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WARNING!!!! If you take photos with your cell phone   Leave a comment

I mentioned something about this on Facebook yesterday. Someone wrote a whole Article on the subject. Read it if you use your cellphone’s camera.

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Last blog before I move   Leave a comment

I’ve got my room packed up.

Aside from the blog I just posted and the one I’m halfway through, this will be the last blog I post for a few days. Once I have established an internet connection at my new place the blogs and videos will resume.


Coming to the Big Screen in 2015: A Batman/Superman Movie   Leave a comment

As I said on Facebook just now, let the Nerdgasm commence:

In cased you missed the announcement at San Diego Comic-Con, here’s the video:

The famous line is from The Dark Knight Returns (Unrelated to the movie of the same name directed by Chris Nolan), a controversial feature film based on the comic of the same name in which circumstances pit the DC Icons against each other. I haven’t seen the feature film myself but I’ve seen enough reactions to it to know I should see it before I see Man of Steel 2. The reason being according to Zack Snyder (director of Man of Steel and the sequel) it will be inpired by The Dark Knight returns.

Having said that, here’s what we know about Man of Steel 2:

  • The movie is titled Man of Steel 2 and will hit theaters in the summer of 2015. Filming will begin next year.
  • Batman will be in it.
  • Henry Cavhill, who plays Superman in Man of Steel will reprise his role in the upcoming movie. Amy Adams and Lawrence Fishbourne also return as Lois Lane and Perry White.
  • Christain Bale, who played Bruce Wayne/Batman in the recently completed Batman movies directed by Chris Nolan will NOT be in the new movie. He said on the record unless Nolan is the director he won’t return to the Batman role.
  • Going with the above: Chris Nolan is actually co-producing MoS2, bringing a wealth of expertise to the table.

That’s all we know.

Anything else you might hear on other sites is PURE SPECULATION. Unless someone directly involved with the movie’s production says so you should take anythng you read on the internet with a grain of salt. Before I go further, except for the first one the pictures in this blog are photoshopped. For example the Batman above behind Cavil is Christian Bale. It was done for example purposes if I had to guess on how the reimagined Superman looks next to the reimagined Batman.

One of the popular theories I’ve seen thrown around is the new Batman will be older than Nolan’s to match the animated Dark Knight Returns Batman. Fans point to the quote itself as the basis of their theory of an older Batman. I think folks are reading into that too much.

Since the movie is titled Man of Steel 2, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume Superman is the lead Superhero. Considering a reimagined Batman is being introduced in the movie, it’ll be interesting to say the least. One thing Christain Bale Batman fans seem to overlook is SINCE this will be a new Batman the door is open to bring back his iconic nemesis The Joker.

Assuming they can look past Heath Ledger’s Joker that is. As everyone knows, Ledger committed suicide the day after filming for The Dark Knight Returns was done. I admire the fact folks were willing to overlook that fact and enjoy his role in the movie but for me personally, given the circumstances of his suicide I don’t think he should’ve gotten an Oscar nomination. I know everyone else I know would fiercely disagree with me on that but that’s how I feel. I also disagree with the belief Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker is the best movie one to date. Not saying I think Jack Nicholson’s Joker (which until Ledger was announced as being cased as The Joker in The Dark Knight many thought he did a great job in the role) in the original Batman movie was better but I think they worked for the times (I’m talking about both Jokers) they were made.

Another interesting thing regarding Man of Steel 2 is easter eggs in the first movie teasing not just Batman’s appearance in the second movie but Lex Luthor. Let’s be honest: Luthor can’t exactly be thrilled the Man of Steel tore up alot of his property during his fight with General Zod. In the same regard I’m sure Bruce Wayne isn’t exactly happy with one of his satelites getting destroyed during the same fight. Didn’t see it?

Here it is:

Zack Snyder confirmed the letters you see on the bottom in the frame is in fact the logo on the right.

The Lexcorp cameos were a bit more obvious. Here’s one of them:

Will Superman’s nemesis appear in the sequel? Considering how much of his property was destroyed I’d be surprised if he didn’t at least get a more direct mention. As I said a few paragraphs ago, since The Batman Movie franchise is being redone the door has been reopened for The Joker to return to the big screen.

I know having all four of them in the same movie might be too much but at the point, anytthing’s possible. I’ll leave you with a few more Batman/Superman crossover pictures.


I’m done with Netflix   Leave a comment

As I said in this blog post the main reason I got Netflix was for the Anime first and foremost.

Aside from that I’d watch a couple movies as they were released or old movies I found but other than that I still bought what I watched if it wasn’t on DirecTV. Since buying my iPod Touch and especially since buying two Anime DVD sets at Anime Boston this year I’ve had less and less reason use Netflix.

I cancelled my subscription early last month.

Let’s be honest: Most people who use Netflix either for DVDs or Streaming have a particular genre or series in mind. For me, Anime was the main draw. Since their Anime library has been steadily getting smaller over the last 16 months, I figure I’m better off just buying it on iTunes, Xbox Live or DVD. As one person who commented on my previous blog on the subject said it looks like Netflix wants to get rid of fans of that genre.

Now don’t get the wrong idea. I know how the whole licensing thing with Netflix works. They can only license something for a certain number of years. If the company they made the deal with choses not to renew they have to take it down and there’s nothing they can do. I get that. To make matters worse for Netflix, Funimation and Aniplex both stream many of their titles on their websites. Why get your milk from the store when you can get it straight from the cow?

There’s also the fact some streaming services want an exclusive deal with content providers. That puts the provider at a bit of a disadvantage: If they have a licensing deal with mutliple services they collect mutliple checks. With exclusive deals everyone else is shut out. For example last year Netflix inked an exclusive deal with Disney. Most people didn’t see the significance of the deal until Disney announced they bought LucasFilms a few weeks later. Thanks to their exclusive deal the Star Wars movies can be streamed from Netflix. As a reminder Disney also owns the distribution rights to Marvel (X-Men, The Avengers, Spiderman, etc.).

All in all I’m done with Netflix.

It was great while it lasted but I no longer have a reason to keep using it.

Fast Food Workers Protest in 7 US Cities this Week   Leave a comment

Here’s a link with video on CNN’s Website.

The reactions I’ve been reading on various websites is typical Internet Tough Guy talk: “Go to college”, Get a real job”, those kinds of things. You know, stuff they wouldn’t actually say to someone’s face.

The thing is, they and other critics are missing the point: This isn’t the late 1990s or the early 1980s. The cost of living in America has been going UP since 2000. As has the DEMAND for more employees at McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King and other Fast Food chains. During two recent visits to the Popeyes restaurant in my neighborhood I saw patrons requesting employment papers in once instance and in another, the manager interviewing prospective employees. In both cases the applicants were clearly much older than I am. People are looking for work where ever they can find it.

When I worked for Camp Joy I made $15 an hour. Mind you, that was just for a 4 week summer program and I knew I had a job fulltime job waiting for me in September with the next school year. For a single man living in Boston, $15/hr is just enough to cover living expenses and that’s assuming you get really lucky finding a good deal on rent, anyway. Imagine someone trying to support a family on $7.25/hr. This is the reality for most fast food employees trying to keep a roof over their heads.

As I understand it, their demands are as follows:

  • Minimum Wage raised to $15/hr (currently $8/hr)
  • The right to Unionize

That’s it.

As a member of two unions myself (Boston Teacher’s Union and its national counterpart The American Federation of Teachers), knowing I have rights as an employee and they are protected is a powerful thing. For too long Fast Food employees have been denied the right to a voice given what they do. Given what they have to deal with day in and day out from customers who only seem them as people there to serve them this is the least their employers can do.

Since this is an illegal strike every employee who took part knows they can be fired for their actions. After all, the Fast Food Industry has a high employee turnover rate and regularly practices a “Hire & Fire” Policy to maintain its workforce. In English that basically means you can be easily replaced, usually the next week if not sooner. The strike is a historic moment for the industry.

Personally, I would think no one will lose their job over this. More so given the industry knew almost a year in advance about the planned strike. The workers’ strike was illegal and lasted two days but this was just limited to 7 US Cities. I’m sure the rest of the country alone made up for the lost income by the time you finish reading this blog 100 times over. Will anything come from this? I’m sure it will. At the very least I’m sure the companies will overlook the protests as a sign of good faith.

I don’t doubt for a second many of these workers like working for the company they work for. I’m sure they would like the company even more if they were guaranteed certain rights people like myself take for granted. Before you say “It’s just an entry-level JOB, not a career.”, keep this in mind: They prepare and serve your food. Every¬† now and then you hear about some random object or body part being found in someone’s burger or chicken nugget and someone being paid a 6-figure settlement. Allowing Fast Food Workers to Uniionize would also add a greater level of accountability at the restaurant level.

Since I’m on the subject of Fast Food, I’ll be doing a review of a few more restaurant chains tomorrow evening.

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