Donald Trump sworn in as the 45th POTUS as protests are carried out nationwide   Leave a comment


…And so it begins.

Contrary to what I’m sure many folks are expecting, the point of this particular Op-Ed isn’t to bash the new president. I don’t need to when folks like Shaun King do it daily via social media and at public appearances. What I WILL say is I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing how the first 100 days go for the new administration. Right now, the focus is Policy Setting. As of Friday evening, only two members of Trump’s cabinet have been confirmed and sworn in. Out of…I believe it’s a few dozen cabinet positions? Anyway, my point is there is much work to be done.

I want to make something very clear: I am not Anti-Trump OR Pro-Trump as President. I will make up my mind for sure on that later this year. I waited until 2004 to decide I didn’t like Bush 43 as a President. I lost all respect for Bill Clinton as a President after the scandals. Believe it or not, I felt Obama holding back as much as he did hurt him in the end. All three of them I wouldn’t mind hanging out with, though. Same with John McCain and John Boehner. Sure, those last two are Republicans but I know enough about them to know they’re good people.

…For those who need to see me say it: If the sitting president invited me to the White House, I would not turn them down. Not the first time since I’ve never beeen to D.C., anyway. As I do when I visit my elected officials in Boston, I would give him a hand-written letter outlining my concerns and thoughts on what he can do to be a more effective politician.

Moving on, The new president will deliver his first State of the Union Address in a few weeks. It’s extremely important that everyone watch it weather you like the guy or not. That speech will set the tone for his entire term, not just his first year. The whole world will be watching to see what President Trump will say. As a reminder, The SOTUA isn’t just seen by the American people but the whole world, too. Relationships with certain countries could be mended or strained depending on what he says.

I have no expectations on what he might say personally. All we can do is wait and see.

~ B.A.



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