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The time is now to think about who will come after Trump   Leave a comment

This is the GOP’s message to the world more or less.

Based on the events of this past weekend, there are serious questions as to weather or not Trump will even last the rest of the year: Republicans have already started to rebel barely two weeks into Trump’s presidency. Of course, we knew the GOP was just planning to use Trump to deregulate everything, increase military spending and give tax cuts to those who don’t need ’em. That was the plan from the beginning but things have clearly escalated much faster than expected.

We’ll know for sure over the next two months for sure. That brings me to the subject of the title: Mike Pence.

We will need to watch very closely to see how they package Trump’s exit and how they present Pence being sworn in as President. I see one of two things happening:


  1.  Pence starts publicly speaking out against Trump in the next few weeks or months (“My loyalty is to the will of the American people first”, etc.), leading to him asking Congress to impeach Trump (Very Likely).
  2. The GOP moves to impeach Trump on their own and declares Pence will be acting President (Most Likely).


I doubt it will be anything other than one of those two things. It will all be about how the GOP packages Trump’s exit we need to pay very close attention to. He will likely be presented as a “Benevolent Ruler” or a “Savior” coming to fix everything Trump did. In fact, that should be the assumption unless there is a full reset on the cabinet.

One thing you should know about the GOP if you don’t already: They ALWAYS do what they say they will. Of course, it’s early to be thinking about that but it’s something to keep in mind. It’s not a matter of if but “WHEN” and When is probably happening alot sooner than anyone could have imagined:


In case you don’t know who she is, this is Sally Yates. Until Monday afternoon, she was the Federal Attorney General. She was fired by President Trump within an hour of declaring she would not defend Trump’s controversial anti-Muslim executive order last Friday Jess Sessions was appointed acting AG and has ordered Federal Judges nationwide to upjold Trump’s executive order. Of course, they can’t since the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) took the government to court over it and won. LOL. Round 2 should be in a matter of days if not hours. Thanks to the $24.1 million in donations they received over the weekend–20 times what they normally get a year–they’re good to go.

…Mind you, This is on top of Trump removing the the Joint Chiefs of Staff from the National Security Council and replacing them with Steve Bannon on Friday. Yes, THAT Steve Bannon.

The thing about all these moves that folks need to keep in mind is there ARE checks and Balances. Some of those in the middle and most on the Left are wondering why the Dems aren’t doing anything other than angrily shaking their fists at the White House. Some of those in the middle and many on the Right are cheering on Trump’s actions so far, feeling “This is how things are suppose to be”.

…Weather you’re in the middle, on the left, on the right or wherever, this is something you should know: There are checks and balances and what Trump is doing IS a blatant abuse of power. It’s just a question of when the GOP will move to impeach Trump and I can assure those of you who are pro-Trump, they WILL. They’ll do it when it’s most convenient for them to do so. Timing’s not quite there yet.

When you know what’s going to happen next, you have no reason to be too concerned. By all means, be careful but what will happen in the near future is too easy to not know at this point. Please donate to the ACLU. They are non-partisan and are for everyone.



A REPUBLICAN Washington Insider confirmed what I said over the last 6 months!   Leave a comment

As a reminder, I said this on the eve of the Republican National Convention last summer:

“We all laughed at the very idea. Then he started saying all the things the Republican Party didn’t dare say publicly. “There’s no way he’s serious about getting elected.” we thought to ourselves. “He’s getting bad advice.” we thought. Perhaps to his own surprise, racists and biggots who felt the same came out of their parents’ basements and out of the woodwork to voice their support of him. Much to the shagrin of  the at one point 17 other Republican Candidates, Trump’s popularity within the party continued to rise until he was the last man standing.”


A few weeks later, I said this:

“The one thing you have to give the GOP credit for is at least you know where they stand 100% of the time.”


In September, I said this after the first debate:

“Based on what I saw tonight, I honestly would not be bothered with Trump as president simply because we know what will be getting.”


I said this the day after the election:

The proverbial “Nightmare Scenario” is now a reality. No, not Trump winning the White House but the GOP controlling Washington. The Republicans control the House, the Senate and soon the Supreme Court. THAT is an even bigger problem in comparison.”


…Man oh man, maybe I should be a political advisor for someone. LOL. I did you the favor of not only provinig the quotes relevant to what I’m about to share but the links so you can go back and read the articles they all came from. When you read what I’m about to share with you, it will make a whole lot of sense.

Robert Reich posted an interesting conversation he had with an unnamed former REPUBLICAN Congressman in Washington this week on Facebook. Here is the FULL Text of their conversation:

I had breakfast recently with a friend who’s a former Republican member of Congress. Here’s what he said:

Him: Trump is no Republican. He’s just a big fat ego.

Me: Then why didn’t you speak out against him during the campaign?

Him: You kidding? I was surrounded by Trump voters. I’d have been shot.

Me: So what now? What are your former Republican colleagues going to do?

Him (smirking): They’ll play along for a while.

Me: A while?

Him: They’ll get as much as they want – tax cuts galore, deregulation, military buildup, slash all those poverty programs, and then get to work on Social Security and Medicare – and blame him. And he’s such a fool he’ll want to take credit for everything.

Me: And then what?

Him (laughing): They like Pence.

Me: What do you mean?

Him: Pence is their guy. They all think Trump is out of his mind.

Me: So what?

Him: So the moment Trump does something really dumb – steps over the line – violates the law in a big stupid clumsy way … and you know he will …

Me: They impeach him?

Him: You bet. They pull the trigger.

There ya go. I have shared this post with several people but this conversation has been verified as AUTHENTIC.

Finally, read this article I wrote last month. The whole thing.

…NOW do you see why my last two posts about Trump were so restrained? NOW Do you understand WHY I said what I said in that last article?

Turns out I was right: The Trump’s the scapegoat. Pence is being prepped to take over for him, which the GOP apparently believes will be before or by the midterm elections. Trump gets impeached and forced out of office and Pence takes his place. By default, the current Speaker of the House–Paul Ryan–will become the new Vice President. Exactly as planned.

The GOP’s just patiently waiting for right the oppoortunity to turn on Trump. The fact that this was revealed a week into the new adminstration tells me they are confident they won’t have to wait too long to impeach him. The funny thing is it’s likely Trump already knows this and doesn’t care. So, the GOP and Trump are keeping up appearances for now. What Trump will find out when the time comes is the limits of the Executive Branch.

Note the things listed above the GOP is rushing to get. They’ll get most of them:

  • Most of the Deregulation and midterms will probably be rolled back after the midterms. I already know which ones.
  • Military buildup will probably not happen. One thing President Obama did the Republicans actually AGREED with was he proved the Military can operate just fine on a reduced budget. The GOP might divert money to black projects but nothing more than that.
  • Poverty Programs…the GOP will be forced to back out of this, more so if a natural disaster like Katrina hits.
  • Social Security and Medicare…the Everest of “Welfare” programs the GOP has wanted to get rid of for DECADES. They will try but they will ultimately fail to eliminate both.
  • Trump is no fool. He’s an egolomaniac but he’s no fool. He’s made it clear he loves revenge. If he goes down, you can be damned sure he’s taking as many people down with him as possible.

The GOP actually thinks they’re playing Trump. The GOP still hasn’t figured out they won’t be able to use Trump like they think they will. By the time they do, it’ll be too late and they will have handed Washington back to the Democrats on a silver platter!

So, all we have to do is sit back, watch and wait. Of course, we need to make sure our voices are heard, too.

What really sucks about these four years is those in need and the working poor will be made to suffer the most. Why? Because they’re not privileged, multi-national corporations or billionaires, that’s why. The GOP should lose control of Congress in 2018 if the current course doesn’t change. Assuming Trump is impeached before that time–and the GOP will likely try to arrange for Trump’s exit before the midterms so Pence is president for at least two full years–Pence will make the case for four more years. Since he’d be finishing what would be Trump’s first term, he would only be able to serve an additional term as President and would not be allowed to run again.

When the Dems retake Washington, they need to have it made clear WHO they’re supposed to be working for, not who they take money from. That was their mistake last year and it cost them the White House. I may no longer endorse the Democratic Party but whoever the Dems package for 2020 needs to be someone strong enough to defeat both Trump (if he’s still in office) and Pence (assuming he takes over). Pence is the GOP’s Ace in the Hole so whoever challenges the GOP needs to be strong enough to beat him in the 2020 election should that matchup happen. That’s when the Dems have their opening: Unless they repeat last year’s mistakes (which sadly is very possible), it should not be too hard to make the case for change in 2020, more so if they retake Congress in 2018.

If you have enjoyed this post or other posts I have made on this blog, please consider making a monetary donation via PayPal. Whatever amount you provide would be greatly appreciated.

Donald Trump signs Executive Order to continue the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines   Leave a comment

Image may contain: 1 person, text

…We knew this was coming. Thanks to insider info leaked to Shaun King back in November, we knew this was the day the Fossil Fuel Industry had been patiently waiting for. After all, President Donald Trump not only has a stake in both projects but he promised to do this.

Opponents to the DAPL are not backing down. Shaun King sent an email this afternoon requesting emergency aid of any kind for the protestors at Standing Rock with an ominous tone. Here it is in part:

“I want to ask you a principled question.

How far are you willing to go to stop the construction of this pipeline through sacred grounds?

Are you willing to donate? Are you willing to fund the fight? Are you willing to pull your funds out of the banks that are backing the pipeline? Are you willing to travel there and put your body on the line? Are you willing to do what it takes to stop this?

Because that’s what I’m asking of you.”

~ Civil Rights Activist and New York Daily News Editor Shaun King

…By the way, here is the full list of all of the banks who are funding the DAPL:

No automatic alt text available.

…If you are against the DAPL and you see your bank on this list, you need to do two things:

  1. Close your account with the banks and switch over to a local credit union.
  2. Tell the bank why you’re closing your account with them and urge them to stop funding DAPL.

I always used a local credit union so I’m set. I plan to share this info with some interested folks though.

This will be the first major battle for Injustice Boycott, a grassroots Civil Rights organization Shaun King launched last month. The showdown to come at Standing Rock will be the movement’s most important: This is the first time Mr. King is requesting manpower for the cause. Up to now, the movement worked from their keyboards to make change. That is what makes this a critical time.

I’ll be honest: I’m more worried about low turnout than what the resistence will do. Low turnout will severely hurt the movement’s credability. If Injustice Boycott can’t get at least 10,000 people to Standing Rock, they will not be taken seriously. I get the feeling Mr. King is worried about not getting enough people to commit to Standing Rock based on the tone of the email.



Donald Trump sworn in as the 45th POTUS as protests are carried out nationwide   Leave a comment


…And so it begins.

Contrary to what I’m sure many folks are expecting, the point of this particular Op-Ed isn’t to bash the new president. I don’t need to when folks like Shaun King do it daily via social media and at public appearances. What I WILL say is I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing how the first 100 days go for the new administration. Right now, the focus is Policy Setting. As of Friday evening, only two members of Trump’s cabinet have been confirmed and sworn in. Out of…I believe it’s a few dozen cabinet positions? Anyway, my point is there is much work to be done.

I want to make something very clear: I am not Anti-Trump OR Pro-Trump as President. I will make up my mind for sure on that later this year. I waited until 2004 to decide I didn’t like Bush 43 as a President. I lost all respect for Bill Clinton as a President after the scandals. Believe it or not, I felt Obama holding back as much as he did hurt him in the end. All three of them I wouldn’t mind hanging out with, though. Same with John McCain and John Boehner. Sure, those last two are Republicans but I know enough about them to know they’re good people.

…For those who need to see me say it: If the sitting president invited me to the White House, I would not turn them down. Not the first time since I’ve never beeen to D.C., anyway. As I do when I visit my elected officials in Boston, I would give him a hand-written letter outlining my concerns and thoughts on what he can do to be a more effective politician.

Moving on, The new president will deliver his first State of the Union Address in a few weeks. It’s extremely important that everyone watch it weather you like the guy or not. That speech will set the tone for his entire term, not just his first year. The whole world will be watching to see what President Trump will say. As a reminder, The SOTUA isn’t just seen by the American people but the whole world, too. Relationships with certain countries could be mended or strained depending on what he says.

I have no expectations on what he might say personally. All we can do is wait and see.

~ B.A.


On this MLK Day, there is a renewed need for national protests and boycotts   Leave a comment

In other words: Do what MLK would actually do if he were alive today.

A few months ago I recorded and put this video on You Tube:

…By the way Selma is a good movie to watch today despite being snubbed for awards (which was expected). Anything that rubs someone the wrong way is always worthy of your time.

Moving on, the next two to four years will be very interesting for a variety of reasons. The last few years have seen the revival of a movement not seen on this scale since the 1960s and 1970s. I’m talking about the spirit of protest in the name of civil rights.

The anger in this country is real.

The incoming Trump Administration was voted on to “put a lid on the unrest”. Trump said throughout his campaign he will be  “A Law & Order president”. He will “Establish order” in the places where protests occur. The Law Enforcement Community is happy because they know it means they have a boost in funding to look forward to.  Weather you agree with the protests or not, you should be concerned by this. More so given this is one campaign promise the GOP has already be moving to keep.

If you truly want to honor the legacy and memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, educate yourself on the issues of today first and foremost. Second, raise awareness of what matters to you. Dr. King once said “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.” All you need to do is look at what I have been talking about for most of the last three years to know what has been on my mind alot lately. I have no problem calling the elected officials I support. I have no problem calling the elected officials I didn’t vote for. I have no problem letting policy makers know what matters to me and why.

Do I think Black Lives Matter is the face of the New Civil Rights Movement? Yes and No. Yes, it can be a force for change but No, it’s nowhere near where it could be. While I do support what the BLM Movement brought back to this country–calling on ALL Americans to raise their voices in protest in the streets–they lack clear leadership and focus. Until those two things are addressed, I will not be all in with BLM.

Do I think New York Daily News and Civil Rights activist Shaun King is a strong leader? Yes and No. Yes, he’s a good leader and has demonstrated he can force change but No, he’s not good enough. If he truly wants to come into his own as a Civil Rights Activist, he needs to drop the beef he has with Trump being president, cook it and eat it. This is my biggest problem with what he is trying to do. Not Injustice Boycott (which is already getting results) but his anti-Trump Facebook movement. He needs to focus on Injustice Boycott and let the chips fall where they may.

…There is a media blackout on this but I have been hearing through the grapevine both BLM and the NAACP have scheduled meetings with President Obama after he leaves office. It goes without saying President Obama will no longer be bound by obligation come Friday to restrain himself. Even so, unlike the previous two presidents he will probably need a security detail for at least the next 10 years because he was America’s first African American President. The media hasn’t touched on this but President Obama got more death threats in just first first term than last 6 presidents COMBINED. That should tell you how real the hate many have towards him is.

President Obama is a symbol of what is possible but unlike Dr. King, others have picked up the torch to continue his work. See, unlike Dr. King–and please don’t read into this too much–killing soon to be former President Obama would be pointless: King’s death created a power vaccum within the Civil Rights Movement. The Black Panther Party, the Nation of Islam and the remnants of Dr. King’s friends moved to seize the political power and influence he commanded.

The 1970s to 2007 tell the story: The dream died when King died. The War on Drugs (1980s) and Bill Clinton’s Mass Incarceration Policy (1980s) were both a thinly veiled renewal of insitutionalized racism and war against African Americans. Mass Media (Mid 90s to late 2000s) did its job of keeping African Americans distracted with materialism and false realities. Those who pursued and became successful in Music (Specifically Rap/Hip-Hop), Acting and Sports were seen as “The only way for Blacks to be successful. And it worked. Two whole generations of Blacks were brainwashed into believing these areas were the only things they were good for.

Then Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States.

That changed everything. The dream MLK once spoke of was once again in sight only this time, President Obama would live to see the results of his work. The last few years have seen a revival of the aspect of Dr. King’s kids don’t learn about in grade school: Using your voice to bring attention to injustice and demand change. America has always struggled with doing the right thing right away. I’ll speak more to this in regards to The African American Experience next month in a series of blog posts.

Getting back to the main topic, did you know colleges and universities across America are dropping African American Histories and other related courses even as electives? It’s not bad enough Black History is no longer formally taught in most public schools. I’d know having worked for the Boston School system. Keeping people ignorant makes it easier to control them, after all.

…That didn’t stop the rise of what I called The New Civil Rights Era a few years ago. A new generation of protesters and demonstrators stand ready to rise to the challenges of today. Just in time, too: Most of the leaders of the Old Era have passed on or are too old to carry on (except John Lewis, Bernie Sanders and probably Jimmy Carter). A generation ready, willing and able to hold our elected officials accountable is finally ready. It only took 50 years to get there.

I actually showed you mostly images of MLK in color for this reason: History books and posters used in schools depict Dr. King as “tanned” and with “European” facial features. Dr. King had very dark skin. Look at the below picture. Dr. King also has facial features only present in men of African descent: The wide nostrils and flat bridge of his nose are both traits you will only find in someone of African decent. Of course, there are some whites with these and other features. There’s actually a VERY simple reason but that’s a subject for next month.

I’ll close with this:

Ask any grade schooler who Dr. King was and they will give you the generic “He was a black hero who fought against racism. He gave speeches and marched to get people to listen to what he had to say.” Dr. King was much more than that. First and foremost he wasn’t just “a black hero”. He was a true American Patriot. He did not ask for the burden he would bear but he readily accepted it with a grim determination. He did not “ask” for change but he demanded it. Not for himself but for those who would come after him.

Dr. King was no fool. He received death threats on a regular basis. He was arrested several times and survived an assassination attempt before his actual assassination in 1968. The night before he was killed, Dr. King gave this speech:

I want  to focus on what he says at 58 seconds: “Somewhere I read that the greatness of America is the right to protest for rights.” Dr. King was alot of things. One thing he certainly wasn’t was a “friend” of the U.S. Government. The FBI tracked his every move, his phones were wiretapped and J Edgar Hoover labeled him “a trouble maker and an agitator”.

Sound familiar?

Just like back then, you have Americans literally telling other Americans not to exercise their 1st Amendment rights. “Stop making a fool of yourself and do something with your life.” “You’re wasting your time.” “That’s not the way to get what you want.” “You’re setting a bad example.” I could go on and on.

What I find most disturbing: Those who have the audacity to say “This is not what Dr. King was about.” Quite the opposite. Anyone who personally knew MLK would tell you he would be right there in the streets with the protesters or offering them words of encouragement. So don’t DARE let anyone tell you “Protesting is Un-American”. On the contrary, there is nothing more American than a well-organized resistence movement advocating for and demanding rights for ALL people.



There’s criticizing someone and then there’s trash talking someone   Leave a comment

…I went ahead and removed all references to my GoFundMe Campaigns. The reason is because I deleted them last night. While it IS true I deleted them after someone I didn’t want to know about one of them found it, I had been leaning toward deleting them since the start of the month. After all, I hadn’t gotten any donations for months.

Regardless of my reasons for making those campaigns, the hostile criticism I received in regards to both of them was not only over the top but completely unncessary. To make it clear, I’m not happy about the fact I asked strangers for money. I would have preferred not to. While there is a right and wrong way to go around doing that, at the end of the day I’m my own person.

Rather than point me in a few directions, the critics would rather judge and insult me for what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Rather than doing exactly what I expect, surprise me and actually offer to…you know, help me out? How many times have I said last year I’ve been dealing with tough times? Almost post I didn’t discuss Politics, Social Media or Sports more or less.

While I am abandoning Crowdfunding entirely, I want it clear it’s not because my campaign was found out. I planned for that in advance and already know how it was found out. I’ve moved on from that. I know how to let things go. I’m abandoning Crowdfunding simply because I wasn’t getting any donations. It’s that simple. Regardless, I made nothing off my Crowdfunding Campaigns. The $15 I raised from one was used to buy a 7-day MBTA Pass in October. That’s it.

I’ve decided to move on to the next phase of my job search: Applying at retail stores. I’m looking for part time work. This should have been what I did as soon as I resigned but my pride stopped me from even considering it. 2016 for me was about making hard choices. My motto from 2017 is “Doing what’s necessary”. I’m feeling real motivated after what I went through last year. It’s time to put in work and get those results now.

Four years and several mass shootings after Sandy Hook, more of the same promised by Congress   Leave a comment

By more of the same, I mean absolutely NOTHING will be done. Keeping the NRA happy means more to our elected officials than protecting the lives of even children. A bill that would have brought sweeping gun legislation after Sandy Hook failing to pass legislation “because of partisan politics” made that clear.

It’s been four years and a few weeks since the lives of four staff members including the principal as well as twenty-two 6 and 7 year old children were suddenly and violently ended at their school. While it is true their lives were ended by a mentally disturbed young man who killed his mother the morning of the mass shooting and then himself afterward, the mass shooting itself was 100% preventable in two ways.

The first is the Assault Rifle ban, which expired several years back was never renewed. Former and  active-duty servicemen have said for YEARS there is NO REASON for anyone outside the military to own an M-16 or grenades. You don’t need these these things for hunting deer, moose and other big game.

The second is barring anyone with a history of mental illness from legally owning a gun. Requiring a mental health evaluation for anyone seekinng to either buy a gun or obtain a gun license. In addition, gun owners should be required to undergo a mental health evaluation once a year by law. If they are of sound mind, there shouldn’t be a problem.

If a gun owner refuses to comply, their right to own a gun is revoked until they are in compliance. If they have guns already, a neutral third party escorted by Sherriff’s Deputies or State Troopers will disarm the gun owner and hold them until he/she is cleared to own them. They are not confiscated and they WILL be returned to the owner. If the owner wants to forfeit ownership of their firearms at that time or afterward, they will be given monetary compensation.

…The reason I worded the last paragraph the way I did is because of how the 2nd Amendment is worded:

The NRA has taken a broad interpretation of the 2nd Amendment to mean “Congress can not and should have the power through legislation to regulate the sale or ownership of firearms (to White Male Americans)”. I threw in that last part because of what happened to Philandro Castile, a black gun owner who was killed in front of his girlfriend and daughter during a traffic stop earlier this year. The NRA refused to get involved even though Castile followed the law and informed officers he had a gun in the car but was licensed moments before he was killed.

Look at the faces of the people responsible for the mass killings in this country over the last 20 years:
You probably know who most of them are and if you don’t, you should know my policy of not using the names of mass murderers. All of them were mentally ill, almost all of them killed themselves or did SBC (Suicide By Cop) and all but one of them were White non-Muslim Americans. Oh and ALL of them legally owned the guns they used. Contrary to what both the NRA and many Pro-Gun Rights advocates like to say, mass shootings are almost always carried out by White Male LEGAL Gun Owners.

Is the race of mass shooting suspects taken into account with policy making? Absolutely. If all of these men were non-white, we would not still be talking about wanting to pass gun reform. It would be done within a month’s time. Not gonna lie, during the late 90s and early 2000s when news of a mass shooting hit the news, I’d hear alot of people in the room say “Please don’t let them be black” and then a sigh of relief when the suspect is revealed to be a white male.

Why? Because Dylan Roof, that’s why.

I just broke my own rule for two reasons. One, he said he did what he did because he wanted to start a race war in America. Even though he was sentenced to death a few weeks ago in the end he may have actually succeeded, which brings me to reason number two: We know for certain at least two of Trump’s cabinet appointments have ties to White Supremacist groups. That and almost all of the appointments so far are millionaires whose only interest is profits before people.

Moving on, take a look at this:

Most Pro-Gun Rights Adovcates do agree with President Obama that common sense legislation needs to be passed to stop the wrong types of people from ever owning a gun and if necessary, taking guns from ticking time bombs. The problem is Anti-Government Personalities like Alex Jones dominate the talking points of that side with their extremist views. Alex Jones famously said on CNN a few years ago “1776 will rise again!” during his arguement with Piers Morgan (who was later fired by CNN) after the Sandy Hook shooting. He and the few dozen non-government militant groups mosty based in the midwest and West Coast believe there will come a time when “The people will need to be ready to remove a corrupt government from power by force”.


While I do agree there WILL be a time when that will be necessary–probably sooner than most think–I’m not into the whole “more guns will solve everything” mindset many of these same people have. Many but not all Pro-Gun Rights Adovcates have also taken an exteme interpretation of the 2nd Amendment to mean “The government wants to take away everyone’s guns and will if we let them!” (which was started by the NRA actually). It’s worth remembering after EVERY mass shooting in America, there is actually a surge in gun sales. No, it doesn’t make any sense to me either. Why do people go out and buy a new gun? Because the NRA takes the opportunity to spread fearmongering among their members, telling them “Buy a new gun or two NOW before new legislation prevents you from doing so!” to get people to go to nearest gun shop.


“Nationaal Security” aside, the biggest anti-government pro-gun arguement I hear and see is “New legislation won’t stop criminals or terrorists from getting their hands on guns!”. Yes, that is true. It’s also true buying a gun for personal protection actually puts your family in danger. Take a look at this graph:
Keeping a gun in the home puts everyone in the home in danger though kids are in the most danger. Most think they’re responsible until they have to plan a funeral after their toddler or 9 year old accidently shoots thenselves in the head with a .35 or a revolver. Most think they have good judgement until they fatally shoot a teenage child coming home late thinking it was an intruder.

Guns exist to serve only ONE purpose and that is killing or hurting others. Doesn’t matter who or what and they can’t do anything else. Those saying “I have a gun are for protection” are just fooling themselves to feel better. Guns are no different from swords, knives, bats or fists when you really look at it actually. The difference is bullets kill at a distance. The other methods require point-blank range. That is why guns need to be regulated.

Most of the world laughs at the U.S. over its inability to “get with the times”:

  • Canada does what America doesn’t: In fact every time there is a mass shooting in the U.S. an emergency session of parilament is held to reexamine the existing laws on the books. At the same time, Canada is more relaxed in regards to open carry and concealed carry. The difference is you don’t have people walking around waving their guns around like idiots. In fact, doing so will is likley to get the police called on you. In Canada, folks know who in their neighborhood owns a gun and they know they have nothing to fear from them. They dont have to worry about being intimidated by gun owners like they would in the U.S.
  • It only took one mass shooting in Australia for sweeping common sense legislation to be introduced. The people of Australia simply decided “Never again”.
  • Mexico has some of the harshest penalties in the world for illegal gun posssession despite the perception most Americans have about the so-called “problem with violence, gangs and drugs”. Violators get 5 years minimum plus a heavy fine. Mexican prisons are real prisons unlike the U.S. Prisons (hotel suites in comparison) so…yeah.
  • Japan is known for having the strictest Firearms Registration process in the world and they’re pretty open about it, too: The reason is simply to discourage people from trying. Applicants are required to take a mental health evaluation, provide written and photographic proof all firearms will be secured in the home and even get letters of reference from neighbors before they are issued a Firearms permit. Accidental Gun deaths are unheard of, nevermind shooting deaths in general. Police Officers are not allowed to use their own guns unless it’s to save the life of someone who is in imminent danger and they are not allow to aim ar vital points. In fact, they are not allowed to fire at all if they are not of sound mind while in the act of shooting (They will have to wait for backup to arrive).


…I could go on. The fact of the matter is America has a gun problem. Until the people of this country forces congress to do something, expect nothing to change after the next mass shooting.






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