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STOP EVERYTHING: The Boston Celtics are being rebuilt. AGAIN.   Leave a comment

Last summer Ray Allen left Boston for Miami. Last week the Heat won their second NBA Title in a row. Doc Rivers left Boston for the Clippers earlier this week and moments ago, what said coach worked hard to avoid over the last 6 years has now happened: Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett have been traded away (along with Jason Terry). Both veteran players plus Jason Terry were traded to the Brooklyn Nets for two players and 3 1st round draft picks.

Danny Ainge needs to go.

I don’t care if LeBron James is signed to the team tomorrow (relax Heat fans. I’m joking. I personally hate LBJ as a player and a person). Speaking of LBJ, just look at what happened to Cleveland after he left. With K.G. and Pierce gone who’s that leave? Ainge said on the record no one is safe. I wouldn’t be surprised if Raijon Rondo is already looking for another team to sign with. Jeff Green missed most of the previous season and although he did good this season you can’t expect him to carry the team going into the 2013-14 season. And no I’m not expecting Rondo to stick around without Rivers, Pierce and K.G. While yes Pierce and K.G. probably only have a few more years left in them at best both players were passionate about finishing their careers in Boston. It’s rare at the professional level you have a coach willing to stand up for their players like Doc Rivers did for the Celtics.

At the end of the day he needed to do what he needed to do. As a former Celtic himself (Rivers played for the Celtics in the 1980s) I know the decision wasn’t made lightly. With no core the Celtics are right back where they were before Pierce signed with the Celtics in 1998. Let’s say Rondo decides to stick around (which would make him the sole remaining member of the 2008 team that won the NBA Title). Unless the Celtics get another all-star/veteran to support Rondo they’ll be lucky to make the playoffs next year.

I’m not happy with these decisions Ainge has been making or allowed to happen. He’s driven the team into the ground and needs to go. At the very least I don’t see the Celtics being able to recover from losing their core players for at least 2-4 seasons unless they get really lucky with the Free Agent pool or next year’s draft. Dwight Howard’s the free agent to get though without something good in exchange (I don’t think Rondo and cash alone would be enough) he’d have to be willing to play for less. Which was why Ray Allen left for Miami.

Right now, I have very low expectations for the Celtics in the upcoming season. Alot can happen between now and November but again, it would take something major to justify what went down this week.

The People of Massachusetts have spoken   Leave a comment

Sentator Elect Ed Markey (D-MA)

Unlike four years ago, the favorite won this time. Massachusetts congressman Ed Markey is now a Senator and we FINALLY have two elected Senators repping Massachusetts. Now we need to hold ANOTHER special election to fill Markey’s old seat.

It’s funny: During the second half of the 1990s and early 2000s Massachusetts had a revolving door of Governors. Ever since Ed Kennedy died in 2009 we’ve been having a bit of a juggle finding folks to represent Massachusetts in Washington. First we had that election in 2010 in which Scott Brown bcame Kennedy’s replacement. Last year Elizabeth Warren beat Scott Brown for Kennedy’s old seat. After the presidental election John Kerry was appointed Secretary of State, facating his Senate seat. Today, that seat was filled.

…Now all will be right in Massachusetts at least until election season comes again!


Consolidating My Forums Again   Leave a comment

I’d say it’s about time for my forums to undergo a reduction in size.

To those who’ve never seen it before–I assume most of you–I first made it in 2007. Before I found Invision Free (which later merged with Zeta Boards) I used a few temporary forums here and there from 2002 to 2007. The board I made through (back when everything was free lol) lasted three years and it got a small following, mostly from my buddies at TPPC. Now I have my current board through Invision Free/Zeta Boards. The one advantage it has over the board I had back in the day is the board will stay up indefinitely regardless of forum activity. Considering my board’s been pretty dead since I made it 6 years ago this is a major plus for me.

I’m going to set up my forums to better tailor fit with my WordPress Blogs. I anticipate 75% of the forums will be removed. Most of the posts will be saved if deemed relevant as well. I figure in time the site might have that many forums again but given how quiet it is, I need to drastically shrink the forums and let traffic dictate the forum’s growth. I’m going to do it later tonight and expect the process to take an hour. During that time the forums will be offline–the first time I’ve done that since the redesign. When it reopens I doubt you’ll recognize it!

One interesting note: Never once have my forums been mass-spammed. I don’t use Capcha either which is pretty interesting. To those using PHPbb boards dealing with Spambots, that’s something to think about.

One More Week of School in Boston   Leave a comment

This may or may not surprise those of you who’ve been on summer vacation since early June or late May.

As for why, Boston had 5 snow days this winter. As a result school was extended¬† into next week. I’m not sweating it despite suffering a freak accident at work yesterday. Looking forward to summer break yes but I can handle another week.¬† That indoor air conditioning is just plain awesome.

The Aurabolt Returns to the Mission Hill School this September   Leave a comment

I’ve known since Thursday but staffing for next year was officially announced this morning.

As I said to a few families and coworkers yesterday, only two things will change that: I win the lottery or I get a job offer that matches or beats my contract with Boston Public Schools for the next year. My uncle has promised my a position with his company once it’s up and running but it’ll probably be another year or so before he can hire me. I was in the process of applying for a job at City Year in Boston when I learned the position I was applying for was in the process of being filled. I looked into finding work as a journalist for the local media outlets but all of them are looking for someone with prior experience.

Prettymuch returning to BPS was my last resort. No offense to everyone at Mission Hill who are thrilled to learn I will be back in September but it’s the truth. I excessed myself with every intention of getting work elsewhere but it just didn’t work out that way. Sometimes you just have to take what’s available until you find something else.

Or in my case, stay put.

At the excess pool there were nearly 100 people vying for 70 open positions. Some of the schools had a delegation present to give an overview of the positions being offered. Since I was excessed, my position was one of them. This was the third year in a row I’d been excessed from a school and the second in a row I excessed myself. I decided to rescind my vacancy literally at the last possible minute: Just before the bidding process began. The decision to return or not was mine to make. I needed it to feel like it was my decision. After all, I was actively looking for work elsewhere over the last 5 months. As for weather I’m happy with “my decision” this was a possibility I prepared myself for. It’s the main reason I waited until the last possible moment to retain my current position. At the very least, I can say I know what I’m getting myself into this time and for me that counts for something.

As does the Mission Hill School Community.

What makes me an invaluable asset in this industry is my ability to quickly adapt to nearly every situation or challenge I’m faced with. I do what’s needed, not just what’s asked of me or what I’m expected to do. There’s also the fact I thrive in pressure situations. I doubt any of the other folks who might have bid on my position and were hired would last longer than a few weeks. I have a pretty good idea of what’s necessary to have a measure of success at MHS and the one thing that’s stressed is being flexible all the time. I’m physically and mentally capable of doing that all the time. It’s all I know in and outside of work.

I could go on and on but the rest, you’re going to have to wait until my review of this school year. It’ll come in two weeks.


Some interesting advice I learned from David Matranga on Voice Acting   Leave a comment

Unless your name is Johnny Bosch Young, Luci Christain or Vic Magnoiga don’t expect agencies and companies to fall over themselves in a bid to contract your skills. Contrary to popular belief, Voice Actors havre it tougher than Live Actors. While VAs have the benefit of not having to play to a camera you usually have several people being called in to audition for a single character. If they like you, you’ll get called in for a followup rehearsal and so on. Also unlike live actors, most VAs are not as well known aside from the three I named as well as possibly Sean Schimmel (Goku’s English VA) and Tom Wayland.

Bottom line if you wanna be a Voice Actor: Don’t quit your day job. If you don’t have a day job, get one. Second, build a rep via social media and You Tube. Audacity and a mic are all you need to get started. Type a few lines a few lines and record yourself reading them. Keep the recording to 2 minutes max. If people like it, they’ll ask for more, etc. Don’t expect overnight success. People are rarely THAT lucky. Try recording yourself as different characters. If someone from the industry likes what they hear they’ll be in touch.

If you want to be a Voice Actor, you need to be willing to commit the time and effort to make it happen. There are many, MANY Fandubs out there if you want a few examples. Some without official dubs but most from stuff that was never dubbed. Surf the internet. See if there are casting calls for Fanmade Radio Shows. Tales of the Abridged and Yugioh: The Abridged Series are two such examples.

I think I might have said this before some years ago on the original but when I have the time to do it, I’m going to do Audio Books of some of my Original Stories as well as some of my Fanfics. With the Fanfics, I won’t go out of my way to try to sound like the official English dub. I won’t try to ham the lines either, though. My plate’s pretty full right now so unfortunately I must say it might be some time before I can commit the time to do it.

You’ve all probably seen my You Tube videos so you how my voice usually sounds. I will make the conscientious effort to review twice and if necessary, record again if my voice comes out odd for one reason or another. I will also not record when I know I havy a stuffy nose. Despite finding out the hard way the limits of my iPod’s video recording capabilities with the apps I have, I will be recording with it a bit more. Almost all of my videos up to now have been recorded at home with my Desktop’s webcam. After that idiot troll got me worked up in April and during the week of the Marathon Bombing at that, I have been more conscientious of what I put on You Tube.

Speaking of My You Tube Channel: Do me a favor and Like everything I’ve uploaded up to now that interests you. I’m not asking for a specific number but lety’s just say if enough of my videos get a certain amount of Likes I might be inclined to upload something nice I’ve been sitting on for those who didn’t see my panels ^_^




Someone Turn Up the Thermostat!   Leave a comment

It’s FREEZING ouside!

…Nah, I’m kidding.

Boston is undergoing something of a heatwave right now.

From June to September I mostly use my laptop. Given this is the first summer I will not be playing World of Warcraft since 2007 and the massive story updates I have to catch up on, technology wise I will be using my Laptops almost exclusively. It generates far less heat than my Desktop and my newer laptop’s cooling system is pretty impressive. Notice I said laptops in the plural sense. I still have my old one though I haven’t really used it since Christmas break. Despite its age (I got it in 2006) it still runs. Unstable at times but it still works.

I can handle the heat. I have all the social media apps on my iPod as well as my newer laptop (Windows 8 computer) and everything on my Desktop will run on my laptop. Both my 3DS and iPod have cameras on both sides so I can record videos on the go alot more. I can watch my anime on my Laptop as well as the Anime I bought form Xbox Live via my Zune Client along with Netflix so…yeah. No electric bill. $16 for Netflix in July and August combined (Instant Streaming is $8 a month). A whole bunch of reading and writing to catcch up on.

No problem.

Before I forget, I wanna shamelessly plug the best place for Ice Cream in Boston:

I like Coldstone, Emack & Bolio’s and Ben & Jerry’s but NONE of them can hold a candle to the hometown champion of ice cream. Click the picture to go to their website.

Almost forgot: I am now on Tumblr!

That’s not my Primary Blog but since I can’t rename my blog without deleting my account I’m just using that one for the time being. I will probably make 5 more over the weekend depending on things.

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