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A REPUBLICAN Washington Insider confirmed what I said over the last 6 months!   Leave a comment

As a reminder, I said this on the eve of the Republican National Convention last summer:

“We all laughed at the very idea. Then he started saying all the things the Republican Party didn’t dare say publicly. “There’s no way he’s serious about getting elected.” we thought to ourselves. “He’s getting bad advice.” we thought. Perhaps to his own surprise, racists and biggots who felt the same came out of their parents’ basements and out of the woodwork to voice their support of him. Much to the shagrin of  the at one point 17 other Republican Candidates, Trump’s popularity within the party continued to rise until he was the last man standing.”


A few weeks later, I said this:

“The one thing you have to give the GOP credit for is at least you know where they stand 100% of the time.”


In September, I said this after the first debate:

“Based on what I saw tonight, I honestly would not be bothered with Trump as president simply because we know what will be getting.”


I said this the day after the election:

The proverbial “Nightmare Scenario” is now a reality. No, not Trump winning the White House but the GOP controlling Washington. The Republicans control the House, the Senate and soon the Supreme Court. THAT is an even bigger problem in comparison.”


…Man oh man, maybe I should be a political advisor for someone. LOL. I did you the favor of not only provinig the quotes relevant to what I’m about to share but the links so you can go back and read the articles they all came from. When you read what I’m about to share with you, it will make a whole lot of sense.

Robert Reich posted an interesting conversation he had with an unnamed former REPUBLICAN Congressman in Washington this week on Facebook. Here is the FULL Text of their conversation:

I had breakfast recently with a friend who’s a former Republican member of Congress. Here’s what he said:

Him: Trump is no Republican. He’s just a big fat ego.

Me: Then why didn’t you speak out against him during the campaign?

Him: You kidding? I was surrounded by Trump voters. I’d have been shot.

Me: So what now? What are your former Republican colleagues going to do?

Him (smirking): They’ll play along for a while.

Me: A while?

Him: They’ll get as much as they want – tax cuts galore, deregulation, military buildup, slash all those poverty programs, and then get to work on Social Security and Medicare – and blame him. And he’s such a fool he’ll want to take credit for everything.

Me: And then what?

Him (laughing): They like Pence.

Me: What do you mean?

Him: Pence is their guy. They all think Trump is out of his mind.

Me: So what?

Him: So the moment Trump does something really dumb – steps over the line – violates the law in a big stupid clumsy way … and you know he will …

Me: They impeach him?

Him: You bet. They pull the trigger.

There ya go. I have shared this post with several people but this conversation has been verified as AUTHENTIC.

Finally, read this article I wrote last month. The whole thing.

…NOW do you see why my last two posts about Trump were so restrained? NOW Do you understand WHY I said what I said in that last article?

Turns out I was right: The Trump’s the scapegoat. Pence is being prepped to take over for him, which the GOP apparently believes will be before or by the midterm elections. Trump gets impeached and forced out of office and Pence takes his place. By default, the current Speaker of the House–Paul Ryan–will become the new Vice President. Exactly as planned.

The GOP’s just patiently waiting for right the oppoortunity to turn on Trump. The fact that this was revealed a week into the new adminstration tells me they are confident they won’t have to wait too long to impeach him. The funny thing is it’s likely Trump already knows this and doesn’t care. So, the GOP and Trump are keeping up appearances for now. What Trump will find out when the time comes is the limits of the Executive Branch.

Note the things listed above the GOP is rushing to get. They’ll get most of them:

  • Most of the Deregulation and midterms will probably be rolled back after the midterms. I already know which ones.
  • Military buildup will probably not happen. One thing President Obama did the Republicans actually AGREED with was he proved the Military can operate just fine on a reduced budget. The GOP might divert money to black projects but nothing more than that.
  • Poverty Programs…the GOP will be forced to back out of this, more so if a natural disaster like Katrina hits.
  • Social Security and Medicare…the Everest of “Welfare” programs the GOP has wanted to get rid of for DECADES. They will try but they will ultimately fail to eliminate both.
  • Trump is no fool. He’s an egolomaniac but he’s no fool. He’s made it clear he loves revenge. If he goes down, you can be damned sure he’s taking as many people down with him as possible.

The GOP actually thinks they’re playing Trump. The GOP still hasn’t figured out they won’t be able to use Trump like they think they will. By the time they do, it’ll be too late and they will have handed Washington back to the Democrats on a silver platter!

So, all we have to do is sit back, watch and wait. Of course, we need to make sure our voices are heard, too.

What really sucks about these four years is those in need and the working poor will be made to suffer the most. Why? Because they’re not privileged, multi-national corporations or billionaires, that’s why. The GOP should lose control of Congress in 2018 if the current course doesn’t change. Assuming Trump is impeached before that time–and the GOP will likely try to arrange for Trump’s exit before the midterms so Pence is president for at least two full years–Pence will make the case for four more years. Since he’d be finishing what would be Trump’s first term, he would only be able to serve an additional term as President and would not be allowed to run again.

When the Dems retake Washington, they need to have it made clear WHO they’re supposed to be working for, not who they take money from. That was their mistake last year and it cost them the White House. I may no longer endorse the Democratic Party but whoever the Dems package for 2020 needs to be someone strong enough to defeat both Trump (if he’s still in office) and Pence (assuming he takes over). Pence is the GOP’s Ace in the Hole so whoever challenges the GOP needs to be strong enough to beat him in the 2020 election should that matchup happen. That’s when the Dems have their opening: Unless they repeat last year’s mistakes (which sadly is very possible), it should not be too hard to make the case for change in 2020, more so if they retake Congress in 2018.

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Topics I will NEVER go into detail with on ANY of my blogs   Leave a comment

Given the massive range of topics I’ve blogged about for almost two years, it might surprise you to know there are a few things I’ve sworn to never talk about in more than necessary detail. I’ve eluded to some but never fully explained why.

Until now.

As I’ve said to some friends at work, the blogs give me a sense of purpose just as the stories and fanfics provide a constructive outlet for my creative thought process. Having said that, I knew when I first started blogged on Xanga a bit over 10 years ago (I was in high school when I made my Xanga account) there were certain things I should never touch for one reason or another.


Update 4/11/2014: For those who read my post on Facebook a short time ago, see #2.

Update 5/26/2014: In light of a development at work, I have removed the name of my current place of employment from this post for the time being. I have also edited the last two paragraphs in light of the recent tragedy in California.


Now I’m going to tell you what those topics are and why I avoid talking about them on my blogs:

  1. Theism vs. Atheism/Creative Design vs. Evolution: Honestly, it’s not because I’m a Theist who believes the world was created in 7 literal days that I don’t want to talk about this on my blogs. It’s just too divisive to have a cohesive discussion on it with the predominatly self-professed atheiests of the internet world. There’s also the fact Theists have historically demonstrated over and over again the inability to agree to disagree with a viewpoint different from their own. I can make a blog post in and of itself on this ALONE so…yeah.
  2. My Family’s Issues: I admit this was something I considered fair game until last spring. A couple years ago, I held back  on some of the stuff I used to say on Facebook after I became aware members of my immediate family was reading it and immediatelt jumping to their own conclusions. As I said on Facebook a short time ago, one of my sisters proved to me she’s not someone I can trust not to run to the family with some of the stuff I post on Facebook and WordPress. Not that I’m gonna let that knowledge stop me. I’ll just be more obvious about it.
  3. Work-Related Issues: I’ve seen the news enough times to know not to say anything I know I shouldn’t say on my blogs or Facebook. Obvious student privacy rights aside, there’s also the fact many of my coworkers and parents of my school’s students follow me on Facebook and by extension, WordPress. To those who may have been secretly hoping I’d air dirty laundry on my blog on the side, you can forget it. Me obviously wanting to keep my job aside, it’s just common sense. If there is an issue involving me and another member of the my school community or two members of the school community that I’m aware of, I don’t talk about it with those not directly involved. It’s not just the school’s policy but it’s MY policy first and foremost. I also don’t want to inadvertantly be responsible for unnecessary drama at work. I’ve had my fill of that on various internet forums over the last 16 years.
  4. How to Pirate Copyrighted Material: Given I just published two books in the last week this should come as no surprise. Do I know how to pirate stuff? Sure. Do I know how to pirate stuff and cover my tracks? Absolutely. For the kind of audiences my blogs attract I’ve decided for myself those who really want to pirate stuff don’t need any help from me and I REALLY don’t need to piss off the Anime and Video Game Industries.
  5. My Mental Wellbeing: This goes with #2 more or less: What goes on in my head is my business alone. The only people who I feel need to know will know. My sanity was established 13 years ago after I said something stupid in high school (more on that coming in the book later this year, hehe). There’s also the fact I’ve been deceiving my immediate family for 20 years and unfortunately for them, by the time they realize the “why” part it’ll be too late for them to apologize. I’ll pause for a moment and say no, I’m not planning anything violent or self-destructive. I just hate internet drama and when the parties involved are family members or at the very least can see each other everyday, it needs to stay the fuck off the internet.


Aside from that, the above are off-limits in terms of what I WILL NOT talk about on ANY of my blogs. I don’t have a problem disclosing that fact some of my other internet identities are Victor Bravo and Kevin Tyler. I don’t have a problem saying at the end of the day, I tend to have a long-standing disregard for authority figures. That stance changes only if I deem you worthy of my respect. If you’re from my school community, you can relax. I love you guys ^_^

When you’ve been treated the way I have your entire life by almost every single person you’ve ever known, after a while why bother? Those authority figures I do trust know who they are so I see no reason to go down the list of authority figures I do and don’t trust here. You have to earn it with me. There’s more I’d like to say on the subject but I’m saving it for the book. I will say anything I post online I am prepared to be held accountable for. That’s not an unreasonable expectation. Starting to think I’m a little unstable? Isn’t everybody? No? Well, you’re entitled to your OPINION =O


The audacity of being an American Christian   Leave a comment

Let’s be honest: These days, being a Christian isn’t exactly a popular thing in this country.

No place is this more clear than the internet. Look at what happened when I typed in “Christianity Is” On Google:

In case you’re wondering the same suggested results will show in the US version of Google too. Google may be a evil company but their search engine is used by billions of people worldwide. What you see is what people think of when they think of Christianity in regards to Google.

It’s not all that different from how it was in the beginning when you think about it. When I say beginning I mean back when Christianity was born. In the years immediately following Christ’s Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascention to Heaven, all of his disciples except John (who was banished to Patmos Island) were hunted down and executed as enemies of state. In Roman Coliseums across the empire, Christians were killed for the entertainment of others. Most viewed Christianity as a cult or movement that would die off as quickly as it began.

Today we know that isn’t the case.

Today, maybe not in America but in many parts of the world, Christians are given a choice: Denounce their faith or go to prison. In some countries, Christians caught sharing their faith with others are put to death or in some cases, used as political bargaining chips.

Before the internet and social media, such open hostility toward Christianity and later religion as a whole was unheard of. As I said about another group of people and the Internet earlier this year, some of it IS just the perceived anonmity that comes with using the internet. The rest–which shouldn’t be taken lightly–comes from people who have been wronged Christians, a Church or a Christian denomination. And you know what? They have a right to be angry at the way Christians in America view the world around them.

Notice I said Christians in America and not Christian America. That’s because there are MANY Christian Americas. The circle I hail from is the Seventh Day Adventist Church, whose mission is the prepare the world for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Dr. Dwight K. Nelson, the Senior Pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church said something interesting during the sermon that aired on Hope TV yesterday: People fear rejection. Jesus feared rejection (John 6:67). It is one of the absolute worst feelings a person can go through yet it is the feeling I am most familiar with.

The two groups of people closest to me rejected me very early on: My Family and My Church Family. Most who’ve been rejected by the latter will tell you it feels worse than being rejected by your own flesh and blood. A bit of wisdom: When your rejection is made clear to you, you leave under your own power. This was a lesson I  had to learn the hard way with some of the online communites I recently severed my ties to.

Getting back to the main point of this blog post, it’s not exactly popular to be a Christian in America. Some of it comes from the fact there are so many denominations compared to Islam (which has two branches, Sunni and Shi’ite) and Judaism (which also has two branches, Orthodox and Unorthodox) but the majority comes Christianity’s universal stance on Homosexuality.

That stance is rooted in the fact there are SEVEN passages in the Bible that explicitly states Homosexuality is an abomination. The Old Testament passages can be argued as being necessary for the time. After all, at the time the people of Israel were God’s Chosen People on Earth and God literally needed to spell out what the Israelites were forbidden from doing. If you read the entire chapter the Old Testament texts come from you will see incest and beastiality are also forbidden under penality of death.

As for the New Testament passages, Paul was giving a recap of the Old Testament law in Romans (1:26-27 and 1:32) and why. The passages in Timothy 1 (1:8-10) and Corinthians (6:9-11) do not specifically mention Homosexuallity though it is assumed to be included. Perhaps the most inflamatory piece of evidence is what The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is known for:

Yes, this is a real church and yes their membership (and like-minded groups) routinely holds demonstrations at military funerals across the country. They have the support of both the Supreme Court and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to continue doing what they do. The WBC has also demonstated at the funerals connected to the Sandy Hook and Aurora Movie Theater shootings and the Boston Marathon Bombings. In the months since the SJC ruling in favor of WBC, The White House has been moving to get WBC classified as a hate group and the benefits they enjoy as a church revoked.

They are an independent church (for the time being anyway) after being cut off by their denomination. As one church member said, “They’re doing what Christian Americans should be doing.” They’ve clearly demonstrated they are not remorseful of the unuiversal anger their protests generate and as I mentioned in the above paragraph, the law is on their side.

The WBC’s demonstrations is one of the main sticking points of why there is such a pointed hatred toward many things “Christian”. The other is the perceived hypocrisy commited by self-professed Christians who are politicians: Former Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner, Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton (when he was president) to name a few.

What The Bible have to say about all this?

Before he ascended to heaven, Jesus did say those who follow him will suffer because of their faith. This is fact.  Before he left, someone asked Jesus gave this commandment: ““A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” (John 13:34) In the next verse Jesis said “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35).

Earlier in his ministry, Jesis told the parable of The Good Samaratain. Those who know their history know the Israelites and the Samaratains didn’t like each other very much. Everyone knows the story: A man is beaten, robbed and left on the side of the road. A Priest and a Tax Collector pass by the man without a second glance. The third–the Samaratain–administers first aid. He takes the man to an inn and gives the innkeepers some money to cover the man’s bills, promising to cover any further expenses when he returns from his journey. After telling the parable, Jesus said we should do the same.

All the petty biases and hatreds so prevalent in mankind mean nothing to God. Yes I said petty because they ARE petty. I’ll tell you something I’ve never shared before because I think it drives home the point I’m trying to make.

Before I did the City Year program 10 years ago, I didn’t know what Homosexuality was. I’d never even heard of it. It wasn’t until I went through basic training at the beginning of my first year I realized how blind I was to the hatreds of the general public on this subject. As it happened to turn out, half my team that first year was openly Gay or Bisexual. I’m not saying who they are for the same reason I’m not sharing a picture of my team here. I don’t want to accidently start another internet witch hunt. Anyway, in talking to them and getting to know them and they getting to know me, I came to this conclusion: Everything I thought I knew about my beliefs was only from one perspective.

In order to properly understand the other side of an arguement, you need to familiarize yourself with their side of the debate or in other words, be willing to play devil’s advocate. American Christians in general have demonstrated time and time again an unwillingness to do this. It is this kind of mindset that helped me come to an understanding of why I felt I’d been rejected by my peers at Church.

Of course, a few years later I learned I was actually wrong and it was a complete misunderstanding on my part. Church politics and the mechnanisms used to fill pews (“evangelize, baptize and cut loose”) are the reasons I no longer attend church. In a sense I like to think that in one way I am following Jesus’ example. I’m what you’d call socially ostracized in every circle I’m a part of. The same can be said of Jesus and every circle you’d expect the Messaiah to be a part of. He was rejected by his own people and his closest friends abandoned him the night he was arrested. He died the death of a common criminal by the order of his own people.

With so much darkness and evil around me, I’m mostly unscathed. The Enemy–Satan, Lucifer, The Devil–whatever you want to call him, they’re really one in the same and always have been–has been able to get me to renounce my faith in Christ so he’s targeted the people closest to me instead. He’s hoping to get me to blaspheme even if it’s on a technicality. That or commit The Unpardonable Sin. I will never do either.

Now what IS the Unpardonable Sin? Easy: Tell God to leave you alone. Believe it or not God respects free will. We all have a choice. That’s what faith is in a nutshell. You choose to believe or choose not to. Be warned that in telling God to leave you alone, you forefeit God’s protection against the supernatural, too.

The supernatural…another topic non-believers dismiss as “fairy tales” along with the existence of God and The Devil. The second-greatest deception the devil ever pulled was proving he doesn’t exist. The first was convincing Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. This despite the fact more and more members of the scientic community have accepted the fact there are many things that will always be beyond human understanding.

My very existence is one such example.

I’ve told most of you about my medical history. For all intents and purposes, the fact that I lived to be 10 is a miracle. I found out recently some of what I’d undergone during those regular hospital visits in preparation for open heart surgery was chemotherapy. Before the surgery I experienced shortness of breath even when I wasn’t moving. That was caused by the muscle bundles squeezing my heart, forcing my heart to work harder to circulate blood. If I didn’t have the surgery I’d be dead by age 12 so…yeah.

Like it or not Christianity is here and for the time being in America, it’s here to stay. Some might wonder why an America historically and primarily founded with Christian values in mind “tolerates” other religions. It’s in the Bill of Rights first and foremost: Freedom of RELIGION, not freedom of Christianity. The freedom to believe in God, Allah, Jesus or nothing at all. Like it or not this is the best system a country could have in regards to religion.

Is there a push by Conservative Christians to make Christianity the official religion of America? Yes there is. Is it a good idea? No it isn’t. Proof of this can be found in Theocratical towns across the country and other countries that have a state-backed religion. They only have one demographic in mind and do not take those who are in the “other” category into consideration.

Albert Einstein had a saying: You don’t know enough about a subject if you can’t explain it simply. I don’t claim to know everything on this subject as I’ve made it very clear this narrative is from my perspective. I could be wrong on many points and if I am I’m fine with that.

Did a man named Jesus once exist? Historical records say yes. The Shroud of Turin, which is the cloth Jesus was embalmed in after his death is on display in a museum in Europe. In regards to weather or not Jesus was the Son of God, that depends on weather you actually believe he was. If you believe he was a prophet, you would not be wrong in that belief. He is, after all the way, the truth and the life. Scholars who lived at the time noticed several prophecies concerning the Messaiah were fullfilled during and after Jesus’ crucifixion.

Why did Jewish authorities reject Jesus? Pride. Their pride and traditions. Jesus said he was the Messaiah when asked the night before he died. He also said that he had the authority on earth to forgive sins before healing a man lame from birth. Then he demonstrated his authority to do so by healing the man of his affliction. He didn’t come to prop up the establishment as many hoped. He made that clear. Yes, the Jews were under Roman occupation but he reminded them of why that was in the first place. If you turn your back on those in need around you, you should be surprised with what happenes to you. Yes the Jews were God’s chosen people (emphasis on WERE) but in refusing to share their blessings with their fellow men, God stopped blessing them and gave it to the very people they looked down upon.

That’s the kind of approach I can identify with. It’s not enough to just say why you believe what you do. You should show it in your everyday actions. That’s what I consider the audacity of being a Christian in America.

My forums are still a work in progress   Leave a comment

I realize it’s been a few months since I took The Serene Adventure Forums offline and I’ve had alot going on since then. I plan to reopen the forums a few hours from now and man, have things changed. The biggest changes are in the Video Games and Anime Sections, which were both consolidated into about 5 boards total. I have also added links to all five of my WordPress Blogs.

Over the last 8 or so years I used parts of it as an organizer for the Serene Adventure stories and other things these blogs have taken over as. This paves the way for me to use the forums as an extension of my website and now by blogs as I originally intended. I can only hope there’s a little something for everyone on the Serene Adventure forums. I think the reason the forums never got much traffic before was because I set my expectations too high. Now that I have blogs I feel a whole lot less pressured to succeed in that regard.

One other thing for those connected via Facebook: Hopefully the cropped picture of myself will replace the PayPal Logo you keep seeing. Speaking of which the PayPal Link is for those folks to give me money if they are both able and willing to. Any amount is fine. Of course if you don’t have the means don’t worry about it. All content on my blogs and forums are free. The Paypal Links are for gratuity purposes only.

Now Back on Facebook + Anime Boston Schedule now Online   Leave a comment

Two years ago I announced on Serene I was done with Facebook.

At the time I wasn’t really getting much about of the world’s most popular Social Media site. I came to despite the games offered through Facebook because they were “Freemium Friend Spam” games. Freemium is the word Free and premium combined and basically means free to play but you have to pay with your wallet if you want better things faster. The Friend Spam part comes from the facy MOST of these same games–the growth Sims in particular–literally tell you to spam your friends’ profiles with game requests, etc. This, coupled with the fact although I personally knew 95% of the people on my friend list, NONE of those same friends (not including family) save one person (she knows who she is) made any effort to interact with me on Facebook.

I take the time to add you to my friends list and you pretend I don’t exist? I put up with that outside social media because it’s expected. I shouldn’t have to deal with that around people who obviously know me. I thought about just wiping my Friends List clean and starting fresh but I have 129 friends and honestly it would take me long than I care to commit in terms of time deciding who to keep and who to cut from the list. Most likely that’s a small list to most of you out there but I am super-picky in terms of who I friend with on FB. Unlike the others you’re just better and safer only friending people you know and/or trust.

Anyway, I will check my FB at the same rate I check my work related email: In the morning before going to work, when I get home from work and just before going to bed. I have the Facebook App on my iPod Touch (I have an android phone but I don’t want any social media Apps on it) as well as my Windows 8 Laptop. I always have both with me when I’m away from home. As many FB contacts saw last weekend I’ve taken a liking to uploading pics and videos. I will continue to do so when appropriate of things I come across.

As luck would have it, Anime Boston is JUST around the corner.


Speaking of aAnime Boston: The other news I wanna share is Anime Boston just posted THE COMPELETE SCHEDULE online.

I want to direct your attention to the schedules for Saturday and Sunday. Now that I see exactly WHERE the room Panel C is located I’m THRILLED: It’s next to the game room on the third floor!

Now that I know exaactly WHERE it is I will update the listings I have up both here and on Anime Boston’s forums accordingly. My other two panels at the Con will be on Sunday afternoon. Fanfiction: Because AU Can Be Fun starts at 11:30AM and goes for 90 minutes  in Workshop 313 (third floor) while Court Records will be in room 202 (second floor) at 1:30AM going 60 minutes.

Man, this is going to be one unforgetable upcoming weekend…


A Friendly Reminder: I have Four Other WordPress Blogs   Leave a comment

I am mindful that the majority of those who access this blog are either getting linked over from Facebook/Twitter/You Tube or are using a smartphone/tablet PC. I’ve decided to make the effort a few times a year to link you over in a blog post.

Before I go over the list, here’s how you can access them after this post from this page:

  • Smartphone/Tablet PC users should scroll down until they see a box that says “Older Posts”. Scroll past that and you will see my PayPal Button. scroll down a bit more and you will see “Blog Stats”. Directly below that you will see a series of links. The first four will take you to my other blogs. The 5th will take you to my forums (free to sign up and use by the way). The other two will take you to pages on this blog.
  • PC/Mac Users will see everything I described above except “Older Posts” on the left hand side of the screen. You know what to do.

Without further ado, here is the list of what the other four blogs are about. For the convenience of those currently reading this on a Smartphone/Tablet PC, I will link you over from here. Click the titles to go to each blog:

  • Aurabolt’s Anime: The blog is exclusively Anime and Manga from Japan and things related to them. After Anime Boston 2013 I will start to include Cartoons from America and other parts of the world, most notably Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.
  • Aurabolt’s Game Blog: On this blog I discuss video games past and present. From reviews to previews to hints and tips I cover a bit of everything. Starting with my next blog post I things that highlight what you can do with many game systems other than play games.
  • Aurabolt’s Fanfiction: Here I talk about stories inspired by other creations. I did a panel on Fanfiction at Anime Boston 2012 and am hoping to do it again for AB2013. I also discuss the Fanfiction I have written here so check it out if you’d like to see some of what I’ve done.
  • Aurabolt’s Fiction Press: This is where I discuss both non-fiction and and fictional work (not Fanfiction, which itself is a sub-genre of fiction) of my own creation. I am currently working on a few short stories and hope to have finished them all by the end of the yeasr.

Here’s hoping you will check out the blogs and follow them!


I Rarely Issue Retractions BUT…   2 comments

Two weeks after posting the following text on my Facebook Page I’ve decided to make it clear given the concern raised by my mother an hour ago:

Just to remind y’all: Everything I put out will be through my WordPress Blogs or my You Tube Channel. Even though I don’t use FB anymore I can tell if anyone’s viewed, followed or commented on any of my blogs from FB. As of this week that number is ZERO. Assuming that remains unchanged through the 31st I will unlink my WordPress and FB Accounts. No point having them linked knowing no one from here is gonna read them, yes?

If it sounds like I’m angry and bitter about this I am. I’ve been going well out of my way since my time in City Year to prove to the world I’m not a socialpath. I may not have much of a social life but ALL of you know me. I’m sick and tired of having to be the one to reach out. I mean come on most of you know about my social disorders, let alone the damage done from not being acknowleged.

I’ve had enough. Even my famous patience has its limits. May you all live forever.

From a certain point of view, I can see why she might have come to the conclusion I’m either looking for the wrong kind of attention or planning suicide. I can assure you neither of them are true. Sometimes in conversation I’ll phrase things in a way that is meant to have muliple meanings. The above statement is no such case. It is exactly what it says. I decided two years ago I’d had it with Facebook and stopped using it cold turkey. Then some hipster went on CNN early last year saying “Anyone who doesn’t have a Facebook account or doesn’t regularly update their Facebook page has something to hide.”

Guess that means anyone who’s never even heard of Facebook is plotting something then, huh? I’m being sarcastic here but hopefuly you get the point: Facebook isn’t the world. Facebook has only been around for a few years. Not only that, last year we found out it’s not even porfitable. Facebook’s a joke, hence why I stopped using it.Having 5,000 Facebook friends doesn’t make you rich. Except for City Year’s Vice President and Dean of Operations Charlie Rose, I don’t know ANYONE who personally knows EVERY SINGLE PERSON on their Facebook Friends List. Charlie Rose actually DOES know everyone on his Friends List personally because he only adds people he knows personally. And he’s just awesome.

Getting back on topic, some can easily make the arguement it’s my own fault my Facebook experience sucked or it’s my own fault folks don’t pay me any mind online as much as offline if not more offline. As I hinted at in the statement above socially I am very lacking. Most of it’s intentionally my own doing and for reasons that I’ve elected to take to the grave with me I’d rather not go into detail as to why I’ve chosen to be socially aloof. I have my reasons and I’d prefer to leave it at that. If you were waiting for an expanded explaination that’s it.

One other thing I want to say so that we’re all on the same page: I know all too well anything put on the internet is prettymuch impossible to take back–more so when it involves social media sites like Facebook. That’s why you saw such strong postings from me in the last third of 2012 especially after I closed my You Tube channel. I had to. As I’ve said many times, I own up to what I do with my internet life. When I get caught I don’t hide behind my internet identity. Given all of you know what I look like I like to say I try to exercise personal responsability online. No, that’s not the only reason I’ve divulged very personal information myself. It’s related to why I shut down my You Tube channel. I have enemies online. Annoying, pesky enemies who are very childish and have nothing better to do with themselves. The way I see it, the damage from “outing myself” is nothing compared to a complete stranger who doesn’t know me like most of you know me broadcasting things that don’t concern them.

Based on that logic I can say I haven’t done anything omline I wouldn’t want someone to find out. I’ve already gone public multiple times with my attraction to pregnant women and that would certainly qualify, hehe. Unlike some folks who would just talk the talk I go all the way. Having said that, feel free to ask me anything.

Oh! One more thing: Anyone who knows Greek history should get the historical Spartan meaning of the words “May You Live Forever.” To a Spartan, nothing is more glorious than dying in battle. Long life is considered a curse, more so if you’ve comitted dishonorable deeds. The only way to redeem yourself in Spartan society is to die honorably. The reason is as long as you’re alive you have to remember the shame and dishonor.

That’s the reason I chose to end that statement with those words.  I do my Social Media obligation on Facebook and was ignored. I’m not doing lip service anymore. I live my internet life on my own terms.

EDIT 1/13/2013: Having said that yes I removed a paragraph from the original posting. At the urging of a few people whose opinions I trust I removed it. If you knew what it was about that’s fine but from now on it’s omitteed from this blog post.

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