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“Fans” and Social Media voices outrage over Celtics 2016 NBA Draft Picks   Leave a comment[1].jpg?uuid=rPeZkjn-EeacRZn54wNRug

…The above picture is from the Draft Party held at the TD Garden in Boston last night. Based on the reactions to most of the Celtics’ picks you’d have thought Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Ben Wallace were all in this draft or something: Ben Simmons (76ers) and Brandon Ingram (Lakers) were taken and we knew where they were going. There was no surprise and this was prettymuch a two-man draft. All the teams knew this once they were taken so the focus was on getting roleplayers. From the Celtics’ standpoint, it was a matter of picking assets that can either be used right away or packaged to get a vet when free agency begins on July 1: One week from today.

The Celtics used the third pick to take Jalen Brown. The choice shocked everyone in the room, who thought the Celtics would have settled on Khris Dunn (drafted by the T’Wolves). The house crowd in Boston reportedly booed when Brown’s name was called along with 3 more of the other six picks the Celtics kept. The two picks Boston traded to Memphis for picks in 2019 were Dejonya Davis (Pick #31) and Rade Zagorac #35).

I agree with Danny Ainge and the pundits on this one: He’s a dark horse. Remember, Paul Pierce was drafted 10th in the ’98 draft and we know how he turned out after a few years. He became the face of the franchise is what happened. Same with Isaiah Thomas now in just his second year with the Celtics. By the way: I.T. was drafted LAST in the 2011 draft. So, yeah. Ainge knows what he’s doing getting Brown now. He can help the team NOW or Ainge would’ve traded for or signed him a few years from now.


Guerschon Yabusele shakes hands with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver after being selected number sixteen overall by the Boston Celtics during the 2016 NBA Draft. (Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler /NBAE via Getty Images)

Ante Zizic shakes hands with Commissioner Adam Silver after being drafted 23rd overall by the Boston Celtics. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Guerschon Yabusele (#16) and Ante Zizic (#23) rounded out the first round picks, both international players (France and Croatia respectively) and both are expected to remain in Europe for another year or two. I believe the term used is Draft and Stash. In the second round, Boston dealt its 31st and 35th picks to Memphis for future draft prospects.


Boston Celtics second-round draft pick Demetrius Jackson. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Ben Bentil speaks with the media after being selected 51st overall by the Boston Celtics at the 2016 NBA Draft. (Photo by Chris Marion/NBAE via Getty Images)

Boston Celtics second-round pick Abdel Nader. (Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images)

Demitrius Jackson (#45), Ben Bentil (#51) and Abdel Nader (#58) round out the three Round 2 Draft picks the Celtics kept. Of them, Bentil and Jackson got a positive fan reaction compared to the other Celtics picks.

Subtracting Jalen Brown, the traded picks and the two picks going overseas, that leaves 3 players who will be competing for a spot on the 2016-17 roster. Either Bentil or Jackson will stay. Bentil seems the most likely to join Brown based on their college stats and the Celtics’ needs.


That reminds me: Demetrius Jackson was noticably absent during the Celtics’ press conference a few hours ago in which the draft picks were formally introduced. No explaination was given though I can’t help but wonder a few things. He would certainly be enticing if h is part of a deal to get someone once free agency begins.

Brown and Bentil are both Forwards, which helps given how crowded the Guard spot in Boston is (Thomas, Bradley, Evans, Smart, Turner). There are actuaally more forwards on The Celtics Roster but like I said at the top, some are expected to be packaged with some Draft Picks in a deal to get a veteran player or two. These are the names I keep hearing people bring up on Facebook to be traded for <Insert Player Here>:

  • Jae Crowder (F)
  • Marcus Smart (G)
  • Avery Bradley (G)
  • Amir Johnson (F)


I’ll be blunt: Smart and Bradley are both staying. Period. No way in hell the Celtics are trading either of them, let alone both. They’re part of the core rotation like it or not. To lose either would drop the Celtics to fighting for 8th place in the Eastern Conference, which would be going backwards. Evan Turner getting hurt was what prevented the Celtics from beating Atlanta in the 1st Round. Basically what happened to Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving last year. I expect Turner and Jared Sullinger to resign with Boston on that note.

Crowder and Johnson along with Jonas Jerebko (F), RJ Hunter (G), John Holland (F/G) and Terry Rozier (G) could all be packaged with the picks the Celtics don’t keep or stash in Europe along with cash considerations for any two of a number of desirable Free Agents. These are just a few such players the Celtics could still get and put to work right away (current/former team in parenthises):

  • Kevin Durant (Thunder)
  • Joakim Noah (Bulls)
  • Gerald Green (Heat)*
  • Al Jefferson (Hornets)*
  • Kendrick Perkins (Pelicans)*
  • Austin Rivers (Clippers)
  • Josh Smith (Rockets)
  • Mario Chalmers (Grizzlies)
  • Hassan Whiteside (Heat)

*Denotes this player was originally drafted by the Celtics

…Notice I didn’t list Jimmy Butler. Joakim Noah decided to become a Free Agent, prettymuch making Butler untradable. No way they’re gonna do a complete reset like the Celtics were forced to do a few years back. I’d be very surprised if they trade him given Derek Rose was dealt to the Knicks to entice Kevin Durant come July 1st. D-Wade, DeRozan and LBJ are all expected to resign with their respective teams as well.

Al Jefferson and Gerald Green were famously part of the trade deal that brought Kevin Garnett to Boston. They’ve both improved since they left Boston 8 years ago. Kendrick Perkins played his first 8 seasons with the Celtics and was part of the ’08 Championship team. He’s played with LeBron James in Cleveland and Kevin Durant in OKC. He can give wisdom in dealing with them.

Clippers fans and analysts strongly believe it’s time for Austin Rivers to be cut lose in part so he can realize his full potential. He was traded to the Cippers from the New Orleans Bobcats the same year his father Doc Rivers became the President and Head Coach of the team. Rivers and Ainge are obviously still close despite their split over Rondo. No doubt the older Rivers would feel comfortable about his son playing for a franchise that’ll let him come into his own: Contrary to what was originally planned, Austin Rivers’ minutes were limited due to the superstars on the team.

Kevin Durant’s the most sought-after Free Agent of course. If the Celtics want him they will need to first get Joakim Noah, Mario Chalmers or Gerald Green. Just of them should be enough to get Durant, if not Josh Smith or Hassan Whiteside. If the Celtics get one of these three players, it could pull the trigger on a trade to bring DeMarcus Cousins, Paul Millsap or D’Angelo Russell to Boston.

Folks need to just chill out and be patient. Anyone who’s paying attention can easily see the Celtics are setting up to get a superstar or two via Free Agency and Trades. Kevin Durant’s the top prize but folks need to understand there are 7 other teams including OKC that want him. The T-Wolves were the other team close to getting Butler yesterday but with both Derrick Rose (Traded to the Knicks) and Joakim Noah (Free Agent) gone, the Bulls are not gonna give up Butler unless it’s for equal or greater value. They know all too well both the Celtics and Knicks both want him to get KD to sign with them.

Unlike the internet “Trade Experts”, Ainge has to plan around the liklihood another team or OKC signs Durant. He’s obviously going for him but if he doesn’t sign with Boston, he’s gonna want to make sure he can get someone else who can perform. The Celtics should start talking to Josh Smith now since there don’t seem to be alot of teams looking to get him. They should also start talking to at least half the other players I mentioned in my above list just to put the idea in their heads.



Developing Story: House Democrats Stage a Sit-In on the floor of Congress   Leave a comment

What can probably be called The NRA’s nightmare scenario has happened: House Democrats are staging a sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives in protest of the 53 mostly GOP Senators who voted in opposition of Gun Reform last Friday. Having had enough, Senator and Civil Rights icon John Lewis (Georgia-D) made the call for the sit-in yesterday. The protest began at 11:30AM EST today is still ongoing and in case you’re wondering, dozens of Senators and Representatives decided to join him.

The GOP cut the feed on CSPAN2 but CSPAN1, which normally covers the House of Representatives switched over to cover the protest via a live feed set up by Representatives Beto O’Rourke (Texas-D) and Scott Peters (CA-D). The feed is being streamed live via Facebook. A house aide explained in a tweet a short time ago the cameras are only on when the House is in session. Since that clearly isn’t the case, the cameras were turned off. Even so, we have Rep. O’Rourke amd Peters to thank for the live feed of the protest and CSPAN for picking it up. The video feed isn’t stable as it’s cut out a few times but the feed is still going strong 5 hours in now. CSPAN just announced Bernie Sanders is there and will speak shortly. In addition, Hillary Clinton is in town as well.

…The Dems, like the American people have had enough. They refuse to be on the wrong side of history, especially not on this subject. To those who don’t like this, remember the GOP did the same thing a few years ago out of spite for Obamacare: They refused to pass a budget until they could repeal or defund Obamacare, both of which they failed to do.

The stakes are much more than mere politics with what the Dems are doing: With this course of action, they have declared war on the NRA. They are reminding their GOP counterparts who they ALL represent: They are not there just to represent the NRA’s interests. They are there to represent the will of the American people first and foremost. As one caller said, the NRA is holding Congress hostage. Only Congress has the power to end the hostage situation. Until now, there has been an unwillingness by Congress to openly defy the NRA. That’s exactly what the Dems are doing.

Of course, you wouldn’t know about this if you watch Corporate Media: NONE of them are covering this. They should have cameras covering this in real time and instead, they’re focusing on Donald Trump. Shame on ALL of them. This is unacceptable though unsurprising given Corporate Media has made it clear for some time now that it wants to be on the wrong side of history.

Once again, Social Media does what Corporate Media won’t: Give the masses the truth. The protest is approaching Hour 6 but you wouldn’t know that if you watch CNN, Fox News or MSNBC.

Developing Story: Anonymous has Craigslist in their sights   Leave a comment

…The media is either ignoring this or hasn’t picked it up yet. I was browsing Craigslist just now when I came upon this ad in one of the Personals categories:

To The Flagger whom Thinks They Are GOD – mm4ww (FLORIDA)

Pathetic Uneducated Slobs who Cannot control their Pathetic Lives

Dear Flagger, It Has Come to our Unfortunate Attention that YOU, Who cannot Control Your Pathetic Life, and Feel That NO One Has A Right to Free Speach, where you Must Be In Control of Others Lives. We are Anonymous, We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget. We are Many yet we are One. We are The Embodiment of Humanity with No Caring, No Love, Lack of Morality and No Remorse. We Mock those who, Like You, Who are Uneducated and Less Fortunate SIMPLY BECAUSE we Can. You are Nothing but Worthless Piles of Decay, Who Think they can Control Every One Elses Life, and Always Give Themselves a Gold Star, and Pat their own Backs, Because NO One Cares About You. You Hide Behind a Computer Screen, and Glued to These Lists, Like Vepid Rot, with Nonhing Better to Do, than Be Jealous of Others, Who Don’t know you, and NEVER Will! YOU MUST ALWAYS FEEL in the Need To Interfer in Everyone Elses Life, because You Hate Your Own Pathetic Lives. This is Not Preschool, where you Need your Filthy Hands Held because of What Freedom of Speech is All About, What would you Do, when Your 16yo Daughter comes Home Pregnant, with Her 28yo BF? What would You be When The Waiter Spills Wine on You, Or, Your Mother Cannot Stomach You because of Your ***hole Ignorance? We are The Face of Chaos and The Harbingers of Judgement. We are Everywhere, Yet we Are Nowhere. You Think You Can control Everyone else, To make Your Dull, Seemingly Arrogant Selflessness is Not Worth a Penny and costs More to Every Worthless Hour you are Alive, We Are Legion, we have Been Monitoring ALL Craigslist Postings, and Have Traced Each One as a Direct Abomination of Freedom of Speech, a Hate Crime and in So Doing, will Be Dealt With Accordingly. A Binary Star System Is Approaching and is What is Known as the Destroyer Star / Nibiru System / Or in the Book as The Star Wormwood. Your Computer’s Have Now Been Selected to receive a Vital Blow to Your Disgusting State of Being. Nothing More than a Mouse, who is Ravaged with Plague. Your Computer and Cellular Devices will be Targeted for Destruction. As This Star System Nears, You will be Without Communication of Any kind or Type. Now, You Will know How Others Feel, when Their Freedoms are Depicted as Your Own to Control. The Only Communication you Will Have is Your 3rd Grade Education, and Selflfish Desire to Hold Control over Everything but your own Mind.Those of You whom Continually Police others While America’s Freedoms Are Being Taken Away by The Very Elect, Who Promised Protection that You Vote within, When Each Vote, is a Meaningless Waste of Time, as Each “Election” is Nothing More than a “Selection” by The Republican (Reptilian Elite) & The Democratic (Demonic) Political Scum, that Sell out America because of the Like of You, Have Nothing to Offer, but The Ignorance of a Tse Tse Fly, But, Rather Than Assisting Others Toward Peace, would Rather, Display their Ignorant, Snot Filled Faces with GMO Products and Slober over a Bingo Sheet, Instead, of Droll, Eaters of Lies whom Gather Together to create a Need for Government and Sold out Your Rights. The Dumb, like Yourselves, Who Vote, Like You Have Just Come From, or Work at MART*Law. You act Like Your Life is So Important, Yet You Appear as Some Whore getting F***ed in The Back Alley, While Drinking Your Daddys Everclear, and Playing with a Pipe Bomb in your Hemorrhoid Filled Mouths as Your Birth Rite. Are Nothing More than a Kindergarten coloring book Full of Worthlessness. We Are Coming, and, Your Disgrace, is Nothing More than Uneducated, Dumbed Down Stale Control as your Importantce Within Society is Measured Against a Deceased Alzhiemers Patient with a Stroke. A Jet Airliner Crashes, Killing All on Board, We Laugh, A Grown Pathetic Man takes His Anger out on a Cat, We Laugh, Hundreds Die in an Earthquake, We Laugh. We Are Protecting citizens Of Their Rights, From the Nazis whom you Are. Visions of Hell Await All Who Play GOD, robbing Those With the Same, Illalienable Rights, to the Same Rights of those Expecting Control over Others, as Acts of Hatred and Against the Constitutional Rights the United States. Expect Us! We are The End Gamers, Who Ruin Other People’s lives, Just Because We Can. We Only Have Desire for More and More, And, Now, Quite Simply, YOU HAVE GOT OUR ATTENTION!



I’m considering forwarding this to Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, who has a Facebook presence. He’s kept away from the site that bears his name since 2000 but given Anonymous has marked its next target…actually scratch that. He’ll find out soon enough.

More importantly, note the part I bolded. Looking at the format, it’s easy to dismiss this as gibberish. I’ve seen Anonymous’ calling card enough times to know this isn’t an idle threat. This is a warning and a promise of what’s to come very soon to everyone who uses Craigslist. Anonymous always gives those smart enough to pay attention time to get the hell out of the way.

Presumably everyone with an active CL Account will have their account(s) compromised and their info stolen and/or made public. I am not personally concerned given the email address connected to my Craigslist Account is one I set up only for Craigslist. It is not connected to any of my other online accounts in any way. I also haven’t used CL for more than a few months (I made the account in late January) and very infrequently at that. That said, I will not use CL after this week until September to be on the safe side.
This brings us to the big question: “Why is Anonymous targeting CraigsList?” I outlined the big reasons in my blog about the site last month and I’m honestly hoping that caught their attention. CraigsList’s sins are great and many. They are getting their reward as far as I’m concerned. I look forward to the fallout from this. CraigsList prides itself on the site being strictly community policed: There is no oversight from the admins. There actually are thousands of people who literally do nothing but flag ads just because they can. In every city. This is a guess on my part but this is who Anonymous’ message is directed at but I’m simply taking some additional precautions.

Anonymous will remind America that they’re still here when they take down CL. THAT is why they chose CL specifically: It’s a very high-profile site that’s become notorious for its unmonitored and unregulated ad posting system and more specifically, the Personals section. I touched on this in my previous blog post on the subject but folks post Personal ads on CL with unrealistic expectations. It’s become nothing but a place for people to find someone to have sex with. Those are the only Personal ads that have any hope of being responded to.

From what I’ve heard from longtime CL users, it wasn’t always that way. Clearly the CL Community wants it the way it is now so…yeah. Like I said before, the CL Community will be rewarded accordingly by Anonymous.

If I suddenly became very rich, here’s what I’d do   Leave a comment

This has the assumption I won the lottery in mind but I’m doing this in general.

To paraphrase Forrest Gump: A man only needs so much money to live on. The rest is just for showing off.

Let’s say I win a payout of 300 Million (WOOT!). After taxes, that’s about $245 Million. Fortunately, I already have a list of things I’d buy if I had more money than I’d ever need in my lifetime. I considered omitting some of what I’m about to share but since it’s my hypothetical money, I won’t hold back.


First, what I’d spend on myself:


This house:

Located in Boston’s Hyde Park neighborhood, it would be the first purchase I make. Asking price: $429,000. I considered not sharing the Real Estate web page but since it’s currently on the market, I figure why not. You would also obviously need to be well off to consider buying this house. I reccommend going to the website to see the house’s interior and backyard. And yes, this is a single-family home.

It’s not far from where I currently live. It’s also closer to Cleary Square for those with Google Earth/Maps handy. My polling station is at the nearby high school to boot so it’s win-win. After buying it, I would pay off the mortage for the next few decades–easily past the end of the average human lifespan–to ensure whoever gets the house after me lives rent-free for a long time. I would then spend about $4 Million furnishing the interior and another $2 Million on the exterior.

A few things I’d have done with the exterior include:

  • Solar panels on the roof
  • State of the air conditioning + heating
  • Mature fruit trees planted–Apple, Pear and Peach
  • 12-foot fencing along the perimeter of the property.
  • State of the art security system.

Before I forget, I don’t have a driver’s license so that means I don’t need to buy a car =D


I will deposit $5 Million into my Paypal Account. This will allow me to maintain all my subscription services including Netflix, Crunchyroll and WWE Network for the rest of my life. I would also obviously be able to play World of Warcraft and buy every game on Steam for the rest of my life if I wanted to. Plus alot of other stuff obviously.

I’d buy this island from the city of Boston. It would remain open to the public but I would develop the visitor center a little bit and add a heliport in the middle of the island. Given Spectacle Island was once a landfiill AND could often seen burning from the shore, it’s come a long way. The Visitor Center would be expanded and made into a 4-story building with a food court, toiletries and some lodging. Construction would be done in ways that wouldn’t severely disrupt the island’s ecosystem.


…I have a weakness for Rest Stops/Areas. Anyone who’s ever traveled cross-country by road has probably stopped at one even if to just for a quick toilet break. I would have five built in Massachusetts: One in Western MA, one in Central MA, one on the Cape and two in the Greater Boston Area: I would put one in Hyde Park (because why not?) and the other in Milton. They would both be non-invasive to both residents and wildlife while providing a service for both locals and those passing through. I’d invest $50 Million into this–$10 Million per Rest Area.
I’d put in $25 Million to have as many vacant retail locations around Boston filled ASAP. I would pay to have Best Buy or Barnes & Noble set up shop in a vacant building near my house on that note. The upside is as the landower, that’s more income for me ^_^

I’d invest $100 Million to have four container ships converted into floating hospitals. I’d then donate each of them to the four most known hospitals in Boston: Mass General, Boston Medical Center, Tufts Medical Center and Boston Children’s Hospital.

..By this point, I’d have about $61 Million left over. Subtracting the $11 Million I mentioned at the top for housing and PayPal, I’d have $40 Million left to play with. I’ll take off another $5 Million with which to live off of and give $20 Million to my family to figure out with the stipulation not a cent of it is to be donated to charity. This leaves $15 Million for me to use up.

Let’s see…

City Year gets $10 Million, four of which is toward the startup of 4 new sites across the country (The startup cost actually is $1 Million for a new site somewhere in the US).

…So now I’m down to my last $5 Million. I will give it to 25 people in Boston who fit in one of the following 5 groups:

  1. Young person who is trying to stay out of trouble
  2. Family in need of a bigger home
  3. Student who has difficulty fitting in at high school
  4. Family has a child with medical bills/needs
  5. Local business owner

Each person would get $100,000. To be eligable, you must be a resident of Boston. This will be verified before the check is given to you.  I will have sole discretion of who gets 100 Grand. What you do with it afterward is none of my business. Just don’t spend it all in one place XD

…To certain members of my Facebook friends and family, I didn’t forget about you: I expect alot of money to be left over from my real estate and shipbuilding ventures. You’ll get some of that money (WOOT!). So, if I ever suddenly find myself with a couple hundred million in cash, now you know what I’d do with it. Of course, there’s a few other things I’d do that I didn’t mention at all but that’s nothing worth sharing. LOL.




Ransomware is only scary if you follow its instructions   Leave a comment

…The only thing that it can really be compared to is coming home to your apartment and finding all the locks were changed. The landlord decided to randomly lock you out of your apartment and the only way he’ll let you in is if you give him the next six months’ rent. If you don’t pay up, within 72 hours, all of your belongings will be sold off to cover his asking price. That’s what being the victim of ransomware is like.

Let me put that another way. How would you react if you turned on your computer and saw this: course, most people who see the “Go to <Retailer>” bit know at once it’s a hoax. Contrary to what conspiracy theorists like to think, and what ransomware scammers want you to think, the only way someone else can remotely access your computer is if you give them permission to do so: In no way can your computer do that on its own.

Let’s look at another screenshot:
No doubt the timer on the bottom is an attempt to show you the person who created and distributed the ransomware is serious. You probably figured out from the flag in the top-right corner this ransomware originated from Russia. That and the broken English. The next page directs you to do the same as the first: Go to a retailer, buy MoneyPak Cards and then read the activation codes over the phone to a member of the scam ring.

Here’s one more pic I saved for last on purpose:

…According to the Anti-Malware site I pulled this from–more on that specific site in a bit–some variations of the above screenshot include a live feed of your webcam in a bid to show you the scam ring is remotely controlling your computer. This is all to get you to pay exactly as asked ASAP. Both this one and the first one will also display your IP Address, Precise Coordinates and a time stamp to prove the message is “legit”.

To answer the obvious question no, NONE of these are real BUT your computer actually IS locked. This type of Ransomware evolved over the last 7 years. From what I researched, originally you were only locked out of your browser. That was easy to get around by simply using an uninfected browser on the same computer and then downloading and running the necessary programs to remove the Ransomware.

Before we get into how to remove this Type of Ransomware, the obvious question is “Why do the scammers specifically request MoneyPak and/or iTunes Gift Cards?” The answer’s quite simple: Google Wallet. With Google Wallet, you can redeem an iTunes Gift Card’s balance as ACTUAL money, which can then be transferred to a bank account, PayPal account or another Google Wallet account. Google Accounts are disposable so…yeah. Once the scammer has the activation code, it’s impossible to get that money back. We’re talking losses to the victim and the retailer. The collected money is withdrawn almost immediately and the associated Google account deleted shortly afterward, making it very difficult for investigators to find out what happened to the stolen money. The retailer has no protection from this as they are required by law to refund the amount of the purchase back to the victim.

This brings us back to the most important question: “How do I unlock my computer?” This webpage will show you in great detail. If your computer is EVER locked due to Ransomware, this webpage will ensure you WILL be able to unlock your computer free of charge and don’t get scammed out of money. I won’t recap what’s there so please go check it out. That said: Whatever you do, DO NOT DO WHAT THE WARNING SAYS. To those who are either elderly or not computer-savy, IT IS NOT THE AUTHORITIES. IT IS A SCAMMER BASED IN INDIA, CHINA OR RUSSIA.

Now, if for whatever reason you fell for the scam and sent money/codes, you need to do ALL of the following:

  1. File a police report. They will give you permission to have your bank refund the money back to your account.
  2. Notify the bank. Let them know you filed a police report because of the scam. They will work with the retailer to have the funds returned to your account ASAP.
  3. Go to the above website to find out how to remove the Ransomware.

Scammers are getting bolder and bolder. They are using autodialers to mass call thousands of people based in the US, Canada and UK with a story demanding payment “or else”. They will say whatever they think they need to in order to get you to send them money. DON’T do it. These scammers share info: If you fall for it once, they will give your contact info to someone else to get more money off of it. Don’t even dignify the scammer with a response. Just hang up the phone. DO NOT confirm your identity to them. They will simply pass on your info to someone else to try again later.

Digital Scams are here to stay but at the same time you still need to guard against phone scams, which have been making a comeback. Phone Scammers commonly use disposable cell phones or Skype accounts to make it very difficult to actually track them. Yes, most of them are based in India, Russia or China. It’s big business in all three of those countries because these countries’ governments aren’t doing anything about the problem–Russia needs no explaination and to a certain extent neither does China. It’s actually considered a legitimate business in India.

…No, seriously: Indian students can take college courses to learn how to be a part of a scam ring. They learn the ins and outs of the scam they will be doing and techniques to make their scam as authentic-looking as possible. The way they look at it, if people are willing to fall for it and give them money, it’s THEIR fault. They buy or work out of an actual office. On the outside, it looks like they run a legitimate telemarketing business but in reality it’s a scam ring. They are very well organized–some even go as far as buying property in the US so they can say they are based in the United States for when the BBB (Better Business Bureau) investigates them.

Again: This is a government sponsored business. The Indian Government doesn’t care as long as the “business” pays their taxes. As for how they get your contact info, it’s likely bought off the Dark Web or from other scam rings. The Federal government is well aware of the problem and would like to take a more aggressive approach but they’re not getting much support from the Indian government.

I don’t feel sorry for the scammers, who are doing it purely for the “easy” money. Neither should you no matter what story they try to sell you. They know full well what they’re doing is wrong and they could’ve chosen to do something else. If they want to blame someone, they shoulf blame India’s caste system their country refuses to let go of. I also blame tech firms and companies based in the US that sources their customer support from India to save money. THAT was a door we should NEVER have opened. Scam victims have been paying for it ever since.

Finally: Russian and Chinese scammers mostly target military and government employees as well as folks who work for tech firms. Most people don’t have to worry about them in comparison.


There may be a silver lining to the Mass Shooting in Orlando   Leave a comment

…To answer the question the sign asks, yes as far as Congress cares. I’m not gonna go over the same stuff I talked about during every mass shooting and act of terrorism I covered since I made this blog 4 years ago. I don’t see the need at this point. You already know this topped New Town as the worst Mass Shooting on US Soil with 50 dead and another 53 wounded. You already know the shooter reportedly professed his alligiance to ISIS ninebts before carrying out mass murder and eventually dying in a shootout with police. After all, this is what Corporate Media is focusing on like they always do. Not the larger issue.

Instead, I’ll focus on the REAL issue Corporate Media is dancing around: That this is a hate crime more than it was an act of terrorism. The fact is ALOT of people in this country are actually happy to know 103 people were gunned down. Corporate Media’s gonna focus on the terrorism aspect but the Hate aspect is the REAL issue. Last week, a family member turned to me to vent their anger at the rainbow flags we drove past in town. “Why do they forcing their lifestyle on us?” This person asked asked me. “Why do have to have their flags out for everyone to see?” The family member knew I wasn’t anti-LGBT like they were so I didn’t waste my time acknowledging their questions. I knew it was a trick question so I changed the subject on the spot.

This incident has put the whole country on pause. Those who consider themselves allies of the LGBT Community need to take a more visible stance of support. Not just celebrities and public figures but friends, colleagues and classmates. The LGBT Community has been fighting a war by themselves for far too long. A war for the right to be treated as humans. The fact of the matter is this is far from the case in America.$large.jpg

…The media’s narrative is to focus on the terrorism aspect of the incident. The Hate aspect is far more important given certain facts that have been revealed since Sunday. We need to stop falling for Corporate Media’s misdirection tactics and actually do something as a country. The NRA is counting on us getting distracted long enough to not treaten their interests again. We need to prove them wrong for once. Until we do, expect the mass shootings to keep happening.

More and more athletes, journalists and specators announce plans to skip 2016 Olympics in Brazil   Leave a comment

…Despite definative proof uncovered by researchers regarding the Zika virus, there are still no plans to move the event. By now, you’ve heard the travel advisory since last November: Women who are pregnant are advised to not travel to the epicenter of the Zika virus. Women who are planning on becoming pregnant are advised to wait at least a year before trying. The Zika virus causes microcephaly, a birth defect in which the fetus us born with a smaller head at best or malformed skull at worst.

The outbreak, which began last summer in (wait for it) Brazil has since spread north through Latin America into the U.S. and Canada as well as to Europe. There is no treatment for the birth defect but it can be detected by ultrasound. Depending on the severity, women in the most effected regions are forced to terminate the pregnancy and then wait a year before trying again. Zika is transmitted by (you guessed it) mosquitos. Despite calls for it from everyone with sense, the IOC (International Olympics Committee) has no plans of moving the 3-week event. In short, if you chose to go you put your health at risk.

The Olympic Games have been under scrutiny since the 2004 games in Athens, which actually destroyed Greece’s economy. Greece declared bankruptcy a few years back. The facilities built for the 2008 games in Beijing have quickly fallen into disrepair. Same for the 2012 games in London and the 2014 Winter games in Socchi, Russia. Going back at least 30 years, The Olympic Games have a track record for devastating the economy of the host city. There was outrage when it was revealed housing was torn down to make room for the the Olympic Park in London. The IOC apparently promised city officials ample compensation but changed their minds when the time for compensation came. Beijing was hard-pressed repurposing the facilities built to hose the Summer Games in 2008. If you wanna go further back, the Olympic Park from the 1996 games in Atlanta was eventually torn down after it became an eyesore.

The way I see it, both the Olympics and the World Cup have been given way too much leeway for far too long. The United Nations needs to step in and demand the IOC and FIFA Officials commit to paying at least half the costs of hosting events from now on. The 3 weeks of sporting events is not worth destroying whole economies for years to come. You guys might remember the strong anti-Olympics movement in Boston from last year. The way the IOC has it, the host city–specifically taxpayers–are on the hook for every penny. Yes, even if the costs go over budget. The cycle of greed needs to be stopped. Not saying I hate the Olympics or the World Cup. Only it’s time sweeping reform comes to how the events are planned and paid for.


One sentence from Bernie Sanders sends his supporters on Social Media into panic mode   2 comments

“I look forward to meeting with (Clinton) in the near future to see how we can work together to defeat Donald Trump and to create a government which represents all of us and not just the 1%.”

Note the part I highlighted. THIS is the part that has enraged Bernie supporters across social media. This was at the end of statements the US Senator and Democratic candidate made during a press conference Thursday afternoon after meeting with President Obama. About an hour later, President Obama formally endorsed Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Nominee.

The last 72 hours have led to some soul searching for Sanders supporters. Most are digging in the heels, refusing to acknowledge the very real possbaility Hillary Clinton could officially become the Democratic Nominee on July 25. That is when the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia happens. Some have decided to back Clinton albiet reluctantly. Many have been calling on the Sanders Campaign and their supporters to run as a third party candidate. In fact, Green Party Candidate Jill Stein stated Tuesday she will step aside if Sanders agrees run as the Green Party’s nominee.

As of right now, Clinton has most of the delegates she will need to clinch the Democratic nomination. Notice I said “most” and not “enough”: Bernie Sanders has not officially dropped out of the race even though the Democratic frontrunner has all but secured the nomination. I’m not dancing around my words here: UNLESS Sanders drops out–which has no plans of doing yet–Hillary Clinton will have to wait until the DNC.


This quote is for Sanders’ supporters specifically: Look at the second and third sentences in this quote. He never promised with certainty he will win the nomination. He only said that he will fight to the end. We all knew from the beginning The Establishment would do everything they could think of to ensure Hillary Clinton won the nomination. Everything that happened over the last 12 months should surprise no one. We knew it would not be easy, especially given what we were campaigning for.

Bernie Sanders did what he set out to do: He started a movement in America. He did what he didn’t have to and became the Democratic party’s moral compass. He was able to do what he was unable to do as an Independent: Speak to the American people about what is wrong with this country and what they can do to fix it. He did not preach learned helplessness like so many candidates like to do. He spoke the truth and he directed his venom at all the right places.

I’ve been following the campaign via Facebook since Bernie Sanders declared last year. I’ve never been more disappointed and disgusted with the whining than I have this week from self-professed Sanders supporters. Not the handful who know how to read the tea leaves. I’m talking about the outspoken ones acting like they just lost their jobs or a family member. I’m going to cut my ties with the remaining Pro-Sanders groups since it’s obvious his campaign may be ending as soon as next month. It’s mostly because I’ve had it with the negativity from the groups though.

To those who have been backing Hillary Clinton all this time, there is wisdom in him waiting until July to decide if he will concede or not: Votes are still being counted. Based on the latest numbers, Sanders WILL win California after all. Sanders supporters are not going to like this but there is an old saying: “Democracy means not necessarily getting everything you want when you want it and compromising to get what you can.” Look, I was beyond shocked US Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA-D) publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton Thursday evening given her talking points were more in like with Sanders’ platform. I may not like her decision but I have accepted it. I know there is a method to the madness.

Even so, I am of the mindset cooler heads need to prevail. Are most Republicans happy with Donald Trump as the nominee? Absolutely not. As many of you know, some of them have switched to Democrat or Independent in defiance of the GOP. That said, there is WAY too much anger right now and you’re only embarassing yourselves. Take a few days to really process things before making any decisions.

Before I get into what I may do, here are the three courses Bernie Sanders could take between today and the end of the DNC:

  1. Concede to Hillary Clinton and endorse her as the Democratic nominee.
  2. Wait until the DNC to find out if he has enough Delegates to secure the nomination. If he does, he will become the Democratic nominee.
  3. Wait until the DNC to find out if he has enough Delegates to secure the nomination. If he doesn’t, he will concede to HRC and endorse her as the Democratic nominee.

…Notice what I did not say. I DID NOT say Bernie Sanders could run as a third party candidate. Like it or not, he said he won’t. Everyone saying he should is riding on him going back on his word, which isn’t something he’s known for. If he does go back on his word–even just to stick it to the Democratic Party–WE lose. Remember: He could still a US Senator pending the end of the election.

I think it’s almost a given he will have a spot in Clinton’s cabinet if not VP. Trust me, she won’t want him to resume his role as a senator after the election. Many outside Vermont might not know this but folks are campaigning in that state to fill his pesumed vacancy. It’s in our best interests to ensure he has an influential role in the Clinton Administration should he not get the nomination.

There is also the fact HRC has a federal indictment waiting for her. Assuming she goes to trial–we can count on the Republicans to ensure this happens by the way–and assuming Bernie is VP, he will automatically become the 46th President. In the end, we still win. HRC Supporters, yes there is plenty of substantial evidence to indict her. Everyone is just patiently waiting until the next president is decided. It is in OUR best interests that Bernie Sanders is named Clinton’s VP and Clinton/Sanders wins the election.

Bernie Sanders started a revolution. It’s on us to continue the work he started. I want to tell my fellow Sanders supporters is doesn’t end with whoever the 45th President is. That was our mistake in 2008: Once Obama won the White House, we allowed the Republicans to seize contol of both Houses of Congress. We all saw what happened as a result of that: Obama had vision but lacked the support in Congress to get much done. We need to ensure that isn’t repeated this time.

Here’s the worst-kept secret Corporate Media will start talking about after November 15: Most of Congress is up for re-election in 2018. What we need to start doing NOW is finding candidates at the state and local levels to elect to Congress.

That’s what I plan to do in Massachusetts. In regards to the Presidential Election, here’s what I plan to do: Support Bernie Sanders.

Unlike apparently most of my fellow Sanders supporters, I understand the term “America’s democracy is a hot mess” is both ways: We may not get everything we want so we need to focus on getting what we can. If Sanders concedes his campaign and endorses Hillary Clinton, I will support his decision. I may not like it but I will be ok with it. I trust his judgment. You don’t need to like it as long as you trust it and THAT is how I am choosing to look at this. We know things the HRC Supporters aren’t hip to and that’s fine.

If Bernie Sanders doesn’t win the White House, we need him to have a key role in the Clinton administration.  We all know this is the only way the Dems have a chance of beating Donald Trump. HRC needs Sanders to win period: She is under immense pressure from the Anti-Defamation League and Jewish Publications to name Sanders her VP (Sanders is Jewish for those who are not aware). We know from the last 12 months nothing is off the table as far as she’s concerned. We need to adopt the same mindset. Don’t twist my words to mean I’m supporting Hillary Clinton. I’m simply looking ahead at the moves I know will be made in the weeks to come leading up to and during the DNC.

We’ve won the war. We opened the eyes of our fellow Americans to just how corrupt our government truly is. It is now ON US to take action to change it for the better. For the change we want, we need to switch targets from the White House to Congress. We CANNOT afford to have a repeat of the last 8 years. This will happen if we do not move NOW to change Congress. The GOP moved swiftly to ensure Obama couldn’t get much done as soon as he clinched the election. Now it’s our turn.

I’ll close with this. It truly is disappointing the movement has CLEARLY fallen apart over the course of this week. Most of you are inconsolable and have given in to despair. Sorry, but I’ve reached my limit in terms of how much of it I’m willing to tolerate in my Facebook feed any longer. Consider this my last post in the Bernie groups I’m a member of: I’m done with you guys.

Some of you need to grow up and some of you need to relax. ALL of you need to remember what I said earlier: Weather we get the White House or not, we need to make sure we take back Congress. THAT is the BEST way we will be able to correct the course of this country. Winning the White House will mean NOTHING if we don’t bring change the Congress, too. As all of you decide on what you will do from here, remember that the movement is far from over regardless of who wins the White House. It’s on US to continue the work Bernie Sanders started.



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