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…A damned shame R. Kelly won’t be joining him.

Like I said in this blog post in 2015, the evidence speaks for itself: Bill Cosby was exposed as a rapist who used his celebrity status to silence his victims. In an earlier blog post in 2015 I said I would give him the benefit of the doubt until the facts were known. The victim in this case who took him to court–I am no longer using the word “accuser” with her–had been seeking justice for 30 years. 30 years. Her voice was silenced. Why was she silenced? Mostly because of who her rapist was and how well known he is. No doubt she had friends and family turn on her, nevermind death threats from Cosby fans over the years.

Once the details were finally revealed 3 years ago, I lost all respect for him and so did many of those who defended him. That’s to say nothing of the endorsement deals, TV Show deals and honors Cosby lost as the details came out in court three years ago. His former Cosby co-stars, who vehemently defended him in the past were silent after the trial began 3 years ago. I can only assume they came to the same realization I did: Everyone has secrets.

Here’s another former TV Dad who was revealed to have had an even darker secret:


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Stephen Collins, who played Revend Eric Camden on the Family Drama 7th Heaven (11 Seasons, 1996-2007) was revealed to have molested at least 3 girls in 2014. He admitted this during a session with his psychiatrist which his wife recorded. None of his former cast mates had any idea. Sound familiar?

…Of course, the difference with Collins and Cosby is the former admitted guilt while the latter refuses to come clean.

Folks who (still) think he was being targeted for being a successful black man need to understand something: NO ONE is above the law. Most of all someone who was long regarded as qualified to speak on what’s morally right and wrong. Despite his age, his intelligence is without question. He knows what he did was wrong. Cosby’s mistake was believing he would never have to answer for what did before he died.

Had he been paying attention, he would have known Federal and State laws have been changing since the 80s to ensure even if decades pass, no one escapes justice. A crime was committed, he was tried for it and declared guilty. It’s that simple. Too many celebrities really (still) do believe the laws don’t apply to them because they’re celebrities.

Let’s look at another Black Celebrity: The late Michael Jackson.

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Most folks know of his highly publicized and well-documented second child molestation trial. The first, which took place in the mid-90s was ultimately settled out of court. The second, which took place 14 years ago ended in a full acquittal. Despite the lack of concrete evidence implicating Michael Jackson of any wrongdoing, the legendary King of Pop’s reputation and credability was shot to hell. Much of it comes from comments he made during an interview–which was used as evidence in his second trial–in which he stated he would allow young boys who stayed at his Neverland Ranch to sleep in his bed with him.

After the second trial, obviously he swore off doing anything like that again because he knew how close he came to spending the rest of his life in prison: The parent of a child who stayed at the Neverland Ranch came forward with accusations her child had been molested by Michael Jackson. In court, it was revealed the child–the star witness–had no memory of any wrongdoing by him and so the case ended in Not Guilty on all charges.

After the second trial, The King of Pop accepted personal responsabilty even though he obviously didn’t understand at first how serious the charges against him were. A common sense no-no to you and me but folks need to keep in mind Michael Jackson (and his brothers) did not have a normal upbringing. In fact, his upbringing made him estranged from his father up until he died. He would later recount wanting to just be a normal kid but couldn’t because he was always traveling and rehearsing from a very young age.

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Getting back to Cosby now.

More than likely, he will die in prison. He’s getting 3 to 10 years and has health problems including blindness. If he lives through his sentence, he will be 84 or 91 years old. Noticably absent at his sentencing was his wide Camille. She knows she probably won’t see him alive again so…yeah.

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