Could Mike Pence be doing more than just helping Trump pick cabinet members?   Leave a comment

The more I thought about it this afternoon, the more I’m sure of some speculation more and more people have been thinking about regarding incoming Vice President Mike Pence (a former congressman and the soon to be former Governor of Indiana). As most are probably aware, the incoming V.P. started taking point in the cabinet appointments this morning. There is growing speculation this is more than just an effort to organize the process: He could very well be positioning himself to assume the Oval Office.

The more I think about it, the more sure I am Trump and Pence are planning for the very real possability the president-elect will not finish his term due to impeachment or resignation (there is a precident for both from Andrew Jackson, Richard Nixon and almost Bill Clinton). As a reminder, Trump is scheduled to stand trial on December 13 to answer to sexual assault charges. Even if that “goes away”, Trump has pending litigation over the course of the next year and a half as well for similar reasons. Naturally, he will be forced to resign or be impeached should he be convicted–which is a real possbility–a reality Trump and Pence would naturally plan for and around.

Corporate Media’s playing dumb to keep the GOP happy but I think this is the REAL reason the Republican Party was quick to get in the tailwind of Trump’s election victory. The GOP takes care of their own, which Pence–a former Congressman–is, after all. I always found it more than a little strange Trump specifically chose Mike Pence and not Christie, Carson or Gingrich as his V.P. When you take the real possability Trump may not finish his term, it makes sense.
I’ll pause here and say I’m not bringing this up now to either make Dems feel “hopeful” or make Republicans “upset”. I’m just being real. Weather you dislike or support Trump–or don’t care either way like me–it is a real possability. Not saying it’s guaranteed to happen or I’m hoping for it but it’s certainly something folks should seriously think about moving forward.
The process of Pence’s succession to President should it happen has precident: We know from Nixon’s resignation (Gerald Ford, the V.P. at the time succeeded Nixon as President) that Pence would serve the rest of what would have been Trump’s term. Because he wasn’t elected, he could then run for President himself in 2020 but it would be considered a re-election in his case since he was part of the Trump/Pence ticket.
I urge folks to pay close attention to who is being appointed to Trump’s cabinet, more so given Pence himself is now taking point in the process. It may matter much more than we realize right now. I have nothing concrete to support what’s just a feeling that I have. Again, I’m not wishing for or hoping against anything. I’ve had this feeling before about other things and have learned to not ignore it. It’s a crazy vibe I’ve got and it’s probably why I’ve been so indifferenct since election day.
These truly are some crazy times in America. I’m of the mindset it’s no longer appropriate for anyone who cares about their life in America to be ignorant of what’s going on at the national level. Not anymore. Not saying you need to be in the know on everything but there should be a general awareness. I actually think local and state politics matter much more as it’s much closer to you and it’s more personal.

I will end with this: This is not a forshadowing and I don’t want this to be viewed in that way. I’m just stating my opinion based on a feeling that may end up being nothing at all. I felt felt this way so suddenly and so strongly, I felt I had to share it publicly.

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