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Fuller House Season 2 Confirmed!   Leave a comment

I just finished watching the Pilot and the third episode. All I can say is it’s a shame none of the networks tried to match Netflix’s offer. Folks should have paid attention when the Full House sequel was announced in 2014. This series secured Netflix as a powerhouse provider for original content as promised.

For those who loved the original series, the sequel  goes above and beyond. As was announced, everyone except Michelle returns for the new series set 20 years later. Danny Tanner explains her absence when Stephanie asks, referencing her running a Fashion Empire in New York. Before I continue, the show is called Fuller House for two reasons: The obvious reboot and the fact DJ’s name is DJ Tanner-Fuller. Her husband died, leaving her to raise her three sons with help from Stephanie and longtime friend Kimmy Gibler, who both move in to the old Tanner Family home.

The new series does continue the tradition set by the original: Tommy Fuller is played by twins Fox and Dashiel Messitt. As everyone knows, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen took turns playing Michelle. That said, the big news announced today is there will be a Season 2. Awesome! This leaves the question of if Michelle Tanner will make an appearance. The Olsens declined appearing in Season 1 (though there have been references and recounts of the Tanner daughters’ antics when they were kids) though there is the possability Michelle could appear in Season 2.

To me, Fuller House is a reminder of the need for the citcom genre to make a comeback. The values that are taught are needed now more than ever. It’s easy to get caught up in the toxic values being spread on today’s TV networks. Fuller House is a great reminder of what quality family TV programming used to look like. I was originally planning to end my Netflix subscription in April but if more sitcoms come–complete with the canned studio audience reactions–I’ll probably extend it through the rest of the year ^_^


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