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Aaron McGruder’s Black Jesus   Leave a comment

I gotta admit I seriously thought this would have been at least half as thought-provoking as the first three Seasoons of The Boondocks.

Unfortunately for me, I was wrong.

Now, before I talk about the series premiere, I do want to take a moment to point out a historically inaccurate but widely assumed depiction of Jesus:


…He definitely didn’t look like this.

…Or This.

…Or even this.

THIS, however is an accurate depiction of what Jesus may have actually looked like.

As a reminder, Jesus was born in a part of the world and at a time where it was very unlikely for him to have blonde hair and blue eyes. While I’d be the first to say whatever someone thinks Jesus looks like is their perrogative, on the other hand enough eyewitness accounts of Jesus and the historical record indicate he definitely didn’t look European. That said, he definitely wasn’t as dark-skinned as many black Christians wish he was. When you REALLY think about it, it’s probably best no one really know what God looks like.

Anyway, moving on. Let’s talk about the disaster that is McGruder’s latest creation.

On the one hand yes, I get it he’s pissed Cartoon Network took The Boondocks from him but on the other hand, this latest move makes no sense. Black Jesus is basically “Ghetto Jessus for stereotypical bums living in the inner city”. That’s literally what he does. I only watched a few minutes before I shut off the TV. It’s basically much of the same trash that I prefer to avoid with forced gags that fall flat and unfunny. Not Family Guy-level bad but right up there in terms of crass humor.

Overall I give it it a 1/10. I wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t get renewed for lower ratings alone.

All I can really say to this is how the mighty have fallen. Just 3 years ago, McGruder’s mid-season 3 Boondocks his Tyler Perry dis episode seemed to suggest McGruder was building momentum with his then-flagship show. Then he stepped down after finishing season 3 amid creative differences with Cartoon Network. I thought for sure he’d have popped up with a new show on another network. I never would’ve imagined McGruder, whose political views are pretty well-known would have agreed to make another show for the same network he a had strained relationship with.

We call that selling out. I never thought I would have say that about Aaron McGruder but that’s exactly what happened here. Yes, John Witherspoon (voices Robert Freeman on The Boondocks) costars on Black Jesus but his track record professionally allows him to get away with it. McGruder doesn’t have that luxury, more so given he’s still unknown to the mainstream majority.

I get he no longer has the rights to the Boonfocks due to his licensing deal with Cartoon Network but if he was so cash-strapped, he should’ve gone back to his roots and did something where he wasn’t sacrificing what made people fall in love with The Boondocks in first place.

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