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Speaking of Basketball, let’s talk NBA All Star Weekend   Leave a comment

It’s just two months away and is the second-biggest sporting event of the first quarter of the year behind the Super Bowl. All Star Weekend is both a celebration of the love of the game and the halfway point of the NBA season. It is also when the trade deadline expires. Although Charlotte was originally chosen to host All Star Weekend 2017, the event was moved to New Orleans in protest of North Carlolina’s controversial Anti-LGBT bill HB-02. Said bill will likely be repealed since the governor who signed it into law lost his job earlier this week. LOL.

Moving on.

Here are my picks for who I think will make Team East or should.



  1. C – Al Horford (Celtics)
  2. F – LeBron James (Cavs)
  3. F – Carmello Anthony (Knicks)
  4. G – Dwyane  Wade (Bulls)
  5.  G – DeMar DeRozan (Raptors)


  1. F/G – Giannis Antetokounmpo (Bucks)
  2. F – Paul George (Pacers)
  3. C – Dwight Howard (Hawks)
  4. G – Isaiah Thomas (Celtics)
  5. G – Avery Bradley (Celtics)
  6. C/F – Andre Drummond (Pistons)
  7. F – Jimmy Butler (Bulls)
  8.  G – JR Smith (Cavs)*
  9.  F -Kevin Love (Cavs)
  10. G – Anthony Davis (Pelicans)

Alternates (due to injury, etc.):

  • G – Derrick Rose (Knicks)
  • F/C – Kristaps Porzingis (Knicks)
  • G – Rajon Rondo (Bulls)
  • C – Hassan Whiteside (Heat)
  • G – John Wall (Wizards)

* Out with an injury, may not be back in time for the All Star Game.

…Yes, I think 3 Celtics and 3 Cavs could make the East Squad this year. Horford or Drummond would start but Horford will likely start. The other four starters are pretty likely to happen exactly as shown. The Alternates are basically in the event someone gets injured. Both Wall and Davis are basically being held hostage by bad teams (LOL!). I just put them on the team out of pity.

Antetokounmpo is on the team in part to mess with the announcers and broadcasters who will have to learn to say his name (It’s pronounced “Ah-tee-toe-coon-po”). Seriously though he deserves a slot. IT4 will make the cut barring an injury. I also think Avery Bradley will make his All Star debut this year but could be replaced by D-Rose.


…Now, on to Team West.


  1. C – Karl-Anthony Towns (T-Wolves)
  2. F – Kevin Durant (Warriors)
  3. F – Kawhi Leonard (Spurs)
  4. G – Steph Curry (Warriors)
  5. G – Russell Westbrook (Thunder)


  1. F – Draymond Green (Warriors)
  2. G – Klay Thompson (Warriors)
  3. G – James Harden (Rockets)
  4. F – Blake Griffin (Clippers)*
  5. G – Chris Paul (Clippers)
  6. F – Paul Pierce (Clippers)
  7. C – DeAndre Jordan (Clippers)
  8. G – Tony Parker (Spurs)
  9. C – DeMarcus Cousins (Kings)
  10. G – Zach LaVine (T-Wolves)


  • C – Andrew Bogut (Mavs)
  • C – Steven Adams (Thunder)
  • G – D’Angelo Russell (Lakers)
  • F- LaMarcus Aldridge (Spurs)
  • G/F – Vince Carter (Grizzlies)

* Out with an injury, may not be back in time for the All Star Game.


…Not gonna lie, filling in the bench was much easier compared to the East. I threw in Paul Pierce since it’s his last season (according to him and Doc Rivers, anyway). Playing better than he has been so far would certainly help him get enough votes to make the team. The 5 starters felt pretty obvious to me but Jordan could start, too. I struggled a bit finding the Alternates though.

Overall, I would be very surprised if none of the listed players make the final cut. The starters are locked in for sure though. Green and Thompson are getting rubber stamped in of course. Same with Griffin and CP3.
…Of course, I’m gonna end with my predictions for who will be in the Slam Dunk Contest this time around.

We already know Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon will be back. After the show they put on last year, expectations have been raised. Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown should be expected to make the cut as well: Brown has brought the dunking back to Boston and in a big way. Could this be the year we see LeBron James quit procrastinating and FINALLY enter the dunk contest? Or will we see former champions Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin or even Vince Carter return for another shot at the trophy? Let the speculation commence!




Footlocker releases Space Jam-themed commercial   Leave a comment

The commercial, which lasts almost two minutes features Blake Griffin, Jimmy Butler, Buggs Bunny and the Monstars.

Here is the full commercial:

It’s been airing on TV for about a week now. The TV spots run for 3o to 45 seconds. The ad serves a secondary purpose in addition to advertising both the original 1996 movie and the featured gear: Space Jam 2 is in the works. The announcement was made earlier this year. This ad will be remembered when the first trailer for Space Jam 2 is eventually released.

The only NBA player confirmed to be in the movie so far is LeBron James. As for why Blake Griffiin and Jimmy Butler were tapped for this ad, they both have a licensing deal with Nike. Speaking of, LeBron James has a lifetime licensing deal with Nike. Weather or not their appearance is the ad means anything in regards to Space Jam 2 remains to be seen.

Footage from the original 1996 movie was used for the animated Monstars scenes. In the first movie, the Monstars stole the basketball skills of Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson, Shawn Bradley and Muggsy Bogues to challenge the Looney Tunes to a basketball game. In response, the Looney Tunes recruit the recently retired Michael Jordan to lead the team to victory.

See my previous post on Space Jam 2 for my picks on which NBA Players should be in the sequel!



Confirmed: Israeli Snipers are deliberately targeting Pregnant Palestinians   Leave a comment

I’m sure many of you were horrified by reports two years ago of Syrian snipers targeting pregnant women in rebel and ISIS-controlled areas. Here is one story from last fall that had a happy ending. For countless others, this is not usually the case. It turns out they may have gotten the idea from America’s strongest and closest ally in the region: Israel.

The image is self-explanatory. This is what your tax dollars being sent to Israel are being used for: The deliberate murder of the unborn. Of course, you won’t hear about it on mainstream media. Their job is to report what they’re told to report. Nothing more. I had to jump through alot of hoops just to get this independently verified.

This is a picture of a baby shot in the back while still in the womb. Trigger warning: It is graphic and shows the entry wound on the baby. I took the image from an anti-government conspiracy website but the story behind the picture IS real.

This is a picture of a baby shot in the head while still in the womb. Trigger warning: It is graphic and shows a gaping hole between the baby’s brow and crown, revealing the inside of the skull. I took the image from Pinterest and multiple sources confirm this is authentic.

This is clearly not collateral damage. This is the deliberate targeting of unborn babies by weapons paid for by American tax dollars.

Most of the world and especially AMERICANS are ignorant of what’s really going on in Palestine. The Israeli government only sees America as a means to an end. As long as they say “they’re just protecting themselves”, they know the Republican-controlled Congress will continue to write them blank checks to commit war crimes. In contrast, Israeli citizens don’t have to worry about their children being targeted by snipers (Hamas has kept its word on not deliberately targeting Israeli citizens).

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu–who rigged the last two elections to stay in power–can’t wait for the incoming President to take office next month. People need to understand something about the Israeli Defense Force (IDF): They do not have the freedom to refuse to follow an order on moral grounds. Many former IDF have testified to this.

Because Israel is a military state, most active-duty soldiers are afraid to not only speak out against the war crimes they’re ordered to carry out but are often threatened with execution under the charge of treason if they don’t do as they’re orders. In comparison, American soldiers can refuse  to obey an order that they feel is either immoral or unconstitutional. Israel refuses to give the IDF the same buffer under the guise of “national security”.

Anyone with a brain can see the Israeli government is trying to incite a regional war between themselves and most of their neighbors. Of course, America would be morally obligated to get involved, too. Jordan would probably be an allly. Everyone else will either be neutral or back Palestine, which is the world’s largest open air prison. President Obama saw it for what it was and this is why he and Netanyahu didn’t get along. Netanyahu has his own agenda it goes without saying.


…I want to end by making sure I say I’m not antisemetic. I don’t have a problem with Israel as a country. What I do have a problem with is the country’s unwillingness to forcibly remove Netanyahu from power. The man needs to be charged with war crimes for what he’s done.

This week’s Victory at Standing Rock was Historic and Unprecidented   Leave a comment

It’s perhaps the biggest victory for Native Americans since World War II. Even better, it was a movement they started and gained massive support worldwide for. Social Media played a key role in getting the word out as well as gathering allies. The Army Corps of Engineers determined on their own the proposed route for the pipeline couldn’t work after all due to various reasons unrelated to the protest and have halted construction while they try to figure out an alternate route.

Corporate Media avoided talking about it as much as possible and even now, CNN is saying “Not so fast”: CNN makes the case the Pipeline Project could be restarted when the incoming president is sworn in. Ever Standing Rock and their allies are celebrating this victory, they are also looking ahead to the battles to come. They know this is far from over. Not until the pipeline is cancelled completely.

The Media Blackout is important to mention because of the civil rights violations carried out by various Law Enforcement agencies. Take a look at the above picture. You are not seeing things. You literally had officers coming from as far away as Louisiana and Ohio to violate the rights of not only American citizens but their right to protest. We have the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), NARF (Native American Rights Fund), FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting) and other watchdog groups for recording everything the media didn’t, wouldn’t and couldn’t.

Native Americans are the most marginalized Indiginous Population on the planet, perhaps even in human history. Think about it: Indiginous people in South America, Africa and Asiawere all allowed to keep most, if not all of their ancestral lands. In fact, their land is protected from development. In the United States, you only need to read a history book. Native Americans had everything taken from them. Their land, their culture, their lives and everything else. Whole tribes have not only been wiped out but any traces that they ever existed.

Two major league sports teams–the Cleveland Indians (Team Logo) and the Washington Redskins (Team Name)–are deeply rooted in racism, hate and biggotry. The Indians Ownership has only provided excuse after excuse as to why they refuse to change the team’s logo. According to various stories, the logo came about after someone got drunk, drew it and submitted it to the team to use as the logo. It was used more or less as a “joke”.

The Caucasians T-Shirts that had renewed popularity during the Indians’ World Series run this year highlights the double standard with the Redskins team name. Just like you wouldn’t call a sports team Niggers or Coolies, it’s willfull racism to insist on allowing a major sports team to be called the Redskins. The phrase is White Privilage. Everyone knows it. The mass shooting at a historically black church in South Carolina last year led to the Confederate Flag being taken down outside the state’s capital building a few weeks later. What will it take to get the Washington (The State) football team to change its name?


These are two powerful images you probably won’t see on mainstream media.

U.S. Veterans met with the leaders and Elders of the Native American tribes assembled at Standing Rock to and pledged their loyalty to them. They also apologized for the atrocities committed by the U.S. Military over the last 300 years as was captured by The Young Turks:

“Many of us, me particularly, are from the units that have hurt you over the many years. We came. We fought you. We took your land. We signed treaties that we broke. We stole minerals from your sacred hills. We blasted the faced of our presidents onto your sacred mountain. When we took still more land and then we took your children and then we tried to make your language and we tried to eliminate your language that God gave you, and the Creator gave you. We didn’t respect you, we polluted your Earth, we’ve hurt you in so many ways but we’ve come to say that we are sorry. We are at your service and we beg for your forgiveness.” – Wes Clark Jr.

…Wes Clark Jr. is the son of  former General Weskey Clark (former NATO Supreme Commpander). Of course it’s a big deal.  That said, I agree with those who’ve said it would have been more meaningful to have come from Active Military or the President. Unfortunately, it’s doubtful the incoming president would do that much so here’s hoping President Obama does before he leaves office. He probably will after he leaves the White House but it would mean much more if he does before then.

The struggle is far from over. Injustice anywhere is Injustice everywhere. Remember that.


Shaun King comments on what I warned about over the summer   Leave a comment


In a New York Daily News article he posted online two weeks ago, Shaun King notes how much Social Media influenced America during the course of the presidential campaign. The rest of the article focuses on other things but I consider the Social Media piece he opens with to be the far more important–and more interesting–topic to focus on.

Of course, I wrote a number of articles on Toxic Messages being spread via Social Media over the summer:

Like I’ve said over and over already, Folks post things online they usually wouldn’t dare say to someone’s face. Not unless they’re white and their target is not post-election. That is the reality in America for many. Even worse is Corporate Media falling over itself to be the government’s spokesperson. Since they’re owned by millionaires, they’re simply following a script. That includes bashing social media at every opportunity.

The internet truly is a double-edged sword: On the one hand, you have guys like Shaun King and Bernie Sanders using it as a powerful tool to bring attention to injustice and discrimination. On the othert hand, you have guys like Donald Trump and Alex Jones using it to spread head and reinforce conspiracy theories.

It is what it is.

On a related subject, Injustice Boycott is now live.

I took a look at the site earlier today. It’s also clearly a work in progress based on the wording. Much of what’s outlined in the opening post should have been shared in advance. The only part that should have been withheld was the first cities being targeted: New York, San Francisco and Standing Rock.

As of right now, I do not have enough information to confidently endorse Injustice Boycott yet. I would need to see ALL of the following before I endorsed the movement:

  • Sense of Organization: Something the movement has lacked since it was announced in September.
  • Employment Opportunities: Extremely important to me. You can’t run a movement without people.
  • Fundraising for Targets of Discrimination: Goes without saying.
  • Press Team: Self-Explanatory.
  • Legal Team: Arrests should be assumed for certain actions. A legal team would be extremely handy to have ready.


…I don’t think any of these things are unreasonable. Once Injustice Boycott has all of these things in place, they will get my support.


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