Confirmed: Israeli Snipers are deliberately targeting Pregnant Palestinians   Leave a comment

I’m sure many of you were horrified by reports two years ago of Syrian snipers targeting pregnant women in rebel and ISIS-controlled areas. Here is one story from last fall that had a happy ending. For countless others, this is not usually the case. It turns out they may have gotten the idea from America’s strongest and closest ally in the region: Israel.

The image is self-explanatory. This is what your tax dollars being sent to Israel are being used for: The deliberate murder of the unborn. Of course, you won’t hear about it on mainstream media. Their job is to report what they’re told to report. Nothing more. I had to jump through alot of hoops just to get this independently verified.

This is a picture of a baby shot in the back while still in the womb. Trigger warning: It is graphic and shows the entry wound on the baby. I took the image from an anti-government conspiracy website but the story behind the picture IS real.

This is a picture of a baby shot in the head while still in the womb. Trigger warning: It is graphic and shows a gaping hole between the baby’s brow and crown, revealing the inside of the skull. I took the image from Pinterest and multiple sources confirm this is authentic.

This is clearly not collateral damage. This is the deliberate targeting of unborn babies by weapons paid for by American tax dollars.

Most of the world and especially AMERICANS are ignorant of what’s really going on in Palestine. The Israeli government only sees America as a means to an end. As long as they say “they’re just protecting themselves”, they know the Republican-controlled Congress will continue to write them blank checks to commit war crimes. In contrast, Israeli citizens don’t have to worry about their children being targeted by snipers (Hamas has kept its word on not deliberately targeting Israeli citizens).

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu–who rigged the last two elections to stay in power–can’t wait for the incoming President to take office next month. People need to understand something about the Israeli Defense Force (IDF): They do not have the freedom to refuse to follow an order on moral grounds. Many former IDF have testified to this.

Because Israel is a military state, most active-duty soldiers are afraid to not only speak out against the war crimes they’re ordered to carry out but are often threatened with execution under the charge of treason if they don’t do as they’re orders. In comparison, American soldiers can refuse  to obey an order that they feel is either immoral or unconstitutional. Israel refuses to give the IDF the same buffer under the guise of “national security”.

Anyone with a brain can see the Israeli government is trying to incite a regional war between themselves and most of their neighbors. Of course, America would be morally obligated to get involved, too. Jordan would probably be an allly. Everyone else will either be neutral or back Palestine, which is the world’s largest open air prison. President Obama saw it for what it was and this is why he and Netanyahu didn’t get along. Netanyahu has his own agenda it goes without saying.


…I want to end by making sure I say I’m not antisemetic. I don’t have a problem with Israel as a country. What I do have a problem with is the country’s unwillingness to forcibly remove Netanyahu from power. The man needs to be charged with war crimes for what he’s done.


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