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AB2015 Days 2 and 3 Recap: The Show of Shows   Leave a comment

Ah, good times ^_^

Or rather, that’s what I wish I could say about Saturday night. I talked about this on the Anime Boston forums as well as Facebook but due to technical difficulties with the equipment I ended up having to cut 45 minutes worth of content from the panel. Despite the handicap, I did the panel anyway. As I told the Tech Staff in the room, the show must go on.

And it did.

I was too busy being upset with my technical problems to remember to take a picture with the two lucky winners of the Pokemon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire games I gave away during the panel. That said, I’m going to do things a little different and do a VIDEO recap of the panel later this week.


After the panel I went home, got 3 and a half hours of sleep and then was off to the Con for Panel #2. Like the night before, I went to the room 30 minutes before its start time. Unfortunately, also like the night before, there some logistical problems and we couldn’t get into the room until about 10 minutes before the panel was set to begin. By “we”, I mean me and my 4 copanelists. Distorted Genjits returned as Nagisa Furukawa only she was also joined by some mutual friends of ours. Everyone except me cosplayed someone from Clannad. We had two Tomoyas and a Kotomi in addition to Nagisa. There was also a Kyou, Fuko, Akio and Sanae cosplayer in the audience. It was AWESOME!

Displaying IMG_0105.JPG

So, after the panel wrapped up I wandered around for a bit.

Then I went to Pokespiracies, which went from 1:45 to 2:45. Huge waste of my time. It was an exercise in stupidity. The 3-person panel focused on talking about their bizarre, nonsensical theories on various mechanics and stuff from the Pokemon Universe. The random Sylveon gag they kept pulling every 2-3 slides made no sense whatsoever and was very unfunny. I seriously hope that panel doesn’t come back next year.

After that travesty I went to Closing Ceremonies where I saw this:

All kinds of awesome ^_^

As is the tradition, the AMV Winners for the year got an encore showing after the Credits. Here’s my two favorite vids:

Repeat Stuff – Judge’s Choice

Warning: Video NSFW and not kid-friendly.

Anime 404 – Best Editing

Warning: Video NSFW and not kid-friendly.


Finally, the theme for AB2016 was also announced:

Displaying IMG_0124.JPG

Next year’s theme will be SPORTS!

I have some ideas on panels, too. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Clannad: The Place Where Wishes Come True (90 Minutes): It WILL be back for the 5th year in a row at AB2016. As it happens, there are some sports-related stuff that takes place in the Anime. I will play some of the relevant clips next year ^_^
  • Baseball: Made in America, Played in Japan (30 Minutes): A new theme-specific panel. I will talk about the huge popularity the game of baseball has in Japan. A love of the game that has been featured in various anime.
  • Pokemon: 20 Years Later 2.0 (2 Hours): Not gonna lie, I thought it sucked this year. And I’m the guy who ran it. If it’s not done right, it’s better not to do it at all. Though, in my case I didn’t have a choice other than to do it with technical difficulties. It WILL be back, I will be giving away another physical copy of both Pokemon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire (unless the next gen games are announced between now and then, which I doubt) AND I will also be giving away some eShop cards next time. Look forward to it!
  • Persona 4: Pursuing My True Self (60 Minutes): It was waitlisted for this year so I will resubmit the panel for next year ^_^
  • Tales of Symphonia: 10 Years Later (60 Minutes): It’s the panel I submitted last year but later decided not to do. After the poor excuse for a Tales panel I attended this weekend, I’ve decided to bring it to AB2016!
  • Fire Emblem in the United States: 13 years Later (60 Minutes Later): It’s been 13 years since Fire Emblem saw its first US release on the Game Boy Advance. At this panel, we take a look at all of the Fire Emblem games that were released in North America including the recently announced Fire Emblem IF.

…Six panels is ALOT, I know =O

I can see the Clannad, Pokemon and Symphonia ones getting approved no problem. The rest depending on what other folks submit. I’d like to have a repeat of last year where I had multiple panels approved but I was able to request room changes as long as the panels I swapped with each other had the same time length XD

Whew…the one post took me 3 days to complete. Glad I put this post on a timer in advance XD


AB2014: Days 2 and 3: Awesome Sauce!   Leave a comment


That’s the word I would use to describe Saturday and Sunday.

I’m doing both Saturday and Sunday in a single blog post for multiple reasons. The first being all I did Saturday Night was the Swap Meet and my own panel. Man, it was AWESOME! I’ll talk about it in the more detailed recap blog post but it was BOSS. I’m talking about the panel I did, mind you =D

I’ll give you the cliffnotes from Saturday night first, though:

I got to Forest Hills station only to realize I forgot my Convention Badge (WOOPS!). I hailed a cab and booked it back to my house to get it. The round trip cost me nearly half of my earnings from the night before but in my book, it was a small price to pay to both get the badge AND significantly cut my commute through Hyde Park from Forest Hills Station to my house and back to just 7 minutes total. Compare that to my usual 30 minute commute to and from work XD

Anyway, when I got to the convention center I grabbed a sandwich from the Prudential Center’s food court and then immediately booked it to Panel A for my Persona 4 panel. I’ll go into detail in terms of what went on at the panel in a separate blog post but let’s just say a smaller room would’ve been better. I was expecting a smaller room than the one I got for this panel but since it was a replacement panel, it was out of my hands.

After the panel ended, I racked up villagers in my Bravely Default Demo on my Blue 3DS (I have the full game on my Red one) in preparation for when I get the full game on Friday from the eShop. I then headed home and got to Cleary Square just before the MBTA shut down (LOL!).

Sunday was alot busier since I had two panels to with a one hour break in between. Upon arriving, I hauled it over to room 206, which is where I did my Clannad Panel. I’ll speak more about this is the recap blog post itself but I was joined a very special guest:

Yes, Nagisa Furukawa was my co-panelist this year.

For the details on how I pulled it off, you’ll have to wait for the recap blog either tonight or Thursday evening.

After my Clannad blog, I booked it to The Dealers’ Room where I picked up the first four volumes of Blue Exorcist as well as Volume 1 of the spinoff Manga Attack of Titan Junior High, which is a spinoff of the international smash hit Attack on Titan. I also got a Yukiko Amagi (Persona 4) and a Kirito (Sword Art Online) plushie. I go them from two different vendors but in both cases they were the last ones left. After that I bought Fate/Zero DVD set, which is an Anime I saw bits and pieces of on Neon Alley recently.

I then booked it over to room Panel C to prepare for my second panel of the day. When I arrived, I was blown away to see the HUGE line outside the door that snaked down the hall. Of course, Court Records: Ace Attorney was Sunday’s main event in more ways than one. The first two sections of the room were filled and like last year, the Cosplayers came in force. Even though it was 90 minutes it was just barely enough to do everything. Come next year I’ll be looking to outdo myself for the third year in a row.

After the panel ended I went back to The Dealers’ Room where I picked up Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, a prequel to Attack on Titan that takes place 100 years before the start of the original series. I then went to Closing Ceremonies where I racked up so many Streetpasses on both of my 3DS consoles I’m surprised they didn’t break (LOL!). It was announced that the theme for Anime Boston 2015 will be Manju vs. Mecha and that it will be April 3-5, 2015.

Save the date!

All in all, it was an awesome weekend. I eagerly look forward to doing it again next year. I’ll even tell you a full year in advance which panels I will be doing at AB2015 and which ones I will not. Pending approval, of course.

  1. Clannad: The Place Where Wishes Come True WILL be back next year. Also, Nagisa will be my copanelist from now on each year I do this panel. It will also be 90 minutes next year because of some extra content I’m bringing next year including some special videos that I promise will leave none unmoved.
  2. Court Records: Ace Attorney will NOT be back next year since I want to make room for following panel. It will be back at AB2016 though.
  3. Pokemon: 20 Years Later is the special 2-hour panel I will be doing next year. I’m pulling out all the stops to make it the most must-see panel of AB2015. There will be music from the soundtracks of each gen, The PokeRap, Battles (Gens 5 and 6), Trades (Gens 5 and 6), a viewing of the very first episode of Pokemon: Indigo League and a special viewing of a scene from the world famous banned Electric Soldier Porygon episode! It will be the biggest panel I will have ever done. Bring your own 3DS!
  4. Tales of Symphonia: 10 Years Later is the panel I was supposed to do this year but didn’t due to my busy work schedule during the last 4 months. We will discuss the fandom, the game, the anime and so on. I will request 60 minutes for what is sure to be an interesting introspective into Tales of Symphonia.
  5. Persona 4: Pursuing My True Self WILL be back next year. It will be 60 minutes long just like this year but there will be a bit more of a focus on the Psychology of the Persona. Video clips will return but I will use different clips from the ones I used this year.
  6. Panels: Best Practices is a new 60 minute Workshop I’m planning to do next year. In the panel, we will discuss the process of applying to do a panel, planning what you’re going to do and (hopefully) running a successful panel. Much of the panel will be answering questions and feedback from the audience so if you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be a panelist, it’s worth checking out. Bring a pencil and notebook. You might learn something helpful ^_^

There you have it.

So to recap there will be two returning panels, two special panels and a workshop for next year. Man, it’s going to be AWESOME next year!

If you’re reading this from Facebook, I will post the recaps for my panels next over the next few days. If you were in the crowd and want to give a shout out, feel free =O

Anime Boston 2014 is one week away!   Leave a comment

It’s going to be a GREAT one.

For those of you who I’ve talked to about Anime Boston but would like to know more about it, please go here.

As I said on Facebook in recent weeks, this year I will be staying at the Sheraton Hotel (also a partner of the convention), which is next to the Hynes Convention Center where Anime Boston takes place.

For those who don’t understand why over 20,000 people come to Anime Boston every year, the convention adds $18 milllion to the city’s economy. We’re talking programming, shopping, restaurants, hotels and so on.

Once again, I will be doing two panels this year. Both of them are returning panels:

  • Clannad: The Place Where Wishes Come True will be on Sunday, March 23 at 10:30PM in room 206.
  • Court Records: Ace Attorney will be on Sunday, March 23 at 12:30PM in room Panel C (3rd Floor).

I’ll speak more to the panels themselves on my Anime and Video Game Blogs respectively but I am excited! I was literally able to update the Power Points in just two hours. I will also be staying at the Sheraton Hotel this year from Thursday to Sunday next week. While traditionally, I would only run into problems when it came to being at the Con late Saturday night I decided to just stay the whole weekend since I have Friday off from work anyway.

I will also make a more concerted effort to take lots of pictures. Since my PS Vita’s Video recording capabilities are better than my 3DS systems I’ll use that to record Parts of Opening Ceremonies and Closing Ceremonies. If anyone wants to come on Sunday to see my panels it’s $20 at the door ($10 for kids). For a family of five that’s $70, which is less than it costs for most events elsewhere. I promise you it’s worth coming for =O



Anime Boston 2014 is 8 weeks away!   Leave a comment


As of today, Panel Application sbumissions are officially CLOSED.

I myself have submitted five panel applications, the 5th one being a last-minute entry. To recap for those who don’t read My Anime & Manga Blog or Video Game Blog, here are the five panels I’m going to do at Anime Boston 2014 pending approval:

  1. Clannad: The Place Where Wishes Come True: It’s returning for the third year in a row. If you want to see highlights from what I did last year, someone uploaded it on You Tube. Anyway, Clannad is one of my two favorite Anime of all time. The rustic, slow-paced settings and emotionally sensitive characters are relatable and lovable. The biggest thing I love about it is the life lessons one can draw from virtually every episode of this Anime. I skipped on doing this last year but this year I’m going to play some clips from the Anime. I have the DVD sets so…yeah. Assuming it gets approved and slotted, this panel will be Saturday night from 8:00PM to 9:00PM.
  2. Court Records: Ace Attorney: This panel made its debut last year. Easily the most popular panel of the day. Don’t believe me? I shot this video clip moments before the panel started. I walked in the door 5 minutes before I shot that footage. Every seat was filled. When I started it was standing room only. Everything folks loved about the panel last year will be back this year. I’ve requested an extra 30 minutes so that I can dedicate a full half hour to the trial. I will also play 20 minutes from the Ace Attorney Movie. It will be EPIC. Assuming it gets approved and slotted, this panel will be Friday afternoon or Sunday morning.
  3. Persona 4: Pursuing My True Self: A new panel I am doing, this one is about the video game Persona 4 and the Anime adaptation of it. I will play clips from the Anime during the panel seeing as I have it in both Blu Ray and a digital copy from iTunes. I will also spend a bit of time talking about the phychiatry of Persona, which will be very interesting for those who see it live. My intent is do do this panel Sunday mid-morning assuming it’s approved.
  4. Fire Emblem Awkening: Time Paradox: Looking back at it now I am considering scrapping this panel in favor of just doing the other four panels. I have drawn up my plans for this panel and so far what I have in mind will barely take up 20 minutes. The Panel Selection process has only just begun so I will have to wait until I know if this panel’s been chosen for sure to decide if I still want to do it or not. I know I’ve definitely changed my mind about doing it but as I just said, if it doesn’t get approved I’ll be happy with that. Pending approval this panel is slotted for sometime on Friday.
  5. Tales of Symphonia: 10 Years Later: For most, this was their first Tales of Game. Even 10 years later it’s the most popular Tales of game by a large margin. The game is being re-released with its sequel Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (originally released on the Nintendo Wii) on the Playstation 3 next month as part of a set called Tales of Symphonia Chronicles ($40). This is a panel for the fans but to make this panel extra special, I am giving away two copies of Tales of Symphonia Chronicles at the panel. Assuming it’s approved and slotted, of course.


There you have it.

I have a rough outline for the three new panels drawn already but I will do the powerpoints in full during February Break. I can only hope I will find out which of my panels were slotted by the end of February. As I mentioned above, I’ve changed my mind about doing the Fire Emblem panel. I don’t have enough material to fill the requested time and I’d rather not stretch things out like I did with my Fan Fiction panel last year. Speaking of which, notice it’s not listed above. Everyone found it informaative and helpful but for me, it was mentally taxing doing that panel for 90 minutes by myself. It just kept going on and on. I will not do it again unless I have a copanelist or two.

Anywho, this is what I got lined up where programming is concerned. Comicopia and Level Up Gaming have both confirmed they will be back at Anime Boston as well and I am thrilled. I’m working on getting some transportation concerns from the convention on Saturday night squared away but other than that, I’m set ^_^

Some interesting advice I learned from David Matranga on Voice Acting   Leave a comment

Unless your name is Johnny Bosch Young, Luci Christain or Vic Magnoiga don’t expect agencies and companies to fall over themselves in a bid to contract your skills. Contrary to popular belief, Voice Actors havre it tougher than Live Actors. While VAs have the benefit of not having to play to a camera you usually have several people being called in to audition for a single character. If they like you, you’ll get called in for a followup rehearsal and so on. Also unlike live actors, most VAs are not as well known aside from the three I named as well as possibly Sean Schimmel (Goku’s English VA) and Tom Wayland.

Bottom line if you wanna be a Voice Actor: Don’t quit your day job. If you don’t have a day job, get one. Second, build a rep via social media and You Tube. Audacity and a mic are all you need to get started. Type a few lines a few lines and record yourself reading them. Keep the recording to 2 minutes max. If people like it, they’ll ask for more, etc. Don’t expect overnight success. People are rarely THAT lucky. Try recording yourself as different characters. If someone from the industry likes what they hear they’ll be in touch.

If you want to be a Voice Actor, you need to be willing to commit the time and effort to make it happen. There are many, MANY Fandubs out there if you want a few examples. Some without official dubs but most from stuff that was never dubbed. Surf the internet. See if there are casting calls for Fanmade Radio Shows. Tales of the Abridged and Yugioh: The Abridged Series are two such examples.

I think I might have said this before some years ago on the original but when I have the time to do it, I’m going to do Audio Books of some of my Original Stories as well as some of my Fanfics. With the Fanfics, I won’t go out of my way to try to sound like the official English dub. I won’t try to ham the lines either, though. My plate’s pretty full right now so unfortunately I must say it might be some time before I can commit the time to do it.

You’ve all probably seen my You Tube videos so you how my voice usually sounds. I will make the conscientious effort to review twice and if necessary, record again if my voice comes out odd for one reason or another. I will also not record when I know I havy a stuffy nose. Despite finding out the hard way the limits of my iPod’s video recording capabilities with the apps I have, I will be recording with it a bit more. Almost all of my videos up to now have been recorded at home with my Desktop’s webcam. After that idiot troll got me worked up in April and during the week of the Marathon Bombing at that, I have been more conscientious of what I put on You Tube.

Speaking of My You Tube Channel: Do me a favor and Like everything I’ve uploaded up to now that interests you. I’m not asking for a specific number but lety’s just say if enough of my videos get a certain amount of Likes I might be inclined to upload something nice I’ve been sitting on for those who didn’t see my panels ^_^




Day 1 of AB2013 over, looking forward to tonight and tomorrow!   Leave a comment

Before I begin, check out the video game and Anime recaps I did for specifics in those areas.

Opening Ceremonies set the tone for the year’s convention and in a big way. It opened with remarks on what happened at the Boston Marathon last month. It then went right into Guest of Honor introductions. Strangely, A-Chan and B-Kun (Anime Boston’s mascots) were not there. I did see them 30 minutes before Opening Ceremonies on the second floor, though. Based on the videos I’ve seen so far they’re definitely around, which is good ^_^

After opening ceremonies the Dealers’ Room opened up. Comicopia and New England Comics–both having a location in Cambridge–were back this year. They have the best deals on Manga and the largest inventory compared to the others. As I said on my Game Blog I bought a Game Boy Advance SP and 2 games from Level Up Gaming in the Dealers’ Room. I also bought 2 Anime sets from another vendor in the Dealers’ Room. I will also be buying Manga tomorrow before my 11:30AM Panel (Fanfiction: Because AU Can Be Fun) so that I won’t be running up and down the Hynes during the 30 minutes between my two panels or the 30 minutes after my 1:30PM panel (ends at 2:30PM) trying to get buy Manga before the Dealers’ Room closes at 3:00PM.

Anyway, after buying those I bought an Anime Boston Hoodie and T Shirt. I will be wearing the Hoodie tonight and the T-Shirt tomorrow. I had lunch at Wagamama in the PRU. I then ran back to the Hynes and upstairs to David Matranga’s panel in Panel C. Yes, the same room I will be having my Clannad panel in TONIGHT at 8:00PM–I get excited just thinking about it!–was the room where Dave had his panel Friday. After the panel I personally invited him to come to my Clannad panel. He said he has a prior engagement around that time but he’ll come for as long as he can.

He also talked about his cameo on CSI. Here is the clip on You Tube:

If you didn’t know who he was at the time that’s normal. Despite his impressive resume as an Actor and  Voice Actor he’s not as well known as, say Luci Christain or Greg Ayers (both of whom he’s worked with several times). One interesting thing of note he mentioned that many people outside the industry may not be aware of is how difficult voice acting actually is. It’s rare all of the voice actors are in the same room together and even rarer they even know about the character they’re dubbing ahead of time. Unlike live actors there’s no guarantee you’ll be called back for another project, more so if you’re an unknown.

David did offer some tips to someone looking to get into voice acting. The first is figure out how you sound, record yourself, build rep and THEN look for work. Most people usually jump to the last step not really understanding there is a process involved if you wanna be taken seriously. If you want to dub Anime it would also help to live in Texas or at the very least, near Houston. That’s where Funimation and Sentai Filmworks are based. Concidentally, David and Luci Christain are both Texas natives and they both live in or near Houston. I’m not looking to become a voice actor professionally but I will do the first two steps today just to see how I sound as different character types.

Moving on, after the panel I walked around the Dealers’ Floor for about an hour. I ended up buying a hat after spending 45 minutes chatting with some of the vendors. At 4:00PM I went to a panel called Fanfiction 201. As soon as I made it known to the panelist I was doing a Fan Fiction panel on Sunday in that same room (Workshop 313) at 11:30AM, things got interesting. The panel was for intermediate-level writers but I did see a bit of overlap with what I’m going to do tomorrow. Nothing major though now everyone else who was there knows to come to my panel tomorrow!

After that panel I walked around for the next 3 hours before calling it a day. I found out yesterday the hard limitations of my iPod touch’s camera in terms of video length and photo quality. I’m buying a digital camera next month for taking high-quality pictures and video. I also had my 3DS and all 16 of my games with me. I was constantly refreshing the Streetpass ques for the Mii Plaza, Fire Emblem Awakening, Kid Icarus: Uprising and Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy throughout the day. I finished one puzzle, got another through Spotpass and will soon finish two more at the rate I’m going.

Finally, I’m offsite for a few more hours. I live in Boston so I’ll probably have to give myself extra time due to how the MBTA runs on Saturdays. Getting back will also be tricky since it’ll be well after 11:00PM when I leave for the night. I’m not in a hurry since I am going to be bringing my Swap Meet items and a stack of surveys for today’s panel as well ^_^


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