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…I went ahead and removed all references to my GoFundMe Campaigns. The reason is because I deleted them last night. While it IS true I deleted them after someone I didn’t want to know about one of them found it, I had been leaning toward deleting them since the start of the month. After all, I hadn’t gotten any donations for months.

Regardless of my reasons for making those campaigns, the hostile criticism I received in regards to both of them was not only over the top but completely unncessary. To make it clear, I’m not happy about the fact I asked strangers for money. I would have preferred not to. While there is a right and wrong way to go around doing that, at the end of the day I’m my own person.

Rather than point me in a few directions, the critics would rather judge and insult me for what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Rather than doing exactly what I expect, surprise me and actually offer to…you know, help me out? How many times have I said last year I’ve been dealing with tough times? Almost post I didn’t discuss Politics, Social Media or Sports more or less.

While I am abandoning Crowdfunding entirely, I want it clear it’s not because my campaign was found out. I planned for that in advance and already know how it was found out. I’ve moved on from that. I know how to let things go. I’m abandoning Crowdfunding simply because I wasn’t getting any donations. It’s that simple. Regardless, I made nothing off my Crowdfunding Campaigns. The $15 I raised from one was used to buy a 7-day MBTA Pass in October. That’s it.

I’ve decided to move on to the next phase of my job search: Applying at retail stores. I’m looking for part time work. This should have been what I did as soon as I resigned but my pride stopped me from even considering it. 2016 for me was about making hard choices. My motto from 2017 is “Doing what’s necessary”. I’m feeling real motivated after what I went through last year. It’s time to put in work and get those results now.


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