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The Michael Brown Investigation Verdict invokes a seemingly forgotten wave of Civil Disobedience   Leave a comment

And that’s a VERY good thing at this point in our nation’s history.

Michael Brown’s death was the breaking point for alot of people. I can only hope the people of America will no longer keep quiet in the face of an injustice committed on their watch.

For once, I commend all of the Corporate Media outlets (CNN, MSNBC and Fox News) for exposing to the world how corrupt the decision makers in Missouri are to the world. NO ONE was surprised with the verdict for this case. Overwhelming evidence it was end this way was obvious from day 1 so…yeah. The only people surprised by the eruption of unrest worldwide in reaction to the decision are the people who made the decision.

This is an injustice that must be addressed or things will continue to get worse. The Department of Justice needs to step in since it’s obvious the Missouri legal system and the state’s executive branch are both corrupt. This investigation was set up to ensure the officer in question (his name is not worth remembering in my opinion) would get away with murder. The lack of remorse or apathy on his part during TV interviews just adds insult to injury.

I hope this is the wake up call the rest of America needs to take action. What you have here is an admitted murderer smugly saying he not only feels no remorse about what he did but he would not hesitate to do it again given the opportunity. Yes, this is a man who recently married and is himself expecting a child. It would be more than a little ironic for him to be in the same situation as the Brown family in 18 years.

I consider what happened in Ferguson an injustice first, corruption second and an execution third. This investigation was such a blatant cover up, there WILL be a federal investigation sooner or later but hopefully sooner.

No family or person regardless of race or economic status should have to live in fear of the police. There’s human just like we are, after all.

…Being honest, I was going to throw in a certain NWA rap song at the end of this blog post but in light of certain emotions I know alot of people are feeling right now, I decided against doing that.

What I will say instead is protest peacefully wherever you are.


So much garbage on American TV these days   Leave a comment

EDIT 7/21/2019: This post was updated to reflect the passage of time as well as for it being added to another blog.

The more I seriously think about, the happier I am with my decision to only watch network TV for sports, the news, WWE and Cartoon Network’s Anime block Saturdays between 9:30PM and 6:00AM Sunday morning (though I haven’t watched Toonami regularly in months since I have Crunchyroll) . Anything else I might want to watch is where DVDs/Blu-Ray sets, Netflix, WWE Network, Rakuten Viki and Crunchyroll come in.

What’s really sad is there are alot of sensible people out there who would rather watch junk on TV than do something else with their time. This isn’t like the 80s and 90s where you just knew not to watch Daytime TV. These days, it’s rare to find meaningful programming on Free TV aka Broadcast TV or rather not anymore. For those with Cable/Satellite you can no longer rely on The History Channel, The Discovery Channel or even TLC.

To provide more specific examples:

  • Daytime Talk Shows: Prettymuch driven by consumerism. Most of the time they’re promoting someone’s book, product or service. Most of the hosts are themselves celebrities (Steve Harvey, Ellen Degenares, etc.) and…yeah.
  • CNN/Fox News/MSNBC: When they’re not bashing each other or the current president, they run negative news stories almost 24/7 to the point you can’t help checking out mentally and emotionally.
  • Local News: I’ll give ’em credit, they’ve collectively done a hell of a job helping to make the masses desensitized to the suffering of others not just nationally and worldwide but locally, too.
  • The Reality TV Era: Let’s be real, if you want REAL reality TV that’s what the news are for. Not this contest crap started in the late 1990s that dominated most of the last 20 years or these people famous for being famous getting their own shows.
  • Conspiracy Theory Shows: I do think it played a key role in the rapid rise in conspiracy theories over the last 20 years in particular and it is a shame. People would rather believe myths and disproven conspiracy theories over truth and fact.

…I could go on but I think I’ve made my point.

Moving on, I make it a point to avoid network TV (CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX and CW) during national elections. The only real way to stop the special interest groups is to not watch at all. I mentioned this on my Politics Blog a lot but many people do not do their own research on candidates or wait until the day before an election to try to do research. I’ve ever heard from some who work the polls on election day they’re often asked who they should vote for (!). No, really. A considerable number of folks in this demographic decide who they’re gonig to vote for based on the TV Spots, candidate personality, party affiliation or a combination of all three. This was how Mitt Romney became Governor of Massachusetts and Scott Brown became a Senator in Massachusetts. Yes, the same Scott Brown who tried and failed to run for Senate in NH and the same Mitt Romney who ran for President in 2012.

Anywho, I’m content paying the $80 a year I pay for Crunchyroll to watch what I want to watch when I want to watch it on demand. I’m also fine with buying DVD or Blu-Ray box sets of my favorite TV Shows or buying digital copies of movies from iTunes, Xbox Live or The Playstation Network. Yes, I hate Political Ads THAT much and no, I don’t use Pandora either. I like being able to own the music I listen to be it digital or physical. Everyone who would prefer to go to the pirate sites for movies are not as smart as they think they are and they are taking money out of someone’s paycheck. Not the actors and the guys on the top but the unsung middlemen who do 80% of the work and are only mentioned by name in the closing credits.

Don’t wanna buy alot of movies? Just wait until it comes out on Netflix, Hulu or some other streaming service.

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