This week’s Victory at Standing Rock was Historic and Unprecidented   Leave a comment

It’s perhaps the biggest victory for Native Americans since World War II. Even better, it was a movement they started and gained massive support worldwide for. Social Media played a key role in getting the word out as well as gathering allies. The Army Corps of Engineers determined on their own the proposed route for the pipeline couldn’t work after all due to various reasons unrelated to the protest and have halted construction while they try to figure out an alternate route.

Corporate Media avoided talking about it as much as possible and even now, CNN is saying “Not so fast”: CNN makes the case the Pipeline Project could be restarted when the incoming president is sworn in. Ever Standing Rock and their allies are celebrating this victory, they are also looking ahead to the battles to come. They know this is far from over. Not until the pipeline is cancelled completely.

The Media Blackout is important to mention because of the civil rights violations carried out by various Law Enforcement agencies. Take a look at the above picture. You are not seeing things. You literally had officers coming from as far away as Louisiana and Ohio to violate the rights of not only American citizens but their right to protest. We have the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), NARF (Native American Rights Fund), FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting) and other watchdog groups for recording everything the media didn’t, wouldn’t and couldn’t.

Native Americans are the most marginalized Indiginous Population on the planet, perhaps even in human history. Think about it: Indiginous people in South America, Africa and Asiawere all allowed to keep most, if not all of their ancestral lands. In fact, their land is protected from development. In the United States, you only need to read a history book. Native Americans had everything taken from them. Their land, their culture, their lives and everything else. Whole tribes have not only been wiped out but any traces that they ever existed.

Two major league sports teams–the Cleveland Indians (Team Logo) and the Washington Redskins (Team Name)–are deeply rooted in racism, hate and biggotry. The Indians Ownership has only provided excuse after excuse as to why they refuse to change the team’s logo. According to various stories, the logo came about after someone got drunk, drew it and submitted it to the team to use as the logo. It was used more or less as a “joke”.

The Caucasians T-Shirts that had renewed popularity during the Indians’ World Series run this year highlights the double standard with the Redskins team name. Just like you wouldn’t call a sports team Niggers or Coolies, it’s willfull racism to insist on allowing a major sports team to be called the Redskins. The phrase is White Privilage. Everyone knows it. The mass shooting at a historically black church in South Carolina last year led to the Confederate Flag being taken down outside the state’s capital building a few weeks later. What will it take to get the Washington (The State) football team to change its name?


These are two powerful images you probably won’t see on mainstream media.

U.S. Veterans met with the leaders and Elders of the Native American tribes assembled at Standing Rock to and pledged their loyalty to them. They also apologized for the atrocities committed by the U.S. Military over the last 300 years as was captured by The Young Turks:

“Many of us, me particularly, are from the units that have hurt you over the many years. We came. We fought you. We took your land. We signed treaties that we broke. We stole minerals from your sacred hills. We blasted the faced of our presidents onto your sacred mountain. When we took still more land and then we took your children and then we tried to make your language and we tried to eliminate your language that God gave you, and the Creator gave you. We didn’t respect you, we polluted your Earth, we’ve hurt you in so many ways but we’ve come to say that we are sorry. We are at your service and we beg for your forgiveness.” – Wes Clark Jr.

…Wes Clark Jr. is the son of  former General Weskey Clark (former NATO Supreme Commpander). Of course it’s a big deal.  That said, I agree with those who’ve said it would have been more meaningful to have come from Active Military or the President. Unfortunately, it’s doubtful the incoming president would do that much so here’s hoping President Obama does before he leaves office. He probably will after he leaves the White House but it would mean much more if he does before then.

The struggle is far from over. Injustice anywhere is Injustice everywhere. Remember that.



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