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Reminder: The Presidental Election is 16 Months Away   Leave a comment

Bobby Jindal

Democratic Presidential Candidates Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Hillary Clinton (D)


…And holy crap, there’s 15 (official) candidates!

Fresh off the heels of CNN finding out Rick Santorum, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz accepted money from White Surpremacist Earl Holt–and are now returning it after being outed–it’s become more important than ever to know who exactly supports the 2016 Presidental candidates financially and otherwise.

For example: You know the Westboro Cult, right? I use the word “Cult” because they are no longer officially considered a church and are officially considered a hate group by the U.S. Government. Hate-filled demonstrations at funerals will do that. Now here’s where things get interesting–and I know you’ll get a chuckle out of this like I did when I found out–the Ku Klux Klan has a problem with WBC. My theory is the attention. The Klan wants to be relevant again. Anyway as you can probably guess, WBC plans to demonstrate at the funerals of the 9 people who were killed in Charleston, S.C. Here’s where things get interesting: The Klan plans to be there to block them. This creates a bit of a dilemma for us normal, non-racist non-hatin’ folk: Do we intervene or make some pop corn and watch both groups destroy each other?

I mention WBC and the Klan in the same sentence—and I still can’t believe I just did–because of the the issue of racism last week’s shooting brought front and center. As CNN Political Analyst Mark Blount often said, alot of white people thought racism died with Obama becoming president. As we all know, there’s been a string of high-profile shootings in which unarmed black men have been killed by whites police officers or while in police custody in recent years. I bring that up because thr Charleston Church Shooter specifically mentions the Trayvon Martin case in his manifesto.

I also mention it because the candidates are going out of their way to avoid talking about racism.

Given 13 of them are White (Carson is Black and Jindal is Indian), 12 are former or sitting elected officials (Carson, Florina and Trump never held political office) and two are related to the previous three presidents (Clinton and Bush), the public DOES deserve to know what they think about racism in America. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, former pastor and presidental candidate reluctantly talked about the need for the Confederate Flag to be removed from the South Carolina capital but only after the state’s governor called for the state’s congress to vote for its removal on Monday. Remember: This is a guy who wants to become the next POTUS–President of the United States.

Switching gears, of the current Republican candidates it’s obvious Trump is only doing it for the publicity. He’s not going to win the nomination. No way, no how. We all know this is just a publicity stunt. Nothing more or less. That leaves 12. Dr. Carson’s political inexperience is made painfully obvious every time he makes a public statement. I’m sure he has advisors but he’s obviously not listening to them. He’s gonna embarass himself at the next upcoming debate with other candidates. That leaves 11. Florina’s running with the mantra “I’m not Hilary” and not much else. Huckabee’s time as a political analyst for Fox News will always be a weakness for him. That leaves 8. Graham, Santorum, Cruz and Pataki simply don’t don’t have the support needed to win in the primary.

That leaves Bush, Paul, Perry, Jindal and Rubio. Of the five, Bush’s last name prevents him from becoming president. It won’t happen so we’ll put him down as a possible V.P. Perry and Rubio are Tea Party-backed while Paul has voiced opposition to the Tea Party fairly recently. Jindal is anti-establishment across the board and anti-Tea Party. It’s how he became a Republican governor despite not being White. No doubt Bush wanted to be the dark horse Jindal now is bur due to pressure from the media, he was forced to officially get in the race earlier than planned. As much as I hated Paul’s rcently retired father (a former senator), he and Jindal are the GOP’s best shot of the current thirteen. I say that for two reasons: They’re both outspoken and don’t mind disagreeing with members of their own party. As for a running mate, Bush would compliment either of them IF they’re willing to take him. Or even each other. Of the two, it could go either way. A Paul/Jindal or Jindal/Paul ticket would be a tough match for either of their democratic opponents. If not Bush or each other then they might end up being forced to take Perry or Rubio to keep the Tea Party happy like McCain did in 2008 with Palin.

On the Democratic side, there’s two choices (so far): Clinton or Sanders. I’ve already thrown my support behind Sanders 100% obviously. Sanders, who is in fact an Independent is a no-nonsense common sense guy who actually knows what he’s talking about. And he can make snap decisions. Once more people hear his ideas, support for him will grow. There are alot of Conservatives who support him already. That said, Hillary Clinton is CNN and MSNBC’s picks to win despite her baggage: Like Bush, she is related to a recent former president. She was also a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State during Obama’s first term. The weird thing is like I mentioned before, WBC endorses her as the next POTUS.

Let’s say Clinton wins the Democratic nomination. Who will be her running mate? I can’t see Sanders willing to be her V.P. since they disagree on more than a few things fundamentally. He’d be a distraction as her V.P. Biden has said he might run himself so he’s out. That leaves New York Governor Andrew Coumo (D), older brother of CNN anchor Chris Coumo (whose father died a few months ago) as a possible running mate. A possible dark horse she could tap is Arizona Senatatorial Candidate Aaron Marquez (D). I know him personally from our time in City Year 10 years ago and I know that if asked, he would definitely would run as her V.P.

As for Sanders, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) is the obvious choice. They agree on alot of things and like Sanders, she is both a whistleblower and outspoken. It’s how she was elected. In other words: The elite, rich, Wall Street and Super PACs fear her as much as, if not more than they fear Sanders. She’s been sharing their agenda publicly on social media along with Sanders ever since she was elected a few years ago. Like Clinton, she doesn’t have a problem telling it like it is to the elite who come grovelling to congress asking for tax breaks and special exemptions. A Sanders/Warren ticket would be awesome XD

…Here’s the best part I saved ’til now: Sanders holds no alliegiance to the Democratic Party. There’s no lip service with him. He’s running literally for the reasons he said he’s running. He was up front about it when he decided to run for POTUS. He’s just using the party to get elected because this country insists on being slave to a two-party system. Even if Clinton wins the primary, he’s raised enough money and has more than enough support to run as the Independent he truly is. It’s how he got into Congress =D

I will do two, maybe 3 most posts on the presidential race between now and next October. The Republican field is sure to get bigger butthe Democratic field is expected to grow as well. Things should get interesting come the National Conventions next year ^_^

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