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Cavs and Warriors punch their tickets to the NBA Finals; Kevin Durant recruitment has begun   Leave a comment

Much to the surprise of no one, we will have a repeat of last year’s NBA Finals. This time, LBJ will have the help of Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. I look forward to hearing what excuses the pundits will make for him should the Cavs fail to win the championship.

That said, I expect Golden State to win in 6 games. I wouldn’t have been convinced if they didn’t push OKC to 7 games, much to the surprise of everyone. The Warriors are 4 wins away from completing their historic season. One thing I will agree with the experts on is Golden State’s record breaking 73-win Season means nothing without a title to go with it. They proved to me in the West Finals they have what it takes to beat the Cavs in the Finals again.

The question to be asked, again: What will LBJ’s excuse be if the Cavs fail to spoil the Warriors?

The more important bit of news everyone has been talking about is who will Kevin Durant play for next year IF he decides not to resign with OKC. It does without saying he is the hottest free agent on the market and only a handful of teams have the money to sign him.

These are the teams that have expressed an interest in him so far:

  • Golden State Warriors
  • LA Lakers
  • San Antonio Spurs
  • Washington Wizards
  • New York Knicks
  • Miami Heat
  • Boston Celtics
  • LA Clippers
  • Oklahoma City Thunder

…On this one, I agree with the experts: It doesn’t make sense for him to sign with another Western Conference team because of the conpetition from the Warriors, Rockets, Lakers, Spurs, Clippers and what would then be his former team, the Thunder. That’s 6 teams he would have to contend with if he stayed in the West.

Although he is from the DC area, it’s very unlikely he would sign with the Wizards since they are not a playoff-ready team. It’s also unlikely he would sign with the Knicks for the same reason. That leaves the Celtics and the Heat, both of which can contend with LBJ and the Cavs as they are now.

Signing with either team ensures an East Finals appearance next year. He has an added incentive to sign with the Celtics: They are looking to get Jimmy Bulter, Marc Gasol or Joakim Noah from the Bulls in preparation for bringing him to Boston. Should this happen, KD will have all the more reason to sign with the Celtics.

…Of course, this is assuming KD doesn’t stay in OKC. As it happens, Russell Westbrook will become a free agent after the next season but that’s a topic for this time next year ^_^

Reminder: The NBA Finals begins next Thursday   Leave a comment


…Thanks to their win Tuesday night, the Thunder is one win away from the NBA Finals. They could punch their ticket to the Finals if they can complete the upset and close out the Warriors this Thursday on the road. The irony shouldn’t be lost on anyone: Every series, no one gave OKC any respect. Experts said they would beat Dallas. They won in 5 games. Experts said San Antonio would beat them in 6. They beat the Spurs in 6 games instead. Now they are on the verge of denying the record-breaking Warriors a shot at repeating as NBA Champions.

It would be the ultimate irony if they manage to complete the upset on the Warriors’ home floor. The experts are still giving the Warriors way too much credit given in the two games they just lost back to back, they were prettymuch blown out. They split the first two games in Oakland for the same reason: They never took OKC seriously. In fact, they severely underestimated Russell Westbrook, who prettymuch took over Games 3 and 4. If I were Steph Curry, I would hand the MVP trophy to Westbrook if the Warriors lose Game 5. LOL.

It goes without saying OKC prettymuch won this series. They won’t lose 3 in a row and certainly not Game 6 at home should it be necessary. The more interesting question to be asked is how they effects Kevin Durant regardless of the Finals outcome. If the Thunder win the Championship, it could go either way. He’ll certainly be advised to re-sign either way. It would certainly be unprecidented if KD decides to leave after winning but if he does, whoever’s interested should be prepared to pay him ALOT more than originally planned. Realistically, only the Celtics could afford him. Hint, hint.

The series is now split 2 games apiece. The question folks outside Canada refuse to ask is can the Raptors actually pull off the biggest upset and beat the Cavs? That will be answered only if Toronto can beat the Cavs in Cleveland. The Cavs have homecourt advantage: As long as they win Game 5, they can lose Game 6 and still win the series with Game 6.

Whoever wins Game 5 wins the series. The pressure is on LBJ to bring a championship to the Cavs. I still see them getting to the NBA Finals IF they win Game 5 tonight. If they face OKC, which is pretty likely it could go either way. if the Raptors upset the Cavs, they’ll lose to the Thunder in the NBA Finals.

Never thought I’d be in this position for the second time in 12 years   2 comments


I considered making this a video but decided against it after thinking about it. I felt it would be easier for me to make adjustments as needed by putting this is text form. Well, that and honestly I don’t think it merits that kind of effort from me. It’s not worth doing a video on this to me.

A short time ago, I read a message a high-profile Seventh Day Adventist pastor I respect posted on Facebook. He voiced his opposition to the decision of Target and serveral other companies that stated Transgender customers and employees can use the restroom of the gender they identify as. Like others opposed to this idea, he referenced simple biology to support his viewpoint.

I’ll put it this way: The Federal Government will not and should not get involved in what’s become “The Bathroom Controversy”. The Obama Administration released guidelines a few weeks ago to advise public schools on how to provide safe bathroom access to transgender students. Kids regardless of gender identity deserve to feel safe at school. After an experience I had recently, this is something I feel very strongly about.

This was an issue a school I worked in faced. Without breaking confidentiality, there was a student at the school who changed their gender identity from female to male between grades. When they came back to school in the fall, “she” became “he”. It was new ground not just for the school but me, my classroom partner and the class itself. Things got a bit more dicey when the student made the decision to share the fact that they are transgender with the class a few months into the school year.

It was a mixed grade class and the students were not at the ages where they would be able to fully understand what transgender means, more so given some of them knew the student before their transition. It also didn’t help it was a new experience for both me and my teachering partner, who were working together for the first time and combined had only been working at the school for 2 and a half years. Neither of us were adequately prepared or trained to make the class a safe space for our transgender student. Without going into specifics, alot of things happened that March and April with the class, me and my colleague. It was a hot mess in short. I post this knowing one of the parents of the student I am talking about might see this and I want to respect their privacy and just leave it at that. Besides, I’ve said enough for those who know about that year to know anyway so no more needs to be said.

Now, those who are against allowing those who are transgender from using the bathrooms they identify as are against it for reasons that are not their concern. They say “men” will use it as a free pass to go in women’s/girl’s bathrooms. The funny thing is already there have been reports of straight men trying to follow women into women’s bathroom “just to check”. The irony. Funny thing is you don’t hear about the reverse: transgender men (born women) being hassled in the same way. It’s totally one-sided.

Folks need to be practical: When you need to use the toilet, you don’t think about anything else. What’s likely to happen very soon are bathrooms for multiple people will be re-designed and reinforced so that they’re out-house style: Each stall is completely separate from the ones next to them and can’t be opened from the outside or seen into from outside or the stalls next to them. This would be a more than fair compromise in my book.

Getting back to the main topic, I consider myself a friend and ally of the LGBT Community. My reasons for taking this position are very personal to me. Most of those who consider themselves anti-LGBT have either never befriended someone who is LGBT or are just “doing as told”. The rest are either ignorant or are just Xenophobes in general. Those who are anti-LGBT “on religious grounds” are cherry-picking The Bible weather they want to admit to it or not. The problem we have with what Fox News is calling “The attack on Christianity” are in fact people who are TRYING to use the Bible to discriminate against people.

Check this out: 60 years ago, people used the Bible (and Jim Crow) as grounds to deny ALL Americans the Right to Vote. Speaking of, the landmark voting rights bill is being challenged and they key part of it has in fact been overturned. Which part? The part that specifically states “All Persons born in the United States and its Territories shall be granted the right to vote”. The reason? The Illegal Immigration “issue”. Yes, racists and biggots actuallt changed the Voting Rights Bill just so they could deny everyone in America the right to vote. I’ll talk about THIS part more in a video.

Moving on: While I still respect the pastor I referenced at the top, this is a subject I will not move on. EVER. Religous extremists are doing the same thing racists have been doing for much longer: They’re blaming demographics they don’t like for “what’s wrong in this country. “God is punishing this country for accepting <insert anti-LGBT slur here>!” It always is ironic to me a group of people that claim piety use the most vulcar words to describe people whose “Lifestyle” they disagree with. The truth of the matter is, they’re hiding behind their obviously weak faith to be biggots.

To those who disagree with my viewpoint, I’ll put it this way: If it’s a problem to God, I’ll leave it to him to deal with when he’s good and ready. We have no business trying to fix it” when you think about it, don’t we? It’s when you take it upon yourselves to “do God’s work” and go out of your way tell people “you’re gonna burn in hell” if they don’t “repent and change their ways” that you do the exact opposite of God’s will.

…Fellow Christians, read the Four Gospels. Jesus’ whole ministry was about meeting people where they are and meeting their needs. He was hated by those in power in part because he hung out with “The unworthy” (The poor), “The enemy” (Tax Collectors–one of his disciples was one) and most brazenly challenged them to practice what they preached. That’s when they started plotting his death. Yeah it was foretold but as the saying goes, what lies in darkness must eventually come to light.

The landmark Supreme Court ruling in support of Gay Marriage was not “The end of America as we know it” as many Christians said it would be. It has been nearly a year since the decision was announced. Last I checked, there haven’t been armies of gay couples lining up to get married at churches. They know they are not…”welcome” at 95% of churches in America. LOL.

You can also be sure laws will be passed to protect business owners from violating this ruling on religious grounds. That Clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses? Her “religious liberties” weren’t being violated. She simply refused to do her job is all. LOL. The good that comes out of that is like I just said,  adjustments will be made to protect people from punishment on religious grounds.

Anyways, that’s my take on things. I saved the above picture for last on purpose because too many people really don’t know America is NOT a Christian Nation. Christianity is not the official religion and Christians should be thankful for that. Freedom of Religion works BOTH WAYS, not just YOUR way: Those who practice a different faith or no faith have same protections as you do. Try to keep that in mind like or not.

I checked out Craig’s List for the first time a few months ago. Didn’t like what I saw.   Leave a comment

I’m not the type of person who goes by what other people say about a website. If I don’t care to know, I won’t bother with it. This is my opinion of 4chan prettymuch. I know enough about that site to know I want to know nothing to do with it. I’d heard the trash talk about Craig’s List for about 10 years. The media did its part to portray the site as nothing but a hunting ground for sociopaths and rapists, too. Mind you, I’ve known about Craig’s List since 1999. Despite all that, my genuine curiosity in the site got the better of me earlier this year.

It wasn’t until early February that I decided to make an account and use the site. The website was founded by Craig Newmark in 1995, who cut all ties with the site in 2000 and never looked back. He has a Facebook account on that note. Any attempts to complain to him about the site he founded will be ignored and deleted on sight. It is what it is but I digress.

When I set up my CL account, I also set up a disposable email account specifically for Craig’s List using an alias I never used before. Then I dove right in, perusing the Boston version of the site for the last 3 months. I spent most of my time specifically in the imfamous Personals section. You’ve all heard the horror stories about CraigsList Personals: Just last month a young mother was killed, cut to pieces and thrown in a dumpster by a man she met via CraigsList. The thing worth pointing out is these are extremely rare incidents. The sad truth is there really are alot of sick people online in general. That said, let’s just say my expectations when I started using CraigsList  Personals were met in some regards and exceeded in others. I’ll explain what I mean by that in a bit.

I did use other parts of the site. The forums, unlike the actual site is worldwide. You can chat with basically whoever uses the website in short. The problem is the only people who use the forums are trolls, scammers and spammers. CL has gained a pretty bad track record in recent years with people posting fake ads, bogus ads and dealers mass spamming the site in the last few years.

More and more police departments nationwide are asking people who arrange exchanges via CraigsList to do it in front of a prcecinct. There has been a noticable rise in people getting robbed or mugged by the very people they arrange transactions with from CraigsList so…yeah. Try to practice this common sense safety tip: Only agree to meet in a public place or bring at least one person with you. I never met with someone I met via CL on that note. Mostly because not owning a car limits how I get around a bit.

Now let’s get back to CL Personals. Before I proceed, let me explain the main sub-sections of CL Personals:

  • Strictly Platonic: Folks looking for an activity partner or a friend. No romance.
  • Misc. Romance: Folks with a particular fetish looking for a like-minded person. Romance with Sex in mind. Also for those who identify as Binary or Transgender.
  • Casual Encounters: Folks looking for sex and only sex with “no strings attached” aka no commitment. Just a purely physical relationship is expected be it one-time or recurring.
  • M4M/W4W: Self-Explanatory. Folks looking for a relationship with someone of the same sex. These are two different categories.
  • M4W/W4M: Self-Explanatory. Folks looking for a relationship with someone of the opposite sex. These are two different categories.
  • Missed Connections: Folks who may have met up with someone before and are trying to reconnect.
  • Rants & Raves: General Chat. People can say whatever they want in short as long as it isn’t illegal to say. Be warned: People like to post very offensive things here.

…There are filters in Casuals, Misc. Romance and Platonic. Aside from M4W/W4M/M4M/W4W there are also T4X/X4T (T for Transgender) and even filters for groups of men/women such as M4MW (Man looking for a Man and a Woman), W4MW (Woman looking for a man and woman), MW4M/MW4W (Man and Woman looking for a man/woman) and even W4MM/M4MMW (Woman looking for Multiple Men/Women). It doesn’t necessarily mean they want an orgy on that note.

Anyway, according to many of the people I’ve talked to who’ve used the site for years, CL Personals was a half-decient place. You were at least guaranteed to arrange a meetup within 24 hours of posting a Personal Ad. Starting about 10 years back, Prostitutes showed up in droves and prettymuch took over Casuals. In recent years they’ve overrun Misc. Romance, the main X4X categories and are even moving in on Platonic, which is strictly for non-sexual/romantic connections. To make matters worse, there is a verification scam running rampant that’s effectively rendered using most of CL Personals nearly impossible. Folks are afraid to both post ads and reply to ads for fear of getting spammed.

You will notice I never mentioned to site’s admins. This was not an oversight on my part: CraigList staff are hands-off: In fact, the site strictly uses community policing. In short, the lunatics run the asylum. This means anything not flagged can stay up forever and anything can be flagged for any or no reason with ZERO oversight. Oh, there is a Help Forum and a Flag Help Forum but only go there if you wanna be judged by the sociopaths who frequent those two boards. Actual CL Staff are not around. Like I said, the lunatics run the asylum. LOL.

…Would I reccommend anyone use CraigsList? Absolutely not. The sheer amount of precautions that must be taken every step of the way from making an account to arranging a meetup regardless of the reason. CraigsList for the vast majority is the epitome of the saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Those who have things go well for them are the exceptions. More of than not, you wasted your time posting an ad or replying to one. I mean this in general, not just Personals.

The site’s been around 20 years and hasn’t changed AT ALL. This despite the bad press it continues to get from the extreme cases the media decides to pick up. I consider myself lucky I went in not expecting to actually meet anyone. 3 Months later, I don’t feel as bothered compared to many others who use CL Personals. I had realistic expectations is all. Said expectations were met. The amount of crap on CL…well, it has to be seen to be believed.

It’s no wonder Craig Newmark cut all ties with the site he created and still bears his name. I’m pretty sure that at some point after he left, he quietly asked himself “What was I thinking when I made this website?” yet rather than do the humane thing and have it shut down, he’s content letting the wildfire burn itself out. The obvious problem is the process is gonna take YEARS.

Making the case to add 12 More NBA and WNBA Expansion Teams by 2032   6 comments

…You read that right. 12 teams over the next 16 years should be added to the NBA and the WNBA–4 to the NBA and 8 to the WNBA. Given the cross-promotion during the NBA All-Star Weekend for the last 16 years fueled speculation the two leagues might merge, I think it’s time the WNBA in particular added more teams to the league.

These are the 8 cities I’m looking at to put a WNBA team:

  • Detroit*
  • Miami
  • Oklahoma City
  • Boston/New England*
  • Cleveland
  • Philadephia
  • Toronto
  • Houston*

* Denotes this city used to host a WNBA team

Most remember the Houston Comets, who won 4 Championships in a row. Some might remember the Detroit Shock but it’s doubtful anyone remembers the New England Blizzard, which played in at home in Boston and Connecticuit. The obvious question to ask is why were these three franchises disbanded. The answer is simple: Money.

The WNBA is the first women’s pro league yet it hasn’t been given the same chance to shine as the NBA. Few people are even aware that in general, WNBA players are paid a fraction of what NBA players make even though they do the same thing prettymuch. Both the current and previous commissioners have lied to fans of the game saying WNBA players get the same treatment as NBA players: NBA Players don’t need to play in Europe or China during the off season for example. Why? Because the WNBA can barely pay its players.

The WNBA has been losing money for at least the last 10 years. The WNBA Season was shortened and some franchises were disbanded in a bid to cut operating costs. Can you imagine if this happened in the NBA? I’d say it’s especially embarrassing the team that had two of the best WNBA players in history–Lisa Leslie and Sheryl Swoops–are dusbanded. The team needs to be brought back.

For those who don’t bother to pay attention, the WNBA no longer has an Eastern and a Western Conference or even divisions: The 8 teams with the best record are automatically in the playoffs at the end of the season. There ARE only 12 teams so…yeah. My proposal would bring the number of teams to 20 by 2032. All of the listed cities have an NBA Team so they won’t need to build a new arena.
…As everyone is aware, the Seattle Supersonics left the northwest after the 2006-07 season and became the Oklahoma City Thunder. Seattle basketball fans have been asking the NBA to bring back the Supersonics ever since. The problem: NBA Commissioner Adam Silva recently stated the NBA has no plans on adding new expansion teams at this time. A possible team in Louisville, Kentucky that likely would already have an arena to play in would add another team to the East, bringing the total number of NBA teams to 32.

There actually WAS an ABA team in Louisville until 1975–The Kentucky Colonels and yes, they were named after Colonel Sanders of KFC fame. Of course, there is the NCAA Basketball team based in Louisville. Given how many NBA players came out of that NCAA team, WHY there isn’t an NBA team there makes no sense.

This bring us to the other two expansion teams: Put a team St. Louis in the East and the other in Las Vegas in the West. This will bring the total number of NBA teams to 34. Putting an NBA Team in St. Louis will help offset the fact the city recently lost their NFL team, the Rams. On that note, it is also true St. Louis had a football team named the Cardinals but they moved to Phoenix. LOL. If the Cardinals NBA team fails, they can move the franchise to Cincinnati, OH or Buffalo, NY. An NBA team in Las Vegas would be huge, more so given the Raiders are in talks with the city ro move there after the upcoming NFL Season. Money wouldn’t be a problem.

If these teams work out come 2032, then we can look at adding two additional NBA teams, both in Canada: Ottawa in the East and Vancouver in the West. The Grizzlies were originally in Vancouver of course. The team never made the playoffs when it was north of the boarder and never had the following the Raptors got early on. Attendance was low to boot. It was always in its eastern counterpart’s shadow. Ottawa has an NHL team, yes but it is the capital of Canada. The Raptors are a few years from winning their first Championship–about 3 years I’d say–and when they do, the demand will certainly grow. This will bring the total number of NBA Teams to 36.

Factoring the new proposed teams, there would be 18 in each conference and 6 in each division:


  • Boston Celtics
  • New York Knicks
  • Brooklyn Nets
  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Toronto Raptors
  • Ottawa Team


  • Chicago Bulls
  • Cleveland Caveliers
  • Detroit Pistons
  • Indiana Pacers
  • Louisville Colonels
  • Milwaukee Bucks


  • Miami Heat
  • Orlando Magic
  • Charlotte Hornets
  • Washington Wizards
  • Atlanta Hawks
  • St. Louis Team


  • Golden State Warriors
  • LA Clippers
  • LA Lakers
  • Sacremento Kings
  • Phoenix Suns
  • Vancouver Team



  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Houston Rockets
  • San Antonio Spurs
  • New Orleans Pelicans
  • Memphis Grizzlies
  • Las Vegas Team



  • Denver Nuggets
  • Portland Trailblazers
  • Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Utah Jazz
  • Seattle Supersonics

…That’s how I have it mapped out. Each division gains a new team. The Season would also have to be extended to 96 games to accommodate the extra teams. Either the season runs 3 weeks longer or begins 3 weeks sooner. The playoff format could remain the same: The top 8 from each conference make the playoffs for a total of 16 teams. 20 teams don’t make the cut. Option 2 is increasing the playoff format from 8 per conference to 16 per conference for a total of 32 teams. 2 teams wouldn’t make the cut at all. Of course, for this to work the playoffs would be changed to best of 5 but would still last until the end of June. Option 3 would be similar to the WNBA’s new format: The top 16 teams regardless of conference make the playoffs. The ensures the teams with the best records overall make the playoffs.

Regardless, I think it’s time for some radical change in the NBA and the WNBA. What could be more radical than just merging both leagues?



Thunder and Raptors looking to spoil Conference Finals expectations   Leave a comment

KD and Westbrook punched the Thunder’s ticket to the West Finals when the finished off the Spurs last night. DeMar DeRozan is looking to do the same in Miami tonight. If they can get it done, they will face LBJ and the Cavs in the next round. It would be very fitting if the Raptors can close out the series tonight and would herald a change in the times. ESPN Pundits predicted the Spurs would beat the Thunder 6-1 in 5 games.

The Thunder, like the Raptors so far defied all odds and expectations folks had for ’em.  Miami is in a win or go home situation and things aren’t looking good for them: The Raptors already proved they can win in Miami and if they lose tonight, they’ll definitely win Game 7 in Toronto. The pressure is on Miami to even up the series but a somewhat indifferent Dwayne Wade and Bosh out due to illness, their chances of winning aren’t very good. If the Heat are eliminated tonight or Sunday (if there is a Game 7), Bosh will likely blame the team for not letting him play, etc. Nevermind the fact that this would be the Raptors’ first East Finals appearance in its 20-year franchise history: The then Vancouver Grizzlies, who never made the playoffs when they were in Canada both joined as expansion teams in ’96. The Grizzlies made the playoffs a few times after they moved to Memphis 10 years ago but never made it past the first round.

…This is the matchup everyone is expecting in the finals: A repeat of last year. Golden State already proved they can win in the playoffs without Steph Curry–they got through most of the first two rounds without him technically–and Cleveland swept through the first two rounds 8-0. The Raptors will take a bit more time but I expect them to win. Same with OKC. I expect the Warriors and the Cavs to win the conference finals in 6 games with the Warriors repeating as NBA Champions in 7 games. If the Cavs are still together next year, they will give Cleveland its first championship since 1964.

…This brings us back to the biggest free agent of the off-season: Kevin Durant. It goes without saying weather he leaves or not rides on how they do in the West Finals vs. The Warriors. All the talk about where he might go means nothing if he decides to resign with OKC. After they upset the Spurs, that’s now a real possability. If they push the Warriors to 7 games–and they certainly could–that could be the deciding factor. That said, he’s being given alot of reason to stay on for at least another year.

IF he decides to leave, it makes the most sense for him to head East and specifically to this team:

My bias as a Celtics fan aside, there is no other team that can afford to trade for him in the Eastern Conference. Experts say Jimmy Butler or even Joakim Noah (both of the Chicago Bulls; Butler’s an unrestricted Free Agent) will be needed to convince KD to head to the Atlantic Division. Danny Ainge made it known last week the Celtics can get Butler, Noah or even Marc Gasol (another Bulls free agent) and still get KD afterward with whatever will be left over from the trade to bring one of them to Boston.

No other team in the East would be a good fit for him: Cleveland has their big three and there’s talk Chris Bosh might leave Miami if the Heat are eliminted from the playoffs in protest. That would leave D-Wade as the only vet on Miami. Hassan Whiteside wouldn’t be enough of a draw for him to go to Miami. New York’s got too much management-level drama and it seems Orlando has the same problem. Indiana wouldn’t be willing to give up who they’d need to in order to get him either. Everyone else isn’t strong enough for him to be bothered.

Going to another team in the West means competing with the Warriors, Clippers, Jazz, Kings and possibly the Lakers if they get Bosh from Miami and Al Horford from Atlanta. Oh and OKC of course. Makes no sense for him to go to another team in the West knowing he’ll have to deal with the Warriors if he wants to get to the NBA finals next year. Or he could head East and only have to worry about LBJ, who definitely isn’t invincible.

…Remember, KD’s been to the NBA Finals and know what that feels like. He will want to play on a team that can at least make it to the conference finals. The Celtics would’ve gotten to the second round if they didn’t have injuries early on VS Atlanta. If they had a healthy roster, they would’ve easily pushed Cleveland to 7 games. KD and Butler will ensure they get to the East Finals. If the Celtics get KD and Butler, a third vet might want in on the fun to complement the set:

…Paul Pierce.

Let’s be honest, Doc Rivers brought him to the Clippers specifically for the playoffs. That obviously didn’t work out with the injuries that hit their top two players. He was part of the 2nd unit and had his minutes limited during his time in LA–his hometown, actually–which is very different from his time with the Nets and the Wizards. Pierce has also expressed an interest in closing out his career with the Celtics. This might be the best time for such a trade happen. Doc Rivers said Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin are off the table. The same wasn’t said about The Truth or fellow former Celtic Jeff Green, who would be the next best thing the Celtics could get from the Clippers. I think a deal to bring either former Celtic back to Boston could happen even if the Celtics get Butler and KD. It certainly helps Doc Rivers is both the coach and the President of the Clippers.

No one can overlook the fact KD holds the advantage regardless of what he decides. Weather he leaves OKC or not is 100% up to him. Weather he signs with another team or not is entirely up to him. I would not be surprised if he decides to stay in OKC. I’d be fine with that if he doesn’t sign with Boston next year XD

Space Jam 2 Confirmed!   Leave a comment

Multiple sources confirmed Monday afternoon it’s a done deal. Lebron James is the only NBA player named so far as being a part of the sequel to the original 1996 movie. Those old enough to remember the time the original movie was made will recall it was made while Michael Jordan was transitioning back to the NBA after playing minor league baseball for two years. This detail was woven into the movie’s plot to help explain why His Airness didn’t have his skills stolen by aliens. The movie finished filming during the 95-96 season.

At the time the movie hit theaters, the Bulls won the NBA Title and set the then all-time NBA record 72 season wins. Anyone who remotely follows sports knows the Golden State Warriors broke the record none thought would even be matched in Jordan’s lifetime last month by winning 73 games in the season. They are also expected to repeat as NBA Champions this year.

What do we know about the sequel so far? Nothing other than it’s happening and the script is now being written. Websites are speculating who else from the NBA will appear in Space Jam 2. The original movie also featured celebrities: Wayne Knight played Jordan’s publicist in the film, Larry Bird (retired by then) and Bill Murray played themselves and Danny Divito voiced the movie’s villain Mr. Swackhammer.

Shawn Bradley, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Larry Johnson and Muggsy Bouges had their skills stolen by the Monstars. What you had as a result was a squad of big men with one small guy, which was the favored lineup in the NBA 20 years ago. The game clearly moved away from this: Today, there is a far less emphasis on scoring in the paint and more on range. Several NBA players also made cameo appearances.

Assuming Space Jam 2 uses the first movie as a blueprint for former NBA Players, here’s who I think could make the cut:

  • Kenny “The Jet” Smith: Former player. Currently works as a TNT Anchor. He won 2 NBA Championships with the Houston Rockets during Jordan’s retirement.
  • Shaquille O’Neal: Everyone knows who he is and what he did during his career. Inducted into the Basketball Hall of fame this year. He is also an accomplished actor in his own right, appearing in several films during the 1990s. Currently works as a TNT Anchor. May not be available if the movie’s filming conflicts with his planned Shaq-Fu movie. Fun fact: He makes a brief cameo appearance in the final moment of the original Space Jam.
  • Charles Barkley: Everyone familiar with the NBA knows who he is. Like many NBA stars during the 90s, he was a promising all star who never won a ring. His mouth got him in trouble both as a player and since his playing days ended. He’d insist on being in the film if Shaq and Kenny get a role. Unlike both of them, he played a prominent role in the first film and could make the cut for this reason alone.
  • Tracy McGrady (aka T-Mac): Everyone familiar with the NBA knows who he is. After he retired from basketball, he pulled a Jordan and played Minor League Baseball. He now works as an NBA Analyst for ESPN.
  • Bill Russell: The man with more Rings as a player than Fingers. If you don’t know who he is, something’s wrong with you. He is a living legend whose career as a player and a coach will probably never be matched ever. He’s 82 years old but doesn’t look older than 65. If asked, he’d make time to appear in the movie.

Kenny, Shaq and T-Mac will probably play themselves as analysts in SJ2. They could also do commentary for the game itself–something I felt was missing from the first movie. Charles could do this or have it revealed he’s working with (insert Celebrity here) to prove what happened to him 20 years ago (in the first movie) really happened and is happening again.

They’ll have a huge pool of celebrities and current NBA talent to choose from. I also think it would be a really nice touch to cameo some WNBA players as well. As for current NBA talent, I honestly think they can make anyone look good.


The Aurabolt as Mayor of Boston? It Could Happen.   Leave a comment

I’ve talked about this with friends and coworkers over the years but never really took the time to explain in detail.

Until Now.

Now let’s just jump right into it:

  • In my opinion, the biggest problem facing the City of Boston is the lack of affordable housing. Building more housing alone isn’t going to solve the problem. If the current Mayor and former State Representative won’t stand up to the slum lords who block every attempt to bring back rent control at the State House, I will.
  • The second and third-biggest problems facing the City of Boston is the need for new employment opportunities and the large numbers of empty storefronts in every Boston Neighborhood. As Mayor, I would make Boston a hub for small businesses and larger businesses that can operate in small to moderately-sized spaces (Gamestop, Target, Barnes & Noble, etc.). Solve one problem and the other will be solved at the same time.
  • Being a product of Boston Public Schools and having later worked in Boston three schools over the course of 10 years, I know what things look like on the front lines. I use that term because Teachers are constantly fighting for the rights of their students’ right to a quality education while at the same time fighting with the Depeartment of Education over what’s best for the students they know best. I would give teachers the freedom to teach our students what’s best for them, not what some for-profit test-making companies think they should judged with.
  • Going with the above: Charter Schools would be held to the same level of accountability the other district schools are. If they don’t comply, they will be harshly penalized or forced to close. That said, I would fight to keep the curent cap on Charter Schools.
  • While we’re still on the subject of Education: There’s no reason college students should leave school in debt. Since Boston is a college town, I would give our local colleges and universities incentives to give Boston Residents and BPS Graduates with college aspirations reduced tuition rates. Boston is home to some of the best colleges in the country–Boston College, Emerson, Boston University and MassArt to name a few–it’s shameful Boston residents are being forced to look elsewhere for secondary education due to tuition costs alone. “Free” tuition at a community college for two years with strings attached just adds injury to insult.
  • The Boston Harbor Islands are generally dismissed as nothing more than a tourist attraction. What many Boston residents don’t know is they are not only a part of the city but they are open to the public. To help with this, I would make access to the harbor islands free for two weeks every year: A week in July and a week in August. In addition, those with a Charlie Card can ride the ferries to one of the harbor islands with up to two others for free year round.
  • I would not put the people of Boston on the hook to pay for an expensive short-term event that would do much more harm than good. I would also push back hard against organizations that try to dictate their terms to the City of Boston.

This is just a few of the things I would do.

Honestly, I feel obligated to do this given I voted for Martin J. Walsh. He’s been a disappointment since his predecessor died. His loyalties to the corporate world have been pretty obvious as well. The only reason Boston was not put further into debt is because of grassroots efforts. If not for the massive publicity, Boston might have been the U.S. city chosen for the Olympics. Both the governor AND the mayor was clearly prepared to write a blank check to the International Olympic Committee but the people of Boston aren’t stupid. No Boston Olympics deserves much of the credit but the debt from The Big Dig we’re STILL being forced to pay for because of corrupt politicians is fresh in the minds of too many people.

Let’s not also forget the city slashing BPS’ budget through 2024…and then giving a $226 Million Tax break to GE for moving their corporate headquarters to the Seaport District. What’s worse is both announcements were made a few weeks apart. It’s not hard to see the connection between the two things. Blasphemy to say the least.

…I am not running this year and probably not next year, either. When I do decide to run, I will break the news on this blog.

Voter Suppression is Real. And It’s Happening Now   Leave a comment

…Of course, you wouldn’t know that if you believe everything Corporate Media says.

I eased up on the politically charged posts and moved the conversation to Facebook for the last few months. A comment someone made in late March moved me to do some digging around. The comment was to the effect “Every state that has had ‘election problems’ during the Democratic Primary, Hillary Clinton won.” After doing some looking around, it turns out this was–is–indeed the case. One state having problems would be easy to dismiss, but seven? Ballots being tossed out, registered voters having their party affiliations changed, electronic voting machines malfunctioning, votes being changed or conveniently going missing. Not just once but again and again. Voter Suppression 101.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s conspiracy FACT.

People with deep pockets are rigging this election to ensure Hillary Clinton becomes the 45th President. I believe I said something to this effect last summer: Trump is a Red Herring. His role is to keep everyone’s attention away from the remaining Republican candidates (Cruz and Kasich if I remember right). He’s an attention whore so it’s not hard given he’s being paid to say the things he says. Contrary to what the media, pundits and the DNC have been saying, he is NOT a racist or a xenophobe. He’s simply following orders and is being paid alot of money to literally say whatever he wants. Why? To make Hillary Clinton electable. That’s the ultimate plan. It’s so obvious and so sad folks don’t see it, it’s funny.

The media is going out of its way to not mention her dirty laundry: Benghazi, the emails, the Panama Papers and her role in alot of things that are detrimental to the American people and America’s standing with the international community.

…I’ve thrown up two George Orwell quotes now. I bought a copy of the book 1984 about 10 years ago but never read it. I know the basic premise of the story though and THAT is why I haven’t tried reading it: The real-world parellels that are happening NOW.

Folks need to stop watching Corporate Media and educate themselves on political candidates. The media wants everyone who is anti-Trump or anti-GOP to believe they have no choice but to vote for Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders is the only transparent candidate and the media is hoping that by ignoring him for almost a year now, he’ll “go away”. Yeah, no. Since thay clearly hasn’t been working at all, they’ve turned their attention to slandering his supporters. HRC is simply following their lead. Shame on ALL of them.

I’m not just saying this because I’m voting for Bernie Sanders even as a write-in if necessary. I’m not just saying it because HRC is literally stealing the election. I’m not just saying it because the silent majority refuse to do anything about it. I’m saying it because it’s the truth. It’s a fact that is being ignored and worse. The act itself, if not corrected is guaranteed to have devastating consequences for this country: The world has made it clear it will NOT accept Trump as President. America needs to make it clear it will NOT accept HRC as President.


Netflix’s Marco Polo is a textbook “Don’t Judge a Book by it Cover”   Leave a comment

I watched the whole series over the course of three days, wrapping it up Thursday afternoon.

I have to admit I wasn’t sure what to think of it when I saw the trailer for it on TV around this time last year. Then I made time to watch the series earlier his year. After finishing the first two episodes, three things were made clear:

  1.  The sexually explicit scenes in almost every episode explained why no cable network picked it up. I wouldn’t be surprised if some things were toned down just so Netflix would carry it.
  2. It is telling a unique story during an interesting point in the Far East’s history. Kublai Khan and Marco Polo were real people though this Marco Polo is clearly fictionalized. Given the historical account of his travels in China is unknown 800 years later, the show does a pretty good job with it in my opinion. More on this in a bit.
  3. I can’t wait to see Season 2 when it is released this summer!

Like I mentioned above, the historical record regarding Marco Polo’s travels in China and Mongolia are disputed. I did some searching on Wikipedia and other websites and the only “proof” we have of Polo’s exploits are his accounts, which are inconsistent. There is no Chinese account of Polo and so his account is generally taken with a grain of salt for this reason. We do know that he was acquainted with Kublai Khan, who was ruler of China and founder of the Yang Dynasty at the time. In short, the real Marco Polo had to have went to China to know some of the things he knew. Historians on both sides of the debate do agree he likely exaggerated his “importance” to the Khan of Khans.

…Why am I bringing this up? Because Polo’s biggest inconsistency–Polo’s claim of sharing his knowledge of catapaults with the Mongols, allowing them to take Xiangyang–happens according to Polo’s account in the series. I’m willing to excuse it since the series is a fictional account of Marco Polo in general. That said, for those who don’t know the history Kublai took Xiangyang by the time Marco first visited China.

Moving on, Marco is much older in the series–I’d say about 10 years older–and he is by himself. The real Marco traveled with his father and uncle across Asia. The series opens with the three and their merchant group getting ambushed by Mongol soldiers. The Europeans are brought before Kublai Khan. Marco’s father offers his son in exchange for letting him and his brother go, which the Khan of Khan accepts. If you think that’s some messed-up parenting, you’re right and it gets worse: Later in the season when Marco’s father and uncle return to see him, all three are arrested when it is revealed the Polo Brothers were trying to smuggle silkworms out of China.  Marco narrowly escapes punishment though his father and uncle are branded and banished from the realm–by Marco.

Getting back to the siege of Xiangyang. In the series, things get complicated for Marco: After an incursion into the walled city to gather intel backfires, Marco is imprisoned and accused of treason. It is while he is in prison he sketches a Trebuchet on the floor of his cell, offering it as the key to taking the city Kublai has had his eyes on for some time. The series takes alot of creative liberties–let’s be honest, alot of things had to be fictionalized to make it work–but every effort is made to keep the feel of it historically accurate.


One of the biggest draws for me was easily the character development. Several stories are happening to bring the time period alive. Marco Polo may be the main character but he doesn’t dominate screen time. Hence the above graph. A few things I can’t help but highlight–and be warned, there are MAJOR spoilers–include:

  • Mei Lin’s daughter Ling Ling being revealed as the daughter of the late Emperor Song. His 5 year-old son is crowned Emperor, whose wareabouts after the fall of Xiangyang are presently unknown. Empress Chabi realizes this after asking the girl about her parents and suddenly the Khante is much closer to solidifying its control of its new territory. It also helps said girl is in the care of Empress Chabi. Hmm…
  • Mei Lin herself is at the mercy of the Mongol empress despite knowing her daughter is alive, well and very closeby. She likely doesn’t yet know her brother is dead any less than her brother knew Ling Ling had been smuggled out of the city. She may be the key to the Khanate’s prosperity…if she cooperates, that is.
  • Crown Prince Jingim finally recognizing Marco in the final moments of the season was a powerful moment. He stuck to his beliefs to the very end and that was something I loved about his growth throughout the season.
  • Kaidu suddenly breaking ties with Kublai is clearly setting the stage for conflict in season 2. You can be sure his daughter and future son in law will have their loyalties tested by both sides.
  • “Kokachin” is in a bit of a bind: Not only is she in love with a man she knows won’t be allowed to marry, she may be pregnant as well. If this turns out to be true, she could be killed. Things are made even more perilous given both people who knew her true identity were killed off, one by her own hands.  She is a political pawn but the question is whose?
  • Hundred Eyes–until the final episode, I had no idea he was actually blind. The 30-minute special that takes place 3 years before the start of the series explains how he first met Kublai and why he’s blind. It helps make his character feel less like a Mary Sue as he had to retrain himself to fight without the use of his eyes. It is also revealed he was the one who named the crown prince Jingim, meaning “Golden One”.
  • Kublai Khan is quite an interesting guy. On the one hand, his is portrayed as embracing knowledge and cultures from The West. On the other hand, the brutality and debauchery the Khans were known for during their respectful rule are not glossed over: He has Chinese prisoners maimed the night before the siege of Xiangyang.

Season 2 is sure to be interesting when it is released this summer. No doubt it will pick up where the first season left off. I look forward to seeing how it goes ^_^


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