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PayPal Buttons now up and ready for business   Leave a comment

I’ll go into detail on each blog over the course of the week but as of today there is a PayPal button on all of my blogs. For the time being they’re there if you would like to provide financial support. That’s why they’re there overall. To repeat what I said in yesterday’s blog you DO NOT need a PayPal Account to send someone with a PayPal account money. This is a common assumption people who don’t like PayPal or just aren’t aware of have. When you click the button you will see the same screen you’d see if you clicked one of the donate buttons in the forums. I changed the link in the button code to direct folks there for the sake of convenience on the users’ part.

There’s no minimum. Just give what you can. Wait actually there are exceptions when it comes to my original work over at Aurabolt’s Fiction Press. I will be selling digital copies of my stories starting next month. More info on that will come tomorrow along with pricing for select stories. Aside fromt that it’s up to you. In case anyone’s wondering aside from goods or services offered for sale from time to time there will be no charge to continue using my blogs and forum. My reasons for adding the PayPal buttons are purely commercial to be blunt but unlike some sites I will not modify the site in ways to force people to pay to make use of the blogs.

When I have something for sale it will be announced in the blog the service or goods pertain to.

I turn 29 in 6 Days but until then…   Leave a comment

I figure I pick now to introduce a new feature: PayPal Donation buttons.

Those who frequented the original website and forums may remember them. They were everywhere. And they were were never used. Not even once. I’m hoping that’ll change thanks to the blog ring I’ve established here on WordPress.

I’m not home at the moment so for now Click here if you’d like to send me money. There is no minimum amount. Just whatever you feel like giving. Contrary to popular belief you DO NOT need to have a PayPal account to send money toi people who use PayPal.

If you need some incentive, here’s something: If I receive $50 or more by March 31 I will release the Power Points for the panels at Anime Boston 2013. While true I was already planning to release the powerpoints free of charge I’ll up the ante and say this: All who donate at least $10 get my Clannad Power Point as it will be when I use at at my panel. The finished product has music plus a couple stuff only subscribers will get access to.

Speaking of which, Supscriptions (through PayPal) will be coming to my Fanfiction, Fiction Press and Video Game Blogs. I’ll speak more to those in more detail on the respective blogs as all my blogs have a specific target audience in mind. I don’t want to confuse people ^_^

Anywho, the donation buttons should be up and running on all five blogs in the next day or two. If you like what you see and you’re sble to, I hope you’ll consider wiring me some funds!

Four months removed from the anniversary of Gangnam Style’s debut comes the next Dance Craze   Leave a comment

Back in the day when I was a grade schooler people could not get enough of Billie Jean, Thriller¬† and by extension, The Moonwalk and the Thriller Choreography respectively. When I got a bit older it was all about the Macarena. Around the time I was wrapping up my second year in City Year all the kids were talkin’ about the You’re a Jerk. Two years later it was the Soulja Boy.

Fast forward to 2011: LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem.

Last year PSY’s Gangnam Style smashed the #1 views spot on You Tube previously held by Justin Bieber’s Baby.

This year it’s all about Baaeur’s remix of The Harlem Shake.

I haven’t done it in a while so I’ve attached a poll to this blog post. Two, actually. They are both below. In answer to what both polls are asking, my all-time favorite of the four is Gangnam Style followed by Party Rock Anthem. I can do the Horse Dance and am working on Shufflin’. In answer to the question of weather I think The Harlem Shake can overcome Gangnam style, my answer’s no. Unlike Gangnam Style The Harlem Shake’s presence on You Tube is all about the parodies and showing off your own dance moves. Party Rock Anthem and Gangnam Style have spoofs yes but there is THE song that made them famous.

There’s a reason Gangnam Style sits at the #1 spot. It’s because people still can’t get enough of the dance. I’m not saying The Harlem Dance won’t enjoy any success. It just won’t be on the same scale in regards to You Tube hits.

Let’s do a comparison: The original Gangnam Style video ALONE had ALL of the Harlem Shake videos numbers’ combine (as of today) after a month plus an additional 500,000,000. By the end of the year it hit the 1 Bullion views mark. Honestly no one Harlem Shake video can hope to reach Gangnam Style’s 1.3 BILLION hits. It’s simply not possible.

Weather you agree with me or not please answer the poll question(s) to the best of your ability. The Poll will close at the end of the year and results will be shown once you have voted. I don’t want to be accused of vote stuffing so I will not participate myself. That’s why I gave you may answers in this blog post. For the purposes of reference feel free to rewatch the YouTube videos embedded into this blog.

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