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“So, I hear you like Video Games…”   Leave a comment

I had a conversation with someone yesterday and one of the first things they brought up was my game blog. This led me to check exactly how many posts I’ve made for that blog and this one. Including drafts, this blog has 125 posts whle my Game blog has 128 posts. I expect the numbers for both blogs to increase over the course of the next two months (LOL!).

Anyway, as a reminder I link to all of my blogs from each other. Just because you’re looking at one doesn’t mean you won’t have quick access to the the four. You will find the links to the other blogs at the very top or very bottom of the page or both in the case of my Fanfiction blog. I push back hard against those who only seen my Game Blog or my Anime and Manga Blog because I don’t want people to have the wrong impression about my interests. Yes I play video games and watch anime but I also write alot of blogs. I also write alot of Fan Fiction as well as original stories both fiction and non fiction. So if you want to get a more accurate picture of me without talking to me, you’d need to look at all five of my blogs.

That reminds me:

During the same conversation I had with someone yesterday they brought up the fact I talk about my medical conditions electronically and quite candidly, too. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I know what I’m doing. When folks advise against me posting some of the things I’ve shared electronically, they usually have the assumption I am ignorant of the dangers in doing this. Quite the opposite. While no I’m not obligated to share those things for any reason, I do it to prove I’m nowhere near as “perfect” as I seem. As I said in a separate blog post over the summer, there are subjects I will never discuss on my blog. I want you all to read it if you haven’t already.

The thing about sharing these things myself as opposed to someone else doing it that others never take into consideration that I have is it won’t backfire. Many people with good intentions feel inclined to speak on my behalf when I’m more than willing and capable of speaking for myself. When I need help with this area, I know how to ask.

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2014 Boston Marathon Men’s Winner: Meb Keflezighi   Leave a comment

Anything’s Possible!

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Edward Snowden is a Traitor and that’s a fact   Leave a comment


I thought about blogging on this last year but I didn’t want ro give the attention whore any more of the attention he was already getting from everyone else. Those following the news might remember at the time folks were also talking about Julian Assange, the founder of Wiki Leaks whose site literally promotes leaking sensitive and classified information over the internet in the name of “being transparent”.

Everyone knows what Mr. Snowden did: He stole classified information from the NSA he was subcontracted to work for, leaked most of the info he stole over the internet and fled to Russia, which by the way DOES NOT have an Extradition Treaty with the United States. For those who don’t know, an Extradition Treaty means if someone who is a citizen of one country is wanted by their country’s government and flees to another country, their native country can request the country they fled to return them too face prosecution. If there is no treaty, the other country is under no obligation to do anything. Russia is one of a few countries with an American embassy within its boarders that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S.

Anyway, I want to drive home the important point as to WHY Mr. Snowden is a Traitor and not a Patriot or a Whistleblower like more and more Americans are calling him in the hopes the U.S. will allow him to freely return to the States:

  • First of all, he disclosed sensitive infornation over the internet he did not have clearance to do. There is protocol for sharing classified information with the public that should be followed without exception. The fall0ut from his actions as well as Wiki Leaks are proof of that.
  • Second, he fled the country knowing he probably wouldn’t be able to return under his own power. Even worse, he fled to a country he knew didn’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S. Ergo, his intent upon leaving was using the information he stole to find sanctuary in a country that wouldn’t send him back.
  • Third, he’s been trying to bargain conditions for his return/surrender ever since he left. Thus, he knew he broke the law and will have to pay the price accordingly as well.

In short, Mr. Snowden really only has two options: Give up and accept his punishment or keep running. With the Winter Olympics and the G-20 Summit both in Russia, I wouldn’t be surprised if the U.S. deligation used both events as an opportunity to make a deal for Snowden or at the very least, confirm his exact location. He’d be a fool to stay in Moscow during both events. While Russia has no obligation to turn him over to the U.S., they also have no obligation to keep him. This is Russia we’re talking about. If he was considered a source of high-value intelligence they would keep a tight leash on him and not let him talk to the media. We know that that isn’t the case.

The thing my Anti-Government Americans need to understand–and I want to thank my vets and active duty soldiers out there for pointing this out–is the information Mr. Snowden and Wiki Leaks is disclosing over the internet is being seen –and being made us of–by Terrorists. The other day news broke Russia is extending Mr. Snowden’s residential visa by another year. It has nothing to do with the security concerns plaguing Russia or any political agenda. They simply don’t have reasonable cause to revoke his visa. Remember: Russia doesn’t have an Extradition Treaty with the United States.

For those who don’t know what an extradition treaty is, simply put it means if a wanted fugitive or person of interest from one country flees to another country, if the country they fled FROM has an extradition treaty with the country they fled TO, the government looking for the person/suspect can go into the country they fled into to get him/her. This works both ways. The U.S. has an extradition treaty with Canada. Let’s say a Canadian national with a warrant crosses into New York. The Canadian Government can request the assistance of the U.S. Government in the suspect’s arrest and return to Canada. Now let’s say an American citizen with a warrant flees to Maxico. The U.S. has an extradition treaty with our neighbors to the south. The U.S. can request the assistance of the Mexican government in the suspect’s arrest and return the U.S.

As I mentioned twice now, the U.S. doesn’t have an extradition treaty with Russia. Mr. Snowden fled there knowing the Russian government wouldn’t send him back to the U.S. The reverse also holds true, which might explain why the C.I.A. did not act when the Russian government tried to warn them about Tamerlan Tsarniev.

Anyway, Mr. Snowden’s actions should not be celebrated.  Did he divulge government secrets to the world? Absolutely. Did he succeed in whatever it was he set out to do? Partially. The only “victory” he won was revealing what is already well known: The U.S. keeps tabs on its partners around the world. Really, it’s not a big deal. German Chancellor Andrea Merkel, whose private phone conversations were tapped by the NSA according to Mr. Snowden has not demanded anything of the U.S. in the aftermath of “the revelation”. Ditto for other partner countries identified in what Mr. Snowden leaked.

This is not the world stage of 100 years ago.

There’s a crystal clear difference between “Keeping them Honest” and “Need to know Basis”. All the leaks that have happened in the last three years belong in Category B, more so given they were released without context in masse by people who themselves admit to have no background knowledge of the information they disclose to the public via Wiki Leaks and other websites. All this does is reinforce the bases of the Conspiracy Theorists and Anti-Government Americans out there.


Marty Walsh for BOSTON!   Leave a comment

I recorded this the day before the election:

I couldn’t find a video clip of the song they did for the Mayor-Elect but the chorus is Marty Walsh for Boston. When it makes its way to You Tube I will edit it in here.

Going back to the second video, turns out the majority of Boston agreed. Getting serenaded by the Dropkick Murphys certainly can’t hurt. either!

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WARNING!!!! If you take photos with your cell phone   Leave a comment

I mentioned something about this on Facebook yesterday. Someone wrote a whole Article on the subject. Read it if you use your cellphone’s camera.

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Deviant Art Nothing More Than an Image Hosting Site Now   Leave a comment

What really bothers me and several thousand artists who use the site every day is the Admins look the other way or just don’t care. I’m not just talking about subjective art submissions. I’m talking about a complete disregard for what the site is supposed to be by a rapidly growing number of people who use the site. For whose who don’t know, Deviant Art (henceforth it will be referred to as DA, its acronym) is an online art gallery that specializes in showcasing Art that deviates from what’s considered the  norm in a traditional art gallery. Hence the name Deviant Art.

Click the logo above to go straight there and see for yourself. A new window will open.

A growing number of experienced and novice artists who use the site as well as art critics are displeased by these decrepencies  in light of the new ventures they’ve been pursuing in the last 16 months. The interest in becoming recognized as a respectible online art community despite doing nothing to address the same issues people have raised over the years is the most disturbing.

The two biggest problems facing artists who use DA–and ultimately lead to them leaving the site–are plagiarism and submissions wrongfully reported and flagged for removal.

Don’t get me wrong, DA gives artists a platform to showcase their skills they likely wouldn’t get elsewhere. The best part is they can focus on their craft first and worry about how popular it could become second.

My problem is for too long DA has looked the other way when it comes to the issues raised above as well as people who use DA as an image hosting site. I’m not talking about legit artists/photographers who have a presence on DA to bring traffic/revenue to their business. I’m referring to people who use DA to share personal pictures as well as in most cases pornographic pictures. I’ll pause for a moment and say I am well aware that depending on where you are in the world, what is considered artistic nudity depends on who you ask. The overwhelming majority of what I have to sift through with the mature filter off (I don’t have a problem with artistic nudity obviously) is obviously meant to be pornographic in nature. I doubt any gallery would consider a close up of someone’s genitals art no matter how much it’s been photoshopped. Literally this is what people put on DA.

I will continue to use my blogs to hold sites like DA, and Facebook accountable as necessary. If they don’t want to tell the whole truth I have no problem shining a light into their dark alleys.

By the way: If you need an image hosting site use Photobucket or Image Shack.

Microsoft wants you to pay $100 a year for Office 2013!   2 comments


Unlike the mid-90s there’s PLENTY of Open Source alternatives like Open Office and Libre Office, both of which I use on all three of my computers. The best part is they are 100% compatible with Microsoft Office documents and you can save documents in an Office format if you want as well. Since 2002 I’ve been asking those who buy the latest version of Microsoft Office this question: “Why pay over $150 for something knowing you can get the far more customizable Open Source versions for free?”

For those who don’t know, Open Source programs are developed with the intention that the user can use it any way they wish and they are also free to modify the program as they see fit. As a bonus they can they redistribute the modified program as a separate entity. That’s how Libre Office came about. It was developed by people who used Open Office and branched off. And it’s all 100% Legal.

Any and all updates are free as well no strings attached and the best part is in the case of Open Office and Libre Office, combined they use far less of your computer’s resources than any one of Microsoft Office’s applications. Microsoft wants consumers to pay $100 a year for MSO2013. That gets you regular updates and you can only install it on up to five machines per license. On top of that if you cancel your subscription you lose everything. They’re also going to release MSO2013 in the traditional format but that’ll cost as much as $400 and without the regular updates the subscription version offers.

Again: why pay that much for something someone else lets you do for free? Combine the above programs with Google Docs and you have no reason to do that. Not only that Open Office is 100% compatible with Microsoft’s Skydrive system (Web Version). I found out earlier today when I activated Sky Drive on my Desktop computer. Don’t get the wrong idea I do not work for Open Office or Libre Office. I’ve just been using them for ten years and have come to appreciate the more tranditonal route both programs take.  They sacrifice aesthetics for functionality and it shows.

From the looks of things Office 2010 will be the last one I ever buy from Microsoft. I just see no reason to justify the price jump personally.

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Link to new Blog added ^_^

Aurabolt's Fan Fiction

A short time ago I set up the fifth and likely final blog of Serene Adventure on WordPress.

Introducing Aurabolt’s Fiction Press.

Something I’ve been forced to think about over the last two months is not everyone who writes would want to write Fan Fiction. I want to give those who prefer to write purely original stories their own platform. Given this blog hasn’t really gone into anything other than Fan Fiction, this also gives me the freedom to focus on just that here. Effective immediately I will also  cover my Serene Adventure Stories past, present and future on Aurabolt’s Fiction Press as well.

In fact, expect to see a massive mini site for all things from the Serene Adventure stories. Some of you may recall I was SUPPOSED to have done that on the main blog but I never got around to it. That’ll change soon enough.

View original post

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The Forums have a new look!   Leave a comment

For the first time since I opened the forums five years ago the Forums have undergone a change.

Not only that I’d like to welcome MauriceNigma212 as our new Forum Moderator. I invited her join in the conversation in things that relate to stories and Fanfiction and she accepted the invitation.  That’s not all. Watch this video:



Again my Skype name is Aurabolt84. See you guys next week!

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Mass Deletion incoming at   Leave a comment

Yesterday, I logged into Fictionpress to find this listed on the main page:


June 4th 2012 — Notices:

  • Please note we would like to clarify the content policy we have in place since 2002. follows the Fiction Rating system ranging from Fiction K to Fiction M. Although Fiction Ratings goes up to Fiction MA, since 2002 has not allowed Fiction MA rated content which can contain adult/explicit content on the site. only accepts content in the Fiction K through Fiction M range. Fiction M can contain adult language, themes and suggestions. Detailed descriptions of physical interaction of sexual or violent nature is considered Fiction MA and has not been allowed on the site since 2002.


Now, this is interesting. I can only assume someone who saw the sexually explicit stories in Fictionpress’ Romance section decided to start asking questions. Either that or a concerned parent saw the graphically detailed stories in the Horror section. The odd thing is M Rated stories are not automatically included in searches and listings. You have to manually include them or look them up.

Many authors were counting on the ambiguity of the M Rating’s description to write mature scenes some would take offense to otherwise. There was no deliberate intent on the author’s part to deceive the reader with the rating. There’s also the fact some authors don’t know what would and wouldn’t be considered M or MA. Considering the nature of FP’s Romance and Horror sections, I’m going to petition the admins to allow an exception in the case of those two areas.

The admins are kidding themselves if they think suddenly wanting to enforce the ToU after being SILENT for most of the last 10 years will be very effective.  They know all too well about Archive of our Own, which has been going well out of its way to do everything FP/ does better. They stepped in after FP/’s admins abandoned the site a few years back and have demonstrated they do care about authors and their stories.

…All things considered, a mass-delete of offending stories isn’t out of the question. Although they never said they would do that they never said they wouldn’t. They seriously need to drop this “…will result in the immediate removal of your account” crap. If that’s the only thing they can do they haven’t learned anything in the last 10 years. I’ve been using both FP and for the last 10 years myself. Their whole lead from behind stratedgy is a failure, more so since they don’t answer emails from their membership. When people feel they’re being ignored they move on to something else.

Some of you may recall I’ve threatened to leave FP several times in the past and for a year, I boycotted I’ve had a membership at Ao3 all this time but barely used it because I felt FP/ was still worth something. If the admins do go this route I will have no choice but to move my stories to Ao3. ALL of them. I refuse to support a site that would do that to people. They should’ve enforced the rules from the beginning, not wait 10 years to enforce them.


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