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In a New York Daily News article he posted online two weeks ago, Shaun King notes how much Social Media influenced America during the course of the presidential campaign. The rest of the article focuses on other things but I consider the Social Media piece he opens with to be the far more important–and more interesting–topic to focus on.

Of course, I wrote a number of articles on Toxic Messages being spread via Social Media over the summer:

Like I’ve said over and over already, Folks post things online they usually wouldn’t dare say to someone’s face. Not unless they’re white and their target is not post-election. That is the reality in America for many. Even worse is Corporate Media falling over itself to be the government’s spokesperson. Since they’re owned by millionaires, they’re simply following a script. That includes bashing social media at every opportunity.

The internet truly is a double-edged sword: On the one hand, you have guys like Shaun King and Bernie Sanders using it as a powerful tool to bring attention to injustice and discrimination. On the othert hand, you have guys like Donald Trump and Alex Jones using it to spread head and reinforce conspiracy theories.

It is what it is.

On a related subject, Injustice Boycott is now live.

I took a look at the site earlier today. It’s also clearly a work in progress based on the wording. Much of what’s outlined in the opening post should have been shared in advance. The only part that should have been withheld was the first cities being targeted: New York, San Francisco and Standing Rock.

As of right now, I do not have enough information to confidently endorse Injustice Boycott yet. I would need to see ALL of the following before I endorsed the movement:

  • Sense of Organization: Something the movement has lacked since it was announced in September.
  • Employment Opportunities: Extremely important to me. You can’t run a movement without people.
  • Fundraising for Targets of Discrimination: Goes without saying.
  • Press Team: Self-Explanatory.
  • Legal Team: Arrests should be assumed for certain actions. A legal team would be extremely handy to have ready.


…I don’t think any of these things are unreasonable. Once Injustice Boycott has all of these things in place, they will get my support.


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