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Some interesting advice I learned from David Matranga on Voice Acting   Leave a comment

Unless your name is Johnny Bosch Young, Luci Christain or Vic Magnoiga don’t expect agencies and companies to fall over themselves in a bid to contract your skills. Contrary to popular belief, Voice Actors havre it tougher than Live Actors. While VAs have the benefit of not having to play to a camera you usually have several people being called in to audition for a single character. If they like you, you’ll get called in for a followup rehearsal and so on. Also unlike live actors, most VAs are not as well known aside from the three I named as well as possibly Sean Schimmel (Goku’s English VA) and Tom Wayland.

Bottom line if you wanna be a Voice Actor: Don’t quit your day job. If you don’t have a day job, get one. Second, build a rep via social media and You Tube. Audacity and a mic are all you need to get started. Type a few lines a few lines and record yourself reading them. Keep the recording to 2 minutes max. If people like it, they’ll ask for more, etc. Don’t expect overnight success. People are rarely THAT lucky. Try recording yourself as different characters. If someone from the industry likes what they hear they’ll be in touch.

If you want to be a Voice Actor, you need to be willing to commit the time and effort to make it happen. There are many, MANY Fandubs out there if you want a few examples. Some without official dubs but most from stuff that was never dubbed. Surf the internet. See if there are casting calls for Fanmade Radio Shows. Tales of the Abridged and Yugioh: The Abridged Series are two such examples.

I think I might have said this before some years ago on the original but when I have the time to do it, I’m going to do Audio Books of some of my Original Stories as well as some of my Fanfics. With the Fanfics, I won’t go out of my way to try to sound like the official English dub. I won’t try to ham the lines either, though. My plate’s pretty full right now so unfortunately I must say it might be some time before I can commit the time to do it.

You’ve all probably seen my You Tube videos so you how my voice usually sounds. I will make the conscientious effort to review twice and if necessary, record again if my voice comes out odd for one reason or another. I will also not record when I know I havy a stuffy nose. Despite finding out the hard way the limits of my iPod’s video recording capabilities with the apps I have, I will be recording with it a bit more. Almost all of my videos up to now have been recorded at home with my Desktop’s webcam. After that idiot troll got me worked up in April and during the week of the Marathon Bombing at that, I have been more conscientious of what I put on You Tube.

Speaking of My You Tube Channel: Do me a favor and Like everything I’ve uploaded up to now that interests you. I’m not asking for a specific number but lety’s just say if enough of my videos get a certain amount of Likes I might be inclined to upload something nice I’ve been sitting on for those who didn’t see my panels ^_^





Day 1 of AB2013 over, looking forward to tonight and tomorrow!   Leave a comment

Before I begin, check out the video game and Anime recaps I did for specifics in those areas.

Opening Ceremonies set the tone for the year’s convention and in a big way. It opened with remarks on what happened at the Boston Marathon last month. It then went right into Guest of Honor introductions. Strangely, A-Chan and B-Kun (Anime Boston’s mascots) were not there. I did see them 30 minutes before Opening Ceremonies on the second floor, though. Based on the videos I’ve seen so far they’re definitely around, which is good ^_^

After opening ceremonies the Dealers’ Room opened up. Comicopia and New England Comics–both having a location in Cambridge–were back this year. They have the best deals on Manga and the largest inventory compared to the others. As I said on my Game Blog I bought a Game Boy Advance SP and 2 games from Level Up Gaming in the Dealers’ Room. I also bought 2 Anime sets from another vendor in the Dealers’ Room. I will also be buying Manga tomorrow before my 11:30AM Panel (Fanfiction: Because AU Can Be Fun) so that I won’t be running up and down the Hynes during the 30 minutes between my two panels or the 30 minutes after my 1:30PM panel (ends at 2:30PM) trying to get buy Manga before the Dealers’ Room closes at 3:00PM.

Anyway, after buying those I bought an Anime Boston Hoodie and T Shirt. I will be wearing the Hoodie tonight and the T-Shirt tomorrow. I had lunch at Wagamama in the PRU. I then ran back to the Hynes and upstairs to David Matranga’s panel in Panel C. Yes, the same room I will be having my Clannad panel in TONIGHT at 8:00PM–I get excited just thinking about it!–was the room where Dave had his panel Friday. After the panel I personally invited him to come to my Clannad panel. He said he has a prior engagement around that time but he’ll come for as long as he can.

He also talked about his cameo on CSI. Here is the clip on You Tube:

If you didn’t know who he was at the time that’s normal. Despite his impressive resume as an Actor and  Voice Actor he’s not as well known as, say Luci Christain or Greg Ayers (both of whom he’s worked with several times). One interesting thing of note he mentioned that many people outside the industry may not be aware of is how difficult voice acting actually is. It’s rare all of the voice actors are in the same room together and even rarer they even know about the character they’re dubbing ahead of time. Unlike live actors there’s no guarantee you’ll be called back for another project, more so if you’re an unknown.

David did offer some tips to someone looking to get into voice acting. The first is figure out how you sound, record yourself, build rep and THEN look for work. Most people usually jump to the last step not really understanding there is a process involved if you wanna be taken seriously. If you want to dub Anime it would also help to live in Texas or at the very least, near Houston. That’s where Funimation and Sentai Filmworks are based. Concidentally, David and Luci Christain are both Texas natives and they both live in or near Houston. I’m not looking to become a voice actor professionally but I will do the first two steps today just to see how I sound as different character types.

Moving on, after the panel I walked around the Dealers’ Floor for about an hour. I ended up buying a hat after spending 45 minutes chatting with some of the vendors. At 4:00PM I went to a panel called Fanfiction 201. As soon as I made it known to the panelist I was doing a Fan Fiction panel on Sunday in that same room (Workshop 313) at 11:30AM, things got interesting. The panel was for intermediate-level writers but I did see a bit of overlap with what I’m going to do tomorrow. Nothing major though now everyone else who was there knows to come to my panel tomorrow!

After that panel I walked around for the next 3 hours before calling it a day. I found out yesterday the hard limitations of my iPod touch’s camera in terms of video length and photo quality. I’m buying a digital camera next month for taking high-quality pictures and video. I also had my 3DS and all 16 of my games with me. I was constantly refreshing the Streetpass ques for the Mii Plaza, Fire Emblem Awakening, Kid Icarus: Uprising and Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy throughout the day. I finished one puzzle, got another through Spotpass and will soon finish two more at the rate I’m going.

Finally, I’m offsite for a few more hours. I live in Boston so I’ll probably have to give myself extra time due to how the MBTA runs on Saturdays. Getting back will also be tricky since it’ll be well after 11:00PM when I leave for the night. I’m not in a hurry since I am going to be bringing my Swap Meet items and a stack of surveys for today’s panel as well ^_^


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