored If the site is part of a network, a ping is sent to the other member websites to pressure the member of register to their sites, too just to repeat the process more or less. While I’m sure some people found their soulmates online, that wasn’t exactly the intent. Dating websites could care less if people actually meet. Their main concern is getting your personal information and your Credit Card info so they can sell it to the highest bidder.”

…Of course, this is nothing that most of us didn’t already at least suspect for some time now. I don’t normally post info like this without a source but I was emailed this from a friend who has an active Facebook account that I know wouldn’t lie about this. I trust my source 100%.

Free Dating Websites are no better on that note. Just look at Craig’s List, which the owner abandoned back in 2000 out of laziness. Let this be a lesson to those looking for love: Old school is the best way to go. What happened to just talking to people? When did meeting someone new become such a chore with so many walls and barriers?

Online Dating is the second-oldest online hustle after Internet porn. Shutting down the industry is too late at this point. Even I know that. Consider this blog post a warning: If you’ve never used a Dating Website, STAY AWAY!

If you have enjoyed this post or other posts I have made on this blog, please consider making a monetary donation via PayPal. Whatever amount you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

…To date, no donations have come in since I started including this in my posts across all of my blogs. I am now asking those who have especially come to enjoy my postings no matter how long it’s been to please donate. Without going into all the details here, I need your fiancial support. If you’re able donate but want to talk to me first, you can email me at

Colin Kaepernick’s silent protest inspires other athletes, angers those against it   Leave a comment

Even if you’re not a football fan, you’ve likely at least heard of Colin Kaepernick.

In case you haven’t heard, NFL Player Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers has been the subject of controversy during the offseason because of his decision to not stand during the National Anthem before football games. He is refusing to do so in silent protest of the recent violence against African Americans at the hands of law enforcement. He is also protesting to bring attention to the fact all Americans are not treated equally not just by law enforcement but by their fellow Americans.

It’s controversial to those against his actions due to their poorly veiled racism. First he sat on the bench but has since modified it to taking a knee on the sidelines while the Star Spangled Banner plays. He doesn’t speak or bring attention to what he does before, during or afterward. What he is doing is TAME compared to what white student athletes did during Bush 43’s second term. At a basketball game, a white high school player turned her back on the flag during the national anthem, angering vets who were in attendance.

What Kaepernick and those who’ve chosen to follow his lead are doing is simply excercising their right to free speech just like the white athlete I just referenced. Many white athletes also started doing this in solidarity but since that isn’t “newsworthy”, Corporate Media is dancing around talking about them.

All eyes were on the Denver Broncos’ Brandon Marshall (who is also a friend of Kaepernick), who took a knee during the national anthem at the start of the NFL’s first game of the season vs. the Carolina Panthers. One pundit said it right earlier this week in response to the “outrage” over the “disrespect” of the silent protests during the national anthem. If we’re going to complain about the form, this is actually the most respectful way to do it for the venue. He could have held a sign or just refused to be on the sidelines during the anthem, both of which would have incurred fines. All of the professional sports leagues–NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL–have no rules against taking a knee during the national anthem. The NBA and the NFL have both said on the record players are protected by free speech if they choose to do this.

If we’re going to complain about the fact  that it is being done at all, the pundit gave some interesting food for thought: When you watch sports game on TV, do you stand with your hand over your heart during the national anthem? Chances are pretty good the answer is no. In such a case, why should it matter if ANYONE decides to kneel, sit or whatever when attending a live game? As long as they’re not trying to draw attention to themselves, it shouldn’t matter at all. When I attended a Red Sox home game in June, I stood for the national anthem but sat during the “Take me out ot the Ball Game” sing-a-long in the middle of the 7th inning. I just didn’t feel like standing, much to the annoyance of the family member I was at the home game with. I felt no pressure to stand either and I had no agenda or anything.

If we’re going to talk about showing Patriotism, these athletes are showing just that. Our nation’s military supposedly fought so they could have the freedom to just do that, yes? Athletes CAN’T do that in say, China or Iran for example. Those against these athletes excercising their right to free speech are the ones who don’t understand what patriotism is. Being a patriot means doing the unpopular thing when you are not happy with things as they currently are.

About 10 years ago, the idea of classes and schools reciting the pledge of alligiance was the subject of controversy. Those who objected to the traditional practice did so on political and religious grounds, which I agree with. I feel like if you recite the pledge of alligiance or the national anthem with the flag out of “tradition”, you’re just going through the motions. It only means something to you if it means something to you if that makes sense and THAT is the point of doing it. If it doesn’t mean the same to the guy next to you or the vet two rows behind you as it does for you, it’s none of your business.

Those worried about the National Anthem being phased out of nationally televised games can relax: As long as the Pentagon’s deal with all the sports leagues remains, that will always happen. In short, the U.S. Military gets free advertising at sporting events in exchange for being present during the pre-game ceremony. These demonstrations will do NOTHING to change that.


My departure from BPS is now official   Leave a comment


It was October 10, 2005. I didn’t know it at the time but I had begun my first day of the 10 years I would spend working as a Paraprofessional for the Boston Public Schools. As of September 8, 2016 I will officially no longer be employed by BPS. As much as I know some people might want me to talk about specific moments from my years in the trenches that really sucked and as much as I do want to do that, now is not the time. I am well aware tomorrow is also the first day of school in Boston. Out of respect for my friends and former colleagues who will begin their first day of the new school year, I will not do that.

…I WILL talk about my experiences in a book I announced I would be writing about education two years ago. Now that I am no longer working for BPS, I am free to cover a few topics I would have otherwise had to hold back on. Not just about BPS or my own experiences with the district but public education in general. Given the unique opportunity that I had, it’s only fitting I share my story. Not as a cautionary tale but of what’s possible. More info on that book will be shared on my Fiction Press blog along with my other literary works.

…That will be at a time a little further in the future, however.

I plan to spend the next year and a half focusing on a few pet projects of mine. Even though I wasn’t working at all in 2016, I didn’t update any of my blogs as much as I would have liked. There’s that and a few things related to some of my blogs stopped because I’ve been broke since March 7. Hard to write reviews for video games and anime you don’t have the money to buy and no, I don’t pirate my video games or anime. At least with Manga I could order volumes through the Boston Public Library ^_^

Honestly, I’m relieved. For the first time since my time in City Year, I feel like I’m in control of my own time. Learning a fixed schedule was great for me and helped me better organize my day. I am certainly feeling alot of emotions which I will not share on this blog. I originally planned to announce this as a video but now I’m glad I didn’t. It’s a big moment in my life but thinking about it, a video wouldn’t have felt right.

I hope you will continue to follow this blog as well as my other six. I’m probably going to collect unemployment for the rest of 2016 which means I’ll be able to set things up for 2017. I have a more permanent source of income coming lined up but I will wait a little longer before I go that route. At least with unemployment, I will be able to cover alot of expenses I was unable to for much of the year.

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