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So ISIS really DOES want to take on the whole world   Leave a comment

Every month another country joins the Anti-ISIS Coalition. Last month France and Japan joined. As of yesterday, Jordan is on board. The reason you’d think was borrowed from a movie: The Jordanian Fighter Pilot they captured in December? Turns out he was burned to death on January 3. The Jordanian government refused to negotiate a possible prisoner release in exchange for the pilot until ISIS provided proof of life, which they obviously couldn’t.

Now, some folks might be pissed off the media has access to the execution videos ISIS puts out while at the same time refusing to air it. There is no benefit in airing it on TV in the US save to ISIS. They want the attention that would bring and at the very least, Coporate Media is smart enough not to allow themselves to be used to spread the ISIS Propaganda.  That and it’s also likely the Government explicitly said “don’t air the videos”. I see it as more of a common sense thing personally. Those who “REALLY” wanna see it know how they can. I have no interest in seeing the vids personally so no I’ve never seen any of them out of respect for the families of the slain.

Getting back to the main topic though, the number of countries committed to fighting ISIS Militarily or otherwise has grown. To say Jordan taking a more active role is a big deal is an understatement. It’s no exaggeration to say Jordan’s King Abdullah is a Warrior King. He trained in the US and has seen more than his fair share of combat. ISIS has no idea what it’s done invoking the wrath of the Jordanian military.

…Their demise is more or less a forgone conclusion ^_^

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