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Here’s the truth about Internet “Privacy”: There is no such thing   Leave a comment
Many of you have probably heard this saying somewhere before. The fact of the matter is it’s 100% true. It’s that simple. Once something is put on the internet, it’s no longer private. Even stuff put on Google Drive, One Drive and other online storage websites. The internet’s only 20 years old but one thing it’s certainly done well is made the world a much smaller place. I don’t just mean in regards to georgraphy and communications but I also mean in regards to Social Media.

Having said that:


I always find it hypocritical and IRONIC so many people profess their desire to keep the government out of their private lives yet have no problem violating their own right to privacy on social media. That is the irony of using Social Media: You forfeit your right to privacy the moment you start using Social Media. This is because by design, social media is a platform for you to share yourself to the world.

While it is true Facebook has made efforts in recent years to give users more control over who can see or look up what about them, those efforts mean NOTHING if the account holder A. Doesn’t know about them and B. Doesn’t make use of them. I’ll use a recent privacy breach that happened to me with my Facebook account.This past Sunday, a family member saw something on my Facebook profile they didn’t like and gave me grief over it almost immediately. It was info regarding my employment situation I thought had been set to private. While I didn’t really care for the reaction to what was shared, I DID care about the context the info was in and who could see it.

I immediately went into my FB Privacy Settings and set all my past, present and future posts to only be viewable by my Friends list contacts. I also set my employment history and other stuff to private. I even took things a step further and set it to make it much harder for anyone not on my friends list to look up my FB Page via Facebook OR a Search Engine. I had actually removed my last name from all of my social media accounts two years ago, replacing them with my pen name Aurabolt. I started doing the same with all but one of my email accounts as well. The one email account that has my actual last name in the letterhead is for my non-social media purposes.

Let me hit you with some statistics:

…So, yeah.

Once you’ve created a digital footprint and more specifically a social media presence, it’s there forever. There actually ARE tech companies that specialize in helping you shrink and privitize your online presnece but more often than not, their services are sought out AFTER either an account is hacked or an identity is stolen. The easiest way to prevent either of these outcomes is to simply not use social media and severely limit your internet presence as much as possible.

Those of you reading this with social media accounts should take the time to look into the sites’ privacy options if they have any. You should also limit who can see what you post be it someone on your friends list or someone who isn’t but has a social media account. At the very least, NONE of the following should be readily visible to ANYONE who views your account on social media or any other website for that matter:


  • Full Name: Use a nickname based on your name if you want like I do.
  • Date of Birth: Set it to private
  • Employment Status and History: No one’s business, set it to private.
  • Education Status and History: Same as above
  • Home or Work Address: Goes without saying.
  • Home or Cellphone Number: Not unless you want scammers calling you.
  • Your email address: Privately give it to whoever you want but it should NOT be visible.
  • Clear Profile Pic: Not unless you want someone to make a fake ID with your face.

…I’ll pause there and say this is all anyone needs to steal your identity or set up fraudulent accounts in your name. Yes, even finding our your social security number won’t be very hard with all this info. If you allow ANYONE on your friends list to see any of this info, MAKE SURE they’re all people you trust 100%. There are groups the younger generation are in whose only purpose is building friends lists. The major problem with these groups is  they’re sandboxes for identity thieves, scammers and con artists. More on this in a bit.

All that said, you can also just set up a Social Media account with NONE of your personal information. More and more folks have been doing this with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Kik in particular as an extra layer of protection: They have their actual FB account with people they personally know or trust and then they have a second account just for messing around. It’s become more and more important for folks to aggressively control how much of themselves is shared on social networks.

…That last one is a book and a very good read. Check it out sometime.

The world’s increased dependency on the internet is cause for concern for reasons other than the obvious loss of privacy. I’ll get to those other reasons in spearate posts. Anyway, the Internet Privacy Rights Movement (IPRM for short) says it champions an “unregulated internet” where all who use it “should be free of government surveilance”. Their arguement is since the internet is used by the whole world, no one country should have the power to regulate the people, companies and otherwise that use it 24/7/365.

…This is the most dangerous ideology of the Digital Age yet.

This campaign is also a front for its TRUE objective: providing a cover for those who SHOULD be watched by the government to make themselves invisible online AND giving cyber criminals the tools they need to stay ahead of law enforcement. The IPRM has already made it clear: They are against government surveilence of ANY kind under ANY circumstances. Their arguement is “the government has no business looking at my browsing history”.

I’ll put it this way: I support the online group collectively known as Anonymous, what they do and what they stand for. I have no problem admitting they are the one good thing that came out of the Snowden Leaks. They do what the governments of the world are unable and unwilling to do: True Digital Social Justice. Wall St., ISIS and many governments fear them. It goes without saying their reputation preceeds them. They consider themselves everyone and no one. They are chaos incarnate. They cannot be contained. They cannot be stopped.

For every Anonymous member unmasked, arrested or killed, 10 more move in to replace them somewhere in the world. I’ve talked about Anonymous in previous blog posts before but I think this is the first time I’ve outright said I support what they stand for. They are aligned to no one and no thing, a force that cannot be bought or controlled. They simply do what they please.

That said, I draw a hard distinction between Anonymous and the IPRM: Anonymous are digital ghosts because of what they do. the IPRM simply doesn’t want “anyone” to know what they’re doing. I actually don’t have a problem if it was just that. What I do have a problem with is their calls for a a completely unregulated and unmonitored internet. Since I’m going to talk about Free Speech and the internet in a separate post, I’ll leave it at that.

Back to my original train of thought:

If you want to use the internet, like it or not YOU willingly and easily give up the right to privacy and free speech. I’ll speak more to the second point in a separate blog but here’s something to think about. Why DO all of the above websites and thousands of other commonly used websites and apps want at least your full name and email address? “It’s just to confirm it’s really a person making the account and not a macro.”, right? That’s what your answer will be if you know that much about creating accounts on websites.

The truth is, THAT is the price you pay for the free use of their “free” services. You pay with your right to privacy. See, all these websites have done something I will concede the IPRM have long been aware of: User Information is the currency of advertisers. Over the last year You Tube, Facebook and Twitter users will have noticed ads and trending articles matching topics they’ve recently browsed online appearing much more frequently. If you were browsing GameFAQs or Gamestop, you’ll see news on upcoming video games. If you were ordering pizza from the Dominos Pizza website, you’ll see comfort food Page suggessions. If were looking at my Anime Blog, you will see channel suggestions for anime fans. I assure you, that is no exaggeration.

There has also been a renewed effort by advertisers to demonize people who use ad-blocking tools. How and why? Simple: Under the guise of giving you “control” of what ads you see. “Please disable your ad blocking ad-ons to support our website”. The funny thing websites don’t want you to know about that is they only get a fraction of the profits from Ads. I used to run a website for 5 straight years. I’d know.

…In closing, the same rules online apply in the real world. Truse NO ONE with your personal information. The more they insist “Your personal information will not be shared”, the more likely it actually is. Remember: That’s money to them.

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Let’s revisit the so-called “whistleblowers” Eric Snowden and Wiki Leaks   Leave a comment


After debating Snowden with 3 people on Facebook yesterday, I decided to draft this post to explain a few things in detail. As a refresher, I wrote a similar post two years ago on Snowden. In that post, I explained why Eric Snowden is a traitor to the U.S. To those who might have forgotten, here is why this American informant is living in Russia and is now trying ot negotiate with the U.S. Government the terms of his return:

  • A few years ago, Eric Snowden was working as a subcontractor for the NSA. His position granted him access to classified information only those who worked in US counterintelligence and counterterrosism agencies or the Pentagon had access to.
  • Some of the files Snowden and other subcontractors had access to revealed U.S. intelligence was actively monitoring the phone conversations of the leaders of some of its allies in Europe and the Middle East. Other files revealed the U.S. was actively also monitoring phone conversations and email accounts of U.S. citizens.
  • Bothered by this, Snowden decided to send the classified information to Julilan Assange–the owner of the websiteWikiLeaks–which immediately posted the data Snowden provided on its website for the world to see. Up until then, WikiLeaks was a tabloid-like website that openedly shared data and information provided to them by hackers and hacking rings online.
  • After sending the data to WikiLeaks, Snowden fled the U.S. and went to Russia–which doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S.–to seek assylum. Russia granted his request for Assylum and has been living in hiding in Russia ever since.
  • In the days immediately following the Snowden Leak, Jullian Assange was arrested in London for his role in the leaked files and unrelated sexual assault charges. A U.S. soldier working in the Pentagon was also implicated for leaking classified data to WikiLeaks and will likely spend the rest of their life in prison. The Hactivist group Anonymous also formed shortly afterward.
  • Snowden and Assange quickly became the faces of the Internet Privacy Rights Movement. Assange is out on bail due to the massive amount of donations sent to him online from around the world. He still maintains WikiLeaks and has taken steps to ensure it stays online after he is eventually convicted and imprisoned.
  • Snowden, who has been living in hiding in Russia has spoken at several conferences on internet privacy in the U.S. via live stream. In the last two years, he announced he is looking into negotiating the terms of his return to the U.S. with the federal government.

…And there you have it. This is an outline of the events involving Snowden up to now. A movie about the incident is coming out in two months but Snowden himself was not involved in the film’s development. The director used accounts from two books written about the Snowden Leaks. The movie will do to Snowden what The Social Network did to Mark Zuckerberg: show the OTHER side of him the media didn’t tell. The books used as reference material are The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Wanted Man by Luke Harding and Time of the Octopus by Anatoly Kucherena, both of which I have read. Oliver Stone taking creative liberties aside, the movie asks viewers to ask themselves the question “Was Snowden right to do what he did?”

The clear answer when you look at the facts is no.

This is the point I told the three people I debated this with yesterday: He didn’t disclose anything that wasn’t already publicly accessible. The government spies on its own citizens? That nothing new. Patriot Act says hi. Martin Luther King’s phones were wiretapped by the FBI. The FBI wiretapped international calls from Japan and Germany during World War II. It’s nothing new and should be expected.
Like I said on Facebook, the Feds don’t give a damn about the porn sites you visit from your mother’s basement. They don’t care about you telling a coworker how much you hate your boss for giving you a hard time about vacation time. They don’t even care about the extreme political views you share on Twitter. The only things they give a damn about is monitoring people who deal in illegal, illicit and criminal activities.

What the IPRM isn’t concerned about that the government has to be is who’s listening to them. Earlier this year, a locked iPhone became the belonged to a mass shooter who carried out an act of terrorism in the U.S. brought the subject back to light. The story goes the FBI asked Apple to create a backdoor on the dead suspect’s iPhone so they could gather the data on it. Apple refused, saying unlocking the phone would violate their obligation to protect user privacy. The hypocrisy of that statement aside,  the FBI later announced they found a third party who was able to crack the phone for them.

The media followed the “standoff” between Apple and the FBI for several weeks but the truth is the FBI likely gained access to the locked phone from the beginning. Of coure, they wouldn’t want to tip off any possible co-conspirators the suspect may have known know so they created a distraction to give the illusion they were unable to unlock the phone. The Feds can hack government networks overseas. There’s no reason to believe they can’t crack one guy’s iPhone on their own. Like I said, the “controversy” was just a distraction to buy the Feds time to go through the phone. CNN found it odd Law Enforcement released the suspect’s house as a crime scene within days of the shooting. Do you think they’d actually do that unless they already had all the intel they needed? Remember: It took 15 years for 31 classified pages from the 9/11 report to be declassified.

Anyways my main point is the Snowden Leaks made the world a much more dangerous place. The only good thing Wiki Leaks did is it forced developed nations to take securing their databases more seriously. Aside from that, it galvanized anti-government groups and conspiracy theorists who belive beyond reason the government wants to monitor and control everyone 24/7. That aside, the renewed aggression from Russia can be directly attributed to the Snowden and Wiki Leaks. The Russian military hasn’t openly provoked the U.S. military since the fall of the Soviet Union 20 years ago.

Russian President Vladomir Putin is clearly looking to pick a fight with the U.S. Sure, he’s gone out of his way to undermine the U.S. at every opportunity in the past but he’s never been this openly hostile before. The U.S. considers the Russian government a Rogue State for a variety of reasons. Two facts that can’t be ignored or argued and were likely WHY Snowden decided to go THERE are the country is a safe haven for cyber criminals and the U.S. can’t ask for him to be sent back. Nevermind the obvious fact he has intel the Russians clearly made use of.

Let’s not kid ourselves: Clearly, Snowden has been sharing some of the intel he stole with the Russian government. That’s the only possible reason they extended his visa twice. Because of where he is, he was prettymuch cut off from his contacts back in the U.S. as well as his parents. Rumor has it they are smuggled in and out or Russia when they visit him due to how many people worldwide are actively looking for him.

Based on several accounts, anyone going to Russia to see him have an extensive vetting process they must clear before he will agree to meet with them. Not entirely his call as the Russians want to make sure he’s not talking to an informant from the U.S., which will get him in trouble with the Russian government since his apartment in Moscow is under 24-hour surveilance. They want to know everyone from out of the country who wants to talk to him and why prettymuch.

All that said, let’s get back to the so-called “damage” the Snowden Leak caused the U.S. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was explcitly named as one of the heads of state the U.S. was monitoring. Her public statement after confirming the findings were true was just lip service. There has been ZERO harm th U.S.-German relations since then. I have two friends deployed overseas at the U.S. Base in Hamburg. I know with certainty given the passage of time.

The bigger “smoking gun” is the “revelation” the U.S. is spying on its own citizens. This has been widely known for decades. The U.S. has been monitoring telecommunications domestically for decades. The Patriot Act, which was rushed through Congress after 9/11 gave law enforcement the power to illegally monitor international phone calls and domestic phone calls without a warrant before it was eventually defunded and gutted. It was quickly modified to take back some of the blatant civil rights violations it allowed. Still waiting for the TSA to follow suit on that note. LOL. To say the last paragraph another way: Government surveilance, or the fear of it is the least of the average American’s problems. I’ll speak more to this in a separate blog post but the much larger threat is from websites, companies and social media websites that buy and sell user infromation online and in worse cases, release it on the Dark Web and Black Market.

Make no mistake, the only people who benefited from the Snowden Leaks were criminals and terrorists. While everyone was looking at Snowden and Assange, they used the anti-tracking software the IPRM started pushing out to hide their movements online, making it much harder for the government to track them. While obviously not intended, the IPRM is indirectly making it easier for terrorists and criminals to freely move without being caught by law enforcement.

I’m not anti-privacy though I do believe a government has a duty, obligation and certainly should have the authority to access the accounts of suspected criminals, terrorists and their informants who are within their boarders. Two years ago, CNN ran a story about the creator of an email provider whose service encrypted messages sent and received that were untracable. The Feds apparently asked him to make a backdoor for them and he refused, electing instead to shut down the email service. These people think they’re doing the little man a service but in reality, they’re just being egotistic.

This is why I consider Eric Snowden an enemy of the state and a traitor. He should be punished to the fullest extent of the law when he eventially returns to the U.S. He’s kidding himself if he truly thinks he can set terms for his return. His supporters will view him as being a martyr and a symbol when that happens of course but it’s to be expected. I don’t have a problem with that happening personally but Snowden himself needs to anwer for what he did in court. Everyone else except him has so far. It’s only fair.

Developing Story: Anonymous has Craigslist in their sights   Leave a comment

…The media is either ignoring this or hasn’t picked it up yet. I was browsing Craigslist just now when I came upon this ad in one of the Personals categories:

To The Flagger whom Thinks They Are GOD – mm4ww (FLORIDA)

Pathetic Uneducated Slobs who Cannot control their Pathetic Lives

Dear Flagger, It Has Come to our Unfortunate Attention that YOU, Who cannot Control Your Pathetic Life, and Feel That NO One Has A Right to Free Speach, where you Must Be In Control of Others Lives. We are Anonymous, We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget. We are Many yet we are One. We are The Embodiment of Humanity with No Caring, No Love, Lack of Morality and No Remorse. We Mock those who, Like You, Who are Uneducated and Less Fortunate SIMPLY BECAUSE we Can. You are Nothing but Worthless Piles of Decay, Who Think they can Control Every One Elses Life, and Always Give Themselves a Gold Star, and Pat their own Backs, Because NO One Cares About You. You Hide Behind a Computer Screen, and Glued to These Lists, Like Vepid Rot, with Nonhing Better to Do, than Be Jealous of Others, Who Don’t know you, and NEVER Will! YOU MUST ALWAYS FEEL in the Need To Interfer in Everyone Elses Life, because You Hate Your Own Pathetic Lives. This is Not Preschool, where you Need your Filthy Hands Held because of What Freedom of Speech is All About, What would you Do, when Your 16yo Daughter comes Home Pregnant, with Her 28yo BF? What would You be When The Waiter Spills Wine on You, Or, Your Mother Cannot Stomach You because of Your ***hole Ignorance? We are The Face of Chaos and The Harbingers of Judgement. We are Everywhere, Yet we Are Nowhere. You Think You Can control Everyone else, To make Your Dull, Seemingly Arrogant Selflessness is Not Worth a Penny and costs More to Every Worthless Hour you are Alive, We Are Legion, we have Been Monitoring ALL Craigslist Postings, and Have Traced Each One as a Direct Abomination of Freedom of Speech, a Hate Crime and in So Doing, will Be Dealt With Accordingly. A Binary Star System Is Approaching and is What is Known as the Destroyer Star / Nibiru System / Or in the Book as The Star Wormwood. Your Computer’s Have Now Been Selected to receive a Vital Blow to Your Disgusting State of Being. Nothing More than a Mouse, who is Ravaged with Plague. Your Computer and Cellular Devices will be Targeted for Destruction. As This Star System Nears, You will be Without Communication of Any kind or Type. Now, You Will know How Others Feel, when Their Freedoms are Depicted as Your Own to Control. The Only Communication you Will Have is Your 3rd Grade Education, and Selflfish Desire to Hold Control over Everything but your own Mind.Those of You whom Continually Police others While America’s Freedoms Are Being Taken Away by The Very Elect, Who Promised Protection that You Vote within, When Each Vote, is a Meaningless Waste of Time, as Each “Election” is Nothing More than a “Selection” by The Republican (Reptilian Elite) & The Democratic (Demonic) Political Scum, that Sell out America because of the Like of You, Have Nothing to Offer, but The Ignorance of a Tse Tse Fly, But, Rather Than Assisting Others Toward Peace, would Rather, Display their Ignorant, Snot Filled Faces with GMO Products and Slober over a Bingo Sheet, Instead, of Droll, Eaters of Lies whom Gather Together to create a Need for Government and Sold out Your Rights. The Dumb, like Yourselves, Who Vote, Like You Have Just Come From, or Work at MART*Law. You act Like Your Life is So Important, Yet You Appear as Some Whore getting F***ed in The Back Alley, While Drinking Your Daddys Everclear, and Playing with a Pipe Bomb in your Hemorrhoid Filled Mouths as Your Birth Rite. Are Nothing More than a Kindergarten coloring book Full of Worthlessness. We Are Coming, and, Your Disgrace, is Nothing More than Uneducated, Dumbed Down Stale Control as your Importantce Within Society is Measured Against a Deceased Alzhiemers Patient with a Stroke. A Jet Airliner Crashes, Killing All on Board, We Laugh, A Grown Pathetic Man takes His Anger out on a Cat, We Laugh, Hundreds Die in an Earthquake, We Laugh. We Are Protecting citizens Of Their Rights, From the Nazis whom you Are. Visions of Hell Await All Who Play GOD, robbing Those With the Same, Illalienable Rights, to the Same Rights of those Expecting Control over Others, as Acts of Hatred and Against the Constitutional Rights the United States. Expect Us! We are The End Gamers, Who Ruin Other People’s lives, Just Because We Can. We Only Have Desire for More and More, And, Now, Quite Simply, YOU HAVE GOT OUR ATTENTION!



I’m considering forwarding this to Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, who has a Facebook presence. He’s kept away from the site that bears his name since 2000 but given Anonymous has marked its next target…actually scratch that. He’ll find out soon enough.

More importantly, note the part I bolded. Looking at the format, it’s easy to dismiss this as gibberish. I’ve seen Anonymous’ calling card enough times to know this isn’t an idle threat. This is a warning and a promise of what’s to come very soon to everyone who uses Craigslist. Anonymous always gives those smart enough to pay attention time to get the hell out of the way.

Presumably everyone with an active CL Account will have their account(s) compromised and their info stolen and/or made public. I am not personally concerned given the email address connected to my Craigslist Account is one I set up only for Craigslist. It is not connected to any of my other online accounts in any way. I also haven’t used CL for more than a few months (I made the account in late January) and very infrequently at that. That said, I will not use CL after this week until September to be on the safe side.
This brings us to the big question: “Why is Anonymous targeting CraigsList?” I outlined the big reasons in my blog about the site last month and I’m honestly hoping that caught their attention. CraigsList’s sins are great and many. They are getting their reward as far as I’m concerned. I look forward to the fallout from this. CraigsList prides itself on the site being strictly community policed: There is no oversight from the admins. There actually are thousands of people who literally do nothing but flag ads just because they can. In every city. This is a guess on my part but this is who Anonymous’ message is directed at but I’m simply taking some additional precautions.

Anonymous will remind America that they’re still here when they take down CL. THAT is why they chose CL specifically: It’s a very high-profile site that’s become notorious for its unmonitored and unregulated ad posting system and more specifically, the Personals section. I touched on this in my previous blog post on the subject but folks post Personal ads on CL with unrealistic expectations. It’s become nothing but a place for people to find someone to have sex with. Those are the only Personal ads that have any hope of being responded to.

From what I’ve heard from longtime CL users, it wasn’t always that way. Clearly the CL Community wants it the way it is now so…yeah. Like I said before, the CL Community will be rewarded accordingly by Anonymous.

The Michael Brown Shooting and the Poorly Attempted Police Coverup   Leave a comment


You all know the story by now: On Monday, 18 year old Michael Brown was shot and killed by a Police Officer in Ferguson, Missouri. The teen, who was with a friend was unarmed and walking to his grandmother’s house when the (currently) unidentified officer fatally shot Brown, who was supposed to attend his first day of Collage on Tuesday. In the days since the shooting, one thing has been made clear: The Ferguson Police Department doesn’t want anyone to know what really happened.

Two Washington Post journalists covering the goings-on in Ferguson were minding their own business in a McDonalds when police entered the restaurant and detained them for 45 minutes. Ferguson Police’s heavy-handed responses to demonstrations demanding answers and transparency has attracted the world’s attention. Late Wednesday night, authorities used tear gas to disperse demonstrators. In what I can only call a twist of irony, many Gaza citizens have been giving tips to Ferguson demonstrators on how to avoid the effects of tear gas via social media.

The phrase that has been gaining momentum over the last 48 hours to describe what’s going on in Ferguson is “Police State”. I just call it a poorly covered up killing.

Let’s review the facts as known by the people who witnessed Brown’s death firsthand:

  • Michael Brown and his friend were both unarmed when they were approached by police.
  • The officer involved in the shooting initiated and escalated the encounter.
  • According to Brown’s friend, the officer said to him (Brown) “I’m gonna shoot you.” when he detained him and pointed his gun at him.
  • Fearing for his life, Brown got into a physical altercation with the officer, who was still in his car so he could get away.
  • The teens attempted to fleed the scene. According to Brown’s friend, Brown said to him “Just keep running.” Another eyewitness said Brown had gone almost 20 feet away before the first shot was fired, hitting him in the chest.
  • Realizing he’d been shot, Brown raised his hands above his head and turned around, saying “Don’t shoot!”
  • According to the almost 30 people who witnessed the shooting, the officer ignored Brown’s offer to surrender and shot him to death.

That’s a rough outline of the events as currently available to the public. It is interesting to note ALL of this information is based on multiple eyewitness accounts by those who witnessed the shooting. As of this blog’s writinng NONE of the witnesses have been questioned by investigators. They are talking to the media, however. It goes without saying Brown’s friend is the star witness.

One thing I will concede for now is we do not know if Brown’s fingerprints are on the gun that killed him. That’s the giant X-Factor in this. If they are, that changes what the officer could or could not be charged with. If not…well, this will be a slam-dunk court case. CNN is reporting the Internet Vigilante Group known as Anonymous has released the name of the officer who shot Michael Brown. I have seen the name of the officer allegedly involved but for obvious reasons, I’m not going to release that information here. That said, CNN has decided against releasing the name yet until his identity is verified.

If I was the lead investigator, the first thing I’d have done is supoena EVERYONE involved and interview them at the scene. It also seems the police departments in St. Louis and the surrounding communities need to be retrained. No doubt you’ve all seen pictures like this:



And this:



And finally this:


Like I said earlier, the term being thrown around is “Police State”. As CNN pundits have been talking about for the last hour this morning, there has been a slow but steady buildup of arms of Police Departments all over America in recent years. This isn’t to say Police shouldn’t be prepared to handle any situation. After all, a well-trained doctor with good intentions can be just as dangerous as a cop worker with bad intentions. It’s all about how they’re trained to use the tools they have at their disposal.

Let me use the Boston Marathon Bombing in my next example. As I reported last year, I went to ground zero the next day to take pictures and see the memorial. What jumped out at me once I got off the train at Back Bay station was the sheer volume of law enforcement. There were police on every corner of the area as well as Humvees most would expect to see in Iraq or Afghanistan. On the night the suspects were hunted down in Watertown, MA images like these revealed to Americans just how well-armed their Police Departments were:


As one Afghanistan Vet tweeted regarding the Police response in Ferguson put it, soldiers don’t roll that deep. The locals over there don’t like it when you come through their neighborhood heavily armed just for show. Neither do American citizens.

The difference between what’s going on in Ferguson and what happened in Boston/Watertown is the way I see it, the police presence was justified in Boston/Watertown. The site of the bombing was technically an international crime scene due to the international citizens who ran the marathon and the fact one of the dead was a Chinese national. We knew the suspects were armed and we knew they weree very dangerous. The facts don’t dispute that.

In the case of Ferguson, what we have is the blatant and systematic infringement of the rights of ordinary citizens. Not even the press is safe as has been reported. If things continue at the rate they’re currently going, we might see the U.S. Military forced to step in to help restore order. I say that because it’s pretty obvious the police are the wrong people for the job.


Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Marathon Boming Funerals, Anonymous vows swift retribution   Leave a comment

I got wind of this on The Huffington Post’s website two hours ago. I have since been spreading the word via social media as well as CNN’s iReport website. I will not say their name in full but I will refer to them as WBC. The C in that doesn’t even apply to them anymore on account officially they are no longer considered part of any religious  organization in the US. In the wake of their winning a case that went to the Supreme Court, congress is moving to get them officially recognized as a hate group.

As I’m sure many of you know WBC vehemently opposes GLBT tolerance in America and their protests at the funerals of servicemen who died overseas is their platform for spreading their viewpoint. Given Massachusetts was the first state in America to legalize Gay Marriage and they’re likely going to protest as close to the site of the bombings as possible…assuming it’s this week I will be there personally to see what happens.

On the other front, the collective group known as Anonymous issued a statement via social media regarding WBC’s plans saying “Protest in Boston at your own risk.” Anoymous, which according to them is everyone on earth is considered a vigilante group by most and an anti-hero by just as many. In my opinion, I think WBC may have finally met their match with Anonymous. Realistically WBC can’t do anything to to something to an organization that doesn’t even have a chain of command or even organization. WBC is legally untouchable (so far) and Anonymous is literally untouchable.

While I believe the law should prevail, like it or not sometimes you need something with no regard for the legal system to step in from time to time. I know I am not alone in saying many people will cheer when the protests from WBC finally stop. After all, WBC is the epitome of a real life Troll. Their leadership are lawyers. Anyone who thinks different from them are wrong/evil. Even the Supreme Court ruled they are legally exercising their right to free speech.

Here are a couple of links from the White House to get WBC legally classified as a hate group. Sign them and pass this on.…hurch/YrKbHYtV…ctive/kmYR4DTL…group/tNVz4V7Q…group/DYf3pH2d (has over 350,000 signatures)…tural/xHF0d3nq

And now a new one over the Boston bombings.…mbing/KbLlysdG

I’ll leave you with this number from Les Miserables, which immediately jumped to mind when I first heard about this showdown in Boston.

The Unstoppable Force vs. The Immovable Object. In Boston. I’m gonna need to buy some popcorn!


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