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The Boston Marathon Bombing: Boston One Year Later   Leave a comment

In light of the tragedy in Kansas yesterday, I decided to post this a day earlier than I originally planned. Martin Richard wrote the message for a school project a year before he was killed along with two others at the Boston Marathon Bombing last year. The same blast that killed Martin robbed his little sister of a leg along with over 150 others. Four days later, Shawn Coulier’s death would herald the beginning of the end of the largest manhunt on U.S. Soil ever.

As many of you might remember, I wrote a couple blogs during that week:

As David Ortiz so bluntly put it, this is OUR city. If come into Boston looking to cause trouble, the price will be steep. Boston has moved in since then on more ways than one. The people of Boston elected a new mayor and a new Police Commissioner is in charge. The people of Boston refuse to let what happened last year define this city just like the people of New York refuse to let the events of 9/11 define their city and so on.

Regarding yesterday’s tragedy, Love is powerful but so is Hate. Hate drove a disturbed young man to kill 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary two years ago. What happened at the Boston Marathon is another example of what Hate can drive a person to do. As is the Westboro Baptist Church.

I could go on and on.

In light of the recent string of mass killings and nationally televised acts of violence, I think it’s important for that we use these incidents as teachable moments. It’s said alot but it is the best way to show those with evil intentions they failed: Just go back to your normal routine.

I’m sure the conspiracy theorists have their own ideas but as I’ve said a few times now, I’m not a conspiracy theory. Nor do I associate myself with people who like to entertain baseless conspiracy theories.

I recently realized that I  conquered fear itself a few weeks ago. How? By simply ackowledging the things that used to make me afraid. Once I did that, I no longer had a reason to fear anything. I’m sure my perception of that will change when I start a family of my own but as of right now, I can say with all honestly I literally fear nothing. Notice what I did and didn’t say. I never said that I’ll look for an excuse to throw my life away. At the same time, no human can say they hold any sort of power over my emotions.

I have my time in City Year and at The Mission Hill School to thank for that but that’s just speaking for me.


Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Marathon Boming Funerals, Anonymous vows swift retribution   Leave a comment

I got wind of this on The Huffington Post’s website two hours ago. I have since been spreading the word via social media as well as CNN’s iReport website. I will not say their name in full but I will refer to them as WBC. The C in that doesn’t even apply to them anymore on account officially they are no longer considered part of any religious  organization in the US. In the wake of their winning a case that went to the Supreme Court, congress is moving to get them officially recognized as a hate group.

As I’m sure many of you know WBC vehemently opposes GLBT tolerance in America and their protests at the funerals of servicemen who died overseas is their platform for spreading their viewpoint. Given Massachusetts was the first state in America to legalize Gay Marriage and they’re likely going to protest as close to the site of the bombings as possible…assuming it’s this week I will be there personally to see what happens.

On the other front, the collective group known as Anonymous issued a statement via social media regarding WBC’s plans saying “Protest in Boston at your own risk.” Anoymous, which according to them is everyone on earth is considered a vigilante group by most and an anti-hero by just as many. In my opinion, I think WBC may have finally met their match with Anonymous. Realistically WBC can’t do anything to to something to an organization that doesn’t even have a chain of command or even organization. WBC is legally untouchable (so far) and Anonymous is literally untouchable.

While I believe the law should prevail, like it or not sometimes you need something with no regard for the legal system to step in from time to time. I know I am not alone in saying many people will cheer when the protests from WBC finally stop. After all, WBC is the epitome of a real life Troll. Their leadership are lawyers. Anyone who thinks different from them are wrong/evil. Even the Supreme Court ruled they are legally exercising their right to free speech.

Here are a couple of links from the White House to get WBC legally classified as a hate group. Sign them and pass this on.…hurch/YrKbHYtV…ctive/kmYR4DTL…group/tNVz4V7Q…group/DYf3pH2d (has over 350,000 signatures)…tural/xHF0d3nq

And now a new one over the Boston bombings.…mbing/KbLlysdG

I’ll leave you with this number from Les Miserables, which immediately jumped to mind when I first heard about this showdown in Boston.

The Unstoppable Force vs. The Immovable Object. In Boston. I’m gonna need to buy some popcorn!


America and beyond sends Boston Lots of Love   Leave a comment

I’m still mindblown over this tribute done by the New York Yankees on Tuesday:

I can’t even put it into words given I am aware of the blood feud between the Red Sox and the Yankees. I’ve got family who live in New York and we draw the line when it comes to sports teams. Very classy, New York. Very Classy.

I’m not gonna repeat stuff you can probably get from major news outlets. After all, of them are in Boston covering the investigation and beyond. Well, except for one thing: It’ll take ALOT more than the people or persons responsible are capable of to break the City of Boston. Folks have already started to get on with their lives, which is all you really can do.

As soon as the the area is reopened to the public I will go the UNOs on Bolystom St., which is a few doors from where the second bomb exploded. It’s my favorite restaurant on that end of Boylston St.  I also look forward to going to a Red Sox game when the team returns to Boston ^_^

The world is going to see what the people of Boston already know. We might get knocked down but we don’t stay down.

Boston Marathon Bombing Kills 3, Injures 144   Leave a comment

First off, I’m alright. I want to make sure I say that given I was downtown when the bombing happened. As soon as I figure out why the video I recorded earlier today on my iPod Touch did not upload properly I will embed it into this post.

I do want to say that despite what all the media outlets are saying there are no suspects at present and no terrorist groups domestic or overseas has claimed responsability. Also these are the only bombs that exploded. There were initial reports a bomb went off at the JFK Library but that was later proven false. Another initial report later disproven is that the boming was carried out by suicide bombers. This is not true.

For those who’ve never been to this part of Boston either during the Marathon or otherwise there is a Subway station at the finish line (Copley on the Green Line).  For security reasons it’s shut down the day of the marathon both ways and security is tightened at the adjacent stations (Arlington, Prudential and Hynes/ICA) as well as nearby Back Bay Station (Orange, Commuter Rail and Amtrak).

The silver lining is luckily this happened AT the finish line AND in Boston. In case you forgot four of the best hospitals in America are in Boston: Tufts Medical Center, Mass General, Boston Children’s Hospital and Boston Medical Center. There’s little arguement their overall proximity to the site of the bombings as well as the medical staff already at the finish line were the main reasons the death toll was so low. Not trivializing the fact that lives were lost but all things considered first responders were already in place because of the marathon.

This is Boston. The city will be back in the swing of things by the end of the week. There are a few restaurants and shops I frequent on that section of Boylston St. I look forward to visiting them sometime soon.

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