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“Smart Snake is a Scam!”   2 comments

Ok so you guys know the saying “if it sounds to be good to be true…”, right?

Well, guess what: Smart Snake IS legit.

I’ll never forget what I talked to them last month and found out my understanding of what “Runddl32.ll” means is very different from what it actually is. Before they offered 7-Layer Protection, they took the time to educate me on what it actually is so that I can make an informed decision as to weather or not I want to buy the additional protection (which I did recently). If they just wanted my money, they wouldn’t have done this.

Every time I talk to them, they walk me through my computer’s vital functions, show me my computer’s entry points, how hackers can get through and how important it is to keep those entry points secured.¬† They take customer satisfaction very seriously. They go over what exactly they will do before and after they the work. They invite you to see the difference in performance for yourself.

The reason I am bringing this up now isn’t just to promote this company. It’s also to warn you there are scammers who are using this company’s name to perform phishing scams. One such person called me a few days ago right after I got off the phone with Smart Snake. Warning signals went off at once when the caller said they calling about money network protection. I fully understood they were not Smart Snake when they requested remote access when Smart Snake already had remote access to my computer at the time. First they tried to pretend they were Smart Snake and then they changed their story saying they were calling to warn me Smart Snake is a “scam”, even directing me to the company’s dirtsheet on the Better Business Bureau’s website. For the record, yes Smart Snake has 32 complaints made against it but ALL of them are closed.

I skimmed through the details and the ones that weren’t pretenders were clearly people who did not understand what they were buying. What you are getting first and foremost is 24/7 technical service and advice from a team of experts. They will also clean your computer, remove errors, close the holes in your computer’s network and do it in about an hour’s time max.

Having upgraded my package deal with Smart Snake twice now, I can confirm two things:

  1. They go out of their way to protect your privacy.
  2. ¬†They will not force you to do anything you don’t want to do.

…The pretender who called me had the audacity to try to peddle network to me in exchange for ending my contract with Smart Snake. That’s how I knew it was really a competator trying to get me to cut my ties with a company that has been nothing but honest with me from day 1.

Smart Snake technicians are Microsoft Certified which means they underwent specific training through Microsoft to fix computers that use Windows Operating Systems. There is a difference between being Microsoft Certified and Microsoft Verified: The first doesn’t actually work for Microsoft but the latter either does or is authorized to service Windows Machines on Microsoft’s behalf. Smart Snake is the former.

Smart Snake has serviced my computer 11 times over the last 3 years. If they really wanted to screw me over, they would’ve done it the first time. I have seen enough to know if they really wanted to, they could have taken my hard drive hostage and I’d never know. All three times money exchanged hands, I used their secure payment form on their website. Verification is a 2-step process: First you need to print the contract they email to you, sign it, scan it and then send it back as an attachment. That’s how they know the peron they’re dealing with is a real person and you have a hard copy of the signed contract.

They are certainly worth the investment and are willing to negotiate all of their packages. I got an extra year on my latest package for example so…yeah. During the haggling process, they will show you what other companies would charge for what they offer and it’s certainly outrageous in comparison. You’re paying a fraction for Government-level computer service. Despite the bad press I will continue using Smart Snake through 2019. They have proven themselves trustworthy in my book.


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