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Developing Story: Anti-Trump Protests in several U.S. Cities   Leave a comment

This should come as no surprise. Neither the protests or the timing for them.

Amazing what a night does, yes? In the hours after Trump clinched the election overnight, protesters set trash fires in Oakland. This country is heading in a dark direction–a direction it chose and CLEARLY doesn’t want to accept the responsability for. As I said this morning, we are getting the president we DESERVE in Trump.

Both Sanders and Trump ran anti-Establishment campaigns. The Dems torpedoed Sanders from the beginning and basically told the country “You’re a fool if you don’t vote blue.” Unsurprisingly, the Dems misread all the obvious signs. Even worse, they followed Corporate Media’s lead and dismissed all signs pointing to Trump doing exactly what he did. The FBI basically trolling Trump supporters on Monday by saying they don’t reccommend pressing charges against Clinton was likely the last straw. That was what likely galvanized so many to vote for him in key swing states. I wouldn’t say it’s the main factor but it definitely was a factor.

The rank and file have every right to be worried. Trump winning was a strong message to them: Change is coming to Washington. To top it off, the Republicans will control all three branches of Government going into January 17 when Trump takes the oath of office. Nevermind the fact Trump has made priority 1 undoing everything the sitting president did over the last 8 years.

These are some uncertain times in America. The last time we were at this point was right after the 2000 election, Things went to hell in a basket fast after 9/11–during Bush 43’s first year of his first term in office. I’m expecting a similar incident to happen within Trump’s year in office. Something to give him reasonable cause to revoke 1st Amendment Freedoms. Speaking of, Trump’s proposed “Freedom of the 1st Amendment Act” will make racism and discrimination legal “on religious grounds”. In other words, employers will have a free pass to discriminate against anyone who is LGBTQ.
On that note, it is worth pointing out Trump is scheduled to stand trial in a sexual assault case on December 13. It’s certainly unprecedented. The possability of Trump being convicted–a long shot in my honest opinion–would mean Mike Pence becomes the 46h President for the rest of the term. I say it is a remote possability but one worth considering. Gerald Ford was the last VP to succeed a sitting president after Nixon resigned following the Watergate scandal. If Trump ends up being convicted before or after being sworn in, we would have a situation where Pence would assume the Oval Office as the 46th President of the United States. A remote possability but certainly possible.

The upside to Trump winning is the progressive movement set in motion by Bernie Sanders will endure.  In fact I expect it to blossom, thrive and possibly bear some fruit during the 2018 mid-terms. Those who would normally sit on the sidelines now have a reason to get involved in their area and speak out about the things that matter to them. They have to if they want to avoid 8 years of Trump.

Conservatives and racists probably see this as open season on everyone else but no so fast: The protests going on right now are a message to Trump and his supporters things aren’t going to be as clear-cut as they think. The people are showing the incoming administation they are not going to go away quietly. Trump WILL compromise if he wants to be a unifying force. He has no choice if he wants to have a decient presidency. Obama will tell him that tomorrow, among other things.

Speaking of, some people are talking about having their state cecede. The same talk was made in 2004 and 2012. I have seen nothing substatial beyond wishful thinking. Besides, it wouldn’t be that easy anyway. It would take a large amount of prepwork in advance for starters. The state would also be able to have a strong enough economy to independently support itself. No state has such infrastructure in place.

While I’m not allowing myself to pulled into the emotional crap so many people I know are and have been during the campaign, I do not see a Trump presidency as the end of America as we know it.

…I view it as an act of God.



Calls for a Boycott of “The Birth of a Nation” for the second time in almost 200 years   Leave a comment

During the mid-1800s, it was because of the book The Birth of a Nation. This time, it’s the movie based on the book of the same name.

Here’s one of the trailers:

…Easily a must-watch for those who don’t know the story.

The movie hit theaters October 7. The movie, which takes alot of “creative liberties” from what I’ve heard tells the story of the imfamous Nat Turner Rebellion in 1831.

Ignoring all the obvious Hollywood crap–most notably Turner’s wife being raped, which is factually inaccurate–this movie, like Selma (2014) is both historically accurate and relevant to the goings-on of today. In fact, that’s exactly why there have been calls by biggots and racists for the movie to be boycotted. The timing–one month before the next presidential election of course, the Racial Tension in the U.S.–is the reason why. History repeats itself so how the next few years play out shouldn’t be that big of a surprise.

…Isn’t it always something how those who “don’t see what the problem is” are always the ones who want to maintain the status quo?

The original Nat Turner was a slave who had been allowed to learn to read and write, which was considered a privilage for whites. Turner’s owners allowed him to become literate in the hopes of using him to keep slaves in line as a preacher. The more he searched the scriptures, the more Turner realized the wrongness of slavery in America. For his part in leading the rebellion, Turner was hanged.

What follows are some of his final words:

For the time, it was rare for black slaves to be educated and if so, only for a specific job they were given. Slaves who worked alongside their masters and handled money or important documents were more likely to learn to read, write and count. Fieldhands were rarely allowed what whites considered forbidden knowledge, let alone breeders: Plantations kept a few slaves separate from the rest of the population just for breeding. Mostly with each other but sometimes with whites who had trouble having kids.

Anyway, back on topic. After the Turner Rebellion in 1831, there was a crackdown in Plantations all over the South. Slaveowners doubled down on keeping slaves from learning how to read or write. In fact, most of the South made it illegal for black slaves to be taught to read and write. 14 years after the Turner Rebellion, John Brown and his sons tried to incite a rebellion against slavery. That failed because the slaves they were counting on to join them were too scared to show up. The U.S. Army quickly put down the rebellion and Brown was hanged.

Of course, the efforts of both Turner and Brown ultimately weren’t for naught: The ratification of the 13th Amendment after the Civil War.

Fast forward to the 1960s: The Civil Rights Moveent. Fast forward again to 2014: Black Lives Matter forms. Just like during the 1800s and during the 1960s, there was stiff resistence to change. Just like both those eras, change WILL happen. It’s simply a matter of time. The REAL question is which side of history will you be on?

I don’t want to digress further than that so I’ll make a separate post on the subject sometime next week.

Why I have been and will continue to talk about Social Issues on this blog   Leave a comment

I want to begin by first making the following things crystal clear:

  1. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I avoid supporting ideologies based on just circumstantial evidence or data.
  2. I am neither a racist or a race baiter.
  3. I research all topics on social issues before I write a post about them.
  4. I am always very clear when stating my opinion and when I am stating facts.

This goes for both my blog posts and videos as well.

…In regards to the second one, it especially makes no sense at all since I have openly expressed an interest to many people of dating women who are not black or West Indian. Not opposed to dating a black or West Indian woman but I personally believe love is color blind. I also believe no one should care what the race of someone’s loved ones are especially when it doesn’t directly or indirectly effect them.

Anyway, I decided to post this not because someone said something to me or anything like that. I’m posting this now because I WANT people to understand something: I can’t keep silent on what is going on in America. I cannot and WILL NOT.

I’m going to use a restaurant as a metaphor to explain my point.

A customer walks into a well known restaurant that is known for its exceptional menu and first class service. The restaurant has the long-held reputation of putting the customer first above all else. This customer is someone who has done business with the restaurant over the year course of his life. The Great Recession did a number of the economy but the restaurant survived while many other independent businesseses fell by the wayside.

The restaurant is also known to have two core philosophies: Prepare food as efficiently as possible and do whatever’s necessary to stay open for business. The customer came at a time the restaurant is deciding on who the next owner may be. One is a former line Chef of the restaurant who has known the original owners for decades and many of the kitchen staff believe she’s the best person for the job. The other is a well known celebrity from the neighborhood who has his own vision.

The current owner has decided to let the two try out for the job and this month’s customers are unwhitting guinea pigs. There were other candidates but they were outbid by the two who remain. At the same time, there are rumors the owner had been talking to two other interested parties for the same position.

Each week, the customer returned to dine at the restaurant. At the end of the month, the owner joins the customer at his usual table to talk to them about his experience. Having known each other over the years, the owner tells the customer he can’t decide which candidate he should choose and has decided to ask them about your experience. There were a few things about each management style the customer liked but there were more things about both management styles that they didn’t like. As the owner looks at the customer with a hopeful expression, they tell him “I can’t decide. You’re asking me to pick the lesser of two evils.”

…Mind you, that’s just in regards to the presidential election. The way the media has such strong influence in our nation’s politics and has for decades, too many Americans don’t know who they are voting for. They know they’re voting for someone but they don’t know WHO. We are at a point in our nation’s history where those with power not only change the rules to their benefit but change the rules at the expense of everyone else. While I do agree those who are born in poverty should work to improve their own situation, they should not be punished for wanting to improve their situation.

This has been the case for many groups of people in America for centuries. Even worse, those in power as well as the media has been pulling out all the stops to not only “keep order” but suppress the truth.

…This is why I blog. I will continue to do so until I am no longer able to.

New York Daily News Journalist Shaun King calls for a Nationwide Economic Boycottt [UPDATE 9/24/2016]   Leave a comment

Update 9/24/2016:

Shaun King has launched a website last night titled Injustice Boycott. The nationwide Boycott is planned to BEGIN on December 5, 2016. As of this posting, 29, 723 people have signed on since the site went live last night. The website explains what the purpose of the Boycott is, when it will begin and about the last one: In 1955, Dr. Martn Luther King led a boycott that lasted 381 days to end bussing discrimination. It worked.

I believe so strongly in what he is trying to do, I’ve decided to reactivate my Facebook Account for 24 hours starting tonight so I can pass along news of the boycott.

My original article is below.
In an article published by Shaun King earlier this afternoon, the journalist called for a nationwide economic boycott in response to the deaths of unarmed black men nationwide and racial injustice. He doesn’t offer specific steps on how it should look or how long but he does explain in detail why it should happen. See his article for specifics on that.

He also makes a very important point that anyone living in or near a major U.S. City should think about: All it will take is one incident for Dallas, St. Louis, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Tulsa, Baltimore, Ferguson and so on to happen in your neck of the woods. Just one. It’s literally been decades since the country been so polarized: The number of people outraged by the deaths worldwide are growing by the day while the racists and biggots dig their heels in deeper. The term is “Perfect Storm”.

Whoever the next president is…good luck. They’ll have their hands full trying (likely in vain) to keep the country from tearing itself apart. The time for sweet words is over. That was tried and met with inaction. Now is the time to turn words into action.

Of course, an Economic Boycott is an effective means of forcing change. We have the proven history to back it up. Now, Shaun King is asking for specific ideas on how exactly a Nationwide Economic Boycott should be organized and carried out. One advantage we have now that didn’t exist in the 50s and 60s is Social Media. Getting the word out will be extremely easy. Keeping that in mind, here is how I think it should be organized:


  1. Identify a group of people who would take point in planning and organizing in each community.
  2. Identify specific companies and entities to boycott in each community.
  3. Get athletes (NFL, NBA, etc.), actors, musicians/rappers, comedians, etc. to help raise awareness.
  4. Encourage Boycott participants to shop locally and encourage them to specifically shop and dine at minority-owned businesses as much as possible during the boycott.
  5. Boycott participants should be challenged to proudly carry an index card or something similar that explains in short that they are participating in a nationwide boycott and why.
  6. Encourage Boycott participants to stay out of trouble with law enforcement and local municipalities: Fines or Bail Money = Money for the system.
  7. Encourage Boycott participants to conduct themselves orderly and politely at all times.
  8. Boycott participants who engage in protests should retire from the streets before sundown.
  9. Boycott participants should document any trouble they may encounter with a picture, audio or video.
  10. Funding should be set aside to cover bail costs for any peaceful protesters who are arrested.

…To explain 7 and 8, they both have the media in mind. They’re only interested in covering chaos. This was made clear during last night’s violence in Charlotte. In this way, protesters gain the trust and support of local leaders and law enforcement in one shot. It also makes it much easier for law enforcement to identify folks who join up with peaceful protesters just to cause trouble. When the authorities know the protesters will be leaving the streets before dark, they don’t have to waste time trying to differentiate peaceful protesters from bad elements.

This also eliminates the need for an official curfew: With everyone knowing when protesters will be leaving their routes, it will make it easier for the streets to be secured by the authorities when they leave. Mind you, this does not include pre-planned times for night time vigils or indoor gathers. It only applies to protests and marches.

I say this well aware the reason protests have been happening after dark is so those who work during the day can participate. That will need to change to force broadcast media to forcus on the reason for the protests and not just looking for ratings boosts.

Anywho, I think this list is a good starting point.  If you’re reading this Shaun King, feel free to make use of it.




Shaun King: The 13th Amendment ensured Slavery could continue   Leave a comment


New York Daily News Columnist Shaun King, who is also a vocal political activist on Social Media posted this article today. King–no relation to Martin Luther King, Jr.–makes the case the 13th Amendment ensured Slavery could continue in other forms. He brings attention to the phrase “except as a punishment”, which he argues opened the door to legalized Slavery, which certainly exists today. I’ve been following King for the last few months and it’s obvious he thoroughly researches everything he publishes. He is also not afraid to do REAL Investigative Journalism.

I’ll put it like this: We are now in Week 2 of nationwide protests by inmates nationwide who are refusing to work. Of course, you wouldn’t know that if you watch CNN, Fox News or MSNBC. It’s “not newsworthy” as far as they care. Who decides what’s newsworthy and what isn’t aside, the protests come during the 45th Anniversary of the Attica Prison Uprising. To bring attention to the protests woulf bring attention to that anniversary. I assume the media is just waiting for news black inmates “brutally attacked” a white corrections officer “trying to defend himself” to decide to start covering it.

The question to be asked, in the case of the 13th Amendment is was it phrased this way on purpose? The fact that the wording was never revised tells me it was, which leads to the next obvious question: Who knew the true reasons behind why the 13th Amendment was phrased the way is and how long did they know? The more you think about it, you come to a horrible realization: This was likely the trump card the KKK, Neo Nazis, other racist groups and even Police Unions have had in their back pocket for 150 years now.

…Honestly, I think Shaun King is on to something. This picture comes to mind:
Compare to a more familiar one you’ve likely seen in a textbook:
The more you take the time to stop, think about it and think about what you know about certain practices in the U.S., the more you realize Slavery never died. It’s just been hiding in plain sight in its various forms. It’s much easier to enslave people when you don’t call it Slavery. The mass incarcerations of African American men in the 1980s and 90s. It took Former President Bill Clinton (#42) 20 years to apologize for his role in promoting mass encarceration and only because his wife will likely become the 45th President of the United States.

King notes in his article folks have tried to call attention to this for GENERATIONS but they were laughed at and called conspiracy theorists. Turns out they were telling the truth. This is easily the biggest conspiracy in U.S. History. What I find most concerning is Line 2 of the 13th Amendment: “Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.” and what it implies. It leaves the door wide open for the U.S. Government to legally strip American citizens of their civil liberties.

I want to say this again: The 13th Amendment ended Slavery as it was known at the time yes but it also allowed it to exist in other forms. A number of corporations and financial institutions conspired with local, state and federal-level governments in the U.S. to re-establish Slavery in its existing forms, most notably Prison Workers.

…Conspiracy fact indeed.

What needs to happen as soon as possible is the 13th Amendment needs to be amended to abolish Slavery of ANY kind or form. The 13th Amendment simply ended the practice of Slavery at the time but left clear instructions on how it was allowed to continue.

Well done, Shaun King. You may very well be killed for this one day but WELL DONE.

This is an inconvenient truth African Americans in particular need to be made aware of. Priority is getting the 13th Amendment reworded but in the meantime, African Americans need to warned to do everything they can to avoid becoming a victim of the Prison Industrial Complex. Once you become one, there is no coming back short of a full pardon from a governor or president.

The double meaning behind Blacks historically getting longer and steeper prison sentances makes alot more sense when you think about it. The whole point is to ensure Blacks are imprisoned for as long and as much as possible. This should also galvanize activists to pressure policy makers to pardon and commune inmates who are incarcerated for minor sentances. When you look at the numbers, things don’t make sense at all.

As the saying goes–and excuse the pun–the longest rope has an end.

By the way this wasn’t the blog I mentioned in my last post that I said to look forward to. I’ve decided to post it tomorrow instead since I be contacting Mr. King within the next 24 hours. The post I will make tomorrow is ironically an explaination of WHY I have been talking about things like this on my blog alot over the last two and a half years now.

The Media keeping count of the National Anthem protests is distracting from WHY they are doing it   Leave a comment

I feel it’s especially important to say this given the pushback and threats high school and college-level athletes doing the same have been getting for doing the same. It’s a game Corporate Media is playing to avoid just saying “They’re just exercising their freedom of speech”. They know why more and more athletes are doing it. They don’t want to talk about it because they feel they met their “quota” for “giving black people space to talk about things that matter to them and why they matter to them”.
You don’t have to agree with or like the methods they are using but if you disagree with WHY they’re doing it, that speaks more to what kind of person YOU really are. In the United States of America, everyone is protected by Free Speech weather you like it or not. Those who take a knee or raise a fist during the national anthem before ANY sporting event is just exercising their right to free speech and more importantly, their right to protest.


Let’s just call it what it is: Some Whites just want Blacks to “know their place”. It’s fine if they want to be athletes, actors, Musicians/Rappers, comedians and maybe a doctor or soldier. Anything other than one of those is considered a threat that must be “corrected”. To the weak attempt at a counter-arguement “At least you finally got a Black President, be happy with that!”, President Obama has gotten more death threats in his first year in office than any other president before him during their entire terms. I’ve talked about the ugly truth of what America’s first African American president a bit in other blog posts so I’ll leave it at that.

The media insisting on being on the wrong side of history should not be overlooked, ignored or mistaken for what it is: Unless black people are being violent or rioting, they could care less. Their overt focus on spending whole days talking about the NY/NJ Suspect (which actually is worth talking about, mind you) and MONTHS on just 1-4 sound bytes from Donald Trump speaks volumes. It speaks to who their intended audience is and just how morally bankrupt they truly are.

TRUE Journalism is covering topics and subjects that are sure to make some uncomfortable. Over and over again, the national media has readily shown an unwillingness to focus on the REAL issues this country faces. We’ve all known the 2016 Presidential Election was nothing but a dog and pony show since the candidates were finalized. The fact that Trump and Clinton are the presidential candidates is an embarrassment. Even worse, they are possibly the two most unliked presidental candidates in U.S. history. Here’s a clue to whoever is voting for either of them: Most of the country doesn’t LIKE the idea of EITHER of them being the next president. This whole election has always been about “picking the lesser of two evils”. That doesn’t make the lesser evil less evil. It’s still evil.

I want to speak now to those who follow my blog and have a blog of their own. I challenge you to reblog this post on your blog and other related posts I have written as a show of support for what I’ve been talking about. Later today, I will write a blog post to explain why I feel so strongly that I have written a number of political blog posts over the course of this year and last year as well.

Look forward to it.



Colin Kaepernick’s silent protest inspires other athletes, angers those against it   Leave a comment

Even if you’re not a football fan, you’ve likely at least heard of Colin Kaepernick.

In case you haven’t heard, NFL Player Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers has been the subject of controversy during the offseason because of his decision to not stand during the National Anthem before football games. He is refusing to do so in silent protest of the recent violence against African Americans at the hands of law enforcement. He is also protesting to bring attention to the fact all Americans are not treated equally not just by law enforcement but by their fellow Americans.

It’s controversial to those against his actions due to their poorly veiled racism. First he sat on the bench but has since modified it to taking a knee on the sidelines while the Star Spangled Banner plays. He doesn’t speak or bring attention to what he does before, during or afterward. What he is doing is TAME compared to what white student athletes did during Bush 43’s second term. At a basketball game, a white high school player turned her back on the flag during the national anthem, angering vets who were in attendance.

What Kaepernick and those who’ve chosen to follow his lead are doing is simply excercising their right to free speech just like the white athlete I just referenced. Many white athletes also started doing this in solidarity but since that isn’t “newsworthy”, Corporate Media is dancing around talking about them.

All eyes were on the Denver Broncos’ Brandon Marshall (who is also a friend of Kaepernick), who took a knee during the national anthem at the start of the NFL’s first game of the season vs. the Carolina Panthers. One pundit said it right earlier this week in response to the “outrage” over the “disrespect” of the silent protests during the national anthem. If we’re going to complain about the form, this is actually the most respectful way to do it for the venue. He could have held a sign or just refused to be on the sidelines during the anthem, both of which would have incurred fines. All of the professional sports leagues–NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL–have no rules against taking a knee during the national anthem. The NBA and the NFL have both said on the record players are protected by free speech if they choose to do this.

If we’re going to complain about the fact  that it is being done at all, the pundit gave some interesting food for thought: When you watch sports game on TV, do you stand with your hand over your heart during the national anthem? Chances are pretty good the answer is no. In such a case, why should it matter if ANYONE decides to kneel, sit or whatever when attending a live game? As long as they’re not trying to draw attention to themselves, it shouldn’t matter at all. When I attended a Red Sox home game in June, I stood for the national anthem but sat during the “Take me out ot the Ball Game” sing-a-long in the middle of the 7th inning. I just didn’t feel like standing, much to the annoyance of the family member I was at the home game with. I felt no pressure to stand either and I had no agenda or anything.

If we’re going to talk about showing Patriotism, these athletes are showing just that. Our nation’s military supposedly fought so they could have the freedom to just do that, yes? Athletes CAN’T do that in say, China or Iran for example. Those against these athletes excercising their right to free speech are the ones who don’t understand what patriotism is. Being a patriot means doing the unpopular thing when you are not happy with things as they currently are.

About 10 years ago, the idea of classes and schools reciting the pledge of alligiance was the subject of controversy. Those who objected to the traditional practice did so on political and religious grounds, which I agree with. I feel like if you recite the pledge of alligiance or the national anthem with the flag out of “tradition”, you’re just going through the motions. It only means something to you if it means something to you if that makes sense and THAT is the point of doing it. If it doesn’t mean the same to the guy next to you or the vet two rows behind you as it does for you, it’s none of your business.

Those worried about the National Anthem being phased out of nationally televised games can relax: As long as the Pentagon’s deal with all the sports leagues remains, that will always happen. In short, the U.S. Military gets free advertising at sporting events in exchange for being present during the pre-game ceremony. These demonstrations will do NOTHING to change that.


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