Four years and several mass shootings after Sandy Hook, more of the same promised by Congress   Leave a comment

By more of the same, I mean absolutely NOTHING will be done. Keeping the NRA happy means more to our elected officials than protecting the lives of even children. A bill that would have brought sweeping gun legislation after Sandy Hook failing to pass legislation “because of partisan politics” made that clear.

It’s been four years and a few weeks since the lives of four staff members including the principal as well as twenty-two 6 and 7 year old children were suddenly and violently ended at their school. While it is true their lives were ended by a mentally disturbed young man who killed his mother the morning of the mass shooting and then himself afterward, the mass shooting itself was 100% preventable in two ways.

The first is the Assault Rifle ban, which expired several years back was never renewed. Former and  active-duty servicemen have said for YEARS there is NO REASON for anyone outside the military to own an M-16 or grenades. You don’t need these these things for hunting deer, moose and other big game.

The second is barring anyone with a history of mental illness from legally owning a gun. Requiring a mental health evaluation for anyone seekinng to either buy a gun or obtain a gun license. In addition, gun owners should be required to undergo a mental health evaluation once a year by law. If they are of sound mind, there shouldn’t be a problem.

If a gun owner refuses to comply, their right to own a gun is revoked until they are in compliance. If they have guns already, a neutral third party escorted by Sherriff’s Deputies or State Troopers will disarm the gun owner and hold them until he/she is cleared to own them. They are not confiscated and they WILL be returned to the owner. If the owner wants to forfeit ownership of their firearms at that time or afterward, they will be given monetary compensation.

…The reason I worded the last paragraph the way I did is because of how the 2nd Amendment is worded:

The NRA has taken a broad interpretation of the 2nd Amendment to mean “Congress can not and should have the power through legislation to regulate the sale or ownership of firearms (to White Male Americans)”. I threw in that last part because of what happened to Philandro Castile, a black gun owner who was killed in front of his girlfriend and daughter during a traffic stop earlier this year. The NRA refused to get involved even though Castile followed the law and informed officers he had a gun in the car but was licensed moments before he was killed.

Look at the faces of the people responsible for the mass killings in this country over the last 20 years:
You probably know who most of them are and if you don’t, you should know my policy of not using the names of mass murderers. All of them were mentally ill, almost all of them killed themselves or did SBC (Suicide By Cop) and all but one of them were White non-Muslim Americans. Oh and ALL of them legally owned the guns they used. Contrary to what both the NRA and many Pro-Gun Rights advocates like to say, mass shootings are almost always carried out by White Male LEGAL Gun Owners.

Is the race of mass shooting suspects taken into account with policy making? Absolutely. If all of these men were non-white, we would not still be talking about wanting to pass gun reform. It would be done within a month’s time. Not gonna lie, during the late 90s and early 2000s when news of a mass shooting hit the news, I’d hear alot of people in the room say “Please don’t let them be black” and then a sigh of relief when the suspect is revealed to be a white male.

Why? Because Dylan Roof, that’s why.

I just broke my own rule for two reasons. One, he said he did what he did because he wanted to start a race war in America. Even though he was sentenced to death a few weeks ago in the end he may have actually succeeded, which brings me to reason number two: We know for certain at least two of Trump’s cabinet appointments have ties to White Supremacist groups. That and almost all of the appointments so far are millionaires whose only interest is profits before people.

Moving on, take a look at this:

Most Pro-Gun Rights Adovcates do agree with President Obama that common sense legislation needs to be passed to stop the wrong types of people from ever owning a gun and if necessary, taking guns from ticking time bombs. The problem is Anti-Government Personalities like Alex Jones dominate the talking points of that side with their extremist views. Alex Jones famously said on CNN a few years ago “1776 will rise again!” during his arguement with Piers Morgan (who was later fired by CNN) after the Sandy Hook shooting. He and the few dozen non-government militant groups mosty based in the midwest and West Coast believe there will come a time when “The people will need to be ready to remove a corrupt government from power by force”.


While I do agree there WILL be a time when that will be necessary–probably sooner than most think–I’m not into the whole “more guns will solve everything” mindset many of these same people have. Many but not all Pro-Gun Rights Adovcates have also taken an exteme interpretation of the 2nd Amendment to mean “The government wants to take away everyone’s guns and will if we let them!” (which was started by the NRA actually). It’s worth remembering after EVERY mass shooting in America, there is actually a surge in gun sales. No, it doesn’t make any sense to me either. Why do people go out and buy a new gun? Because the NRA takes the opportunity to spread fearmongering among their members, telling them “Buy a new gun or two NOW before new legislation prevents you from doing so!” to get people to go to nearest gun shop.


“Nationaal Security” aside, the biggest anti-government pro-gun arguement I hear and see is “New legislation won’t stop criminals or terrorists from getting their hands on guns!”. Yes, that is true. It’s also true buying a gun for personal protection actually puts your family in danger. Take a look at this graph:
Keeping a gun in the home puts everyone in the home in danger though kids are in the most danger. Most think they’re responsible until they have to plan a funeral after their toddler or 9 year old accidently shoots thenselves in the head with a .35 or a revolver. Most think they have good judgement until they fatally shoot a teenage child coming home late thinking it was an intruder.

Guns exist to serve only ONE purpose and that is killing or hurting others. Doesn’t matter who or what and they can’t do anything else. Those saying “I have a gun are for protection” are just fooling themselves to feel better. Guns are no different from swords, knives, bats or fists when you really look at it actually. The difference is bullets kill at a distance. The other methods require point-blank range. That is why guns need to be regulated.

Most of the world laughs at the U.S. over its inability to “get with the times”:

  • Canada does what America doesn’t: In fact every time there is a mass shooting in the U.S. an emergency session of parilament is held to reexamine the existing laws on the books. At the same time, Canada is more relaxed in regards to open carry and concealed carry. The difference is you don’t have people walking around waving their guns around like idiots. In fact, doing so will is likley to get the police called on you. In Canada, folks know who in their neighborhood owns a gun and they know they have nothing to fear from them. They dont have to worry about being intimidated by gun owners like they would in the U.S.
  • It only took one mass shooting in Australia for sweeping common sense legislation to be introduced. The people of Australia simply decided “Never again”.
  • Mexico has some of the harshest penalties in the world for illegal gun posssession despite the perception most Americans have about the so-called “problem with violence, gangs and drugs”. Violators get 5 years minimum plus a heavy fine. Mexican prisons are real prisons unlike the U.S. Prisons (hotel suites in comparison) so…yeah.
  • Japan is known for having the strictest Firearms Registration process in the world and they’re pretty open about it, too: The reason is simply to discourage people from trying. Applicants are required to take a mental health evaluation, provide written and photographic proof all firearms will be secured in the home and even get letters of reference from neighbors before they are issued a Firearms permit. Accidental Gun deaths are unheard of, nevermind shooting deaths in general. Police Officers are not allowed to use their own guns unless it’s to save the life of someone who is in imminent danger and they are not allow to aim ar vital points. In fact, they are not allowed to fire at all if they are not of sound mind while in the act of shooting (They will have to wait for backup to arrive).


…I could go on. The fact of the matter is America has a gun problem. Until the people of this country forces congress to do something, expect nothing to change after the next mass shooting.







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