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The Forums have a new look!   Leave a comment

For the first time since I opened the forums five years ago the Forums have undergone a change.

Not only that I’d like to welcome MauriceNigma212 as our new Forum Moderator. I invited her join in the conversation in things that relate to stories and Fanfiction and she accepted the invitation.  That’s not all. Watch this video:



Again my Skype name is Aurabolt84. See you guys next week!

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WordPress Links Updated   Leave a comment

I have updated all the links across my WordPress Blogs. You can reach the other blogs from here using the link to the left under the Search Box. From here, there is also the banner of links at the top of the page.

As a reminder anything related to video games, Anime, my Fanfiction or my original and Non-Fiction works should go to their respective blog. Everything else will be covered here.

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The New Blogs are now up!   Leave a comment

Two of them anyways: Video Games and Fanfiction.

I should have the Anime Blog up sometime on Wednesday. As for the Order of the Light one, I need to talk to the Guild Master and the other Guild Officers before I get to that. Those of you who are currently following me should have instant access. I will add links to the other blogs on Wednesday so that I can just update all the links at the same time.

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New Blogs Coming Soon   Leave a comment

It’s been a month, I know. I’ve given it some thought and I’ve decided to create a couple of new blogs that will focus on a few subjects. Don’t worry, I will link to them all from this blog.

Here are the proposed blogs:

  • Aurabolt’s Anime Blog: This blog will focus on Anime just like the Anime Section of the Main Site. I will only cover Anime I’m familiar with so be wary of that. There will be linkage to my Anime Planet Profile.
  • Aurabolt’s Game Blog: This blog will focus on Video Games just like the Video Games Section of the Main site. I have all of the current-gen systems except the Vita and will cover news and info about games for them. There will be linkage with my Twitter account on this one.
  • Aurabolt’s Fanfiction: This blog will focus on my Fanfics. I will announce updates to my stories here and request additional feedback as well. There will be linkage to my Profile.
  • The Order of the Light: This blog will follow the exploits of my WoW Guild on Cairne Alliance. I’ve been with the guild for 2 years now and have decided to commit our exploits to word.

That’s it. Everything else will be covered in this blog. I will roll out the blogs themselves either later this week or sometime early next week. Well, except my Fanfiction Blog. That one will be created later today =O

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