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President-Elect Donald Trump

It was the Election Day outcome most of the world did not want and America “never saw coming” but it is official:

Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.

The proverbial “Nightmare Scenario” is now a reality. No, not Trump winning the White House but the GOP controlling Washington. The Republicans control the House, the Senate and soon the Supreme Court. THAT is an even bigger problem in comparison. Think about this: If Hillary actually won, we would’ve had four more years of deadlock. In a strange twist of irony, Trump winning the White House prevents that scenario.

…I want to go back to something I said several times in the last few months now. Now, I said this election was scripted. I said Trump was being paid to run for president. I still believe that to be true. I also believe even though she lost the election, Hillary Clinton won. She fell by the sword–not literally of course–for the good of the party. It’s no secret Trump is a friend of the Clintons so you can expect the so-called “bad blood” between them to be gone by noon today. LOL.

The fact that the outcome comes as such a shock to the country, nevermind the world is what I find so amusing and hypocritical. The world wished for this for assuming the outcome was decided. It technically was from a certain point of view. I was expecting the biggots and racists to come out and vote in large numbers. I expected people to vote for Trump out of spite towards Hillary. On those two counts I was spot-on. What I didn’t expect was Trump having such a decisive victory.

Trump prettymuch had the election won at 1AM Wednesday morning. Let’s not beat around the bush. It’s also true that there is alot of fear and uncertainty with what a Trump Administration may bring. Trump made alot of promises during the campaign and experts are expecting him to do everything in how power to keep them. Checks and balances may prevent some of them from being kept–namely Obamacare being repealed and a wall being built along the U.S.-Mexico Boarder–but most will likely be kept. It’s just a question of which ones.

Donald Trump ran as an anti-establishment candidate. He will be the first president in American history who has no background in Politics or the Military, making him a true outsider (Reagan was a governor before he became president). Clinton knows this was likely her last chance to run for president and at the very least, did her part of ensuring the will of the people ultimately won out. Deep down, she knew the danger in becoming the next president. She took on a massive amount of pressure onto herself knowing her winning was not a sure thing. I also think deep down, she knew Trump had a real shot at winning.

Let’s not mince words here: The only people who never saw this coming are the media and establishment Democrats and Republicans. Sweet irony.

President Obama will be in office for 77 more days including today. He is scheduled to privately meet with President-Elect Trump on Thursday and called him to congratulate him on winning overnight. Believe it or not, personally they actually don’t have a problem with each other. The transfer of power will be smoother than most are expecting.

I’m almost certain one of the things they will discuss during that first meeting is Obamacare. I’m sure Obama will make the case to him to keep it just to surprise people. Reform it but keep it. in place. It’s part of Obama’s legacy as president just like No Child Left Behind was Bush 43’s. It will be reformed but I don’t expect it to go away completely like NCLB was reformed under Obama.

Obama will likely spend his last two and a half months in office getting the rank and file to support the President-Elect. From what I’ve been hearing, Bernie Sanders’ progressive movement is undergoing a revival. Like I’ve said before, look to the 2020 election.

I’ll speak more to this at a later time but now I can watch TV without fear of seeing political ads. At least not until 2020. LOL.



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