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Jay-Z: The Greatest Biter in Hip-Hop History?   Leave a comment

Before I even get started and present the evidence, let me say this: There is a clear difference between paying homage to another artist and profiting off their lyrics.

That said, I give you Exhibit A. You will hear the source artist first and Jay-Z second:

This is the one I have with Cam’ron narrating the track:

And here’s Exhibit B only you will hear Jay-Z first and the source artist second this time:


The funny thing: In 2006, Jay-Z went public with his interest in coming out of retirement as a recording artist. Two years earlier, DJ Felli Fel did the presentation you see in the first video after several listeners noticed familiar lines in many of the songs Jay-Z is known for–What’s My Name (if that title sounds familiar, this was the song that introduced the world to Snoop Dogg in 1994), Hard Knock Life (This song was famously featured on 20/20 in 1998 to coincide with the anniversary of the movie Annie. Jay-Z remixed the song from the movie in his version of the song) and 99 Problems to name a few. The song played on Hot 107 and was heard by everyone with a radio in New York City.

In 2008, Cam’ron used it to target Jay-Z once he announced his comeback tour.  The obvious career-ending and embarassing evidence has been largely unanswered by Jay-Z to this day though like many other established artists he has no shortage of enemies. It’s interesting to note everyone whose songs he took lyrics from in the second video don’t even like him and neither did Tupac according to Cam’ron. Everyone and their brother’s borrowed lyrics from The Notorious B.I.G. and that’s one thing.

It’s another to take lyrics from several dozen songs and almost a dozen artists over a 20-year career, become famous over, give no credit and claim your songs are 100% original. This is exactly what he did. I have family members who’ve done work in the music industry in the past and I played the above song (the one with Cam’ron’s commentary) for them. They all told me it would’ve been one thing if he only did it a couple times on B-tracks or at the very least gave the original artist/writer a mention but he does neither.

I have friends and family in Brooklyn and the laundry list of Regular Joes Jay-Z basically used during his climb to fame and return to international stardom can probably circle the planet a few times. Surprisingly, if someone in Brooklyn tells you they personally know Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, they’re probably telling the truth. Even though at one time he was referred to as one of The Notorious B.I.G.’s chosen successors as the King of New York alongside Nas, he himself is guilty of turning his back on the people who had his back when he was an unknown. This is why he was targeted by 50 Cent and later Cam’ron and The Diplomats.

A big Asterisk should be put next to his name for every reward and honor he’s ever won.

He’s a fraud and it’s obvious he’s an attention whore. When I first heard the track above I lost all respect for him as an artist. I’ve also noticed in his more recent live tours he avoids doing the songs with lyrics he took from others. Either that or he’ll remix the song in his live shows to exclude the stolen lyrics. This tells me he’s aware people know he ripped off alot of folks.

To the Jay-Z fans in the crowd, what say you? Can you honestly tell me you support a guy who build a multimillion-dollar empire on a foundation of lies? I couldn’t.

As much as folks like to bash Michael Jackson, at least he did it all himself. He didn’t need help from someone else. Speaking of which, it’s also intreresting to note everyone who’s ever done a cover or spoof of one of MJ’s songs got his permission before they did it as a show of respect. Jay-Z doesn’t have any respect for anyone from what the evidence says.

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2014 Boston Marathon Men’s Winner: Meb Keflezighi   Leave a comment

Anything’s Possible!

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The Boston Marathon Bombing: Boston One Year Later   Leave a comment

In light of the tragedy in Kansas yesterday, I decided to post this a day earlier than I originally planned. Martin Richard wrote the message for a school project a year before he was killed along with two others at the Boston Marathon Bombing last year. The same blast that killed Martin robbed his little sister of a leg along with over 150 others. Four days later, Shawn Coulier’s death would herald the beginning of the end of the largest manhunt on U.S. Soil ever.

As many of you might remember, I wrote a couple blogs during that week:

As David Ortiz so bluntly put it, this is OUR city. If come into Boston looking to cause trouble, the price will be steep. Boston has moved in since then on more ways than one. The people of Boston elected a new mayor and a new Police Commissioner is in charge. The people of Boston refuse to let what happened last year define this city just like the people of New York refuse to let the events of 9/11 define their city and so on.

Regarding yesterday’s tragedy, Love is powerful but so is Hate. Hate drove a disturbed young man to kill 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary two years ago. What happened at the Boston Marathon is another example of what Hate can drive a person to do. As is the Westboro Baptist Church.

I could go on and on.

In light of the recent string of mass killings and nationally televised acts of violence, I think it’s important for that we use these incidents as teachable moments. It’s said alot but it is the best way to show those with evil intentions they failed: Just go back to your normal routine.

I’m sure the conspiracy theorists have their own ideas but as I’ve said a few times now, I’m not a conspiracy theory. Nor do I associate myself with people who like to entertain baseless conspiracy theories.

I recently realized that I  conquered fear itself a few weeks ago. How? By simply ackowledging the things that used to make me afraid. Once I did that, I no longer had a reason to fear anything. I’m sure my perception of that will change when I start a family of my own but as of right now, I can say with all honestly I literally fear nothing. Notice what I did and didn’t say. I never said that I’ll look for an excuse to throw my life away. At the same time, no human can say they hold any sort of power over my emotions.

I have my time in City Year and at The Mission Hill School to thank for that but that’s just speaking for me.


Topics I will NEVER go into detail with on ANY of my blogs   Leave a comment

Given the massive range of topics I’ve blogged about for almost two years, it might surprise you to know there are a few things I’ve sworn to never talk about in more than necessary detail. I’ve eluded to some but never fully explained why.

Until now.

As I’ve said to some friends at work, the blogs give me a sense of purpose just as the stories and fanfics provide a constructive outlet for my creative thought process. Having said that, I knew when I first started blogged on Xanga a bit over 10 years ago (I was in high school when I made my Xanga account) there were certain things I should never touch for one reason or another.


Update 4/11/2014: For those who read my post on Facebook a short time ago, see #2.

Update 5/26/2014: In light of a development at work, I have removed the name of my current place of employment from this post for the time being. I have also edited the last two paragraphs in light of the recent tragedy in California.


Now I’m going to tell you what those topics are and why I avoid talking about them on my blogs:

  1. Theism vs. Atheism/Creative Design vs. Evolution: Honestly, it’s not because I’m a Theist who believes the world was created in 7 literal days that I don’t want to talk about this on my blogs. It’s just too divisive to have a cohesive discussion on it with the predominatly self-professed atheiests of the internet world. There’s also the fact Theists have historically demonstrated over and over again the inability to agree to disagree with a viewpoint different from their own. I can make a blog post in and of itself on this ALONE so…yeah.
  2. My Family’s Issues: I admit this was something I considered fair game until last spring. A couple years ago, I held back  on some of the stuff I used to say on Facebook after I became aware members of my immediate family was reading it and immediatelt jumping to their own conclusions. As I said on Facebook a short time ago, one of my sisters proved to me she’s not someone I can trust not to run to the family with some of the stuff I post on Facebook and WordPress. Not that I’m gonna let that knowledge stop me. I’ll just be more obvious about it.
  3. Work-Related Issues: I’ve seen the news enough times to know not to say anything I know I shouldn’t say on my blogs or Facebook. Obvious student privacy rights aside, there’s also the fact many of my coworkers and parents of my school’s students follow me on Facebook and by extension, WordPress. To those who may have been secretly hoping I’d air dirty laundry on my blog on the side, you can forget it. Me obviously wanting to keep my job aside, it’s just common sense. If there is an issue involving me and another member of the my school community or two members of the school community that I’m aware of, I don’t talk about it with those not directly involved. It’s not just the school’s policy but it’s MY policy first and foremost. I also don’t want to inadvertantly be responsible for unnecessary drama at work. I’ve had my fill of that on various internet forums over the last 16 years.
  4. How to Pirate Copyrighted Material: Given I just published two books in the last week this should come as no surprise. Do I know how to pirate stuff? Sure. Do I know how to pirate stuff and cover my tracks? Absolutely. For the kind of audiences my blogs attract I’ve decided for myself those who really want to pirate stuff don’t need any help from me and I REALLY don’t need to piss off the Anime and Video Game Industries.
  5. My Mental Wellbeing: This goes with #2 more or less: What goes on in my head is my business alone. The only people who I feel need to know will know. My sanity was established 13 years ago after I said something stupid in high school (more on that coming in the book later this year, hehe). There’s also the fact I’ve been deceiving my immediate family for 20 years and unfortunately for them, by the time they realize the “why” part it’ll be too late for them to apologize. I’ll pause for a moment and say no, I’m not planning anything violent or self-destructive. I just hate internet drama and when the parties involved are family members or at the very least can see each other everyday, it needs to stay the fuck off the internet.


Aside from that, the above are off-limits in terms of what I WILL NOT talk about on ANY of my blogs. I don’t have a problem disclosing that fact some of my other internet identities are Victor Bravo and Kevin Tyler. I don’t have a problem saying at the end of the day, I tend to have a long-standing disregard for authority figures. That stance changes only if I deem you worthy of my respect. If you’re from my school community, you can relax. I love you guys ^_^

When you’ve been treated the way I have your entire life by almost every single person you’ve ever known, after a while why bother? Those authority figures I do trust know who they are so I see no reason to go down the list of authority figures I do and don’t trust here. You have to earn it with me. There’s more I’d like to say on the subject but I’m saving it for the book. I will say anything I post online I am prepared to be held accountable for. That’s not an unreasonable expectation. Starting to think I’m a little unstable? Isn’t everybody? No? Well, you’re entitled to your OPINION =O


Wrestlemania 30 Result: Brock Lesnar defeats The Undertaker, The Streak ends at 21-1   3 comments


I wouldn’t have believed if it if I didn’t just see it myself on the WWE Network. Honestly, I never thought The Streak would end, least of all to Brock Lesnar. Being a Company Guy, ‘Taker can decide if The Streak ends and against who. The boys and girls on Gamefaqs’ Pro Wrestling: WWE Board are already calling it ‘Taker’s last match or second to last match. I think it’s far too soon to make that kind of call though The Phenom IS 48 years old. For the last five years the only match he’s done a year is Wrestlemania.  It’s one thing when you’re doing 1-2 matches a week but it’s another when you only do one match a year.

Again: This is The Undertaker we’re talking about. As far as the WWE’s concerned, ‘Taker’s dedication to the company during The Attitude Era and by extension the Monday Night Wars earned him the right to do prettymuch whatever he wants.  Having said that, The Streak ending automatically releases him from having to compete at Wrestlemania if he doesn’t want to anymore. He’s also said on the record that he’s interested in working with Daniel Bryan.

Honestly, I think it would have been better if The Streak fell to John Cena as two Company Guys. Oh, well. it is what it is.

Now I can definitely say I’m ready to find and get a kind girlfriend.   Leave a comment

EDIT 7/21/2019: I have updated this post to reflect the passage of time.

Notice I used the word “find” and not “get” in the same sentance. One does not simply GET or FIND a girl/boy friend. You have to do both. I also wanted to be specific so instead of using the words “good”, “great” or “perfect” (all of which come later) I used the word “KIND”.

Most folks would usually take this moment to  give a shopping list of things they would and would not prefer. In my case, I would prefer not have a girlfriend who:

  • Is mainly looking for a provider.
  • Prettymuch wants an open relationship.
  • Drinks, smokes and/or uses drugs.
  • Has a Dependancy, Superiority or Inferiority complex.
  • Is in debt.
  • Recently or trying to come of an abusive, complicated or difficult relationship.
  • Is close-minded.
  • Is a bigot.
  • Is very impatient.
  • Doesn’t have a diagnosed (or undiagnosed!) intellectual impairment or disability.

That’s it prettymuch. Everything else I could think of falls into one of those categories. As for the last one, this is one area I absolutely DO NOT want to have in common with my significant other. I have a couple intellectual disabilities myself and that’s more than enough for me.

In terms of preferences, for me it’s as long as they do not fit into any of the above categories. In terms of physical appearance, I prefer a person’s natural beauty. Otherwise you have an inferiority complex in my book. By that I mean not wearing makeup or not dressing formally all the time makes you feel insecure due to external factors and/or tradition(s).

In terms of age, I would prefer someone between 21 and 35. personally (I’m now 35 on that note). I just don’t want to be in a serious relationship with someone older than my youngest aunt (she’s 38 in case you’re wondering). In terms of commitment level, I’d prefer something long-term. I’ve had my fill of short-term relationships with members of my own family so…yeah. Consistency would make for a nice change.

If it gets to that point later on, I’m open to having kids either naturally or through adoption. Having said that, I’ll be able to tell right away if I’m being used as part of a lovers’ quarrel. If that is indeed the case, forget we ever met. This is also why I put the condition for no wanting someone in a complicated relationship. I’ve got my own problems, after all XD

That’s prettymuch it.


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