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WWE’s Legendary Composer Jim Johnston’s 10 Favorite Entrance Music List   Leave a comment

Here is the link to the Article over at

And here is a picture of him at work in his studio:

I would recommend clicking on the above link and reading each article for every song. If you just want to see his list here it is:

  1. I Won’t Do What You Tell Me (Stone Cold Steve Austin)
  2. Voices (feat. Rich Luzzy, Randy Orton)
  3. Making Moves (by Sugar Tongue Slim, Primetime Players)
  4. Break It Down (by Chris Warren Band, Degeneration-X)
  5. Angels (Hakushi)
  6. Ultimate (Ultimate Warrior)
  7. With Legs Like That (Maria)
  8. Hello Ladies (Val Venis)
  9. The Game (by Motorhead, Triple H)
  10. Rest In Peace (A variation of Graveyard Symphony, The Undertaker)

In the days since I first read the article I bought “Making Moves” via Digital Download and the Primetime Players’ newer Entrance Music “Move (Get It In)”. I already have everything else on his list except Angels and With Legs Like That, neither of which I liked personally after listening to them. The above are Johnston’s personal favorites and my list varies only slightly.

Here is mine. Unless otherwise noted they were done by Jim Johnston himself:

  1. Graveyard Symphony (All variations including Rest in Peace, The Undertaker)
  2. I Won’t Do What You Tell Me (Stone Cold Steve Austin)
  3. Some Bodies’ Gonna Get It (By Three 6 Mafia, Mark Henry)
  4. SOS (by Collie Cudds, Kofi Kingston)
  5. The Game (by Motorhead, Triple H)
  6. Here to Show the World (feat. Downstait, Dolph Ziggler)
  7. I Came to Play (feat. Downstait, The Miz)
  8. Making Moves (by Sugar Tongue Slim, Primetime Players)
  9. Break It Down (Chris Warren Band, Degeneration-X)
  10. Next Big Thing (Guitar Riff Variation, Brock Lesnar)

And a few honorable mentions:

  • My Time Is Now (by John Cena)
  • Written In My Face (Seamus)
  • Realeza (feat. Mariachi Real De Mexico, Alberto Del Rio)
  • Voices (by Rich Luzzi, Randy Orton)
  • I Walk Alone (by Saliva, Batista)

In all 15 cases–along with nearly everyone else with their own entrance music–the music personifies the Superstar or Diva. The mindblowing thing Johnston revealed in the article is except for Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H, wrestler input has little to no impact in the creation of their music. Nine out of ten times, all he has to go off of is in-ring footage to use as a starting point. In the case of Stone Cold the Texas Rattlesnake worked with him to get it just right. Then again you wouldn’t want to turn down a guy who didn’t have a problem dropping his own boss with a Stunner. In the case of Triple H he’s open about his being a fan of Motorhead and requested the collab. All of the songs listed above–my list and Johnston’s–can be found on YouTube but I bought them all because to me they were a bargain: They were part of an album or only sold for a dollar on Amazon’s MP3 Store.

When Lesnar, Batista,  The Undertaker or Mark Henry’s Music hits you know someone’s about to get crushed. When Stone Cold, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio or Randy Orton’s Music hits the house crowd’s reaction tells you they know they’re about to get what they paid to see.

Hands down Jim Johnston has incredible skills. I’m surprised he hasn’t been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame yet actually. Personally his skills easily match Hans Zimmer and John Williams but that’s just me. My list will be added to My Favorites Page shortly. I will also add my list of Favorite WWE Finishers as well.


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