Steve Bannon’s appointment to Trump Administration confirms fears and concerns by most of America   2 comments

…It was the announcement made Sunday that most Trump supporters were looking for excuses to justify. Stephen Bannon, a well known White Supremicist and leader of of the Alt-Right Movement was announced as being Trump’s Chief Strategist. In the two days since his appointment was announced Neo Nazis, the KKK and other White Supremecist groups in the U.S. have celebrated Bannon’s appointment. In him, they have a champion and a man who will push their agenda in the White House.

Even Fox “News” has called Bannon’s appointment “cause for concern”. In an article released this morning, NY Post Columnist and Civil Rights Activist Shaun King called Bannon’s appointment “confirmation of the fears of many Americans have about a Trump Presidency”. There has been nationwide and worldwide condemnation of Bannon going back 30 years. Anti-Discrimination groups were quick to come out and condemn his appointment to Chief Strategist. The ACLU is chomping at the bit to take Trump to court at the drop of a hat.

I really do feel for those who legit feel Trump should be given a chance. Not just because they want to give him the benefit of the doubt but because they truly believe he can be a positive force for change depending on who he surrounds himself with.

I felt that way myself until Sunday.

Now, I’m actually very relieved to see Trump is still following the GOP script as he’s being advised to (LOL). That’s a very good thing. President Obama basically said the American people should wish for Trump to have a successful presidency but he wasn’t saying it for the sake of maintaining the tradition of a peaceful transfer of power.

Let me put it this way: An experienced airline pilot retires and a new pilot with no airtime logged will be flying your plane. It’s a flight you absolutely must take despite the risks. You don’t hope things go horribly wrong knowing the pilot will basically be seeing the inside of the cockpit for the very first time. You hope the plane makes it to its destination safely. THAT is the point President Obama is trying to make to the Dems and everyone else on the Left. Sure, there is a giant Red Flag that will now have alot of power in the White House but this is where the American people come in. It’s our job to hold Trump accountable just like Republicans held Obama accountable for even sneezing wrong.

So, yeah. I’m very happy to see Bannon’s appointment should it become a done deal.

Let me explain: Republicans have been wasting no time calling the other side “whiners” and “sore losers” because Hillary Clinton lost the election and the GOP now controls Washington. In fact, they’re calling the nationwide protests “Liberal fearmongering” and the protesters “professional protesters”. The Republican Party has maintained the narrative of denying Climate Change despite overwhelming evidence of the contrary (Trump does acknowledge it). They want to regulate a woman’s body (Trump is a well known sexual predator). They view Homosexuality as a mental disorder (Trump does have openly Gay employees and friends) and view Transgender Women as “Perverted Men”. The GOP has traditionally undermined the efforts of non-Whites to advocate for equality (Trump personally does believe in equality). Republicans want to close the boarders to immigrants from the Middle East, Africa and South America (Trump called for building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico boarder but has since softened it to building a fence in certain parts of the boarder). They claim to be in pro-life but have done little to advocate for the lives of ALL Americans in practice.

I could go on.

The GOP has always maintained the narrative to their base “The Dems want to regulate everything, take away your guns and give your jobs to immigrants”. They have maintained the narrative “Blacks could care less about making anything of themselves outside sports, comedy, music and acting.”. They have a way of overlooking legit concerns Dem raise as “Partisan politics” and “Not wanting to cooperate with them”. The GOP has a well documented track record going back 60 years of wanting to be in the way of meaningful change where it counts. The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is one such area. Their only concern during the 6 years it’s been on the books has been repealing it. Trump has said he will revamp the ACA but not get rid of it.

Yes, Donald Trump will be the 45th President but as he said in his own words, he will need to be the president of ALL people. Giving his family members top clearance is Nepotism and is actually against the law. His kids will run the Trump Empire while he’s in the White House. Anyone who doesn’t see a problem with the Trump Company having access to classified information knows nothing of how business and trade are supposed to work. It actually flies in the face of what a company stands for when you think about it.

In addition, appointing a known White Supremicist even the GOP rank & file have a problem with ensures division during his presidency. The only people celebrating his appointment are White Supremicists and Hate groups who have already wasted no time asserting themselves and their rhetoric across the country. Bannon being the Chief Strategist is actually a blessing in diguise. The GOP severely underestimates the fears of the international community in regards to the resurgence of racism in America.

Bannon being in Trump’s cabinet will only confirm those concerns were well-founded and simply give them cause to openly bash the Trump Administration. The GOP is calling the national protests “Liberal crybabies”. Conservatives feel since they “won” and the Dems “lost”, they have a free pass to rub it in their faces as much as they want and establush their dominence.

…Folks in the U.S. who are in the line of fire need to dig in and document everything that happens over the next four years. And smile.

It’s like I said in this blog post the week of the RNC. The Republican Party has a number of fatal flaws and is clearly divided. The divisions from 10 years ago with the Republican Party have only DEEPENED, not mended. You have the GOP, the Tea Party and now the Alt-Right. Paul Ryan is simply giving lip service when he says “The GOP is united and 100% behind Trump”. It’s obviously far from that. LOL.

Yes, we should hope Trump has a successful presidency. Some people question how calm President Obama has been in the week since the election that gave Washington to the GOP.  The GOP and Conservatives being sore winners is all the more reason to put on your best smile. They are in control of Washington for the next 2 to 4 years. No one forgot Bush 43’s two terms. It wasn’t that long ago. Fewer still forgot the emergence of the Alt-Right and the Tea Party Movement during President Obama’s two terms either.

The GOP will have the keys to the truck now. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.


2 responses to “Steve Bannon’s appointment to Trump Administration confirms fears and concerns by most of America

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  1. I now believe Trump has plans to re-shape democracy into a fascist government with the power to change all the rules. His flaunting the law with appointing family, ignoring placing his business into a blind trust, Remaining in his penthouse, meeting foreign leaders in secret and banning the media. All his racist, xenophobic, appointees… tell me he is pushing the boundaries, intimidating the press and generally attempting a hostile takeover of American democracy! If he is not checked and challenged I fear an uprising and blood in the streets. No paranoia, just an objective assessment of what were his words and now are his actions. WAKE UP AMERICA!

    • Wait ’till you see the article I’m writing right now. It’ll be done in about 15 minutes.

      That said, I agree with you 100% and it’s why all the White Supremicists are lining up to get a spot in his Administration.

      They finally got someone willing to give them exactly what they want no questions asked. This is a learning experience for the whole world and unfortuntely, people will die because of it. People will need to die for the country to know to avoid this situation from happening ever again.

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