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Communal Living, Going “Off The Grid” and Living through Hard Times: Part 1   Leave a comment

What is Coliving and what advantages does it have? - Iberdrola

It goes without saying the Global Pandemic was a wakeup call for the entire world but no places more than those who live in densely populated areas–cities. The last 100 or so years saw a concetrated and purposeful effort by most people in developed countries to move into cities mostly for economic reasons. Living in a major city does have obvious advantages, yes and it also has obvious disadvantages.

The ongoing Pandemic in progress revealed just one of the many big disandvantages to living in a major city: Disease can quickly spread. I live in Boston but I live in a suburban area area of the city right on the edge of the city’s boarder with a Dedham, MA. Literally go three blocks and you’re no longer in Boston.

I’m gonna split this into four parts across two posts: Communal Living in Rural and Urban Areas (2 separate sections), Living Off the Grid and Living Through Hard Times. The first two parts assume you are willing and able to relocate from where you currently live. Both have aspects of each other mixed in though the first one requires 2 or more families or households coming together while second one is really meant for one household or family. The third part is for those who live in urban areas and are just not able to relocate at all.

This post is written with the U.S. in mind but if you’re outside the U.S., you can still use it as a point of reference since it will contain mostly general info. None of these are to be confused with Congregate, or Assisted Living. That is specifically for Elderly or Handicapped/Disabled who are either unable to live on their own or need support that prevents them from living on their own.


National Geographic Maps Kids Physical USA Wall Map (Graded 4-12 ...

Ok first things first you need to start doing research on rural areas starting in your state. If you live in Connecticuit, New Jersey, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Delaware or Maryland you should be looking at neighboring states (Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, etc.) or further away. Those first six states are the smallest in the U.S. so if you live in them, it’s just best to just look at other states. The more rural, the better. For those curently living on Hawaii, either go to the Continental U.S. or go to Southeast Asia. I’ll get to this in a bit as well. For those in Alaska, you’re basically fine to stay there.

Factoring a few things I’ll get into in just a bit, these 12 states are the ones I highly reccommend you look at if you currently live in or very close to a major city:

  • Maine
  • Vermont
  • Utah
  • Wisconsin
  • Nebraska
  • Minnesota
  • Kansas
  • Wyoming
  • Montana
  • Iowa
  • Idaho
  • Alaska

I factored a variety of things in this list, the biggest among them the costs of buying land, ready access to natural resources and the viability of going “Off The Grid”. These states are just collectively the best ones depending on where you might currently be in the U.S. I you’re open to going to Alaska, you can basically disappear without a trace. To a lesser extent this is also true of Maine, Minnesota and Montana as well.

Most of these states are in the middle of the country. Of them, I am partial to Wisconsin and Minnesota simply because the are on The Great Lakes. That’s the world’s largest body of freshwater in the world. Most of the other states are almost giving land away.

You’ll want to do your research in short since these days, you never know who owns what. More so if we’re talking about land owned by a company. It’s much more complicated than dealing with a landowner who is a private citizen to say the least.


If you live in or near a major city in these 16 states, you should look at rural areas within the state first before looking at the above list:

  • Washington
  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • California
  • New Hampshire
  • Pennsylvania
  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Arkansas
  • Oregon
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • North Carolina
  • West Virginia
  • Colorado

…I live in Massachusetts and I also live in Boston. I am looking at the Southeasten part of the state as well as the middle of the state to move to. I don’t want to be too close to Springfield in the western part of the state since it’s basically “West Boston” (and I’m sure folks who live in that part of the state would LOVE for the state capital to be moved out there.

Boston is third in the U.S. behind New York (#2) and San Francisco in terms of the cost of living. Things start to become more affordable the further from Boston you go but in exchange, you need to either own a car or know someone trustworthy who can help you get around. You can get away with not owning a car in the Boston area because of the MBTA but not as much outside Boston and the surrounding cities and towns (Cambridge, Quincy, Braintree, Brockton, Newton, Revere, Chelsea, Somerville, etc.). I had my Learner’s Permit two years ago but it recently expired. I plan to apply for it again in the near future.

Moving on, most of the states listed have at least one major city in it. If you live in the New York City, you want to look at upstate New York before you look outside the state. Same if you live in LA, San Francisco, Philly, Chi-Town, Seattle or Indianapolis among others. You want to be looking at rural areas in the states those cities are in first before you look elsewhere.

With most of these states, you can fly under the radar. You also have the added benefit of having a major city in most of these states you can travel to if need be. Like the first list, all of these states have land you can use to grow your own food and that is an absolute must for everything in the next three section.


These 14 states you absolutely want to either avoid or leave if you are a certain race, hold certain political views or would have to deal with severe weather disasters each year:

  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Alabama
  • Tennessee
  • Kentucky
  • Virginia
  • South Carolina
  • Louisiana
  • Missouri
  • North Dakota
  • Arizona
  • New Mexico
  • Nevada

I have no problem saying local politics, laws and history were the biggest factors for most of these states being on this list despite the low costs of living and loose regulations on Living Off The Grid in them. The first 10 you absolutely want to avoid moving to if you are not White. I’m just gonna put it like that.

No disrespect intended to people of color who live in those first 10 states but they are still controlled by sins of the past. Both of the Dakotas have Native American Reservations in them but out of fairness to the Native Americans who live there, it’s hard for me to justify reccommending it. They’ve had much taken from them to say the least and the last thing they need is the mostly inhospitable land they were given to exist on being taken from them. I didn’t include South Dakota because Native American Reservations are not as concentrated as North Dakota first and open land not privately owned if it’s not part of a Reservation is easier to find in South Dakota second.

Arizona and New Mexico have the two big problems of being on the southern boarder and being mostly desert or wasteland. Yes you can practically disappear in both states but they along with Nevada require quite a bit of investment to live in the middle of nowhere longterm. Nevada has Las Vegas and Reno, were most of the state’s populations are concentrated working against it. Outside those two cities, most of the state is desert or wasteland and to live in the middle of nowhere, you’ll need to be making huge financial commitments.

The only two things the first 10 states have going for them are plentiful land for agriculture and low costs of living. If not for the politics, I would have reccommended them in the first two lists but I can’t.


If you are in the U.S. and you’re open to leaving the country, these 16 countries are worth looking into:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Japan
  • The Philippines
  • South Korea
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Kenya
  • Liberia
  • Ghana
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Holland
  • Finland


…For all the closet racists like to talk trash about people coming in the U.S. Southern Boarder, I do believe at some point in the future we WILL see a mass migration of Americans flooding across the Southern boarder into Mexico looking for shelter. I do believe that time will come sooner than later personally. It will then be a question of weather or not Mexico will allow it or give the U.S. a taste of its own medicine which they would have every right to do.

Canada is the only overland route to the U.S. state of Alaska so unless you fly, you will have to pass through Canada to get there. Outside that, most people forget that around the time of the 2004 Presidental Election Canada started to offer a sort of fast-tracked immigration process for U.S. Citizens. The media covered this briefly but shortly after Trump won the 2016 Presidental Election, some people with Refugee status fled to Canada amid fears Trump would revoke their status as Refugees and in some cases, revoke their citizenship if they were naturalized. Their fears were proven accurate as Trump revoked Refugee status or citizenship from literally millions of people mostly from impoverished countries.

The Philippines would require quite a bit of financial investment because it is an impoverished country. Many Filipinos travel abroad to find work so…yeah. You would need to secure stable income as well as agriculture. It would be reccommended you pair with a Filipino family or two to make things work. Same With Liberia, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya and Argentina.

The European countries rank among the best in the world to live. Brazil, like The Philippines would require doing a bit of research in advance depending on what you may be looking to do. South Korea and Japan have tough immigration requirements but if you can secure citizenship in one of them, you will be access to help getting started up. South Korea might feel like an odd choice since it’s boardered by North Korea but China and the U.S. are both acting as buffers to keep that country safe.


These 16 countries or Regions you absolutely want to avoid moving to if you’re open to leaving the U.S.:

  • Anywhere in the Middle East
  • Eastern Europe
  • The West Indies/Carribbean
  • India
  • China
  • Russia
  • Egypt
  • Libya
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Sudan
  • Ethiopia
  • U.K.
  • France
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • North Korea


It goes without saying with most of these countries, simply being from America makes you a target. As for why most of Europe is listed, it’s too densely populated first and you never know when war will break out second. It’s just not worth taking the chance. Same with the West Indies and The Middle East. It’s just a simple matter of personal safetly and most of these countries are very hostile to foreigners in general.


…All that said. Now lets talk about Communal Living.

Communes are making a comeback for older residents | Considerable

Communal Living, or Coliving involves a group of people with common beliefs coming together and living together, usually in a Rural area. That’s the original version. The Urban version, which is more recent involves separate bedrooms but shared common areas. This assumes you go the Rural route though I will talk about the Urban version a little as well.

It’s highly reccommended you team up with 2 to 3 families who will live on the land and take care of each other. It will basically be a village. Make sure whoever they are can be trusted first and foremost. More so if you hold certain political, cultural or religious beliefs that could make you a target for persecution. You will need to make sure everyone is vetted since you will literally relying on each other to survive. Disagreements are one thing but you don’t want a traitor or informant living with you to be direct. More on this in the last section.

Once you have secured land, you will need to build a house to live in if there isn’t one present already. Either one big enough for you and those who will live with you or each family has their own dwelling–house, cabin, whatever you want to call it. Federal Laws require running water in a dwelling of any kind for sanitation purposes. On top of this, each state has their own regulations that can make it easier or harder to “Unplug” from government or company owned water and electric utilities.

On that note: Contrary to popular belief by some folks, it is NOT illegal to live off the grid in the U.S.. It just requires doing your research since like I just said, some states make it harder than others to do so. Indoor plumbing is an absolute must for sanitation purposes in all 50 states. That includes a working toilet and running faucets. You will need to do your research on the regulations for the state you’re in or the state you plan to move to.

As for electricity, you have three options: Solar Panels, Wind Turbines or Hydroelectricity. It’s highly reccommended you have a combination of at least two depending on where you are. If pressure from a waterfall, stream or river is strong enough you can set up a Hydroelectric generator. Having batteries to store the power would great especially if there is either a mechanical problem or you temporarily lose the ability to generate power.

The funny thing is if you stay connected to the electrical grid while generating electricity on your property, you can be paid for some of the excess electricity. This is already the case with many who have Solar Panels or Wind Turbines on their property as their primary home power source. You’ll be paid or given a credit for a portion of the excess electricity. So, you’ll actually profit from your own power source. Pretty cool, yes?

Electronic communication…that depends on weather or not the internet is still accessible or not. For the sake of this we will assume it’s not. At the very least, you should try to get a localized phone network set up that will cover at least your propety. This requires specialized knowledge that includes installing the necessary hardware, structures and equipment. Ideally, this would be done before internet access is lost.

If internet access is still available, you should still set up a personal secure personal network that can’t be accessed from anyone outside your network without the credentials. Having your own servers to store data in advance also means you can download or back up helpful information from across the internet that will be lost when it goes offline. There actually is a handy website called The Internet Archive. You name it, they got it. They are dedicated to literally backing up the ENTIRE internet and everything on it. I can confirm they even have the old Serene Adventure website AND the old forums on that note.

Anyways, communication will be more important. If you have someone with the skills, you might be able to make it so cellphones can be used while on the property by connecting to the local network that was set up so you can talk to each other when regular service is lost. That way, at least you can still talk to people you know while you’re in range of the network. A local network means you can still access information and data on your servers instead of the internet too.

Next, let’s talk about creating and maintaining your own renewable Food Sources. It’s cliche but you will be growing most of what you eat. You don’t need acres and acres of land but the more ariable land, the more food you can grow on it. You definitely want to be able to grow enough food to not only live off of but put some in storage, sell or trade as well.

With Fruit Trees, you need to do your research as they all take at least a few years to start bearing fruit. You can buy saplings or mature trees to save some time but it won’t be cheap. We’re talking minimum $50 each for Apple trees to give you an idea. Buying fruit trees is probably the best method for those who are starting out and more so if you either don’t have a lot of skilled hands or don’t have a lot of land for growing. Fruit trees last a few decades so it’s reccommended you start planting replacements about halfway through

Building a Greenhouse means you can grow food out of season and all year round regardless of the weather conditions. In exchange, there is an increased power and water cost for just the Greenhouse that needs to be planned for. You’ll want to set up standalone solar panels for just the Green House if possible. Once you have a Green House up and running, you can grow prettymuch anything and is worth the added costs if you plan to source everything you eat.

As for meat, eggs and dairy. Buy chicken and cows to source eggs and milk from. You can research how to turn milk into butter, cream, cheese and yogurt among other things. If you or a member of your Community either doesn’t have the skills, doesn’t have the equipment or just doesn’t feel comfortable doing that you’re better off buying animal byproducts if possible. Of course, you will also want to learn to make your own clothes too.

As for meat. If it’s domesticated animals, you need to learn how to both humanely slaughter an animal. You will also need to learn how to safely butcher an animal and drain the blood from the meat. With birds, you will need to learn how to defeather it. These steps are done for you by the time you buy it in a store so…yeah. If the idea of killing an animal let alone then having to butcher it for food makes you feel uncomfortable or squeamish, maybe it’s time to consider becoming a vegetarian. It’s not for the faint of heart and certainly isn’t pretty.

As for defending your Community. It goes without saying your biggest threat will be other humans followed by any known wildlife in the area. A combination of fencing and walls are a must. If you have the money and the means, install closed-circuit cameras as well. Every able-bodied person in the community is part of the defense force. If you have cameras installed, that helps cut down on the need for 24/7 patrols. Have lethal force as part of your arsenal if need be but use only when necessary.

As for Medical and Health Needs. You will need a few people who either have medical training or can learn detailed medical info if possible. If you can stock up on hospital-grade medical supplies, medical equipment and medications that’s even better. A room of one-story building will be designated as the infirmary. If you have access to a medical facility in the area, that’s great. Otherwise, you want to make sure your on-site medical capabilities can handle prettymuch everything imaginable including major surgeries and quarantines if need be.

Speaking of. If an infectious disease breaks out in the Community, Patient Zero should be immediately quarantined along with everyone who was in contact with them. The rest of the Community will need to adjust to make up for the reduced manpower or other roles they would lose due to those under quarantine. If someone dies of an infectious disease, the body should be cremated or buried as quickly as possible. In addition, everyone who handled the body should be quaratined as a precaution. Just like the current Pandemic, Quarantine is to protect those who are healthy from getting sick.

If your food sources get contaminated or infected, they should be destroyed to prevent healthy people and animals from getting sick. Infected livestock should be killed and the bodies burned. Infected fruit-bearing plants, vegetables and other plant-based food sources should be destroyed by burning as well.

Infectious Diseases aside, when someone dies the body should be buried or cremated for obvious sanitary reasons as soon as possible. Corpses are swimming with bacteria after all. A Medical professional and a leader of the community should fill out a Death Certificate for the deceased even if there is no functioning government. You want to make sure you have a written record of the death for the purposes of record keeping.

About trash and waste. Human and Animal waste should be either used as fertilizer or buried. Food waste should be composted as much as possible. The rest of the food trash can either be fed to animals, burned or buried. Anything non-food that is biodegradeable should be recycled, salvaged or repurposed as much as possible. Get as much unreusable waste as close to zero as possible.

We’re assuming there won’t be a trash pickup and it’s unlikely you’ll want to drive your waste to the nearest dump or designated dumping area every week. If you want to designate a spot on the property for that purpose, make sure it’s far from both living areas and food sources. Trash in an open area will attract wildlife, vermin and possibly other humans so you want to keep it on the edge of your property if possible. If there is trash pickup available, feel free to disregard this paragraph!

Before I forget, let me talk about Education and learning. It goes without saying kids will need to learn along with adults survival skills. As for formal education, textbooks will need to be acquired in advance. it won’t be as formalized and structured as it is in most of the world now but kids should be able to learn at their own pace. There should be a greater emphasis on survival skills however.


Co-Living Spaces Claim a Bigger Place | City of New York

Wait, I forgot to talk about the Urban version didn’t I? Let’s get to that now. The obvious big difference between the Rural and Urban versions is the area. You have less room in an urban area to work with and certain things will need to be done differently depending on how much space you have.

For the sake of this sake of discussion, we’ll assume your community has bought or taken over a building the size of this one. At a glance, it’s a 6-story building and likely has a below-ground floor or two. A building of this size can probably safely hold 200 to 400 people without crowding rooms. You would still need to set up facilities to be as self-sufficient as possible though.

  • We will assume water is taken care of from when it was first built and will be a non-issue. We will also assumes shower and bathing facilities will be installed on each floor.
  • Solar Panels will be installed on the roof as the main power source though it will still be hooked up to the city or town’s grid. Small wind turbines will also be installed on the roof for additional power.
  • The same principles for a local network apply. Most offices these days already have an internal network on that note. Someone with the skills can reprogram an existing one to work for your needs.
  • As for Food Sources. You have no choice but to convert rooms into greenhouses as well as build raised beds of soil on the roof. If you can get your hands on livestock, you can house them in a few rooms. Just make sure you are able to get them some time outside and some exercise too.
  • Defending a building like this means barricading all entrances and exits as well as all ground floor windows. It goes without saying Closed-Circuit Cameras are a must as well.
  • At least half a floor is set aside for medical facilities. This also assumes a room or two is used for surgeries and there will be a separate maternity ward. If disease breaks out, the infected should be quarantined and the rooms should be disinfected afterward.
  • When someone dies, we will assume the building has two basements. Sections of the second basement will be set aside for burials. If the ground is reinforced, you will need build coffins with available materials and seal it shut. Otherwise, bury it. The alternernative is using the furnace to creamate the body.
  • Trash and waste is treated the same as in a Rural area: Keep it as low as possible. This building appears to have a chimney which means it has a furnace you can use to burn things.
  • Education is treated the same as a rural area prettymuch. Focus on survival skills though kids should be able to learn at their own pace.


..Whew. That covers most of the major stuff involved with Community Living. There are some more details which will be covered in the next two sections. These first two sections ended being much longer than I expected so I am going to put the other sections in a separate post. I actually revised this post before posting it. Part 2 will be the next one you see after this one. It’s so important, I will post both parts on three of my blogs.



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Online International Romance Scams continue to grow more sophisticated   Leave a comment


Image result for Online Romance Scams


I recently read this article from and decided to comment on it further.

The above caption is still a pretty reliable way of figuring out fairly quickly if the person on the other side of the screen is really a scammer or someone or just not who they claim to be.

There’s also this:


Image result for online romance scams

…If this looks/feels familiar to you and you’re starting to feel nervous, good. Especially the first two points. Both claims should be met with skepticism especially anyone who claims to be a US Citizen or US Soldier currently living or stationed overseas. That right there should be a giant red flag especially for those claiming to be US Servicepeople: They know they can’t disclose where exactly they are while deployed or what they’re doing. An actual US Soldier knows not to disclose anything that might jeopardize security over an unsecure communication channel like a free cloud-based email address (Gmail. Outlook, etc.) and more so if they are in or near a combat zone.

Anyone who travels overseas on their own dime doesn’t need YOUR help getting back. If they have a problem in the other country, they can contact the US Consulate and they know it. If their passport or other documents are stolen, they can contact local authorities who can put them in touch with the US Consulate. Anyone insisting on you sending them money is likely a scammer plain and simple.

Before I move on, I do want to comment on the last point made above about moving communication outside the website where you make first contact with each other. It’s totally fine to exchange external contact info. No rush of course but that’s fine especially if you’ve given reasonable assurance you’re talking to a genuine person. If you don’t want to exchange contact info up front, just say so. Most real people will be very understanding of that as long as you explain why and more importantly, don’t Ghost on them.


Moving on to this checklist:

Image result for Online Romance Scams


The first one should be a giant red flag. Me personally, I don’t believe in love at first sight. Especially someone I haven’t met in person yet. You should be extremely skeptical of anyone who messages you saying they’re in love with you and want to be with you. More so if that’s first contact. Scammers use a script and will stick to it as well. They know if they open with this, it’ll throw most people off balance and get them to drop their guard.

I covered the next 3 listed above so going to the last point. It’s not too much to ask to voice chat or video chat to confirm you are talking to a real person. Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts. Take your pick. Even better is you don’t need to use your real phone number with all except WhatsApp and it works internationally too. If they come up with every excuse to not voice chat with you, it’s probably because they’re not who they claim to be or where they claim to be. If they can message or email you, they can at least voice chat.

Of course, you can make some exceptions depending on where they are. On Facebook I have contacts who live in The Philippines, South Africa and Tanzania. Most in those countries can barely text let alone voice chat in some cases. If the other person is in North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia or Israel then they should be able to voice chat with you between having a monthly data plan, Wi-Fi access or both.

I have noticed most scammers prefer to use Yahoo Mail over Outlook (formerly Hotmail) or Gmail. The biggest reason being unlike the other two email providers, you are not asked to provide real information authenticating who you are. For example to make a Google Account these days, you need a cell phone just to make an account. An authenticator code is texted to your cellphone which you must enter to prove you’re a real person and not a bot. The advent of Xbox Live 17 years ago meant all Microsoft Services including Hotmail (now Outlook) were integrated so you had to your personal information in the account.

With Yahoo Mail–which has been around since the internet went public in 1994–you can prettymuch remain anonymous. You can make as many Yahoo email accounts as you want without providing actual personal information. I suspect this is the real reason it has remained a viable option despite the overwhelming popularity of Gmail in the last 16 years. You can just make another Yahoo Mail account once people figure out you’re a scammer and contact them using the new account. My Spam folders say hi so…yeah.


Image result for Online Romance Scams

Again, some of these will probably feel familiar to some of you.

It goes without saying anyone who is able to send you stuff isn’t hurting for money. They do it to get you to trust them into sending them money. On that note, you ever notice the amount of money they ask for steadily increases and the time they’re willing or able to wait steadily decreases? That should tell you something right there. More so given each Relationship Scammer is likely talking to several people at the same time. Their primary reasons for doing so are to get the money and personal info from as many people as possible.

On that note. You should refrain from sharing the following specific types of information on first contact with anyone you meet in an Online Dating situation. More so if you are unable to video chat with the person or they may not be in your home country:


  • Real Name: This is what screen names are for. These days, you can never be too careful. I’m known as Aurabolt on some website and Brendan2k5 on others. Three years ago, I changed my username on Facebook to Lavon Samuel Davis. I will only reveal my real name to people online who I know I will meet in person and only when we’ve met in person. The most anyone needs to know on first contact is your first name anyways.
  • Date of Birth: Most can probably correctly guess your exact date of birth just knowing your age. If one of the first things someone asks you is your birthday, don’t tell them the year. Besides, if they know your age they should be able to do the math on their own.
  • Cellphone Number: DO NOT GIVE THIS OUT IMMEDIATELY. This is how you invite spam to be texted to you and worse. I would insist on a website’s/app’s own communication features, Facebook Messenger, Kik or Skype first and then going from there.
  • Household Information: I would be VERY concerned if they start asking you for information about your family. It may sound innocent or just small talk but there is a purpose behind it. The two biggest being they want to try to look up your family members first and they want to see if there is clues in correctly guessing your account passwords in that information second.
  • Income Status: This is what most Relationship Scammers want the most. They want to know what kind of work you do so they can best figure out how to slowly bleed you dry.

Folks need to also be mindful the above information along with your Social Security Number and Address are all they need to open credit cards in your name. This is exactly why you need to be very careful when making first contact online of what you share and what you keep private.


I have some additional information I want to pass along to anyone who in Pinay or Filipina (A woman who is from The Philippines) and is looking for love online with someone who is in the U.S.:


  1. If you’re mainly looking for someone who can provide for you and your family financially, prepare to be VERY disappointed. More so if you are looking for someone with in 10 years of your age. Most Americans are NOT rich and in fact, most Americans can barely keep a roof over their heads.
  2. If you live in The Philippines and you are not working or willing to work, you have no right to expect a man to travel across the world let alone pay for you to travel across the world. It costs about $1,000 USD–about 50,000 PHP–for a round trip plane ticket between Boston and Manila for reference. That’s just talking about the plane ticket. It also costs around same amount for a Marriage Visa for those who may be wondering as well.
  3. If some of your first words are “I need help”, “Can you help me?” or “I need money” I can promise you that you will be rejected almost immediately and most likely either blocked or have your account reported. Nothing turns off potential international relationships faster than for a guy to be told up front you want money from them and you haven’t even met yet. It doesn’t matter if your child needs an organ transplant or is dying in the hospital. It doesn’t matter if you need the money to video or voice call. Again, I can promise you this will guarantee you will be rejected completely and swiftly off the bat.
  4. Having kids from a previous relationship doesn’t disqualify you from love and nor should it. At the same time, you shouldn’t put love before your kids ever. Just be open and honest about being a single mom. Most guys will be very understanding. Most Western Men looking for a Filipino girlfriend or wife already knows the father is likely out of the picture so…yeah.
  5. Filipinos can actually VISIT the U.S. with a Tourist Visa and stay for up to 6 months (3 months up from + additional 3 month extension). In fact, it would make far more sense for both parties involved if you plan to visit the U.S. first.

..,Just some things to be mindful of. Included those 5 tips by reequest from some Filipinos who read this blog on that note ^_^

Online Dating is clearly here to stay. It’s all the more reason for folks to take steps to protect themselves against scammers, crooks and people who are only looking to waste your time. Please be careful out there and more so if you potential love interest is in another country,


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The Simpsons to remove iconic 1991 episode featuring the voice of Michael Jackson from ALL platforms   Leave a comment

Image result for The Simpsons Michael Jackson


…This is sad and heartbreaking.

The Simpsons Executive Producer Jamees L. Brooks announced earlier today that he will personally oversee the removal of the iconic 1991 episode from existence. The episode from Season 3 (1991-1992) titled “Stark Raving Dad” features the voice of Michael Jackson, who is credited in the episode’s credits as “John Jay Smith”.

That episode was memorable for 1-minute song Michael Jackson wrote and performed alongside Bart Simpson’s voice actress Nancy Cartwright:



…I saw it when it first aired. It was such a touching episode and was long considered by series fans to be one of if not the best celebrity episode in the show’s history. Not just because of the featured celebrity but how they worked with Michael Jackson after the 1990 TV premiere of the Black or White music video on FOX to keep his direct involvement in the recording of the Season 3 episode a closely guarded secret. When the episode first aired back in 1991, viewers immediately recognized his voice and looked for his name in the credits. Everyone knew it was him but was shocked to see his name was not in the credits. It actually was: Brooks revealed several years later they decided to use the alias “John Jay Smith” per his request not to have his name featured in the episode’s credits. A few other celebrities have made the same before and since so it wasn’t exactly uncommon.

Brooks made the call to basically wipe the episode from the existence after he saw the HBO Documentary Leaving Neverland. The Documentary features one of Jackson’s former accusers coming forward with new accusations. The new accusations come a few months before the 10th anniversary of Jackson’s untimely death. Jackson died suddenly in 2009 from a medical drug overdose. The accuser, who had apparently been forgiven by the Jackson family and was present for Michael Jackson’s public memorial service in 2009 shocked the family with this documentary.

The surviving Jackson brothers got in front of cameras and condemned the documentary as well as the accuser a few weeks ago. They view the new accusations as a betrayal since they had invited him into their home after Jackson’s death as well as nothing more than a cash grab. More so given unlike before, Jackson is no longer alive and can’t defend himself from the new accusations. It’s worth noting The Jackson family is following through on a lawsuit against the accuser and HBO for defamation and libel. His 3 kids are aware of the new accusations and the family is pulling out all the stops to protect them during this very difficult time.

I have not seen the documentary myself and have no desire to personally. This is not the same as R. Kelly and Bill Cosby. Michael Jackson was tried and acquitted a few years before he died but the court of public opinion still considers him guilty of the charges he was proven NOT GUILTY of in court. I don’t hear calls for R. Kelly’s music to be pulled from iTunes or The Cosby Show being pulled off Hulu. Like Cosby, Jackson had his day in court. The evidence proved he was not guilty. The star witness–one of his alleged accusers–said Jackson never hurt him ever. So, why this now?

One word: Money.

Brooks doing this tells me he belived Jackson was guilty of what he was accused of and was just looking for a good excuse to erase this episode from existence. Well, he got what he wanted in this documentary. Not only is the episode being pulled off TV but is also being removed from ALL streaming platforms and digital stores such as iTunes, Google Play, Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube. Brooks even plans to go so far as to remove the episode from future DVD and Blu Ray box sets as well as having existing box sets with the episode in stores recalled so they can be destroyed and replaced. No, really.

I plan to download the episode via iTunes, Google Play and YouTube when I can to protest the decision. The episode first aired 28 years ago. Why do this now? It makes no sense. The best time to have done it would have been back in 2004.


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The noose is finally tightening around the neck of serial rapist and sexual predator R-Kelly   Leave a comment

Related image


…If any celebrity with such a perverse, dark track rcord deserves no more chances and has forefeit the benefit of the doubt, it’s this man. I am utterly disgusted by the fact Black Americans are STILL split on him. There is nothing to debate: He is a serial rapist, sexual predator and a pedophile. He went to prison for it, too.

Some of you may remember this post I made about him 6 years back. R. Kelly has recently returned to the spotlight because of the Lifetime documentary titled Surviving R. Kelly. R. Kelly reportedly threatened to sue the network for defamation in a bid to block the documentary from being aired. The documentary highlights women who have escaped R. Kelly’s “Sex Cult”. I want to repeat what I said six years ago: R. Kelly being a sexual predator is well documented. In one of his albums, he basically admits to being a sex addict. This man needs to be taken off the streets and put in a cell for the rest of his life.

Will Smith’s wife and fellow actress Jada Pinkett Smith recently Tweeted she doesn’t understand why so many are either slow to condemn him or quick to discredit the black women who have come forward with alliegations of Sexual Assault and Rape by him because he is a black celebrity. We went through this with Bill Cosby, who was convicted and sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison for rape he did 30 years ago. There’s also Chris Brown, who beat his then girlfriend Rhianna. I still remember hearing some folks saying she threw herself down a flight of stairs. Really? In general, America has always been split when it comes to victims of rape and sexual assault coming forward at the end of the day. More so when the accused is a public figure or celebrity.

…R.Kelly, though? He is indefensible unless you’re on his payroll or one of his groupies.

Talk Show host Wendy Williams once commented on a closed door meeting she had with him about 10 years back. According to her, R. Kelly allowed her to ask him about anything and everything under the condition it be kept between them. I assume she had to sign a non-disclosure agreement from how she described the encounter. She clearly couldn’t get into specifics but basically said he denied none of the rumors and alliegations at the time.

I’ll say it again: This man belongs in a prison cell for the rest of his life.

In the weeks since the documentary first aired, R. Kelly has lost endorsements and public pressure is being put on several record labels and iTunes to drop him. As the saying goes, the longest rope has an end. I am hopeful that this time, we will see the complete and utter end of R.Kelly.


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About my just-launched 9th Blog dedicated to Politics and News   Leave a comment

I just wanted to let folks know I have decided to go ahead and just make a separate blog dedicated to Politics as well as News.


As I noted in my first post on the new blog, I will now have a separate blog for all things news and politics. I will still cover sports here though. One matter I wanted to make sure to let folks know is my existing political posts on this blog will NOT be removed. I added them to my new blog though so yes there are two copies of 100 of my posts.

I decided to stop covering politics here because I felt like it deserved its own space and more so after I spent so much of the last two and a half years on just politics. Of the 318 posts and drafts on this blog, 118 of them are on just politics. A full third of the posts to this blog so far are is only on politics so…yeah. Time to give it a separate blog.

I mentioned a earlier this year I plan to have 10 blogs before the end of 2018. Clearly I am going to meet that deadline. I just need to make up my mind and decide what topics blog #10 will cover. In the meantime, I hope those who liked my Political posts will click the above link and subscribe. I will add links in my new blog to some of my other blogs over the weekend as well as a PayPal button as usual. Seriously folks, I would appreciate some financial support ^_^


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I’m gonna challenge myself and try to stop writing about national politics for at least a few months   Leave a comment

I feel like at this point, there is no longer as need for me to comment on the state of American Politics for a while.

We have a perfect storm of things going on in Washington. Thanks to all the leaks from within the White House, the Republicans may be forced to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump sooner than later. Already, signs are being shown the Republicans are tired of giving lip service to their pawn in the White House (Trump) whose uselefulness to them has clearly run its course. At this point, they no longer need him.

The larger question is when, not if. Like I said before, they will start setting up his exit after the midterms. Trump’s aides (anonymously) talking to the press is a red flag you can be sure they are very concerned about. Clearly his inner circle actively running interference is a sign he can’t be left alone for too much longer. These leaks are as big a problem for them as they are for Trump. Just the fact that White House staff are openly talking to the press and divulging such revealing information raises the obvious question “Who else could they be talking to?”

Things are a mess to say the least. Even worse, Pence is clearly going to be set up ad “restoring dignity to the White House and unifying the Republican Party”. There are already whispers among anti-Trump Republican voters (and former Republican voters) that they would rather deal with Pence just to be free of Trump already. Trump is losing more support than his fanboys even realize. His lack of coherency or consistency are the main reasons why. More and more folks are realizing he’s putting himself before everything else regardless of the consequences.

So, weather his fanboys like it or not Trump will likely be forced out of office. Like I said before, it will happen after the midterms. Trump indirectly let on he knows his exit is being set up when he reportedly begged evangelicals to tell their congregations to vote Republican last week in a closed door meeting, “fearing violence”. Yes there will be but it will not be the Dems. It will be his own base and the Republicans who turn on him. And he knows it, too.

As many experts predict, the Dems will likely take one House of Congress in November. Possibly both. As long as the Dems take one, they can block Trump’s Supreme Court pick from being confirmed and they will be aiming to do that knowing Pence will soon be prepared to take over the White House. The GOP knows they are gonna lose seats in both Houses and they are trying to prepare for the liklihood they lose control of one or both.

One seat being contested in Massachusetts is Elizabeth Warren’s. For some reason, both the media and the GOP think she’s gonna run for president in 2020. The Trump fanboy running against her in November is hoping to collect the bounty Trump offered to whoever can beat take her and take her seat for the GOP. Her chances of actually losing? Zero. Her challenger just doesn’t have the votes. LOL.

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Twitter joins Facebook, Apple and YouTube in permanently banning Far Right Extremist Alex Jones   Leave a comment

…And now the internet is much nicer place.

This 2018 hasn’t been good to the creator of InfoWars or his so-named website and podcasts. Earlier this year, his Facebook accounts were disabled and his Podcasts were removed from iTunes. Some of his YouTube videos were removed before his whole channel was shut down. As of yesterday, his Twitter accounts were permanently banned as well. With that, Alex Jones has effectively lost his Social Media reach completely.

The move comes during a time in which Facebook and Twitter executives are subject to Congressional bipartiasan inquiries. One of the few things both Dems and Republicans always seem to agree on these days (you read that right, lol) is that the various social media platforms can be used as a powerful weapon to deliberately spread misinformation and lies with little to no moderation to billions worldwide. Of course, this is actually true and obviously predates the 2016 election (which is a whole other topic for another blog post lol).

Unsurprisingly Alex Jones as well as his fans and supporters are accusing Twitter (as well as YouTube, Facebook and Apple) of violating Free Speech, saying they (“They” being Social Media) “have a Left-Wing Liberal Agenda” and want to silence him (and others like him) “for speaking the truth and they don’t like it.”

This is the same guy who imfamously ranted on CNN after Sandy Hook. The funny thing is guys like him and his audience, who believes all Gun Lovers or Gun Owners should defend the 2nd Amendment with violence unsurprisingly doesn’t know how Freedom of Speech, which he also bashes at every opportunity works. Freedom of Speech means you can’t be arrested and/or prosecuted for being critical of the government or politicians (as long as you don’t call for violence or make death threats against politicians or anyone else obviously). It DOES mean as long as you’re not calling for violence or making death threats, you can say almost anything you want. What DOESN’T mean is everyone has to listen to you.

It ALSO doesn’t mean you are exempt from separate rules or policies Social Media platforms have on what is acceptible and what is not. Alex Jones repeatedly violated said policies and that’s why his accounts were shut down and blogs removed. Disagreeing with that decision doesn’t mean your civil liberties were violated. It just means you broke their rules and they responded accordingly. Nothing more or less.

By now you’re probably wondering “Why don’t guys like him get their own website?” Well, he does: InfoWars is his website, which is hosted by Breitbart (The same site former White House Chief of Staff Steve Bannon owns). Now that he’ss lost his Social Media presence, his sphere of influence has drastically shrunk and just in time for the November elections. Alex Jones will clearly end up like the Westboro Baptist Church sooner than later now: Forgotten by everyone and that’s how it should be. He will obviously try to fight but will epically fail.


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Will Trump’s giant middle finger to the U.S. Intelligence Community be enough? [Updated 7/18/2018]   Leave a comment

Image result for donald trump and vladimir putin together

A few days after federal officials moved to prosecute 12 Russian Hackers for their role in influencing the 2016 Election, Trump came out of a closed-door meeting with his Russian counterpart. No one but translators were allowed in the room with them. No media, no aides, no one. One of the first things Trump said after the pair emerged from their “longer than planned” meeting: “Russia had no role in the outcome of the 2016 Election.”

Back home, The GOP and Intelligence Officials alike were going apeshit at what they were hearing. Not just what he said but how unbelievable it was when he said it. Watch the video. Does it not sound rehearsed to you? Worse than that, he made an enemy of the absolute last organization you want as an enemy: The U.S. Intelligence Community.

There is a damned good reason Trump has been directly obstructing the Russian Hacking Investigation at every turn: He has to. The common theory that has only grown hotter since the summit is Putin has something on Trump. That’s the only possible explaination. I don’t think the condemnation sent his way by many of his strongest supporters in the GOP all day was lip service.

Not this time.

Remember this article I wrote? Well, Pence has been quiet as usual and with good reason. He can’t say anything because corporate media likes to spin things either way.

The line Trump was expected to cross sooner or later…Is this it? That’s the question the GOP is probably secretly asking each other about now. Do they want to keep holding back and see where this goes? Or do they move to remove Trump now and push hard for Pence to run in 2020? We will likely know in the new few weeks and if they do decide to Impeach, it won’t happen until after the midterms. They’ll keep giving token support until then since they were able to get alot of what they wanted in just the last 16 months.

Why would the GOP wait until after the Midterms? Here’s why:


  • If they pull the trigger before the midterms, the party will split and they will want to avoid that at all costs. It will also guarantee they lose both Houses of Congress and the SJC Confirmation Meetings will obviously need to be postponed.
  • Unlike Trump, they rightfully fear and respect the FBI and the CIA. In general, the last thing they want is the FBI or CIA asking questions before the Midterms.
  • Should the GOP lose control of the House or the Senate–and they are expecting to lose control of at least one–they can spin it to say the people have lost faith in their government because of Trump.
  • Should the GOP keep control of both Houses–and they are expecting to lose control of at least one–they can spin it to say despite the divisive rhetoric from Trump, the people are putting their trust in the party.
  • Those last two weren’t contradictory. The GOP is gonna start to pivot regardless of the outcome of the Midterms away from Trump.
  • Pence needs to be able to claim plausible deniability in regards to Trump and it will be far easier to do that if he doesn’t make any unnecessary moves. He will let the GOP handle everything before, during and immediately after the Midterms.

…As much as the GOP felt Obama wasn’t tough enough with Putin (Crimea and Syria), I seriously doubt they were prepared for Trump prettymuch admitting to the world he is Putin’s puppet. LOL.

Pence having so few media appearances shouldn’t surprise anyone: One of the few things he and Trump have in common is he hates Corporate Media but fortunately for him, Trump is an attention whore. He’s not being followed around by the media like Biden, Cheaney and Gore were. It is more than a little unusual for the VP to be so…out of the loop, so to speak. Trump obviously not trusting him enough to tell him anything in advance aside, Pence is no fool. He knows it’s a matter of WHEN. In other words: He is preparing for when the GOP pulls the trigger.

To the Dems, ex-Republicans and Anti-Trump Republicans wondering “Ok cool. So when the fuck are they gonna do it and why haven’t they?”: We just need to be patient. You don’t need to be a Washington insider to see that SOMETHING is brewing. Some of the damage Trump’s done will be reversed as a token but not all. Too much is irreparable anyway so…yeah.

To the die hard Trump Supporters thinking by now “You don’t know shit. LOL the GOP impeach Trump? WTF are you smoking?”: Don’t take my word for it. You will see for yourself. You’re hoping–no, NEED–what happened to be part of a larger plan. And you’re half-right. The half you’re right about is Trump knows eactly what he’s doing.

At the end of the day, Trump and the GOP were in an alliance of convenience. Trump has nothing in common with the GOP and vice versa. They were just using each other up to now. We will find out for sure after the midterms if said alliance will continue or not. While the denouncements from the GOP today was…”restrained”, don’t mistake that for a lack of outrage.

They knew what they were getting themselves into when they backed him two years ago and they also know they need to be careful of how they dispose of him. First things first, they will need to turn enough of his base on him. Not those giving him lip service but those who legit like him no matter what. That includes Trump’s mouthpiece at Fox News: Sean Hannity. Trump himself just gave the GOP the right kind of ammo yesterday, too: Collusion with the leader of an enemy nation. No one likes traitors, after all.

CNN summed it up with this (unsprisingly) scathing article: Helinski was a Surrender Summit where Trump made it clear he is NOT The Leader of the Free World. That is a title that is earned, not given. All Trump has shown is he has no interest whatsoever on Democracy. That doesn’t bother me at all though. What does bother me and should concern everyone in America are those who bought into his beliefs and even worse, those who have taken it as a green light to promote Xenophobia.

Update 7/17/2018:

No automatic alt text available.

Trump held a press conference Tuesday afternoon where he walked back some of his comments from Sunday (and clearly failed at it), insisting he misspoke when he said U.S. intelligence got it wrong and there was no “colusion”. As you can see above he misspelled “COLLUSION”, which was clearly hand-written and even worse allowed a camera to catch it. The remarks were obviously prepared by his aides, who by the way he doesn’t even trust. It’s no secret he always goes off script and never reads the teleprompter when making public appearances. Much to the chagrin of White House Staff and the GOP obviously.

The Dems have been calling on the GOP to stand up to Trump knowing they can’t. Not yet, anyway. What’s sad is this poor excuse for a backtrack will be enough to satisfy Trump’s base and further alienate Anti-Trump Republicans. Unlike ex-Republicans who have been leaving the party in droves, they hold out hope establishment Republicans in Washington will pull the trigger before they lose all faith in the party. Not the billionaires who have been benefiting but the lifetime loyal Republicans who are ashamed and disgusted by the man their party put in the White House.

Yesterday, I said Step One would be to turn Trump’s fanboys against him. Step Two is open defiance against Trump by the GOP. Step Three is dealing with the dangerous extremists who’ve promised violence against anyone who tries to remove Trump from power. Step Four is the actual Impeachment Process. The first two must be done and the third is to keep the party together.

Like I said before though, the GOP will likely wait until after the Midterms to do anything significant.

Update 7/18/2018:

Image result for Donald Trump Press Conference today

Trump completed his reversal of his original comments from Sunday a short time ago today, now saying he believes his Russian counterpart directly interfered in the 2016 Election. Obviously, Trump supporters are either relieved or shouting “Told you so!” at his reversal to everyone else. Of course, his redaction changes nothing. Those who don’t like him still don’t and probably more so now. Those who do are “satisfied” they finally heard what they wanted to hear from him.

The obvious question of why he didn’t say this in front of Putin has an easy answer: He was telling the truth the first time. “How do you know he wasn’t just saying that?” Well, that excuse only works with kids for so long. Why so many insist on making every excuse for a grown man who is also the current president of the United States speaks to a larger problem but I won’t disgress further. What I will say again is the longest rope has an end.

…I’m gonna ask those who are able to and willing to please click the link below and donate if you are able. I am in need of emergency funds for a motel room for a few days. $350 will cover my needs. Thanks in advance.

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Dissent is Patriotic (except when it isn’t)   Leave a comment

Image result for Dissent is Patriotic

…It really is something.

I realize I’ve used the phrase “Dissent is Patriotic” alot on Social Media recently and mainly because of efforts by Republican Lawmakers to take away the right to protest at the federal, state and local levels. Not just because of who they have in the White House either. They’ve been like that for decades. Earlier this year, they got a major victory with Net Neutrality being repealed. Trump got greenlit from the Supreme Court to ban people from certain countries from entering the country last month as well. Last year, a Federal Judge ruled recording Police Brutality is unconstitutional.

Before I continue, I want to repeat something I’ve been saying for two years now: I am neither a Democrat or a Republican. So, to those of you on the Right saying “Get over it, you lost!”, I didn’t vote for Hillary. For those of you on the Left saying “Wait so now you’re gonna tell me you’re a Trump supporter?”, just look at the blog post I made before this one. I am an equal opportunity destroyer.

Related image

It started during Obama’s second term but there are increased efforts to criminalize Protesting the government right now. Folks need to understand something before I wrap up: How governments REALLY take Civil Liberties from the people is by convincing enough of them that it’s the best thing ever and/or for the sake of National Security. That’s how it happens.

Now more than ever, folks need to exercise their right to protest before it’s taken from them. Here in Massachusetts–a traditionally Democratic Stronghold–Protesters and Demonstrators are mailed an invoice for Emergency Services. Police, Ambulances and so on. ALL of it. Much it has to do with the Occupy Wall St. movement 10 years ago, which took over the Rose Kennedy Greenway. The recently opened park  was trashed by the demonstrators so…yeah.

My point is state and local governments are moving to criminalize protesting as a whole. When someone has they voice taken away, everyone does.

I have to assume the media is ignoring the clear pattern by Trump and the GOP   Leave a comment

Image result for 3 branches of government checks and balances chart

There is a clear and disturbing pattern that has been going on ever since Trump took office and the media is clearly ignoring it: Trump says something outrageous or inflamatory, the media focuses on that. We get it, he’s the POTUS and you can’t just ignore him. That much larger problem is the timing always coincides with the GOP pushing cuts to Safety Nets for the poor and most at-risk through Congress.

All of the following programs have had their funding cut since Trump took office:


  • Americorps
  • Meals on Wheels
  • SNAP/EBT (just Cleared the House, now in the Senate)
  • Medicare and Medicaid (no surprise)
  • Social Security (Not actually federally funded)
  • Various Refugee Programs
  • FEMA
  • American Red Cross
  • Hunting Restrictions on Certain WIldlife
  • Housing and Urban Development
  • Affordable Care Act (Dead at the Federal Level)
  • Net Neutrality (Internet Providers are biding their time for now)


Feel free to Google this. Do not take my word for it. These are just the ones I know of.

…I want to say this on the SNAP Program. As some of you folks know, I have been on Food Stamps for 24 months now. I get $192.00 in Food Stamps every month on the 7th. On average, I use up the whole balance in 10 days. I only use my SNAP Balance to buy actual groceries, which is the only thing they can actually be used for.

Let me explain something for those who have never applied for SNAP Benefits and hopefully never will: There is a strict work requirement to get SNAP Benefits. 85% of those who are receiving SNAP Benefits are in fact employed. They would have a very hard time eating healthy and/or feeding their families without the SNAP Benefits. the rely on just to survive. Anyways at the time I applied for Food Stamps, I was still Employed by BPS but I was on an unpaid leave of absence. I resigned 2 months later and have been job hunting ever since. There is a 6-month check-in you are required to do or you WILL lose your SNAP benefits. At that time, you need to be able to prove you are at least trying to find work or are in the process of getting enrolled in a University/College if you want your benefits to continue for another year.

They don’t mess around because of people who abused the system in the past. So, the repeatedly said myth from so-called Conservatives and many Republicans “Only Lazy people are on Food Stamps” line doesn’t fly. In fact, if you are even suspected of abusing the system they will stop your benefits first and ask questions later. Some food for thought, pun intended. Those who can’t work due to injury or illness need the appropriate documentation as well obviously. Aside from losing your benefits if you’re busted for fraud, you WILL be required to pay back ever cent of those fraudulent benefits as well. Again, they don’t play around and the penality is not worth pissing them off.

Moving on to Net Neutrality being repealed. The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are biding their time right now. Net Neutrality ended last month but they are in no hurry to start charging you extra as will happen unless Congress can be lobbied to bring it back. This is part of their plan: They likely won’t do anything for the first few months for PR reasons. Their mindset is “We won’t do anything for now since everyone’s watching us. Once most folks have moved on to other things, we’ll make our move.” The one thing coming up that’s sure to do just that are the November midterms. More on that in a separate blog post.

When Trump appointed Dr. Ben Carson as the new head of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), everyone thought it strange. More so given his only experience with HUD was when he went through the housing system himself growing up. This being one of many examples of Trump appointing people to departments with no experience or interest in expanding or improving them aside, the first major proposal Dr. Carson announced is yet another fine example of punishing the working poor and at risk just for existing: He proposed tripling how much rent tenants enrolled in Affordable Housing Programs and Section 8 would be required to pay out of pocket, effectively ending Income-Based Housing programs.

…I could go on.

Again, the reason all these cuts are happening in plain sight is BECAUSE Trump is keeping corporate media distracted. That’s how the GOP are using him more or less:


  1. Draw up plans to punish the working poor and those in poverty
  2. Wait for Trump to say or do something that will get the media’s attention
  3. Introduce budget cuts or restrictions of civil liberties they know Trump will rubber stamp while the media is distracted
  4. Put the proposal to a vote before Social Media spreads word of it
  5. Hope there is enough votes to make it happen the first time
  6. Repeat as needed

To what end, you might ask? To satisfy their corporate sponsors that’s why.


The new EPA Secretary is Fossil Fuel Lobbyist just like the one who just resigned. Folks need to understand that Capitalism’s biggest enemy is a Democratic Government of, for and by the people. Of course they want a rigged system that works for, by and of them and them alone. They control all three branches of government now and they are doing everything they can before the midterms later this year when massive turnover in both houses of Congress is anticipated.

This is no conspiracy theory. It’s conspiracy fact.

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