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Concerns continue to grow over Trump White House Appointments   Leave a comment

Last weekend, I said I was unconcerned when it was announced Steve Bannon would be Trump’s Chief Strategist.

The laundry list of names Trump is considering for high-ranking positions in what some on Social Media is calling the “White’s House”–both as a jab and as praise–are White Men who are all known racists and biggots, many of whom even the rank & file GOP have a problem with. Men turned away from government roles in the past at the door because of their White Supremicist views are getting another chance at power and policy shaping through Donald Trump.

If you are not a non-Jewish White man, you have every reason to be concerned. With the appointments being made so far, the Trump Administation has made one thing clear: If you are not a white man, your rights as a United States citizen can and should be revoked. White women are not exempt as those who supported Trump will learn the hard way. LOL. President Obama voiced his concerns during press conferences in Greece and Germany earlier this week. It was carefully worded for the media but it was hard to miss the truth hidden within the truth.

Remember President Obama’s strong warning 1 year from now: President Obama warned against America adopting an “Us and Them” mindset, which is exactly what happened during the presidential campaign. This mindset has also continued in the almost 2 weeks since the election. He also warned against the dangers of America fracturing into a tribalistic approach to interacting with each other. Unfortunately, this was a mindset that took hold because he took office as America’s first African American President.

There is another piece at play in addition to this. As much as I wanted to deny it, the inconvenient truth is The Internet has become a place for ideas and principles to grow, thrive and of spread. Unfortunately, the most prevalent is toxic. Reddit is the posterchild for this. In recent years, it’s been joined by Twitter. Both Social Media platforms are havens for hate speech, biggotry and toxic commentary in general.

It should come as no surprise the divisive rhetoric from the presidental campaign was not only considered “normal” by the American Public but was encouraged, for the most part. The commentary posted online betrays the outward appearance so many want to maintain. Both the Dems and the GOP are directly responsible for ensuring the incoming president will have to contend with an America more divided than it was four years ago. I want to say the GOP has a moral obligation to reign in the extreme elements in their ranks but after they shut down the government six years ago, I’m not expecting even that much from them.

Now, it was fairly obvious Trump finally understood the magnitude of the office of POTUS for the first time when he met with President Obama last week. The emotion in his voice during the press statment was 100% genuine. That was when he realized he was in over his head. All the more reason for him to surround himself with a diverse staff who are not just looking out for their own interests. Most of the appointments and the names being considered don’t could care less about him or the county. They only care about the power being in the White House will bring them.

It’s also fairly obvious Trump’s team is planning around him, which would confirm what I said last week: Trump is going to be a puppet while those around him will do all the work. Expect him to rubber stamp policies proposed by those around him because “it’ll make our friends happy” or “This was what you were elected to do”. Of course, Trump himself will be on the hook for everything that goes wrong weather he likes it or not. On that note, I stand by what I said in my last post when I said Pence is being set up to assume the Oval Office right now by the rank & file. His level of involvement in the White House cabinet positions…it’s more than just an advisory role. Not Dick Cheaney-level but close.

The rank & file GOP have an ally in Mike Pence, who is a former Congressman himself. Expect him to be the real muscle behind the incoming administration, not Trump himself.



Could Mike Pence be doing more than just helping Trump pick cabinet members?   Leave a comment

The more I thought about it this afternoon, the more I’m sure of some speculation more and more people have been thinking about regarding incoming Vice President Mike Pence (a former congressman and the soon to be former Governor of Indiana). As most are probably aware, the incoming V.P. started taking point in the cabinet appointments this morning. There is growing speculation this is more than just an effort to organize the process: He could very well be positioning himself to assume the Oval Office.

The more I think about it, the more sure I am Trump and Pence are planning for the very real possability the president-elect will not finish his term due to impeachment or resignation (there is a precident for both from Andrew Jackson, Richard Nixon and almost Bill Clinton). As a reminder, Trump is scheduled to stand trial on December 13 to answer to sexual assault charges. Even if that “goes away”, Trump has pending litigation over the course of the next year and a half as well for similar reasons. Naturally, he will be forced to resign or be impeached should he be convicted–which is a real possbility–a reality Trump and Pence would naturally plan for and around.

Corporate Media’s playing dumb to keep the GOP happy but I think this is the REAL reason the Republican Party was quick to get in the tailwind of Trump’s election victory. The GOP takes care of their own, which Pence–a former Congressman–is, after all. I always found it more than a little strange Trump specifically chose Mike Pence and not Christie, Carson or Gingrich as his V.P. When you take the real possability Trump may not finish his term, it makes sense.
I’ll pause here and say I’m not bringing this up now to either make Dems feel “hopeful” or make Republicans “upset”. I’m just being real. Weather you dislike or support Trump–or don’t care either way like me–it is a real possability. Not saying it’s guaranteed to happen or I’m hoping for it but it’s certainly something folks should seriously think about moving forward.
The process of Pence’s succession to President should it happen has precident: We know from Nixon’s resignation (Gerald Ford, the V.P. at the time succeeded Nixon as President) that Pence would serve the rest of what would have been Trump’s term. Because he wasn’t elected, he could then run for President himself in 2020 but it would be considered a re-election in his case since he was part of the Trump/Pence ticket.
I urge folks to pay close attention to who is being appointed to Trump’s cabinet, more so given Pence himself is now taking point in the process. It may matter much more than we realize right now. I have nothing concrete to support what’s just a feeling that I have. Again, I’m not wishing for or hoping against anything. I’ve had this feeling before about other things and have learned to not ignore it. It’s a crazy vibe I’ve got and it’s probably why I’ve been so indifferenct since election day.
These truly are some crazy times in America. I’m of the mindset it’s no longer appropriate for anyone who cares about their life in America to be ignorant of what’s going on at the national level. Not anymore. Not saying you need to be in the know on everything but there should be a general awareness. I actually think local and state politics matter much more as it’s much closer to you and it’s more personal.

I will end with this: This is not a forshadowing and I don’t want this to be viewed in that way. I’m just stating my opinion based on a feeling that may end up being nothing at all. I felt felt this way so suddenly and so strongly, I felt I had to share it publicly.

Steve Bannon’s appointment to Trump Administration confirms fears and concerns by most of America   2 comments

…It was the announcement made Sunday that most Trump supporters were looking for excuses to justify. Stephen Bannon, a well known White Supremicist and leader of of the Alt-Right Movement was announced as being Trump’s Chief Strategist. In the two days since his appointment was announced Neo Nazis, the KKK and other White Supremecist groups in the U.S. have celebrated Bannon’s appointment. In him, they have a champion and a man who will push their agenda in the White House.

Even Fox “News” has called Bannon’s appointment “cause for concern”. In an article released this morning, NY Post Columnist and Civil Rights Activist Shaun King called Bannon’s appointment “confirmation of the fears of many Americans have about a Trump Presidency”. There has been nationwide and worldwide condemnation of Bannon going back 30 years. Anti-Discrimination groups were quick to come out and condemn his appointment to Chief Strategist. The ACLU is chomping at the bit to take Trump to court at the drop of a hat.

I really do feel for those who legit feel Trump should be given a chance. Not just because they want to give him the benefit of the doubt but because they truly believe he can be a positive force for change depending on who he surrounds himself with.

I felt that way myself until Sunday.

Now, I’m actually very relieved to see Trump is still following the GOP script as he’s being advised to (LOL). That’s a very good thing. President Obama basically said the American people should wish for Trump to have a successful presidency but he wasn’t saying it for the sake of maintaining the tradition of a peaceful transfer of power.

Let me put it this way: An experienced airline pilot retires and a new pilot with no airtime logged will be flying your plane. It’s a flight you absolutely must take despite the risks. You don’t hope things go horribly wrong knowing the pilot will basically be seeing the inside of the cockpit for the very first time. You hope the plane makes it to its destination safely. THAT is the point President Obama is trying to make to the Dems and everyone else on the Left. Sure, there is a giant Red Flag that will now have alot of power in the White House but this is where the American people come in. It’s our job to hold Trump accountable just like Republicans held Obama accountable for even sneezing wrong.

So, yeah. I’m very happy to see Bannon’s appointment should it become a done deal.

Let me explain: Republicans have been wasting no time calling the other side “whiners” and “sore losers” because Hillary Clinton lost the election and the GOP now controls Washington. In fact, they’re calling the nationwide protests “Liberal fearmongering” and the protesters “professional protesters”. The Republican Party has maintained the narrative of denying Climate Change despite overwhelming evidence of the contrary (Trump does acknowledge it). They want to regulate a woman’s body (Trump is a well known sexual predator). They view Homosexuality as a mental disorder (Trump does have openly Gay employees and friends) and view Transgender Women as “Perverted Men”. The GOP has traditionally undermined the efforts of non-Whites to advocate for equality (Trump personally does believe in equality). Republicans want to close the boarders to immigrants from the Middle East, Africa and South America (Trump called for building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico boarder but has since softened it to building a fence in certain parts of the boarder). They claim to be in pro-life but have done little to advocate for the lives of ALL Americans in practice.

I could go on.

The GOP has always maintained the narrative to their base “The Dems want to regulate everything, take away your guns and give your jobs to immigrants”. They have maintained the narrative “Blacks could care less about making anything of themselves outside sports, comedy, music and acting.”. They have a way of overlooking legit concerns Dem raise as “Partisan politics” and “Not wanting to cooperate with them”. The GOP has a well documented track record going back 60 years of wanting to be in the way of meaningful change where it counts. The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is one such area. Their only concern during the 6 years it’s been on the books has been repealing it. Trump has said he will revamp the ACA but not get rid of it.

Yes, Donald Trump will be the 45th President but as he said in his own words, he will need to be the president of ALL people. Giving his family members top clearance is Nepotism and is actually against the law. His kids will run the Trump Empire while he’s in the White House. Anyone who doesn’t see a problem with the Trump Company having access to classified information knows nothing of how business and trade are supposed to work. It actually flies in the face of what a company stands for when you think about it.

In addition, appointing a known White Supremicist even the GOP rank & file have a problem with ensures division during his presidency. The only people celebrating his appointment are White Supremicists and Hate groups who have already wasted no time asserting themselves and their rhetoric across the country. Bannon being the Chief Strategist is actually a blessing in diguise. The GOP severely underestimates the fears of the international community in regards to the resurgence of racism in America.

Bannon being in Trump’s cabinet will only confirm those concerns were well-founded and simply give them cause to openly bash the Trump Administration. The GOP is calling the national protests “Liberal crybabies”. Conservatives feel since they “won” and the Dems “lost”, they have a free pass to rub it in their faces as much as they want and establush their dominence.

…Folks in the U.S. who are in the line of fire need to dig in and document everything that happens over the next four years. And smile.

It’s like I said in this blog post the week of the RNC. The Republican Party has a number of fatal flaws and is clearly divided. The divisions from 10 years ago with the Republican Party have only DEEPENED, not mended. You have the GOP, the Tea Party and now the Alt-Right. Paul Ryan is simply giving lip service when he says “The GOP is united and 100% behind Trump”. It’s obviously far from that. LOL.

Yes, we should hope Trump has a successful presidency. Some people question how calm President Obama has been in the week since the election that gave Washington to the GOP.  The GOP and Conservatives being sore winners is all the more reason to put on your best smile. They are in control of Washington for the next 2 to 4 years. No one forgot Bush 43’s two terms. It wasn’t that long ago. Fewer still forgot the emergence of the Alt-Right and the Tea Party Movement during President Obama’s two terms either.

The GOP will have the keys to the truck now. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Developing Story: Anti-Trump Protests in several U.S. Cities   Leave a comment

This should come as no surprise. Neither the protests or the timing for them.

Amazing what a night does, yes? In the hours after Trump clinched the election overnight, protesters set trash fires in Oakland. This country is heading in a dark direction–a direction it chose and CLEARLY doesn’t want to accept the responsability for. As I said this morning, we are getting the president we DESERVE in Trump.

Both Sanders and Trump ran anti-Establishment campaigns. The Dems torpedoed Sanders from the beginning and basically told the country “You’re a fool if you don’t vote blue.” Unsurprisingly, the Dems misread all the obvious signs. Even worse, they followed Corporate Media’s lead and dismissed all signs pointing to Trump doing exactly what he did. The FBI basically trolling Trump supporters on Monday by saying they don’t reccommend pressing charges against Clinton was likely the last straw. That was what likely galvanized so many to vote for him in key swing states. I wouldn’t say it’s the main factor but it definitely was a factor.

The rank and file have every right to be worried. Trump winning was a strong message to them: Change is coming to Washington. To top it off, the Republicans will control all three branches of Government going into January 17 when Trump takes the oath of office. Nevermind the fact Trump has made priority 1 undoing everything the sitting president did over the last 8 years.

These are some uncertain times in America. The last time we were at this point was right after the 2000 election, Things went to hell in a basket fast after 9/11–during Bush 43’s first year of his first term in office. I’m expecting a similar incident to happen within Trump’s year in office. Something to give him reasonable cause to revoke 1st Amendment Freedoms. Speaking of, Trump’s proposed “Freedom of the 1st Amendment Act” will make racism and discrimination legal “on religious grounds”. In other words, employers will have a free pass to discriminate against anyone who is LGBTQ.
On that note, it is worth pointing out Trump is scheduled to stand trial in a sexual assault case on December 13. It’s certainly unprecedented. The possability of Trump being convicted–a long shot in my honest opinion–would mean Mike Pence becomes the 46h President for the rest of the term. I say it is a remote possability but one worth considering. Gerald Ford was the last VP to succeed a sitting president after Nixon resigned following the Watergate scandal. If Trump ends up being convicted before or after being sworn in, we would have a situation where Pence would assume the Oval Office as the 46th President of the United States. A remote possability but certainly possible.

The upside to Trump winning is the progressive movement set in motion by Bernie Sanders will endure.  In fact I expect it to blossom, thrive and possibly bear some fruit during the 2018 mid-terms. Those who would normally sit on the sidelines now have a reason to get involved in their area and speak out about the things that matter to them. They have to if they want to avoid 8 years of Trump.

Conservatives and racists probably see this as open season on everyone else but no so fast: The protests going on right now are a message to Trump and his supporters things aren’t going to be as clear-cut as they think. The people are showing the incoming administation they are not going to go away quietly. Trump WILL compromise if he wants to be a unifying force. He has no choice if he wants to have a decient presidency. Obama will tell him that tomorrow, among other things.

Speaking of, some people are talking about having their state cecede. The same talk was made in 2004 and 2012. I have seen nothing substatial beyond wishful thinking. Besides, it wouldn’t be that easy anyway. It would take a large amount of prepwork in advance for starters. The state would also be able to have a strong enough economy to independently support itself. No state has such infrastructure in place.

While I’m not allowing myself to pulled into the emotional crap so many people I know are and have been during the campaign, I do not see a Trump presidency as the end of America as we know it.

…I view it as an act of God.



Introducing the 45th President of the United States   Leave a comment

President-Elect Donald Trump

It was the Election Day outcome most of the world did not want and America “never saw coming” but it is official:

Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.

The proverbial “Nightmare Scenario” is now a reality. No, not Trump winning the White House but the GOP controlling Washington. The Republicans control the House, the Senate and soon the Supreme Court. THAT is an even bigger problem in comparison. Think about this: If Hillary actually won, we would’ve had four more years of deadlock. In a strange twist of irony, Trump winning the White House prevents that scenario.

…I want to go back to something I said several times in the last few months now. Now, I said this election was scripted. I said Trump was being paid to run for president. I still believe that to be true. I also believe even though she lost the election, Hillary Clinton won. She fell by the sword–not literally of course–for the good of the party. It’s no secret Trump is a friend of the Clintons so you can expect the so-called “bad blood” between them to be gone by noon today. LOL.

The fact that the outcome comes as such a shock to the country, nevermind the world is what I find so amusing and hypocritical. The world wished for this for assuming the outcome was decided. It technically was from a certain point of view. I was expecting the biggots and racists to come out and vote in large numbers. I expected people to vote for Trump out of spite towards Hillary. On those two counts I was spot-on. What I didn’t expect was Trump having such a decisive victory.

Trump prettymuch had the election won at 1AM Wednesday morning. Let’s not beat around the bush. It’s also true that there is alot of fear and uncertainty with what a Trump Administration may bring. Trump made alot of promises during the campaign and experts are expecting him to do everything in how power to keep them. Checks and balances may prevent some of them from being kept–namely Obamacare being repealed and a wall being built along the U.S.-Mexico Boarder–but most will likely be kept. It’s just a question of which ones.

Donald Trump ran as an anti-establishment candidate. He will be the first president in American history who has no background in Politics or the Military, making him a true outsider (Reagan was a governor before he became president). Clinton knows this was likely her last chance to run for president and at the very least, did her part of ensuring the will of the people ultimately won out. Deep down, she knew the danger in becoming the next president. She took on a massive amount of pressure onto herself knowing her winning was not a sure thing. I also think deep down, she knew Trump had a real shot at winning.

Let’s not mince words here: The only people who never saw this coming are the media and establishment Democrats and Republicans. Sweet irony.

President Obama will be in office for 77 more days including today. He is scheduled to privately meet with President-Elect Trump on Thursday and called him to congratulate him on winning overnight. Believe it or not, personally they actually don’t have a problem with each other. The transfer of power will be smoother than most are expecting.

I’m almost certain one of the things they will discuss during that first meeting is Obamacare. I’m sure Obama will make the case to him to keep it just to surprise people. Reform it but keep it. in place. It’s part of Obama’s legacy as president just like No Child Left Behind was Bush 43’s. It will be reformed but I don’t expect it to go away completely like NCLB was reformed under Obama.

Obama will likely spend his last two and a half months in office getting the rank and file to support the President-Elect. From what I’ve been hearing, Bernie Sanders’ progressive movement is undergoing a revival. Like I’ve said before, look to the 2020 election.

I’ll speak more to this at a later time but now I can watch TV without fear of seeing political ads. At least not until 2020. LOL.



Teaser Trailer for Power Rangers 2017 released   Leave a comment


…You are now free to breathe again.

Saban is taking an interesting route with this movie, which is rebooting and reimagining the series from the very beginning. It’s presumed there will be a TV series on Nickelodeon but that has not been set in stone. No question Nick wants to see how the movie does before they commit to a series. The only people Saban might have trouble getting for the TV series are Elizabeth Banks, who plays Rita Repulsa and Byran Cranston, who plays Zordon.

The thing I like about the teaser trailer is just enough is shown to generate interest and give you an idea but not too much in terms of the flow of the story or plot. It feels familliar to those familliar with the original 1993 series but is accessible to those who are not. Saban clearly has a mature audience in mind with the reboot, which is very encouraging. With the movie, you’re able to slow down the pacing just enough to give each of the Rangers a decient amount of plot development.

Jason, Zack, Billy, Trina and Kimberly of the new Power Rangers movie.

One thing I definitely want to comment on now is the racial makeup of the Black (Asian), Blue (Black) and Yellow (Latino/Hispanic) Rangers. Like the original 1993 series, this was done on purpose. I’m pretty disgusted by those who are pissed the race/color assignments from the original series for two of the Rangers–Black Ranger was Black and Yellow Ranger was Asian–is different this time. Saban got away with perpetuating stereotypes 20 years ago but decided not to rehash things in that way for the reboot.

Saban should be applauded for taking the high road, especially given the Social Justice issues in America right now. That aside, everything else including character names is the same. Trini’s name is Trina since the actress is Latino/Hispanic. Billy is still the group’s genius and as shown in the trailer, he rigs an explosive to the cliff and blows out the Power Coins. Jason has some issues with the law enforcement and moves to Angel Grove with his father (who he seems to have issues with) to get his life back on track. Kimberly has social issues at school and Zack is a bit of loner.

I like how real the Rangers are being portrayed. They each have their own issues that they’re dealing with. Stuff that can related to. Then they have to deal with an enemy from another world that has no problem exploiting their human weaknesses. Based on her comment in the teaser, this is clearly not Rita’s first time fighting Rangers. I’d be very interested in learning more about Rita’s backstory. An easy to miss easter egg in the above screenshot: The Green Ranger’s Power Coin. The popular theory is that battle suit is actually Rita channeling the power of the Green Ranger.

Of course, you can’t talk about Power Rangers and NOT talk about Zords. Pictures of the new Zords have been released but zoomed in. Looks like we’ll have to hope they’re featured in the next trailer. It is interesting to note the Rangers gain superhuman abilities as demonstrated in the trailer. The guys are ripped (Jason basically slaps off a chunk of a sink), they can breathe underwater and they can jump Super Mario style over ravines. Zords aside, it’s interesting to note neither Zordon or Alpha are shown in the teaser trailer. Likely intentional but we can probably expect one or both of them to appear in the next trailer.

…Now that we’ve looked in the future, let’s go over the original Power Rangers cast for the sake of nostalgia ^_^

  • Walter Jones: Played Zack, the original Black Ranger. Storywise, Zack left with Jason and Trini to attend a Youth Summit in 1995. In truth Walter, Austin and Thuy were in a contract dispute with Saban and left the cast for those reasons. In a 2011 interview, Walter revealed his only regret leaving when he did was missing out on being in the movie. The cast apparently found out 20th Century Fox wanted a Power Rangers movie in the fall of 1994 after the contracts were re-negotiated.
  • Amy Jo Johnson: Played Kimberly, the original Pink Ranger. Storywise, Kimberly left after being presented with the opportunity to train with a famous Gymnastics instructor. In truth Amy left because her contract was expiring and she opted out renewing for another season. At the time she was cast, Amy was actually the most experenced cast member with prior acting experience (1991’s Susie Q). She makes a cameo appearance alongside Austin in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1998).
  • David Yost: Played Billy, the original Blue Ranger. Storywise, Billy was pulled out of the role of a Power Ranger in the buildup for Power Rangers Zeo because he wasn’t compatible with any of the Zeo crystals. He falls in love with the Pink Alien Ranger and decides to stay on their homeworld, Aquatar. In truth, David was retired as a Ranger but kept in a supporting role on the show for the final year of his contract. David, who is Gay and came out to his fellow castmates pitched having this incorporated into his character to teach tolerence. Saban reportedly turned down the idea in fear of backlash from the network and angry parents.
  • Thuy Trang: Played Trini, the original Yellow Ranger. Storywise, Trini left with Jason and Zack to attend a Youth Summit in 1995. In truth Thuy, Austin and Walter were in a contract dispute with Saban and left the cast for those reasons. Thuy died in a car accident in 1999. According to a rumor, Thuy was on the short list of people Saban was looking at to have an on-screen mentorship role for the new Ranger team in the second half of Turbo.
  • Austin St. John: Played Jason, the original Red Ranger. Storywise, Jason left with Zack and Trini to attend a Youth Summit in 1995. In truth Austin, Walter and Thuy were in a contract dispute with Saban and left the cast for those reasons. Austin later returned three times. First, he came back as the Gold Ranger in the second half of Power Rangers Zeo. He also makes a cameo appearance alongside Amy in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1998). He returned one more time in the Power Rangers Wildforce Episode Forever Red (considered by most PR fans to be the greatest Episode Ever) where he is the original Red Ranger once again. After his run on Zeo, Austin became a firefighter in his hometown where he works to this day.
  • Jason David Frank: Played Tommy, the original Green and White Rangers. The most famous and most decorated actor in Power Rangers history, you can’t talk Power Rangers and NOT mention JDR. Jason had the longest run of the original team and even stayed involved behind the scenes after his contract expired a shortly after Power Rangers Turbo began. He played the Red Ranger in both Zeo and Turbo and came back as the White Ranger once more almost 10 years later in Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Jason also appeared in the Wild Force Special Forever Red as the Red Zeo Ranger and the Megaforce Special as the original White Ranger. JDR left for good after his run on Dino Thunder to pursue a career in MMA full-time.

…There you have it.

The only former Power Ranger more famous than JDR is Johnny Bosch Young, who became a voice actor after his run on the show ended. How they handled the handover in Turbo was pretty classy: They had the veterans recruit their replacements more or less. This showed with the mentorship aspect before the transfer of power happened. The story goes, JDR and Bosch basically told Saban they wanted Austin to play the Gold Ranger in Zeo and threatened to walk out if they didn’t make it happen.

That’s a rumor I heard in 2004. Another rumor was Amy wanted to come back for the Turbo movie so she was brought in with Austin in cameo roles. Fans of Zeo were likely familiar with Austin but may not have remembered Amy. They didn’t hype up the fact two former rangers would be making an appearance and it worked.

Most of the former Rangers do attend conventions throughout the year though it’s much harder for Austin due to work (I believe he’s with the Sacrememto Fire Department). Amy announced last year at a convention she was moving on from her identity as the original Pink Ranger. Now in her early 40s, Amy recently released her first movie as a Producer and Director. David works in the industry offscreen. Everyone still keeps in touch and they often run into each other at conventions.


Former NBA All-Star Ray Allen announces retirement   Leave a comment
Then Free Agent Ray Allen’s surprise announcement caused a stir this past August when he announced he was returning after being away for two years. He last played in 2014 for the Cavs. Speculation ran rampant in terms of which team would be chomping at the bit to sign the two-time NBA Champion (won with the 2008 Celtics and the 2013 Heat).

…Turns out no one wanted the 41-year old despite his impressive resume. Upon hearing of his retirement, former Celtics teammate and Bulls Guard Rajon Rondo apparently said “I thought he already retired”. Allen, who owns several businesses in Miami never actually retired…until now. Clearly not the end he was looking for but it’s probably for the best.

Ray “The King of Threes” Allen is the ALL-Time Leader in 3-Pointers taken and made–2,973, Made out of 7,429 Attempts–a record Steph Curry would have to play AT LEAST another 10 years to threaten, let alone break (Curry’s record is currently 1,605). Allen was a member of the Celtics when he broke Reggie Miller’s record (2,560), which many thought would never be touched. As the 2015-16 Golden State Warriors proved last year, records are made to be broken. LOL.

Steph Curry is probably the only active NBA Player who as of right now could break Ray Allen’s record in about 10 years. Paul Pierce, who beat Ray Allen in the Three Point Contest when they were teammates (Celtics) is in third place.
Speaking of The Truth. All three former members of the Celtics’ then New Big Three (Pierce, Allen and Garnett) will have retired come the end of the 2016-17 NBA Season. Pierce is retiring at the end of the Clippers’ Playoff run and will sign a 1-day contract with the Celtics so he can retire a Celtic. KG retired over the summer as well and seems to have already found work as a member of the NBA on TNT broadcast team. K.G. is a legend to both Celtics and T-Wolves fans for separate reasons (he is the best player the T-Wolves ever had and he won his only title with the Celitcs). Pierce will always be considered a Celtic despite ending his career with 3 other teams (The Nets, Wizzards and Clippers).

…It truly is the end of an era in Celtics history overall.

What I’m happy to say is unlike the 1980s with the disaster that was Len Bias (died from a drug overdose the night he was drafted), the Celtics have a bright future ahead of them. Like the experts have said, the Celtics could challenge the Cavs in the East. They are the 3rd-favorited team to reach the NBA Finals from the East behind Toronto and Cleveland.  Unlike the 90s where continuity was a problem after Bird, McHale and Parish retired (1993, 1994 and 1996) the Celtics are a piece or two away from dominating the East like they did from 2008 to 2012.


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