My Fellow Americans: If you don’t have one already, make a blog and use your voice!   Leave a comment

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…Here are ten Free Blogging Platforms. Obviously you’re reading this on one of them: WordPress. I have a Tumblr, Live Journal and Xanga account as well. I am challenging my fellow Americans who don’t already to make a blog of their own and use their voice. For this reason, I am offering to help people start their own blog free of charge.

We have reached a point as a society where Mainstream Media has begun to reassert themselves as “The most trustworthy source of information” even when what they report and comment on is not only intentionally inaccurate to create buzz but is oftentimes biased. CNN in particular feels so threatened by Social Media they take every opportunity they can to discredit it. THEY and the Washington Post alone have been pushing hard to make the case Social Media is the source of “Fake News” and that “Only reliable sources can be trusted”. CNN has proven over and over again it can’t be trusted so…yeah.

Ben Franklyn once said “The only people who should have freedom of the press are those who have their own press.” Today, that’s having your own blog.  Mainstream Media doesn’t want anyone outside their industry to share news BECAUSE platforms like WordPress are a threat to them. That’s the reason at the end of the day.

There are two other reasons I am calling on everyone to start blogging: The first is your voice matters. Some of you are dealing with tough times. Some of you are tired of the negativity they see on the evening news every day. Some of you want to make a difference. You can do all of these things if you have your own blog. Some of you know this but Serene was a real website I ran from 2003 to 2011.  A year after I shut down my website for good, I found WordPress purely by accident.

This blog was born.

That was when I realized I had found the type of platform that would be most effective for me to do all the things I wanted to do with my website. I could have my cake and eat it too ^_^

The other reason to start blogging: Anyone can do it. Literally anyone. No experience required.

I want to end this blog on one more point and this is regardless of your politics: America is most knew it has changed dramatically and very quickly since 9/11. That’s a fact. It’s all the more reason today than 2004 for people to express themselves while they are still able to do so. When Bush 43 was in the White House, the Dems expressed concerns about minoritiy groups’ rights in this country but did nothing to help. When Obama was in the White House, the GOP and Conservatives expressed concerns over their way of life being ignored and infringed upon but did nothing meaningful other than voice differences of opinion. With #45, most Dems and Republicans have voiced their displeasure of the current administration.

The thing about America that Americans both love and hate is everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Think about that.




Eminem FLAYS Donald Trump in 5-minute Freestyle   Leave a comment

Here is the video so many are talking about:

And here are my thoughts on it:

…You can be sure this is FAR from over. LOL.

The video was done last week but its release was delayed so it could be edited for airing during the BET Awards the other day.

…Know what I just realized? Aside from the typical internet trolls and usual Yes-Men, no one is bashing Eminem for this. I mean NO ONE. That should tell you something.

I’ve decided to stop writing about new mass shootings in America   Leave a comment

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…This tweet has been reshared after every mass shooting since the one in Charleston, South Carolina. That was two years ago. It makes reference to the Sandy Hook mass shooting in which 6 and 7 year olds were murdered in their school back in 2012. 5 years after that, I have reconciled with those who are convinced beyond reasonable doubt it was a hoax. Their reasoning for that is they just cannot wrap their minds around the idea that there is someone in this world who would knowingly gun down 14 innocent children, 3 teachers and the school’s principal. The truth is this heinous act actually happened.

Nevermind the fact the people who carry out these mass shootings are almost always white men. Nevermind the fact the media makes sure everyone knows who the shooter was, what they did and why they did what they did. Nevermind the fact nationwide gun sales always see a spike the day after a mass shooting takes place. Nevermind the fact something most Americans see as common sense is politics to our elected “Officials”.

Nevermind all that.

The fact of the matter is in the United States, we as a society decided after Sandy Hook we don’t value human life. Forget about who the current president is. WE neeed to demand change. We can’t and should not rely on the government to fix this problem. It hasn’t been working and clearly hasn’t gotten us anywhere. WE need to step up. Our future as a nation depends on it.

I won’t comment on Mass Shootings anymore because we all know what’s going to happen in the end: Nothing. That’s 100% guaranteed. To my fellow Americans, I DARE you to prove me wrong. Don’t call for people to pray. Call for ACTION. Clearly just praying alone hasn’t been working.

Speaking of Race “Relations”…   Leave a comment

It’s worth noting that at one time, it was actually against the law in this country for Blacks and Whites to marry let alone have kids together. The history of racism in this country is far deeper than most of our elected “officials” would have you believe. You need only ask those who were effected by it at the time and those who are effected by it today. Mostly Black and White but also Asian and non-Asian, Native American and White and other combinations.

…That said, much of this will have Black and White in mind. Let’s start with these two pictures:

…What you are seeing are two expectant couples. To some Whites, the man on the right is a traitor and the woman on the left is a whore. To some Blacks, the man on the left is an Uncle Tom and the woman on the right is a traitor.

Why such a strong, visceral reaction by some people? The answer lies in the 19th Century when Slavery was still on the books. Today, we have things like Invitro Fertilization (IFV) and Viagra for men and women who are having trouble conceiving. Back then? Slaveowners who had alot of slaves kept a certain number of slaves separate from the rest just for breeding purposes, mostly with other blacks. Some were also used for breeding with a White woman or man specifically to produce an heir.

More often than not the sex was not consentual where a Black woman was concerned. If the baby came out light-skinned, the slaveowner would keep it as his own unless it was a girl. If not, the mother was allowed to keep it. In the case of Black men, Taskmasters would get them drunk before bringing them before the White woman they were to breed with. This way they would have trouble recalling what they did, let alone fathering a child with a white woman. Of course, the slave would never know what became of the child they sired: Even if the child came out dark, it was raised “White”. More so if the child was a boy.

Anywho, that’s the macro historical context behind why SOME Blacks and Whites abhor the idea of interracial relationships. Some but not all. It really is something else lingering feelings from those times continue to endure. I have always maintained the personal belief that the most efficient way to combat racism in this country is for more interracial relationships.

On that note. There is a silent campaign by black, white and Asian American family communities in particular that ostracizes those who “race mix”: If you have a child with someone outside your race, you’re out of the family. It’s mostly because of Xenophobia but in the case of many Asian communities, supersition as well. I have been told by both Black and White young women when they left home, they were told by their parents in no uncertain terms “If you get pregnant by a black/white man, you’ll be a single mother.” The obvious racial undertones aside, we have trash TV shows like Maury with their paid guests to thank for spreading this myth in the U.S.

For those who don’t know, The Maury Show is a talk show that starting 20 years ago started to focus almost exclusively on paternity tests. The premise is the same: A woman gets pregnant by a guy who denies the child. She turns to Maury to have a paternity test to prove to the guy and sometimes the guy’s family on TV that he is the father of her child. 75% of the time, the man’s paternity checks out. The other 25% it’s revealed he isn’t the father. Most of the time, the mother and potential father involved are the same race. According to a few blogs about the show’s track record I’ve been recently following, there has been a noted uptick in biracial couples. It’s to the point yes, some parents are telling their teen and young adult children not to fall in love with anyone outside their race.

Now, it IS true that some women who have biracial children do end up as single mothers for a variety of reasons. An article I glanced at while looking for one of the earlier pictures–not the above one in particular to be clear–said “White women are becoming the new Black Mothers”, referencing Black men who have a child or children with a White woman. I interpret the language used to suggest more and more Black men prefer White women over Black women, mainly because of high-profile celebrity couples who are biracial. That simply isn’t the case. The truth is more and more men AND women are not looking at race.

They’re looking at love.

I look at the second picture above and I think of not Black men but many Black WOMEN asking themselves “Why couldn’t she find a Brother to have kids with? Why did it have to be a White man?” The only thing higher is the idea of a Black man chosing a White woman over a Black woman. The psychology behind it for many Black women is “Why couldn’t he pick one of us? Why did he have to pick a White woman over a Black woman?” The obvious “Why does it bother you so much?” aside, the root reason for asking is genuine curiosity. No, really. LOL.



Anywho, the cruel and obvious outcome is for many who are born from a biracial relationship, they are made to feel like they don’t “belong” to either race. Nevermind high-profile folks like New York Times Columnist Shaun King, who self-identifies as Black even though he could easily pass for a White person. Trolls, biggots and racists attack him BECAUSE he is biracial, has a White mother and self-identifies as Black. Kinda makes you think of another biracial man who self-identifies as Black and was the 44th President of the United States, doesn’t it?

That’s just in regards to people who are in the public spotlight. For those who aren’t, it’s different depending on the person. I have had the honor of getting to know two such people. They love who they are and that’s all that should matter.





Donald Trump’s latest Tweets against Colin Kaepernick and Steph Curry rally the NBA and the NFL   Leave a comment


…Isn’t it something how “That son of a bitch” is now likely going to get signed to a team just to stick it to #45? LOL. The Tweeter in Chief called out Colin Kaepernick during a political rally yesterday though he did not use his name.

Trump made reference to the fact Kaepernick protested violence by Law Enforcement last year during the NFL season by kneeling during the national anthem. Other players who agreed with his reasons for doing so did the same and some do now during this season. Kaepernick announced at the end of the previous NFL Season he would not kneel during the anthem after that season because he felt it would no longer be necessary. The media saw that to mean that this would be the end of the story.

The problem is 8 months later, Kaepernick remains unsigned to an NFL Team. The fact that NFL teams in need a Quarterback during the offseason and even now still ignored him make it clear he was being punished for kneeling during the national anthem last year even though he said he would not do it again. Sounds silly but that’s the truth.

Clearly now that will change.

Everyone in the NFL from players the Commissioner to the Team Owners (who wield the real power in the NFL) have come out together to express their anger and disappointment at #45’s request that NFL teams “should immediately release anyone who even thinks of protesting during the anthem for any reason”. He took shots at the NFL as a whole in general so…yeah. Teams reacted by kneeling during the Anthem in solidarity wit hthe NFL on Sunday. Not for Kaepernick but as a show of unity.


Let’s be clear: The hate against Kaep’s Anthem protests and the fact that he remains unsigned has little to do with is skills as a player and everything to do with politics. The term in the sports world is Black Balled: Being punished directly or indirectly because the player protests against something unrelated to sports. That fact that he remains unsigned even though he is ready to take the field on a moment’s notice has everything to do with his anthem protests last year.  Everyone knew it or didn’t want to see it that way.


Now it’s taken on a whole new meaning in light of Trump’s recent comments. It’s galvanized the NFL as a whole. Even those who expressed support for #45 are taking a stand in the aftermath of Trump’s latest comments. Contrary to what the closeted racists who think the athletes hate the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement–that’s what those who oppose the protests have been saying–may have wanted, we can expect to see more and more players kneel or otherwise silently do something during the anthem.

The thing folks need to keep in mind is Trump made these remarks a few months after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated during the offseason–and I’m paraphrasing–“I don’t like the fact that the anthem protests are becoming a distraction.” This statement came after several NFL Owners and Head Coaches said on and off the record they either wouldn’t want players to protest during the anthem or feel they should stand, saying it’s a distraction. This is why Trump said what he said and it’s worth mentioning that since Corporate Media is acting like Trump said something that hasn’t been said by others first.

So, yeah.

…This brings me to 2-Time NBA Champion Steph Curry.

Unlike the NFL’s Gooddell–I’m actually starting to feel bad for him now between the Patriots winning the Super Bowl, getting booed out of Foxboro Stadium and being trolled HARD by Tom Brady–the NBA’s Adam Silva is known as The Players’ Commissioner. Prior to the beginning of the 2016-17 season, Silver released a series of statements encouraging players to use their status as public figures and athletes however they like. NBA Players wasted no time taking advantage on that note. When the Cavs won the NBA Championship last year, they moved up the annual White House visit so they could meet President Obama before he left office.

A few days ago, Steph Curry said in a statement he doesn’t know if he will go with the team because he doesn’t like the fact Trump’s comments and policies were diving the country along racial lines. Trump responded via Twitter stating Steph Curry was “uninvited”. The team’s head coach Steve Kerr responded by stating Trump was making it very hard for the team to consider committing to visiting the White House. The team announced hours later they would visit Washington but they would not be going to the White House.


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…Look. The media is doing what it does best and is going out of its way to not really talk about WHY these protests are happening. They’re just doing head counts of who and how many are and are not kneeling during the anthem. The media couldn’t be bothered to explain why exactly they are doing what they’re doing. Not that people don’t know why. 1st Amendment goes both way but I digress. Now whole teams are taking a knee all over the NFL today. Not for Kaep, mind you but in solidarity for the brand AND to show their displeasure with #45’s recent comments.

Take a look at this:

Related image

This is today. You have most of the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots kneeling during the anthem on their home field. The fans expressed their displeasure at this by booing loudly. This was likely compounded by the fact one of the players who took a knee during the anthem was the face of the NFL, Tom Brady. Team Owner Robert Kraft said in a statement yesterday he is disappointed by #45’s recent comments. Brady made a joint statement with Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rogers last night stating Kaep should be playing right now. For those who need a reminder, Brady and Kraft are both friends of Donald Trump. This should tell you something.

…So to those who don’t like seeing images like this, get over it. LOL.

The Boston Celtics officially introduce new All Stars Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward to the media   Leave a comment

It’s now official.

It’s easily the biggest press conference since the summer of 2007 when the Celtics acquired Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. We know how the 2007-08 season ended so…yeah. Odds are pretty good we will see Banner 18 this coming June ^_^


An important reminder about post-disaster scams   Leave a comment

It’s a shame this reminder needs to be said but unfortunately, it does. As most of you know, there are those who will use devastating disasters like Hurricane Harvey to make money off people.

You should ONLY donate money to trusted organizations. This includes online crowdfunding campaigns. I checked over the last few days and already the site has started taking down scam campaigns. They’re not going to take any chances this time as they were unable to stop some fraudulent campaigns from withdrawing raised funds in the aftermath of the last few natural disasters that got alot of attention.

This is a fair warning to those thinking of or planning to make a crowdfunding campaign on behalf of someone effected by Hurricane Harvey: The sites are paying VERY close attention. They are taking every precaution to protect potential donors from fraudulent campaigns. Criminal prosecution in addition to paying back every dime you withdrew IS on the table. So, keep that in mind if you even consider trying to take advantage of the kindness of strangers trying to make a difference.

On that note. I am planning to launch two GoFundMe Campaigns to help two people I know who were personally impacted. More info on that will come by the weekend.

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