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This is why the NRA should have no political sway in Washington   Leave a comment

By now most of you read the press statement the NRA put out in response to both the Shooting in Newtown that left 20 1st and 2nd grade children dead and the push for legistration for new Gun Control Laws.

For those who haven’t, the jist of it is they say violent Video Games are the reason the mass shooting happened. Furthermore, they want teachers to be armed as a deterrent against future violence.

First of all, read this blog post for my answer in advance regarding violent video games. I have also reblogged this blog post by Retro Viking because it relates to what is becoming a growing issue to many people. As an aside: Modern Warfare 3 (Activision) was mostly spared negative press when mass shootings happened worldwide during its lifecycle. Interestingly, both Black Ops games (both also by Activision) were featured as the “face” of violent video games. I just find that to be very interesting considering all three games were made by the same company and mass shootings have happened during all of their life cycles.

As for the other “point” raised by the NRA, teachers have too much on their plates to now have to worry about arming themselves at work. Well, that and it sends the wrong message to students. While I will agre all schools should be free of violence of this magnitude, arming teachers or even putting mercenaries in our schools just sends the wrong message. I have been saying this for the last 11 years: “When Americans respond in this way to mass murder we’re doing exactly what Al Qaeda said we’d do. Their propaganda machine has killed far more people than they themselves have. One thing you have to give The Foundation credit for is the fearmongering it can instill in others. The best reaction to fear is no reaction at all.”

The NRA lost all of its credability as a lobbyist with this press release. Anyone who takes this at face value and goes along with it has lost the ability to think for themselves and weigh all the facts. If politicians were looking for a good excuse to distance themselves from the NRA I’d say this more than qualifies. We need to send a united message loud and clear the NRA has no place in Washington. Leave figuring out how to deal with Gun Control to the professionals, not a for-profit club that has demonstrated for decades people are worth less than guns in their book.


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