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A Change of Scenery?   Leave a comment

I figure I should make this official since I’ve already gone ahead and closed the main site.

I have NO IDEA what I’m going to be doing in terms of work (income) this summer. I have a lot of ideas but nothing is set just yet. On top of that I’m still working on making sure I have a job in the fall. These two things are priority right now so naturally everything else is going to have to wait until I know I have a job in the fall at least.

Hopefully by next weekend I will have…SOMETHING more interesting to post. Right now I’m just too busy dealing with life.


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Welcome to Serene Adventure on WordPress   Leave a comment

I figure this time I would add a backup site for times like this in which the main site will be taken offline.

This will prettymuch be a downsized version of the full site.I should have many things from the main site transferred to here sometime in late June or early July.

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