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In case the National Conventions didn’t make it clear, America needs a Third Party   Leave a comment

Before I begin, I don’t want to repeat too much of what I said before so…

I highly reccommend reading BOTH. I provide you with what Corporate Media CAN’T: An in-depth overview of the events leading up to each convention starting at 9/11 to now. I’m pretty clear with both that neither party can or should be trusted at this point. For the rest of this post, it will be assumed you read one or both National Convention 2016 blogs I wrote. If you haven’t, stop now and go read them.
To start, I want to make it known I have withdrawn my endorsement of Hillary Clinton. I have also decided to officially leave the Democratic Party later this year. I made both decisions a few days before I deactivated my Facebook account last week. The more I actually thought about it, the more I realized I was doing exactly what The Establishment wants those who supported Bernie Sanders to do: Sacrifice my principles and ideals to give an undeserving candidate my vote for the White House.

…Yeah, no.

I will NOT be shamed into voting against my conscience. I’m no sellout. I never have been and never will be. I should have actually realized it right after Bernie Sanders ended his campaign two weeks before the DNC: The Democratic Party’s mantra has been nothing but “Leave everything to us” and “Better us than the GOP” ad nauseum since 2004. They’ve been using fear tactics with the help of Corporate Media to win votes and support. The one thing you have to give the GOP credit for is at least you know where they stand 100% of the time. With the Dems, you have no clue where they stand as their position on everything is subject to change when it’s convenient to do so.

On that note, it’s fair to say the GOP as a National Party is done. The party ran itself into the ground over the last 16 years. The Dems will take a few more years to reach that point and will likely control the government through 2028. This is what happens when you have a country that refused to abandon its broken two-party system.

I stand by what I said in this post from last month: Bernie Sanders running for president opened the door for a third party to come to power. By running, he shone a light on both parties and helped alot of voters realize they DONT have to “settle” like both parties want you to think. It may not mean anything for the 2016 Presidential Election but it will moving forward. The seeds have been planted and some have already started to sprout.

The media’s role in American politics especially in the last 20 years should not be overlooked. The fact is, they have way too much “creative” control, are clearly biased and only care about being a party or candidate’s mouthpiece. Here’s some food for thought: During the primaries, CNN, MSNBC and Fox “News” were given full authority to book not only when and where debates happened but who would be debating. There were many GOP debates last year but only a handful of debates on the Dems’ side.

That was no accident or coincidence. That was intended.

The whole point was to package Hillary Clinton as “the only ‘choice'” while giving the illusion of “choice” when in fact, the next president had already been decided. It’s as I said in my last few posts on the subject: Donald Trump is just there to make Hillary Clinton the next president. He’s being paid alot of money to “run against her” and say whatever he wants as a REPUBLICAN candidate when in fact he’s both a lifelong DEMOCRAT and a very close friend of the Clintons. Those are two indesputable facts.

Even from the beginning, I never allowed myself to get pulled into the partisan crap. It was because I knew from the start Donald Trump was simply following the script he’s being paid to read from. It’s win-win for the Dems no matter who wins in November. Remember that should Trump win the election. It goes without saying both parties will pay a steep price for so thoroughly rigging the election. You can’t make a mockery of the election process so brazenly and not be punished for it. It may take time but justice will be done.
If you consider yourself a lifelong Democrat, I urge you to really look at what your party stands for and weather you’re truly ok with most of their core values. I held the party up to a microscope this summer for the first time and found a few things I could not in good conscience willingly support. There were two that stuck out to me the most. The first is the interests of party leadership are the only interests that matter. Not that different from the GOP when you think about it. The other is “As long as we hold power, we don’t need to work with the other party”. Again, not all that different from the GOP.

…The Dems also have this nasty habit of making campaign promises they know they have no intention of keeping. Things that are just common sense to keep regardless of political ideologies. Yet their mantra is “Here’s why we think we’re a ‘safe’ bet over the GOP”. Been there, done that. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. For me, voting for Deval Patrick’s re-election as Governor of Massachusetts was Strike One. Strike Two was voting for Martin J. Walsh as mayor of Boston. Mistakes that I will not repeat. If the only reason to not vote Blue is fear of what the opposition may or may not do, that’s not ‘choice’. That’s called entrapment. So, my response to the Dems from now on will be “Or Else What?” Don’t talk the talk if you’re not willing to back it up with action.

On that note: The Dems get a failing grade in regards to Social Issues. They sure love to talk about problems they already know the correct solutions to fixing. In “starting a dialog between two sides” they are distracting from the fact they will not actually do anything. At least with the GOP, you know where they stand.  “We need to understand the problem before we can do anything about it” is code for “We’ll talk about it but won’t make any promises about actually doing anything to fix it.” In this way, they absolve themselves of their responsability of actually doing anything.

Perhaps the most shameful “trump card” they like to use to clamp down on dissenting voices within their ranks is “It will be your fault if the other side wins.” Fear Tactics 101. Again, at least the GOP owns their positions to the end. They have been saying this for the last 5 months to keep the Bernie Sanders supporters in the party and in line. At least that’s what Corporate Media wants you to think. Social Media tells a different story: The Bernie or Bust movement has split. Most are now backing Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. A smaller percentage than the media would have you think joined Bernie Sanders in backing Hillary Clinton. They said “around 90%” of Sanders supporters are voting blue. In reality, it’s probably around 40%. The Dems severely underestimate how much most voters do not want Hillary Clinton as president–even more than Donald Trump.
And so, I will be an Independent or Unaffiliated. The time for me to officially get into politics is fast approaching. It’s becoming more and more obvious the Dems and the GOP are trying to ensure only the privilaged can run for office at any level. Getting into a shouting match on national television only proves how much of a loudmouthed braggart you are. That takes no real skill to do when you think about it. It says nothing about your competency for the office you are running for.

Read George Orwell’s classic novel 1984 if you haven’t. What we are seeing are the events of that story becoming our reality. The book was published in 1949 but it spoke of a possible future we are coming to without even realizing it. My friends, I’m not a conspiracy theorist and certainly haven’t gone off the deep end. I’ve always followed my own set of beliefs. I certainly don’t have a problem working with others, either. It also goes without saying I respect the opinions of others no matter how much they may differ from my own.

Even so, I can no longer endorse the Democratic Party in the face of such blatant corruption. Will I return? Probably not. In remaining a Democrat, I feel I’m indirectly endorsing the very corruption I just said I’m against. When I run for office, I intend to set the example as I always have in life everywhere I’ve gone.

Here’s my thoughts in video form on 2016 Politics (warning: Profanity):






Social Media’s not a good place for a serious or meaningful conversation   Leave a comment

That’s been made crystal clear to me after almost a decade of trying across several social media platforms over the last 15 years. It’s for this reason that I’ve decided to deactivate my Facebook account tonight at 11:59PM. At the very least it will be for the rest of the year but I’m hopeful I will forget to reactivate it come 2017.

Until the 2011-12 school year, my FB account had been deactivated since 2007. I reactivated it because there were people I could actually talk to via social media who would respond back to me. Both at work as well as people I met at Anime Boston. It was awesome until around this time in 2014 with all the things that happened with me. Folks got distant with me online and…yeah. I’m done.

I’ve said over and over again over the years to folks I follow on social media to subscribe to my blogs. Given the silence I’ve received in response, I know my voice won’t “missed” there. Besides, it’s become too much of a distraction for me over the last two years. I shut down my Twitter account last April for similar reasons. There’s also the fact I recently launched a new blog I haven’t really spent much time on yet.

My personal reasons for quitting Facebook aside, it’s become all too clear to me in recent months most Social Media platforms have become breeding grounds for toxic behavior and negativity online. Even worse is it’s very difficult to avoid getting pulled into petty arguements. The real-time nature of social media is very different from Message Boards–a format I’ve missed since the rise of Social Media 15 years ago–something someone posts can be quickly shared across the platform for thousands or even millions to see.

…Not that long ago, some “experts” said anyone who either doesn’t have a Facebook account or doesn’t regularly post updates must have something to hide. I’m pretty sure folks posting what they’re eating for dinner, who they’re going to meet in 5 minutes or other slices of life aren’t the kinds of things everyone needs to know about all the time. That said, I’m a strong believer in the phrase “too much information”. People post things on Social Media that are better left in their heads or discussed privately.
Things like hate speech. The biggest, though unintended consequence of Social Media is it gave the biggots a platform to spread hate en masse. Even worse, there is no way to put the proverbial genie back in the bottle. It’s more than fair to say Social Media hastened bigotry worldwide as it is considered “a safe space” for people to speak freely. I’m certainly not calling for Social Media to be shut down. I just think it’s better to have online platforms with strong filters for those who want them.

All that said, I will continue to write blog posts. Writing’s what I do and enjoy as it is. The time I won’t be spending on Facebook is time I can better spend on other things. I took the app off my phone earlier this year and only really used it on my computer so…yeah. Life trumps everything else as usual. I certainly won’t miss Facebook ^_^

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