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Breaking News: Serene to remain offline through 2013   Leave a comment

I thought about making a video but considering I have my WordPress linked to my Facebook and Twitter Accounts I was naturally reluctant to do that:


Unlike before my reasons are more than just financial this time. I simply don’t expect to have the time to commit to managing the site on top of everything else that will be going on with me during the new year. I work 8 hours five days a week through June. Given my commitments to the Mission Hill School, Anime Boston, my stories (Original and Fan Fiction) and College (curently taking two classes this Fall Semester) I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to handle running the site on top of all that.

Now, some of you may say the site’s simple enough to be able to work on for a bit at a time. Before I started using WordPress I’d have agreed with you. You have to keep in mind I’m the only one who works on Serene in addition to everything else I’ve worked on that you’ve come to know and love (or soon will). My site’s not big enough for me to able to turn to my friend Alex from Fantasy Anime and ask him to host In terms of traffic the main site and forums have always been quiet since they were first created.

Speaking of which, that’s the other reason I’ve decided not to bring back online: It would be a waste of my time. I won’t lie, owning my own domain name is the coolest thing ever. Being able to direct people to something I built from scratch was the most awesome feeling in the world. The problem: I didn’t feel my effort was being appreciated. When I really thought about it, the site failed to meet one of its chief goals and that was to make it something to remember. When I consider a scant few people actually bookmarked the site after five years, I knew it was time to end it.

When I look back I can’t say I didn’t have alot of ideas. The problem is I simply failed to connect to my target audience, more so if I didn’t get the traffic to show for it. Don’t get me wrong, I cared about more than just the potential hits per day on my site and forums. I wanted to give people a niche I felt was lacking in many of the circles I frequent. I also wanted to give those who know me personally the opportunity to see Brendan Aurabolt doing what he does best: Present information, news and a bit of fun in the way that only I can.

Clearly I failed at that with The site may return at a time I feel it will be needed. Right now, I don’t think the world was ready and neither was I. In case anyone may be wondering: I never made a cent during the time was online either vias PayPal or my Amazon-powered store. I paid for the monthly server space out of pocket and kept ad-free. Both were meant to be a source of revenue to keep the site open but clearly I put too much stock in that.

Things have been going well on WordPress, though. Being able to see how many hits I get per hour in real time is pretty cool. Not having to micro manage certain things like I did with is a nice break, too. Anywho, that’s all I gotta say on that.
Oh, one other thing: I created a Pinterest Account a few minutes ago. If you’re following me on Twitter you don’t need to do anything. For everyone else I’ll add the link to the Links Page I’m going to make sometime next week for all of my blogs.

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