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Back to Work, Back to School and Prettymuch Moved In   Leave a comment

Update 9/2/2013: I now have internet service at my new home.


I know, it’s been what three weeks since I announced I was moving. Even though I can use my cellphone as a Wireless Hotspot, that costs money and I only use it when I have no other options.

I recently reactivated my Netflix account. I have the App on my phone, my game systems and of course my laptop. At the time I cancelled it I had access to a subscription TV service. No longer having that forced my hand until I get Comcast (Cable and Internet) this weekend. As I mentioned on my Anime Blog last month I cancelled my Netflix subscription due to the lack of Anime. When I reactivated my account, I found some new Anime titles, telling me the email I sent to Funimation last month was taken under consideration.

Anywho, it’s back to school time for me. I have been back at the Mission Hill School for the 2013-2014 school year since last Thursday. The kids return officially this week. I am excited about coming back to the same school for the first time in two years.

Before I go on I want to state for those from the MHS Community that I know do read my blogs from time to time that I have committed to not say anything on my blogs that might draw negative attention to the school. Protecting the school’s integrity is something I take very seriously. It’s for that reason I rarely referenced the Mission Hill School by name if ever during the last school year on this blog and also why I created a disclaimer page for all of my blogs. While yeah, what I do outside work is my business I understand all too well how outside distractions can effect a school community.

Speaking of which, one of the things we discussed as staff last week was appropriate use of technology by both adults and students at school. One proposal we agreed to as adults is no cell phone use during recess, lunch and bus duty unless it’s to call the office. The main/obvious reason for that is you’re not watching the kids if you’re looking at your cell phone. The other reason is even if you’re using it for school business, someone who doesn’t know might not think so. The other proposal we agreed to for students is technology is to be used in school strictly for learning and anyone can ask if they have questions about the educational value of certain media or devices.

I’ll use one example because this came up the year before I came to MHS. The middle school class I was a part of watched the first two episodes of Roots. Anyone familiar with the 1970s TV series and book series by Alex Haley might remember that at a certain point in the third episode the main character is violently whipped for not saying the slave name he was given by his new master. The powerful and controversial scene was not shown in school for that reason but we did have a conversation about it and why we skipped that scene. Even though up to that point the class understood the historical context regarding slavery, as educators there are is a certain point you need to know to stop and consult with someone before you make the decision to expose graphic content to your students.

We didn’t get into it due to time constraints but the subject of social media did come up. I’m going to talk about social media and students in a blog later this week or this weekend but I do want to say that in my opinion, no school age child should be using Social Media sites unsupervised if at all if it can be helped. If the headlines you hear about is any indication not everyone can use social media sites responsibly.

Today marks the official end of summer break for me. I don’t anticipate any reasonable time off until December so…yeah.

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