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Multiple popular dating websites confirm what’s been long assumed   Leave a comment

If you are subscribed with a dating website like or, go close your account RIGHT NOW. A former employee of the website Plenty of Fish blasted the done to death formula used by her former employer and almost every other Dating Website out there via Social Media.

The former employee, who shared her story under the condition of anonmity stated:

“Yes, all member account data is money to Dating Websites. Members who buy a subscription can look forward to being contacted by fake accounts set up by the website’s staff directing them to sign up with an affiliate website and repeat the process over and over again until their account is bled dry. Those with free accounts are either pressured to subscribe or just ignored If the site is part of a network, a ping is sent to the other member websites to pressure the member of register to their sites, too just to repeat the process more or less. While I’m sure some people found their soulmates online, that wasn’t exactly the intent. Dating websites could care less if people actually meet. Their main concern is getting your personal information and your Credit Card info so they can sell it to the highest bidder.”

…Of course, this is nothing that most of us didn’t already at least suspect for some time now. I don’t normally post info like this without a source but I was emailed this from a friend who has an active Facebook account that I know wouldn’t lie about this. I trust my source 100%.

Free Dating Websites are no better on that note. Just look at Craig’s List, which the owner abandoned back in 2000 out of laziness. Let this be a lesson to those looking for love: Old school is the best way to go. What happened to just talking to people? When did meeting someone new become such a chore with so many walls and barriers?

Online Dating is the second-oldest online hustle after Internet porn. Shutting down the industry is too late at this point. Even I know that. Consider this blog post a warning: If you’ve never used a Dating Website, STAY AWAY!

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Colin Kaepernick’s silent protest inspires other athletes, angers those against it   Leave a comment

Even if you’re not a football fan, you’ve likely at least heard of Colin Kaepernick.

In case you haven’t heard, NFL Player Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers has been the subject of controversy during the offseason because of his decision to not stand during the National Anthem before football games. He is refusing to do so in silent protest of the recent violence against African Americans at the hands of law enforcement. He is also protesting to bring attention to the fact all Americans are not treated equally not just by law enforcement but by their fellow Americans.

It’s controversial to those against his actions due to their poorly veiled racism. First he sat on the bench but has since modified it to taking a knee on the sidelines while the Star Spangled Banner plays. He doesn’t speak or bring attention to what he does before, during or afterward. What he is doing is TAME compared to what white student athletes did during Bush 43’s second term. At a basketball game, a white high school player turned her back on the flag during the national anthem, angering vets who were in attendance.

What Kaepernick and those who’ve chosen to follow his lead are doing is simply excercising their right to free speech just like the white athlete I just referenced. Many white athletes also started doing this in solidarity but since that isn’t “newsworthy”, Corporate Media is dancing around talking about them.

All eyes were on the Denver Broncos’ Brandon Marshall (who is also a friend of Kaepernick), who took a knee during the national anthem at the start of the NFL’s first game of the season vs. the Carolina Panthers. One pundit said it right earlier this week in response to the “outrage” over the “disrespect” of the silent protests during the national anthem. If we’re going to complain about the form, this is actually the most respectful way to do it for the venue. He could have held a sign or just refused to be on the sidelines during the anthem, both of which would have incurred fines. All of the professional sports leagues–NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL–have no rules against taking a knee during the national anthem. The NBA and the NFL have both said on the record players are protected by free speech if they choose to do this.

If we’re going to complain about the fact  that it is being done at all, the pundit gave some interesting food for thought: When you watch sports game on TV, do you stand with your hand over your heart during the national anthem? Chances are pretty good the answer is no. In such a case, why should it matter if ANYONE decides to kneel, sit or whatever when attending a live game? As long as they’re not trying to draw attention to themselves, it shouldn’t matter at all. When I attended a Red Sox home game in June, I stood for the national anthem but sat during the “Take me out ot the Ball Game” sing-a-long in the middle of the 7th inning. I just didn’t feel like standing, much to the annoyance of the family member I was at the home game with. I felt no pressure to stand either and I had no agenda or anything.

If we’re going to talk about showing Patriotism, these athletes are showing just that. Our nation’s military supposedly fought so they could have the freedom to just do that, yes? Athletes CAN’T do that in say, China or Iran for example. Those against these athletes excercising their right to free speech are the ones who don’t understand what patriotism is. Being a patriot means doing the unpopular thing when you are not happy with things as they currently are.

About 10 years ago, the idea of classes and schools reciting the pledge of alligiance was the subject of controversy. Those who objected to the traditional practice did so on political and religious grounds, which I agree with. I feel like if you recite the pledge of alligiance or the national anthem with the flag out of “tradition”, you’re just going through the motions. It only means something to you if it means something to you if that makes sense and THAT is the point of doing it. If it doesn’t mean the same to the guy next to you or the vet two rows behind you as it does for you, it’s none of your business.

Those worried about the National Anthem being phased out of nationally televised games can relax: As long as the Pentagon’s deal with all the sports leagues remains, that will always happen. In short, the U.S. Military gets free advertising at sporting events in exchange for being present during the pre-game ceremony. These demonstrations will do NOTHING to change that.


My departure from BPS is now official   Leave a comment


It was October 10, 2005. I didn’t know it at the time but I had begun my first day of the 10 years I would spend working as a Paraprofessional for the Boston Public Schools. As of September 8, 2016 I will officially no longer be employed by BPS. As much as I know some people might want me to talk about specific moments from my years in the trenches that really sucked and as much as I do want to do that, now is not the time. I am well aware tomorrow is also the first day of school in Boston. Out of respect for my friends and former colleagues who will begin their first day of the new school year, I will not do that.

…I WILL talk about my experiences in a book I announced I would be writing about education two years ago. Now that I am no longer working for BPS, I am free to cover a few topics I would have otherwise had to hold back on. Not just about BPS or my own experiences with the district but public education in general. Given the unique opportunity that I had, it’s only fitting I share my story. Not as a cautionary tale but of what’s possible. More info on that book will be shared on my Fiction Press blog along with my other literary works.

…That will be at a time a little further in the future, however.

I plan to spend the next year and a half focusing on a few pet projects of mine. Even though I wasn’t working at all in 2016, I didn’t update any of my blogs as much as I would have liked. There’s that and a few things related to some of my blogs stopped because I’ve been broke since March 7. Hard to write reviews for video games and anime you don’t have the money to buy and no, I don’t pirate my video games or anime. At least with Manga I could order volumes through the Boston Public Library ^_^

Honestly, I’m relieved. For the first time since my time in City Year, I feel like I’m in control of my own time. Learning a fixed schedule was great for me and helped me better organize my day. I am certainly feeling alot of emotions which I will not share on this blog. I originally planned to announce this as a video but now I’m glad I didn’t. It’s a big moment in my life but thinking about it, a video wouldn’t have felt right.

I hope you will continue to follow this blog as well as my other six. I’m probably going to collect unemployment for the rest of 2016 which means I’ll be able to set things up for 2017. I have a more permanent source of income coming lined up but I will wait a little longer before I go that route. At least with unemployment, I will be able to cover alot of expenses I was unable to for much of the year.

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