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If I suddenly became very rich, here’s what I’d do   Leave a comment

This has the assumption I won the lottery in mind but I’m doing this in general.

To paraphrase Forrest Gump: A man only needs so much money to live on. The rest is just for showing off.

Let’s say I win a payout of 300 Million (WOOT!). After taxes, that’s about $245 Million. Fortunately, I already have a list of things I’d buy if I had more money than I’d ever need in my lifetime. I considered omitting some of what I’m about to share but since it’s my hypothetical money, I won’t hold back.


First, what I’d spend on myself:


This house:

Located in Boston’s Hyde Park neighborhood, it would be the first purchase I make. Asking price: $429,000. I considered not sharing the Real Estate web page but since it’s currently on the market, I figure why not. You would also obviously need to be well off to consider buying this house. I reccommend going to the website to see the house’s interior and backyard. And yes, this is a single-family home.

It’s not far from where I currently live. It’s also closer to Cleary Square for those with Google Earth/Maps handy. My polling station is at the nearby high school to boot so it’s win-win. After buying it, I would pay off the mortage for the next few decades–easily past the end of the average human lifespan–to ensure whoever gets the house after me lives rent-free for a long time. I would then spend about $4 Million furnishing the interior and another $2 Million on the exterior.

A few things I’d have done with the exterior include:

  • Solar panels on the roof
  • State of the air conditioning + heating
  • Mature fruit trees planted–Apple, Pear and Peach
  • 12-foot fencing along the perimeter of the property.
  • State of the art security system.

Before I forget, I don’t have a driver’s license so that means I don’t need to buy a car =D


I will deposit $5 Million into my Paypal Account. This will allow me to maintain all my subscription services including Netflix, Crunchyroll and WWE Network for the rest of my life. I would also obviously be able to play World of Warcraft and buy every game on Steam for the rest of my life if I wanted to. Plus alot of other stuff obviously.

I’d buy this island from the city of Boston. It would remain open to the public but I would develop the visitor center a little bit and add a heliport in the middle of the island. Given Spectacle Island was once a landfiill AND could often seen burning from the shore, it’s come a long way. The Visitor Center would be expanded and made into a 4-story building with a food court, toiletries and some lodging. Construction would be done in ways that wouldn’t severely disrupt the island’s ecosystem.


…I have a weakness for Rest Stops/Areas. Anyone who’s ever traveled cross-country by road has probably stopped at one even if to just for a quick toilet break. I would have five built in Massachusetts: One in Western MA, one in Central MA, one on the Cape and two in the Greater Boston Area: I would put one in Hyde Park (because why not?) and the other in Milton. They would both be non-invasive to both residents and wildlife while providing a service for both locals and those passing through. I’d invest $50 Million into this–$10 Million per Rest Area.
I’d put in $25 Million to have as many vacant retail locations around Boston filled ASAP. I would pay to have Best Buy or Barnes & Noble set up shop in a vacant building near my house on that note. The upside is as the landower, that’s more income for me ^_^

I’d invest $100 Million to have four container ships converted into floating hospitals. I’d then donate each of them to the four most known hospitals in Boston: Mass General, Boston Medical Center, Tufts Medical Center and Boston Children’s Hospital.

..By this point, I’d have about $61 Million left over. Subtracting the $11 Million I mentioned at the top for housing and PayPal, I’d have $40 Million left to play with. I’ll take off another $5 Million with which to live off of and give $20 Million to my family to figure out with the stipulation not a cent of it is to be donated to charity. This leaves $15 Million for me to use up.

Let’s see…

City Year gets $10 Million, four of which is toward the startup of 4 new sites across the country (The startup cost actually is $1 Million for a new site somewhere in the US).

…So now I’m down to my last $5 Million. I will give it to 25 people in Boston who fit in one of the following 5 groups:

  1. Young person who is trying to stay out of trouble
  2. Family in need of a bigger home
  3. Student who has difficulty fitting in at high school
  4. Family has a child with medical bills/needs
  5. Local business owner

Each person would get $100,000. To be eligable, you must be a resident of Boston. This will be verified before the check is given to you.  I will have sole discretion of who gets 100 Grand. What you do with it afterward is none of my business. Just don’t spend it all in one place XD

…To certain members of my Facebook friends and family, I didn’t forget about you: I expect alot of money to be left over from my real estate and shipbuilding ventures. You’ll get some of that money (WOOT!). So, if I ever suddenly find myself with a couple hundred million in cash, now you know what I’d do with it. Of course, there’s a few other things I’d do that I didn’t mention at all but that’s nothing worth sharing. LOL.




My forums are still a work in progress   Leave a comment

I realize it’s been a few months since I took The Serene Adventure Forums offline and I’ve had alot going on since then. I plan to reopen the forums a few hours from now and man, have things changed. The biggest changes are in the Video Games and Anime Sections, which were both consolidated into about 5 boards total. I have also added links to all five of my WordPress Blogs.

Over the last 8 or so years I used parts of it as an organizer for the Serene Adventure stories and other things these blogs have taken over as. This paves the way for me to use the forums as an extension of my website and now by blogs as I originally intended. I can only hope there’s a little something for everyone on the Serene Adventure forums. I think the reason the forums never got much traffic before was because I set my expectations too high. Now that I have blogs I feel a whole lot less pressured to succeed in that regard.

One other thing for those connected via Facebook: Hopefully the cropped picture of myself will replace the PayPal Logo you keep seeing. Speaking of which the PayPal Link is for those folks to give me money if they are both able and willing to. Any amount is fine. Of course if you don’t have the means don’t worry about it. All content on my blogs and forums are free. The Paypal Links are for gratuity purposes only.

PayPal Buttons now up and ready for business   Leave a comment

I’ll go into detail on each blog over the course of the week but as of today there is a PayPal button on all of my blogs. For the time being they’re there if you would like to provide financial support. That’s why they’re there overall. To repeat what I said in yesterday’s blog you DO NOT need a PayPal Account to send someone with a PayPal account money. This is a common assumption people who don’t like PayPal or just aren’t aware of have. When you click the button you will see the same screen you’d see if you clicked one of the donate buttons in the forums. I changed the link in the button code to direct folks there for the sake of convenience on the users’ part.

There’s no minimum. Just give what you can. Wait actually there are exceptions when it comes to my original work over at Aurabolt’s Fiction Press. I will be selling digital copies of my stories starting next month. More info on that will come tomorrow along with pricing for select stories. Aside fromt that it’s up to you. In case anyone’s wondering aside from goods or services offered for sale from time to time there will be no charge to continue using my blogs and forum. My reasons for adding the PayPal buttons are purely commercial to be blunt but unlike some sites I will not modify the site in ways to force people to pay to make use of the blogs.

When I have something for sale it will be announced in the blog the service or goods pertain to.

I turn 29 in 6 Days but until then…   Leave a comment

I figure I pick now to introduce a new feature: PayPal Donation buttons.

Those who frequented the original website and forums may remember them. They were everywhere. And they were were never used. Not even once. I’m hoping that’ll change thanks to the blog ring I’ve established here on WordPress.

I’m not home at the moment so for now Click here if you’d like to send me money. There is no minimum amount. Just whatever you feel like giving. Contrary to popular belief you DO NOT need to have a PayPal account to send money toi people who use PayPal.

If you need some incentive, here’s something: If I receive $50 or more by March 31 I will release the Power Points for the panels at Anime Boston 2013. While true I was already planning to release the powerpoints free of charge I’ll up the ante and say this: All who donate at least $10 get my Clannad Power Point as it will be when I use at at my panel. The finished product has music plus a couple stuff only subscribers will get access to.

Speaking of which, Supscriptions (through PayPal) will be coming to my Fanfiction, Fiction Press and Video Game Blogs. I’ll speak more to those in more detail on the respective blogs as all my blogs have a specific target audience in mind. I don’t want to confuse people ^_^

Anywho, the donation buttons should be up and running on all five blogs in the next day or two. If you like what you see and you’re sble to, I hope you’ll consider wiring me some funds!

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