Concerns continue to grow over Trump White House Appointments   Leave a comment

Last weekend, I said I was unconcerned when it was announced Steve Bannon would be Trump’s Chief Strategist.

The laundry list of names Trump is considering for high-ranking positions in what some on Social Media is calling the “White’s House”–both as a jab and as praise–are White Men who are all known racists and biggots, many of whom even the rank & file GOP have a problem with. Men turned away from government roles in the past at the door because of their White Supremicist views are getting another chance at power and policy shaping through Donald Trump.

If you are not a non-Jewish White man, you have every reason to be concerned. With the appointments being made so far, the Trump Administation has made one thing clear: If you are not a white man, your rights as a United States citizen can and should be revoked. White women are not exempt as those who supported Trump will learn the hard way. LOL. President Obama voiced his concerns during press conferences in Greece and Germany earlier this week. It was carefully worded for the media but it was hard to miss the truth hidden within the truth.

Remember President Obama’s strong warning 1 year from now: President Obama warned against America adopting an “Us and Them” mindset, which is exactly what happened during the presidential campaign. This mindset has also continued in the almost 2 weeks since the election. He also warned against the dangers of America fracturing into a tribalistic approach to interacting with each other. Unfortunately, this was a mindset that took hold because he took office as America’s first African American President.

There is another piece at play in addition to this. As much as I wanted to deny it, the inconvenient truth is The Internet has become a place for ideas and principles to grow, thrive and of spread. Unfortunately, the most prevalent is toxic. Reddit is the posterchild for this. In recent years, it’s been joined by Twitter. Both Social Media platforms are havens for hate speech, biggotry and toxic commentary in general.

It should come as no surprise the divisive rhetoric from the presidental campaign was not only considered “normal” by the American Public but was encouraged, for the most part. The commentary posted online betrays the outward appearance so many want to maintain. Both the Dems and the GOP are directly responsible for ensuring the incoming president will have to contend with an America more divided than it was four years ago. I want to say the GOP has a moral obligation to reign in the extreme elements in their ranks but after they shut down the government six years ago, I’m not expecting even that much from them.

Now, it was fairly obvious Trump finally understood the magnitude of the office of POTUS for the first time when he met with President Obama last week. The emotion in his voice during the press statment was 100% genuine. That was when he realized he was in over his head. All the more reason for him to surround himself with a diverse staff who are not just looking out for their own interests. Most of the appointments and the names being considered don’t could care less about him or the county. They only care about the power being in the White House will bring them.

It’s also fairly obvious Trump’s team is planning around him, which would confirm what I said last week: Trump is going to be a puppet while those around him will do all the work. Expect him to rubber stamp policies proposed by those around him because “it’ll make our friends happy” or “This was what you were elected to do”. Of course, Trump himself will be on the hook for everything that goes wrong weather he likes it or not. On that note, I stand by what I said in my last post when I said Pence is being set up to assume the Oval Office right now by the rank & file. His level of involvement in the White House cabinet positions…it’s more than just an advisory role. Not Dick Cheaney-level but close.

The rank & file GOP have an ally in Mike Pence, who is a former Congressman himself. Expect him to be the real muscle behind the incoming administration, not Trump himself.



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