Developing Story: Anti-Trump Protests in several U.S. Cities   Leave a comment

This should come as no surprise. Neither the protests or the timing for them.

Amazing what a night does, yes? In the hours after Trump clinched the election overnight, protesters set trash fires in Oakland. This country is heading in a dark direction–a direction it chose and CLEARLY doesn’t want to accept the responsability for. As I said this morning, we are getting the president we DESERVE in Trump.

Both Sanders and Trump ran anti-Establishment campaigns. The Dems torpedoed Sanders from the beginning and basically told the country “You’re a fool if you don’t vote blue.” Unsurprisingly, the Dems misread all the obvious signs. Even worse, they followed Corporate Media’s lead and dismissed all signs pointing to Trump doing exactly what he did. The FBI basically trolling Trump supporters on Monday by saying they don’t reccommend pressing charges against Clinton was likely the last straw. That was what likely galvanized so many to vote for him in key swing states. I wouldn’t say it’s the main factor but it definitely was a factor.

The rank and file have every right to be worried. Trump winning was a strong message to them: Change is coming to Washington. To top it off, the Republicans will control all three branches of Government going into January 17 when Trump takes the oath of office. Nevermind the fact Trump has made priority 1 undoing everything the sitting president did over the last 8 years.

These are some uncertain times in America. The last time we were at this point was right after the 2000 election, Things went to hell in a basket fast after 9/11–during Bush 43’s first year of his first term in office. I’m expecting a similar incident to happen within Trump’s year in office. Something to give him reasonable cause to revoke 1st Amendment Freedoms. Speaking of, Trump’s proposed “Freedom of the 1st Amendment Act” will make racism and discrimination legal “on religious grounds”. In other words, employers will have a free pass to discriminate against anyone who is LGBTQ.
On that note, it is worth pointing out Trump is scheduled to stand trial in a sexual assault case on December 13. It’s certainly unprecedented. The possability of Trump being convicted–a long shot in my honest opinion–would mean Mike Pence becomes the 46h President for the rest of the term. I say it is a remote possability but one worth considering. Gerald Ford was the last VP to succeed a sitting president after Nixon resigned following the Watergate scandal. If Trump ends up being convicted before or after being sworn in, we would have a situation where Pence would assume the Oval Office as the 46th President of the United States. A remote possability but certainly possible.

The upside to Trump winning is the progressive movement set in motion by Bernie Sanders will endure.  In fact I expect it to blossom, thrive and possibly bear some fruit during the 2018 mid-terms. Those who would normally sit on the sidelines now have a reason to get involved in their area and speak out about the things that matter to them. They have to if they want to avoid 8 years of Trump.

Conservatives and racists probably see this as open season on everyone else but no so fast: The protests going on right now are a message to Trump and his supporters things aren’t going to be as clear-cut as they think. The people are showing the incoming administation they are not going to go away quietly. Trump WILL compromise if he wants to be a unifying force. He has no choice if he wants to have a decient presidency. Obama will tell him that tomorrow, among other things.

Speaking of, some people are talking about having their state cecede. The same talk was made in 2004 and 2012. I have seen nothing substatial beyond wishful thinking. Besides, it wouldn’t be that easy anyway. It would take a large amount of prepwork in advance for starters. The state would also be able to have a strong enough economy to independently support itself. No state has such infrastructure in place.

While I’m not allowing myself to pulled into the emotional crap so many people I know are and have been during the campaign, I do not see a Trump presidency as the end of America as we know it.

…I view it as an act of God.



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